Makeup Monday

Monday, September 29, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; Wise, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Griffey, CF; Ramirez, 2B; AJ, C; Uribe, 3B.  Floyd pitching.

Long Road

On Friday morning, we were talking about having to win five straight to make the playoffs because of our struggles in Minneapolis.  Now, it is Monday morning, we posted a victory yesterday and we now need to win two more games to reach the postseason.  Five seemed tough.  Two will be tough but certainly seem much more realistic than five.  We need to show up today at 1 pm and take care of business and Freddy Garcia.

There is a History There

White Sox hitters vs. Freddy Garcia

PK, .385-4-6; AJ, .308-1-2; Dye, .237-1-5; Griffey, .200-0-0; Thome, .200-0-2; OC, .167-0-0; Uribe, .167-0-0.

Since the Gavin Floyd for Freddy Garcia trade on 12/6/06, Floyd has gone 17-13 with a 4.26 ERA in 48 games (42 starts) or the Sox.


Konerko has homered in three straight games and is hitting .397 (35-63) with nine home runs and 17 RBI in his last 20 games at USCF … he is hitting .315 with 12 home runs, 26 RBI, a .424 OBP and .654 slugging pct since 8/5, raising his BA from .212 to .243.



What an amazing game last night. That is why Mark is your ace.

Joe Crede should be in this game, I really doubt he is still hurt. Just waiting for the big pay-check Joe?

We really have to win. I hate the Twins sooooooo much. There has to be a little in the tank for the Sox hitters, and Gavin has to go the distance.


I think the Sox have an excellent chance to make the playoffs. I was one of the few people predicting playoffs before the season started. I thought we would be scrapping with the Tribe and not the twins, but no matter. The way I see it 4 of our next 6 games (including a prospective series agains the Rays) are at the cell. Win today and anything can happen! Go Pale Hose!

The key to today’s game is making Freddy pitch a lot of pitches. The hitter’s need to be disciplined and not be free swinging. Win today, and then we got the “twinkies” right where we want them….in our park!!!

Let’s go White Sox, I can’t take any more misery from you guys!!!!!!

Others have already said what I was thinking, and much better than I could anyway. Just win baby and go from there. Our pitching HAS to be just about shot after the past couple of weeks, working on short rest and all. So our hitters have to pick up the slack and get us this tie in the Central…. I’ll check back later, gonna watch on WGN… Go White Sox’08….j.k.

Hi Klein!!

Watching on WGN, waiting to see when this game can start, given the rain that is falling now.

Go Sox!!! Get into the playoffs, and take it from there.


I just got back – phewwwwwww!

Looks like it is rain delayed for awile – I bet the Tigers are just THRILLED for that!

Looks like we have rain tomorrow, too! The baseball Gods haven’t made their mind up who they want to win!

Well boys and girls this is what dreams are made of right here, this game, and lets all pray, tomorrows game too.

We put all our faith in the hands of these 10+ guys!

Please gentlemen Win this came so we can make Soxtober Dreams happen once again!

We’re all rootin’ for you!


Please read the past 10,000 posts – we’ve already discussed Crede – Frankly, we’re sick of talking about him and his agent and his on, off again injuries!
Thank you,

Just so you all know, I wore my baseball pendant yesterday, (which doesn’t always work to make the Sox win) and since it did work yesterday, I’ve got it on again today. Not that I’m superstitious, of courseπŸ™‚


Some interesting facts if you don’t feel like watching Maury!

How’s this for a bizarre plotline for that game? The two starting pitchers — Gavin Floyd (White Sox) and ex-White Sox star Freddy Garcia (Tigers) — were traded FOR EACH OTHER a mere 21 months ago. Garcia has won two games since then — one for the 2007 Phillies, one for Detroit this month. Floyd has won 17 times since then — 16 of them for these White Sox.

? One more goofy plot twist: Garcia is married to Ozzie Guillen’s second cousin. So if Garcia beats his old team, we don’t like his chances of being invited to the Guillen family Christmas party.

? Aw, let’s throw in one more: It was just nine weeks ago when Guillen was asked if he thought Garcia would pitch at all this year. His answer: “I doubt it.” Whoops.

jk – I hope your not into watching Maury – this is terrible!
Do people really watch this?

Maury is playing for you? I have World’s Funniest Pets playing for me.

Scam – I have 2 wgn’s, the other has Funniest Pets, I guess I’ll leave this one on! Thanks for reminding me I have 2 wgn’s!

OMG – I love Alf, they are having an Alf Marathon – I am so there!!

I am watching the Steve Wilkos show on WGN right now. I’m only about 20 minutes away from the Cell and it is NOT raining here…..Come On Boys!!!

I’m not watching funny cats and dogs, or anything else. I logged onto radio. I’m trying to find our when the game will start….. Go Sox.. j.k.

Lisa – you actually watch this crap?
This is just as bad as Maury!

The good thing about the Delay- no people at work can catch some of the game!
The Bad thing – all the rest of us are at home not wanting to turn this crap off – in case the WS start playing!

Just think we’d be in about the bottom of 6th right now?

I am so nervous, I left a hand of nails for today, bit off the nails on the other hand yesterday.

I have to get my boys in about 15 min.

DJ just said there was action on the field – they’re squeegeeing (I have know idea if that how you spell it) off the tarp – the sun just came out here in NW Indiana – is that a sign from above?

That is so weird that this is the only Baseball Game that’s going to be played today!

Sorry Jen,

Didn’t realize I had to check with you before I posted. Is this one ok?

p.s. I have to try and work sometime during my day so I can’t read 10,000 posts. Thanks for the concern.

Think of how many people will be watching! It’s on ESPN 2, also!

Why am I the only one posting?

Hello, is there anybody out there?

Another Interesting plot twist to add to Gavin’s 17 wins since ’07… he also has 13 losses while Freddy has 6

A little crabby, are we?

Atleast, someone else is out there!

Yes, that is better, Thanks for checking with me first!

Gavin has pitched in 48 verses Freddy’s 13!

Sorry, Gavin has pitched in 48 GAMES verses Freddy’s 13!

What time is the game starting? I can’t get anything listening to those two idiots on wscr….. Go White Sox.. j.k.

4 PM start time according to “those guys”. 1/2 hour to go, go, go White Sox… j.k.

At this point, I hope another storm comes through long enough to delay the start time until about 8:30 tonight. Why? Since the Twinkies have chosen to stay in Minneapolis until this game is decided – we start at 8:30- take about 3 1/2 hours to play the game – means the Twinkies won’t get on a play until about 1 and won’t get to bed until about 4 AM. LOL.

…on a plane even…. not “on a play”

Texting TQ on my way home from work, he 4 pm. I think they’re waiting for all of us to get home! I know Donna and Maria had to work too not to mention the guys.

As far as someone bringing up old subjects, so what, let em. I just don’t understand why Joe is being so non verbal with the press though. Don’t like the secrecy!

now it’s 4 20

Ugh! Stupid rain! I hate this, my stomach is in knots! Can you imagine how the guys feel?

Hey guys just got home! The little guy has a ballgame at 5:45 though…think I need to bring the portable radio!! I’ll be here in spirit and hoping, hoping, hoping!!! Please let this awful ride continue!!

Kris – I just heard 4:10 starting time on the score – where did you hear 4:20?

tq texted me, not sure what he’s listening to.. my wgn ain’t saying ****

I also just read tomorrow’s game – if needed will be 7:30 ET – I thought it was at 1:00 CT

They just came on singing the National Anthem – then cut out again into regular scheduled programming

Gameday is now saying Warm-up – game must start at 4:10

Yeah!!!! BAseball.. Go White Sox’08…..j.k.


****, it’s on

I Love Freddy! I miss him!

looks chilly and nasty there! Nice walk . . .walkin walkin walkin, get those ponies walkin!

I feel bad for him!

It’s freezin here – temps dropped in the last 3 hours!

Hello all,
Glad for the rain delay. Now I can watch the entire game. I do like how we have started. Anyone know our record when Nancy is playing the organ? 2 walks – let’s keep this up boys.

Oh Man, it’s tough watchin Freddy do bad, but as long as we win, but it still gets me right here (as I point to my heart)

Go White Sox!

Root Root Root for the White Sox. We are off to a great start.

I feel a homer for Konerko…I just feel it!!

Oh I didn’t feel it hard enough!!

Alright Gavin!!! Nice job…. Runs Boys, get to Freddy… Go Sox’08….j.k.

Ok, off to little league radio in hand….go sox!!!

Hey jk – how are you holding up – BTW – I changed my screen name, in case you weren’t aware!

it’s supposedly 63 there Jen, how is that freezing??? πŸ™‚ Damp perhaps but not necessarily freezing.

gavin needs to slow down a bit, almost hit that dude, we don’t need anymore wildness

Very nice job Gavin. Oh for some runs.

Come on Boys, let’s get back to the first inning patience…..Get to Freddy… Go Sox…j.k.

It’s beer time Jen…. Go Sox.. j.k.

We put some good swings on the ball, but that inning was too quick… Go Gavin, Go Sox…j.k.

GO SOX!!! I’m so tickled this was rain delayed!

nice calm inning!

Wow! The double play works. OK boys time for some offense. We miss Freddy, but not enough to let this one get away from us.

Another nice job by Gavin… We need some runs… Go Sox’08…j.k.

Hi Klein! Jen must be playing mom right now! But I’m here! Too early for beer for me! Glass of milk and mmm oreos, that’s the ticket!

Crap. I was afraid we’d be sorry those early runners didn’t score.

I am still here, I was sitting on the couch falling asleep that last inning so I decided to move over to the computer – I am so tired!

Sh*t we are tied – we need some RUNS – come on – enough feeling sorry for Freddy, we need to get some hits!

Come on Gavin hold ’em!

Dammit. It should still be 1-0. Another blown play by Wise in LF. How does he miss a ball that’s 3 feet from the fence? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler? Let’s hope Floyd can pitch out of this mess.

Wow, dodged a big bullet there. I hope Ozzie has the sense to take Wise out of the game.

So we are now tied. Could have been so much worse. What a job Gavin pitching out of trouble. Now we need to swing those bats and score some runs. Freddie is the enemy – let’s go after him now.

WHEW!! Great job getting out of that jam….. NOW we NEED some runs…. Go Sox…. j.k.

Freddie is making our guys look like AA players….. Hold ’em one more inning Gavin… Go Sox’08….j.k.

Hi Kris…. Back to the tv… go White Sox……

That was quick – not a good time for our bats to be sleeping!

Hey jk – if you switch to Miller maybe they’ll win!

JK – did kenwo ever call you?

I can’t take it anymore – Gavin you can’t let them get anymore runs or hits!!

OH Dotel, I hope you’re at your best tonight!

I’m glad this is humorous to you (speaking to the Tiger players)
It’s killing me!

Coop scratching his head, whatcha thinking Coop??

Now we need to show our love to Gavin. He has pitched his heart out today. The rest of the team needs to step it up, get some hits, and score some runs. Let’s go SOX.

Pick him up Boys, Pick him up…. Gavin deserves this WIN…. Good job all day and all year Gavin… Go White Sox…. j.k.

Wise did not ‘blow’ that catch . . you’re flippin nuts hankieman you apparently could’ve had that right?

Not happy with the fielding attempts of gavin but Coop scratchin is head, god knows what he’s thinkin, probably gonna rip *** when he comes in.

Come on, Sox, Gavin needs some run support. You can win this game – you’re only down by one run. Let’s GOOOO SOX!!!

kris v, you best look again. he was running to the fence and misjudged the ball, which caromed off his glove. all this BEFORE he was near the fence. This is the second time he’s misjudged a ball in the past week. and since you ask the smart *** question here’s the smart *** answer, NO, I would not have caught that ball. Mostly because I’m not a professional athlete who’s paid millions to make that catch. Swisher or Anderson would have.

Come on Freddy you don’t want not be able to go to Ozzie’s for X-mas!

Thanks Freddy, keep ’em coming – give us some RUNS!!

lead off walk. let’s make them pay for it. Go JD

Is Wise paid Millions??

This has to be THE inning!

Were the fans yelling FREDDY, FREDDY as Garcia left? Sure sounded like it. Nice job for him, but we need to score DeWayne at least…. Go Sox’08…j.k.

Anderson maybe, Swisher, doubtful . . . Jen, it’s the newby syndrome again, they know it all, damn I hate that! And Hankinman, I watched as many replays as you did. . . have for 6 months and counting, where’ve you been since April?!?!

What I miss – all my kids like to poo at the same time – I’m always wiping butts!

YES we are on the comeback trial. Now our veteran big guys must come through! Go Sox

DONT STOP NOW…….2-2….. GO SOX’08….j.k.

Were they chanting Freddy?

If Wise doesn’t score – I will puke!-
He did score!!!!
I thought the Hawk was going to say and this ball game is ova – I think he thought he was going to say it, too!

I do NOT miss the wiping days!

Allright, settle down….. get JD over to second and go from there… go Sox.. j.k

Two wild pitches, are you kidding me? I live in southern Indiana and the game is blackedout. Following it on Gameday.

I think if by some weird chance, luck we do end up winning the World Series – The Hawk will have a freakin heart attack!!


Poorhankie hates Ozzie, Coop and DeWayne. They can do no right in his eyes. Listen to nothing he says about them because it will be tainted.

OMG – what the heck!!!!! However it works, I said, it’s time to get UGLY!

blake – you can’t get it on Espn 2? Or the other wgn?

Glad to have you!!

Thome is 0-20? Their putting Captain K on for Junior, huh?

Ok, tc, thanks for the info!

blakeheem, you’ve got to be kidding me, they blacked this out!!! I’d be flippin, did you check espn2, someone said it was on up there on that station too.

Junior, make them pay for walking Paulie please. We must take advantage of this situation.

I just checked, it is on both stations.

This is why we got you, junoir, come on big man!!


Anyone else as nervous as I am?

I wish we had TCQ coming in right now!

hey hey hey, goodbye – – I luv that song!

One time Alexei…… Just a base hit…. Go Sox’08….j.k.

Mollie, I am, I’m like a pacing animal – – making me crazy!

Ram isn’t doing too good – I hope he breaks out of his slump, too – in 5…4…3….2….1




Kris, I think we can stop pacing. We have all just breathed a huge sigh of relief. Gavin needs to give Alexi a big bear hug.
Boy is Alexi one happy camper in the dugout.

I want to Kiss me some Alexei!!!! Hot Damn!!!!! Keep it going boys!!!!!

This is THE inning!

Best $400K KW ever spent!

I LOVE Gary Glover!!!!!!

Are you OK, jk??
High fives go out to Arizona!

Alexi should be rookie of the year hands down. they just showed him kissing the bat – brings tears to my eyes. Now the pitching needs to come through for us.

Woo Hoo!!!!! Nine more outs Guys…. Go Sox… j.k.

Thanks Jen, and right back at ya…. Go Sox…j.k.

Maria just called me . we could hardly talk we were so excited. Hubby is snoozing, celebrating ‘quietly’ by jumping up and down!!!!! Not easy mind you!

The East Coast writers will give it to Longoria but I’ve been saying since the end of June there is no better rookie in the American League than my man Alexei!!!!!

Four grand slams out of 21 home runs. Incredibly clutch!!!

C’mon bullpen. Nail this one down and send the damn Twins to the airport!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Quentin is the best 400K Kenny has ever spent. I believe A-Ram is making over a million this year.

I wish they had a camera set up in the Dump Dome – it would be nice to have seen the reaction of the Twins!

Come ON, Matt – Please pitch like you have never pitched before!!

Why would you take our best reliever out?

Maria is there – so jealous am I!!!!

Bet Hawk wishes he could say harsher words than dadgumit, which is about as southern and stupid as a swear word as they come! Southern and stupid being the same thing (definitely not a Texan, can ya tell)

Oh Dotel – don’t fail us now buddy!

Jen, I heard on the radio coming home tonight the Twins were at the dome ready to open the champaign when the sox lost. Oh for a victory for no other reason than to force the Twinkies on a plane to the great city of Chicago.
Dotel you had better pitch the game of your life.

Same goes to you OH Do tel – Please pitch like you have never pitched before!!

Yes I know that – go on the Twins site and you could read it first hand – that’s why I wish they had a camera so we could see the reaction!

Scam – I am thinking Oz wants to save him for tomorrow!

Thornton came out because of three straight big-time right-handed hitters coming up. With no one on, Ozzie may have left Thornton in.

hope the choke on that champaign!

Yikes. I’m sweatin bullets over here.

There is no saving anyone for tomorrow at this point. Win or go home.

keep it going … A couple of more runs… 6 outs to go… Go Sox… j.k.

6 more outs, and we’ll be sweatin’ rocketships!

Don’t lay down yet, the games not over – we still need RUNS!!

Hunker down 6 outs to go!

I saw that earlier Jen – whatever – what’s a 2nd mri going to tell him that the first one didn’t?

WGN and espn just died… I’m on gameday…go Sox..j.k.

3 to go. Come on boys. Hold on. Hope lives on!

OK. Line looks good again… And my video is back… Go Sox.. j.k.

Sad jk, they’re both alive for me.

what, are you serious??? how did espn AND wgn die, mine’s working ok… that’s bizarre

Just letting you guys know – Kris – you were the one who yelled at me earlier for being mean to the newbies about the whole discussion of Mr. Crede! So I thought I’d be nice –πŸ™‚
Guess what?
3 more friggin outs!!!!
Wish you guys in Texas, Arizona, Idaho (is that where Lip is?) Cali (Peggy?) could all be here!

What happened to your WGN, JK? Mine is still going strong, as I hope the Sox will be for the rest of this game. Boy, does Alexei ever deserve the Rookie of the Year. Hawk just said his four grand slams are unprecedented for a rookie. He sure looked like the rookie of the year in this game!!!

Keep on winning, Sox!!! 89 wins, and we get the division – YESSSS!!

On my way to the grocery store, there was a black cat getting ready to cross the street, but didn’t, he turned around at the last minute!
Just thought I’d let you guys know that!

Nice standing O for Alexi.

Nobody deserves the Standing O more than Alexei.

OK boys we get another run across the plate. Thanks AJ.

I want more more more!

Their catcher sucks! How many balls got away?

Ask Kris and you shall receive.

3 outs and this ballgame will be OVA!!

hope for the same for tomorrow!

Hey Jen, that hankie person isn’t new anymore . . just obnoxious, we discussed this on myspace, remember!πŸ™‚

three more outs, please!!!

I want a blackout shirt!!! 😦

This commercial is so stupid – 64 cents wouldn’t give you crap in gas! That evil SW airline commercial is just pure evil!!

1 down 2 to go – my dog wants out – we need to get this game ova

my dogs have wanted out, i couldn’t leave the tv

2 down the crowd is standing – here we go. Best of luck to DJ.

I commented on the very first comment today on the Crede thing – it wasn’t hankie it was conroy! Never heard of conroy!

1 Down – 1 More to go!!!!

How do you get tickets for tomorrows game?

Well everyone we sent the right vibes to get this one done tonight. I predict Toby Hall is going to get him in the face.
Alexi is all smiles
Great job Sox. See you all tomorrow when we beat those Twinkies.

Where’s the Pie??


poorhankie is also fireozzie, swas, soxblogbabesgonewild, and who knows what else.

He’s probably upset because his least favorite player, DeWayne Wise, started the winning rally with a walk.


Lucky Maria, to be there. Will she be there tomorrow, too?

OK, on to beat the Twinks tomorrow!!!! We’re on our way to 89 wins and the Division!!!

Go Sox!!!!


162 games later and nothing has been decided.

I’m so disappointed. I wanted the pie in Alexi’s face. I think he’ll be smiling in his sleep tonight.

Alexei was really watchin for that pie wasn’t he??? He’s got the cutest smile! Wish he spoke English though . . . is DJ not commentating tomorrow?

Bring on the twinkees. Payback is a mother…….

AMEN to that franksdog!

DJ is done. The game tomorrow is on tbs. You are right Alexi was sure looking for that pie.

The game is on TBS tomorrow. Hawk and DJ are done for the year.

We have to deal with network guys for the duration of our season. Let’s make it last more than one game.

We better throw breaking balls to Gomez tomorrow or Hawk will die in anger and have no microphone in front of him to censor his words.

I TOLD you guys to have your dancing shoes ready! I am doing the happy dance all over the house! My kids are looking at me like I am crazy and calling me a dork.

Well, I kept my bra on the last two games and did not post during the games, so I will just check in tomorrow afterwards to CELEBRATE!!!!!!! GO SOX

Did you not LOVE how the BP pitchers were able to all be in their “roles” and were lights out? We are going to be RED HOT at exactly the right time!

GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Remember how the Cubs embarrassed us in their home then we came back and did it in our home – Twins you better bring a change of panties!

The frenzied finish around baseball this past weekend. The make-up game today. The “play-in” game tomorrow.

This is why baseball was, is and always will be the greatest game of all. The NFL may have the most hyped event of the year but it does not come anywhere close to producing the drama that baseball gives us.

It took me awhile to catch up on the last innings worth of posts… Way to Go White Sox… Great team effort.

Gavin was superb! He did what had to be done and in very tough situations most of the night. And Alexei…. there’s no need to elaborate there…. Way to Go Alexei…. Fantastic!!!!…. But…

For me the most important contributor to this game was the bullpen… They took the ball and looked like they did in the early season…… Hopefully a harbinger of good things to come…… All together a very satisfying win….

What was the most important win of ’08 so far? Not today or yesterday, but the Twins win against Tampa a week ago when they were down five runs in the ninth and came back to win… If that improbable win didn’t happen WE would already be Central Champs….

Perhaps it’s fitting that it does come down to the two best teams in the Central to decide who advances….Whatever happens, it has been a real crazy, rollercoaster ride of a season…. And I don’t want it to end…… Go Sox’ 08…. j.k.

What a job the last two days by Buehrle and Floyd the last 2 days when we needed them most – both on 3 days rest. You can’t possibly ask for more than you got. And yes – hat’s off the last 2 days to what over the last 5-6 weeks has been a struggling bullpen.

Hopefully – John Danks will be in a “competitive” mood in the sense he does not want to be outdone by just the Twins – but by Buehrle and Floyd on their 3-day rest starts.

Here is a dilemma question for you though (and yes I still realize we have to win tomorrow). IF the White Sox are able to knock off the Twins tomorrow – do you start the playoffs with Buehrle on Thursday (again on 3 days rest) or do you throw Vasquez on his normal 4 days rest. For me – it’s got to be Buehrle.

Bring on the Twins,,,Let’s step on the F’in throats, pull out their eyes and shove them in their ears!

Go Sox!

Nicely said weed!

Where is Lip?
We need you post, Lip!! I am dying to know what your going to say!!


What kind of fish or creature eats piranhas??????

If we can find out that answer (what eats a piranha) that would be an awesome marketing thing for the game tomorrow!

LOL – think a shark might eat a piranha

Sharks are salt water. Piranhas are fresh water. There is a little known variety of piranha, however that is indiginous to the upper mid west. White Sox eat those piranhas……. Go Sox’08…j.k.

Going to the game tomorrow, even if we don’t win, I’d be happy if Ozzie put on a show and got tossed….. Here’s to dreaming of a big win!

Just got my tickets so I’ll be decked out in black watching the Sox pull out eyes and whatever else weed said!!

Bigger fish eat piranhas – we ARE the bigger fish!

Last post for the night (maybe)….. I’m rooting for Peggy among others to have made the right prediction for the Sox total wins for the Central….. I had 88 wins, and that’s not enough…. Go Peggy, we are ALL rooting for you….. Go Sox..j.k.

Like that response Klein – but you think maybe the reason pirahnas stay away from salt water is they are afraid of sharks????

Windy, where YOU been??? Good to hear from you again. I wish I was there with you tomorrow….. I will be watching… And Waiting…. Go Sox’08……………..j.k.

I got tickets also – husband is pissed off – oh well, might end my marriage, but if I get to see the WS win the AL central it will be worth it!
I just hope I am not going to jinx it – lot of suckin up I’ll have to do tonight!

I got four tics – he says he won’t go – got one extra if anyone wants to go!

Piranahs are like tse tse flys to an elephant…… Sharks and White Sox Rule…. j.k.

your husband a cub fan jennifer?? joking of course.

Awe, Jen, your hubby is breaking MY heart….. How could he NOT want to be with you and the others tomorrow night? That’s all folks… It’s dinner time… Go Sox… j.k.

Great game tonight! Let’s win that sellout tomorrow. Go Go Sox!

He’s a F*cking Idiot!! Sorry, but I am so angry! I didn’t get to go to any playoff games in ’05 (I just had my daughter) let alone any games at all that year, now there is ANOTHER chance that the WS could win the AL Central Tomorrow – so excuse me for wanting to be there – it’s his B-day – what a perfect b-day gift –
I don’t care – I’m going – I am taking the kids – who knows it could never happen again in my life time – he’s such an a,ss!

He says he’s a not a Cubs Fan – he’s been a WS Fan his whole life – who knows maybe he’s in the closet!

one word: AWESOME!!!! Took me about 30 mins to catch up on posts, but a few things that came up:

1. It was cold! Granted, 500 level wind and rain…
2. To the best of my memory, there was no Freddy chant when he left.
3. Lisa, I believe it was you that requested a winner. I didn’t know what kind you wanted, so I thought I’d be safe with a grand slam one!

That being said, my recent record suggest that maybe I should go again tomorrow… ; ) Anyone know if rainout tix will still be good for the game??? Its not postseason, but its not technically regular season…

If they don’t win tomorrow I’ll still be upset because they will have thrown away a division they should have had already won, but win or lose, props to them for at least coming off the deck to give themselves a chance.

That is impressive and should be noted


Update: The Tigers have announced they will not pick up Edgar Renteria’s option for 2009.

Edger has long been a Kenny favorite. The early money for next year was on Ramirez at short and the Sox going after Chone Figgins and Orlando Hudson. You never know, it could be Renteria at short, Ramirez stays at second and they just go after Figgins.


One game to go. Hope for the Best )even higher now), expect the worst, these are the White Sox.

Mark Liptak

I am pretty sure the game is sold out, now – I tried to get more tickets – just to see – and there were none available – I WILL be going – I have sec 518 – you guys will have to help me think of a good sign to make!!

Crede Update (again)

Absolutely amazing how much this is resembling Magglio’s
situation isn’t it?

“Let’s keep seeing doctors until one gives us a diagnosis
that we can then spin into a deal. And by the way, Joe, don’t say anything to anybody!!”

I feel bad for Joe but personally I’m happy he’s moving on
he can be someone else’s issue.

Mark Liptak

holy crap, jen. thats where i just was tonight!

REMEMBER: tomorrow’s game is “Blackout Tuesday” WEAR BLACK!

If the White Sox beat the Twins on Tuesday, they will have won three straight games on three straight days against three different teams. Ten teams have tried unsuccessfully to accomplish this feat this season.

Lip, you can be a downer Man. Just enjoy the fact that we are still alive and still have a chance to advance. Save the “shouda, coulda, wouldas” for after tomorrow…

Jen, I have a cute e-mail for you that I think you will enjoy, but I don’t know where to send it. E-mail me your address and I will forward to you…..

Later all… Get a good night sleep and get ready for tomorrow… Go Sox ’08… j.k.

Amy – how was it up there – can you still see pretty good?

Are you going?

I just e-mailed it to you, jk!

Not bad at all, really. I was in row 11, seat 6. Granted, like no one was in front of me, so view was unobstructed. Not your case tomorrow, I can assure you. The only way I can go is if rainout tix count. But I have a feeling thats not the case…

I’d look beyond Renteria before jumping on him. He’s 33 years old and can’t run anywhere near like he used to. He only attempted 6 stolen bases this year. We have enough slow guys. We need more players in the ilk of Ramirez. Players that inject energy and can help us change our station to station style.

But, those worries should not even be addressed while
there is still baseball to play in 2008.

Earlier this summer I mentioned that losing in the first round of the playoffs is more disappointing than not winning the division to begin with. Well, that is how I felt after our sweep at the hand of Seattle in 2000. Of course, looking back after the disappointment had somewhat abated, I would agree that winning a division title is something special.

And if we were able to win the title tomorrow, it would be even more special. More special because of the way we have had to pick ourselves up after a gut-wrenching 10 days in NY, KC and Minnesota and two dreadful games vs. Cleveland.

This team may be lacking a lot of things but it sure doesn’t quit. Floyd showed us all a lot today. Much like Mark did yesterday.

The pressure is back on the Twins. The last time they came in here they lost four straight. Let’s send them to the golf course as quickly as possible.

I wanna go. I wanna shirt, wgn just said they’re gonna have some sort of towel too . . I want one! 😦 I hate Texas and being so damn far from my love.

Jen, your husband and I would not stay married. How can you be a Sox fan and not want to be there tomorrow. Bday or not, wtf. He’s no fan of baseball in my opinion. My husband thinks I’m nuts too when I’m jumping around here but geez louise . . . what a tool! Sorry he’s the way he is when it comes to baseball.

Again, somebody wanna fly me to Chicago, pick me up, put me up, and send me back the next morning???? jk!

I’ll be doing mom duty for part of the game, hs volleyball this time, can’t let the kid down… can I?

whats all this about tshirts and towels? whos giving away what? enlighten me!

I’m all smiles tonight. What a game! Kris, sorry that I couldn’t hear you when I called, but it was SOOOO loud at the ballpark. Impressively so, given that the stands really weren’t that full. I’d have to say that every fan there was fully engaged giving it their all. I haven’t seen so many people standing and cheering throughout the game since 2005. Lots of good vibes!

I’ll be heading to the park tomorrow. If there are any regular bloggers out there who would like a blackout t-shirt, send me an email at, and I’ll do my best to set you up. No promises – who knows what the supply will be like. Include your shirt size, just in case we even have that option.

Man, I LOVE this team!!! Go White Sox!!!

On wgn news – they said the shirts will be on sale tomorrow at the game (I am sure you’ll be able to get one on
free towels for the first 40,000 –
I heard tickets sold out in an hour – it will be packed – I don’t know about taking all 3 kids! I’ll have to figure that one out tomorrow – now I have to go upstairs and see if the Sox hater is going or what – if not I need to find someone to go with me!

Maria where are your seats? I have sec 518 row 18 – seats 19-22

Hey Scott,
if you want to send someone up there to get me and sit me in some closer seats, I won’t say No!!


Jen: I’m in sec 143, row 28. I will try to make my way up and say “hi”. I am so pumped right now.

Thanks Jen but I can’t buy them from the article. Scotties was asking about them, I’d heard it on wgn this evening.

Maria, towel or shirt, I’ll send you an email too though…..
Donna is going too . . . poor Klein, Peg, Liptak and I . . . no fair 😦 (me pouting)

Me too Kris…. Have a world of fun Maria and Pat… Go Sox ’08….j.k.

All I keep is saying is Wow! What a great game! Let’s do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Amy! Thanks for the “slammin” delivery!!!! ; )

I hope all of you that will be there have a wonderful time tomorrow. Please, please, please! let the boys hear you roar your support and encourage them to FIGHT!

Scratch, claw, bite, do whatever you have to boys to bring home that Division Championship!!!!! After all, pirhanas are just annoying lil’ fish, take your big ole’ White Sox and STOMP on ’em!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t WAIT til tomorrow night!!!!!

For what it’s worth, I’ll wear black tomorrow, and of course, my “lucky” baseball pendant.

Go Sox!!!!


Well well well..just as i stated before I left I will be in attendance on Tuesday night to see the sox win the central title. what a weekend. first having to watch that debacle on friday night while waiting for my plane…. then during the wedding reception running to the tv to see the sox come back to only trailing 8-6 only to see them implode in the 9th. being happy the twins lost to the royals but also mad we couldn’t beat the indians….. putting up 40 bucks to win 18 on sunday and battling the sports book at the flamingo to put the sox on instead of womens bowling?????!!!!!! watching the sox win that game and seeing the twins also win. taking my winnings and applying it to the tigers game…. being excited to watch the game before i head to the airport only to have the game be in a rain delay and watching the first 2 innings and hopping back on to the plane leading 1-0. finally the pilot announced somewhere over probably colorado that the sox won and the plane went up for grabs. then when i landed my dad came through with a couple of tickets for me…i believe they are in 103. I also won about 600 dollars on the roulette wheel. #35 came through for me on multiple occasions….thanks big hurt! i can’t wait til game time. its 230 AM, i spent a weekend in vegas and i cant even sleep. I wish it was an afternoon game so A)it would be earlier and B) I could ditch work again :)….but a night game will be outstanding too. Danks has to do well. Blackburn was awful shaky last time even though we only scored 2. now that we are in the Cell it will be different. To quote one of the greatest men of all time- Vince McMahon…… Twins……. WELCOME TO HELLLLLLLL IN THE CELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

Hell in the Cell…. WWE probably has trademarked that…. but if i see the sox using that slogan I may go after brooks boyer. If that is used I require a 20 percent fee on all merchandising.

Hell at the Cell might be better. same rates apply. what a marketing genius i am. between my marketing skills, my ability to piss everyone off and my knowledge of baseball i should be working for the sox in some capacity. make it happen riefert.

Hey Mark L, why don’t you change your mantra to:

Expect the unexpected – it is the White Sox!



missjennifer: “ guys will have to help me think of a good sign to make!!”

I have one for you, “Hey Twinkies, thanks for bringing the champagne!!”

Go Go Sox!!


Kris (another Kris?)
That’s a good one!
Anymore more ideas, come on I got 3 kids – we could all hold one up!

Yep Jen, it’s another Kris – trepac has been missing in action apparently, haven’t heard from him in a bit.1

You can give the 3 yr old a sign that says welcome to hellllll in the cell! πŸ™‚ Are you taking all 3 kids?


Kris in Texas,
I was really debating if I was going to take any of the kids – but, I have to – this will be an experience they’ll never forget – how can I not take them?
Still waiting to see if jackass is going!
Wouldn’t this be a perfect B-day gift, atleast for any WS fan it would!

Hey Kris (texas)
I’ll e-mail you my cell phone # – so if you want to be part of the live action!

Hows TQ holdin up?

I am bringing my video camera and I am going to make my masterpiece, for all you guys that can’t make it – don’t worry – you won’t miss it!
I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!

kenwo –
do I have your permission to hold up a sign that says Hell at the Cell??

I also like –
‘there’s no cryin in baseball’

‘we’re eatin twinkees for dinner’

come on bloggers – give me more ideas!!


How about a drawing of a big White Sox (sock) stepping on a picture of a little fish (piranha)?


Give me six strong innings from Danks. A solid seventh from “Thorn-tel”, a three-up-and-three-down inning from Linebrink and a closing ninth from the big fella.

Set the pitching up with a bloop-and-a-blast early (maybe OC with the bloop, JD or Thome with the blast) and a crooked number later from the combo of Paulie, Junior, the Rookie of the Year, AJ and Uribe.

Then, pop the champagne, and find your way to the charter for the trip to the Suncoast.

How’s that for a scenario, y’all??? (hi kris)

The “Big 89” used to be WLS (with Uncle Larr, Little Tommy Edwards, Bob Sirott (BS), John “Records” Landecker, Yvonne Daniels and Fred Winston. Tonight, it will hopefully be the number listed next to Chicago and under “W”.

Keep the Twins stuck at 88.

Isn’t it about time for Quaid to chime in?????

Or is he trying to regain his youth and only communicating via “text” to his favorite girls in Texas and the Chicagoland suburbs???

Damn, now I’m acting like Jen!!! Four messages in a row!!!! I better get back to being productive at work.

One game to win. Good luck to the team tonight.

Hopefully the weather is OK and hopefully the umpiring crew does not contain one Hunter Wendelsted.

Mark Liptak

Or that bum Marquez.

I officially do not like my Husband!
Still saying he will not go, what is his problem?
The Biggest Game by far of the season and he will not go!

Tc, I love your scenario….. and keep right on posting, at least you’re not telling us about your undergarments…. (yet)…. hehehe…..

Lip, thank you for your words of encouragement….

Jen, I don’t have Texas Kris e-mail, could you forward that item I sent you earlier?…..

This should be a good game. In the back of my mind though I expect a blowout……. Good bye pirhanas…… Go White Sox’08….. j.k.


Maybe you need to stop and see Dr. Phil or Maury on your way to Hell at the Cell tonight!

As jk says, Go Sox ’08!

Jk -I will!

I am sorry, tc, but I have to vent – I can’t get a hold of any of my friends to ask their opinion?

You guys are all that I have right now – with that – what should I do – should I not go and try to see if someone wants to buy the tickets or do I say F*ck it and go regardless?

I just want to cry!

White Sox or my husband – so torned! WTF!!

Are you $hiting me? Go to the friggin game!!!! After the Sox win, I would love to see the players eating Twinkies in the clubhouse. GO SOX GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good one Blake…. Twinkies and Cold Duck!!!! …….. Go Sox… j.k.

Hey, another marketing idea – after we WIN tonight, on the way out of the park, they pass out twinkies! Great idea Blake! Brooks – get on it!!!!!!!!!!!


MariE – excuse me but I said it first – my sign ‘we’re eatin twinkies for dinner’

But that ok, I got it from someone on Myspace –

I have to go to the game – I have will call tickets through ticketmaster – so that solves it – I would go anyway –


Of course you have to go – especially because Klein, and Kris and Lip and I can’t go, so you have to “represent”!!!

Your sign could be “Blog Buddies 4 Sox” (or, if you only care to represent the female Sox bloggers, “Blog Babes 4 Sox”).

Go Sox!!! On to the World Series!!


How about Blog Babes Love the Sox!

Sounds great to me!!

Ok gang, I’m finishing packing up and heading over to The Cell. I’m queasy, excited, scared, but so, so psyched to see what The Cell will be like. This is the closest to playoff game I’ve gone to. I can’t wait to get there. The family and I are decked in black, will probably have no voice tomorrow, but am hoping really hard to bring home a winner. I’m at the top of 162 if any of you are going, come calm me down!! Win or lose, what a ride!!

What is the weather like? I just looked at the Sox website, and the game time now says 7:30p.m. CDT, and earlier it said 6:30p.m. CDT. Was the time changed due to weather, or TV schedule, or???

Never mind, I’m obviously too stressed out. The 7:30 time is ET, not CDT. My bad, sorry to alarm anyone.

Donna, have a great time at the game!!! Wish I could be there with you, but I’ll be out here on the left coast, decked out in black and my “lucky” baseball necklace.

Go Sox!!!

Well, I suppose they’re all heading to the cell – I’m sad and glad for them that they get this chance! All systems are go here, will miss part of the game due to obligations to motherhood (volleyball game) but hopefully will receive bright and shining texts from tq and Maria possibly too! πŸ™‚ She called me last night after the grand slam, weirder things have happened!

Hope Jen goes and doesn’t blow this opportunity on him. What a waste that would be!

Tq is holding up good, called too after the tickets sold out, he’s pretty excited I think! Hope Miss Jen makes a blogger sign, we seriously represent at that game tonight!

I didn’t get any email from Jen but I’m going to check myspace in a minute, Klein, did you want to send me something, I can email you if you’d like, I’m so email away my dear!!!


As ridiculous as this sounds, I think i’m more nervous for tonight’s game than I was for any single post-season game in ’05. During our playoff run, we never really had that do-or-die moment because we were so dominant. I’m super excited/nervous about tonight’s game, and was lucky enough to be at last night’s game and will be there tonight.

This is the playoff game I never got to go to in ’05, and I probably won’t be going to any this year after we win tonight, so this is my world series as far as in-person games go for me.

GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my, Jen sent me something on myspace, from jk, thought it was going to be baseball related, now I’m crying, it was mom related. Now I HAVE to go to the volleyball game right!!! πŸ™‚

Thanks JK, that means a lot coming from someone who only knows me thru bloggin. You guys, after the season, I don’t want to lose touch for 5 months, seriously, ok ok, I’ll stop bein mushy. GO SOX!!!!

HAve a blast rml – cheer for me too!!!!

go ahead and use it but if someone asks you where you came up with it… I may also use it. we shall see. I am leaving in 8 minutes! I am jacked up! I have a good feeling tonight. I predict a big night out of Ken Griffey Jr. Take care…Jk take your blood pressure medication if you have it, its gunna be a barnburner.

One hour to go before game time, and counting down to what we all hope is a White Sox Winner…. If nothing else is true, The Sox are already winners by virtue of having such loyal and caring fans such as us.

But let’s make the season a winner too by stomping on those pirhanas and making them toothless… I know we can do this….. So just do it…. Go Sox’08….j.k.

Kenwo, thanks for your kind thoughts. I don’t need heart meds yet thank you, but I do need beer to keep me going. Sadly, no beer for me tonight though. I have to pick up my kids from the airport at 7:30, Two hours later your time. So I may miss the end (ouch ) of the game. Hopefully it’s all over by then. I will of course be taping it…. Go White Sox…. j.k.

OK, friends, I’m all dressed in black, down to my undies, and have my “lucky” pendant on. All the Sox need to do is WIN!!!

Go Sox!!!


Hey guys i have a quick question.. Why did minnesota come to Chicago? Why didnt chicago go up to minnesota to play?

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