Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; Wise, LF; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Griff, CF; Ramirez, 2B; AJ, C; Uribe, 3B.  Danks pitching.

This is It

I think tonight’s crowd is going to be vocal and passionate.  Because of the way tickets were sold on such short notice for tonight’s contest, fans who are here are going to be devout White Sox fans, and I think they’ll let the Twins hear it.

During the World Series in 2005 you could literally sense all the fans at home watching and rooting for the Sox.  I hope it’s the same tonight.  Think of the millions of Sox fans watching, cheering and rooting in front of their televisions at home, on the computer or watching in a bar or restaurant.

Wear black.  Show your pride.

Brinky Boy

Sad to learn this afternoon that Ed Brinkman, former shortstop, White Sox coach and scout, passed away today in his native Cincinnati.  Brinky was part of three Sox division champions: 1983, 1993 and 2000.  He won a Gold Glove, finished in the Top 10 in MVP voting, was an All-Star and served the White Sox from 1983 through 2000.

Many of his friends will miss him.

Help us out tonight, Brinky.


As Ozzie said today before the game …

“Tomorrow, I will be in Florida.  I hope central Florida.  If not, then Miami.”

I hope I am in central Florida come tomorrow.

Go Sox!

Go Sox Fans!


I’m waiting for the start of the game in my black. While I’m envious of those at the game, I’ll be a little warmer inside the house. No matter the outcome tonight what a game last night. The joy on Alexi’s face, his tears, and finally kissing his bat. Anyway on to tonights game. Victory is at hand. Go Sox.

I’m all in black, too, including undies, and have my “lucky” pendant on. So, I’ve done my part, all the Sox need to do is WIN!!!

Go SOX!!!


Get ready, get set,,,, Here we go Boys and Girls… White Sox Baseball is on the air…. Go Sox’08….j.k.

Peggy I have on black undies also – I didn’t want any men to turn red. I only wish we could listen to Hawk and DJ instead of these national guys. The cell looks black for sure.

let’s do this thang

3 down 24 to go. Let’s score some runs boys.

That’s the way to start it off JohnnyD….. Go Sox’08…..j.k.

Where is Harold Baines? Munoz was standing next to Cabrara at 1st.

Hold ’em down JohnnyD….. Go Sox…. j.k.

Oh, Yeah!!! Very nice….. Go Sox Go……. j.k.

OK guys, let’s start piling it on.

Baines is sick apparently.

tribune play by play reports Harold has ulcerated stomach. sounds awful

Keep on chunkin’ JohnnyD… go Sox… j.k.

Alright Boys, let’s get something started here…. Get us going Juan…. Go Sox…j.k.

Great job Johnny. We need some runs boys. Put some of those hits together. I feel a rally comin’ on.

I’m in black too. Can’t handle the TV guys so I’ve got Ed and Stoney on the (black) radio. Ok, the hands are getting a little red from clapping:) John looks good, hope he can keep it up.
GO SOX!!!!!!

That was too easy. We need to make Blackburn run up his pitch count….. OK. JohnnyD, keep on holding them down… Go Sox’08…j.k.


1,2,3 that a way Johnny. We need the run support now. I’m trying hard not to be anxious. The cell must be rockin’

Now is the inning to reward Danks – get some runs (like 10)!

Paulie, Paulie, Paulie

AARGHHH! Keep on pitching JohnnyD….Go Sox’08…..j.k.

Great job, Jr. and AJ!!!!

Let’s score some runs!!!!

Thank you JR and AJ. What a play. Johnny way to get out of a jam! Please score some runs boys. My blood pressure is rising.

GREAT JOB JohnnyD. Great Job Jr. Great job AJ….. NOW…… GET some RUNS…. Go Sox’08…..j.k.

Is Dick Stockton calling AJ AG? Come on get his name right.

Yeah, and Stockton earlier said the cubs beat the Sox in 1906…..

Boy….. Keep it up just a little bit longer JohnnyD…. Go Sox… j.k.

I’m so impressed with Johnny. This offense needs to send some love with some runs for Mr. Danks. Come on boys!!

Let’s try this: Gentlem, Mr. Danks is pitching his butt off. You need to support this effort with a couple of runs. Go White Sox’08…..j.k.

right to the point j.k.

Come on, guys, we need runs! And 9 more Twins outs!

Let’s go, Sox!!!

The Sox are making it much too easy on Blackburn!

Man!!! This is nuts!!!! You gotta hold ’em yet again JohnnyD…. Come on Boys, Go Sox’08…..j.k.

I think this is called a pitchers duel…… BUT it’s time to put Blackburn and the Twins out of it…. Runs Boys, We need Runs…Go Sox….j.k.

Here’s my wish list: 3 walks and a grand slam, 6 twinkie out, Johnny continues to pitch a whale of a game. Come on boys

Yeah, these announcers suck!! Hawk should be doing this game. Get a run Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Put it on the board YESSSSSS . . . i love jimmy

Let’s go White Sox, Let’s Go White Sox, Let’s Go White Sox

Root root for the White Sox. Get that man home from 2nd.

Jimmy, JIMMY, JIMMY THOME!!!!!! Come on AJ, knock BA in ….. Go Sox’08…j.k.

Way to go, Jim!!! More, more, more runs!!!

I tell you what gang – regardless of how this game winds up – what a job on 3 days rest John Danks – I posted last night that I was concerned about it. Three starts in 3 days by guys going on 3 days rest and I don’t think ANYONE can ask for anymore than you have gotten out of those 3 startes. Great job Mark, Gavin and John !!

AJ we need a hit – be a hero

Haha, Harold said MERCY! after Thome’s homer.

Yea – I heard that – stole Hawk’s line.

C’mon Juanny, prove to me you’re more than just defense.

Damn…. OK there’s the RUN…. Make it stand up Boys… Go White Sox ’08….j.k.

That pitch should have been hit a lot harder than that. Still waiting for that clutch hit by Uribe.

Oh Johnny Danks. Feel all the love. Hold ’em now.

Sending big, big, love to Johnny Danks!!!

More runs, please, please, please!!!!

JohnnyD,,, YOU are the MAN….. EXCELLANT job….. Come on Boys, break this game OPEN…. Go White Sox…..j.k.

I’m home . . so excited . .

Hi Kris,

You’re a great mom, and this has been one heckuva game! Nerve-wracking, as always, but phenomenal.

Game too exciting for you Kris or were the kids too cold

Buehrle, Floyd, and now Danks. Don’t let it go to waste Bobby.

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby…. Go White Sox’08….j.k.

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Please NO Drama, we need a 1, 2, 3 inning

1-0 game. Sound familiar anyone?

1 down 2 to go. That young man will remember this game the rest of his life.
Bobby, Bobby, Bobby

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT CATCH BA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD bye Twinkies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a catch by the man BA. Congratulations boys. Mark, Gavin, Johnny, Bobby, Jr., Alexi, Jimmy, etc. Crack open the bottles. Our Boys are AL Central Champs.

All I have to say before picking my kids up at the airport is… Pitching and Defense…….. I’ll be back later…. Party on White Sox ’08….. Way to Go….j.k.

Sox win! Sox win! Special thanks to Danks and Jenks! We had Thome field advantage!

Comcast has great coverage of the celebration. What a game. Just so exciting.

I wish I was in Chicago right now. Holland is just not too excited about this win.

so damn exciting!!!!

I hope the Twins can find their way home with their eyes in their ears – Go White Sox!

Don’t you mean their eyes in their gills – pirahnas right?

Eddie Brinkman — good ol’ Brinkie Boy — one of the greatest guys to ever work for the Sox — this one was for you!!!!!

In ’05 it was Uribe with the glove in the 1-0 game. Tonight it was BA with the glove, Junior with the throw and AJ with THE play.

Jen just called, she’s taping all sorts of stuff, I’m sure we’ll get to see a video soon!!!!!

Anyone remember this:

“The Sox had their chance and now it is too late.

Well, it?s done and the Sox are dead. I have no faith in this team to win a game when it?s all on the line. All they had to do is win one of three from the Twins and have a 1-1/2 game lead. This team has no heart, no passion, and no leadership.

To think that a professional team can be so apprehensive and intimidated about playing an opponent in their ballpark is inconceivable.

See you next year.”


Wonder if this guy is going to show his face again. These are the same people who lost the faith in ’05. Guess some people never learn.

Hope he chokes on the crow he has to swallow!

Those hats are sweet. I hope someone buys one for me.

I know, my mom’ll get me a shirt, I already asked her to! Jen or MAria were supposed to try and get me a towel or blackout shirt up there. I’m watchin wgn, g damn this is fun again isn’t it?

I wonder if Liptak is still expecting the worst????

C’mon Mark. I keep telling you, the past does NOT matter.

So is it just you and me Kris? You’re the only one I have to celebrate with. I can’t find any Sox fans up here.

Hey it’s TC! Feeling good, aren’t ya TC!

Sweet stat: White Sox are the first team in MLB history to defeat 3 different teams in the last 3 days of the season.

I think everyone else is too busy watching the party and drinking champagne. I’m finishing up at work and have only heard the radio. Will go home tonight and watch all the highlights.

What a great comeback!!! Coming off the mat after being knocked down in the Metrodome and in our own park on Friday and Saturday and then winning the title.

I’m sure that Joe Maddon is worried about playing a team riding this high right now.

I wish we had Comcast up here. Also wish I had some champagne.


It doesn’t when for the first time this decade the Sox beat the Twins in a meaningful game (about damn time don’t ya think!)

Seriously that begins to change the mental outlook for next season a tad.

I didn’t think they could pull it off but you have to give them major props for doing so when they absolutely had to.

Congratulations to them and the organization. (Wouldn’t it be funny if they lasted longer then the Cubs?)

As far as I’m concerned anything they can do from this point on is gravy.

Ladies and gentleman, U.S.Cellular presents, your 2008 Central Division Champion, Chicago White Sox!

Mark Liptak

Wow What a game!!!!! Danks you are THE MAN. And that was THE BEST Bobby has looked all year!! And AJ showing the ball in his glove to the Twin…. highlight film!!!!! Too bad this town is full of Cub Fans, 3 of us in Benchwarmers watching this game, tomorrow the bar will be packed, these people have NO SENSE! I don’t care, dressed in black and drinking beer, this was a hell of a night. I should have a blogger night down here, that would be a riot. Go White Soxs, who would have thunk it 6 months ago, not I.

Mark, amazing post!!! SO DARN HAPPY!!!

Sox not Soxs, sorry.

Cubs are going to have so much more pressure to win than the Sox. If we do better in the playoffs I’m going to have a lot of fun with all my Cubs fan friends.

Nobody would’ve thunk it, sometimes, ya just gotta believe!!!! 🙂 benchwarmers, if I were there, I’d drink with ya . have a beer for me! AJ showing the ball was a total ‘in your face mother fckr’ moment, totally an AJ classic!

website goo roos already have it at the top of the home page!!!! Like the little firework effect too!

watchin replays, griffey was the right man for that gun down!

HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH man was that a game or what????? We went to our friends house to watch the game and I just KNEW we could do it!!!!!

BIG thanks go to Danks and Jenks (sounds good doesn’t it) and of course big Jim! THere was not one single player on that team tonight that did not contribute in some way. THAT IS OUR WHITE SOX – a championship team!

I was just dying that whole game, have y’all (hi kris and tc) ever been that nervous, excited, etc.? For a game. Like I mentioned earlier all you have to do is be RED HOT AT THE RIGHT TIME and folks that TIME IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK…….we killed the piranhas and NOW we trounce the Rays! We’ve got a theme going here.

Also – the blackout idea – AWESOME! It was so cool to see all the black in the stands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dancing shoes are staying on and I’m going to be DANCING WITH THE WHITE SOX~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Oh Marie, wasn’t that fantastic, I still t hink I can hear ya’ll cheering from way deepintheheartoftexas! So much for the Anderson haters huh??? And Griffey too . . was there when we needed him most! Still all giggly inside!

Kris the Beer was good but only The Game made it great. Wish everyone could have been here, if we couldn’t be there. Thursday in Tampa I think we have a surprise for them young fellers. And Joe Tori, has got The Lovable Losers in his crosshairs, What a post season it shall be!!!!

Just my prediction Lip,

Gotta go Dave

Great post, Mark! Keep dancing, Marie! Kris, Tc, Dave, great win, and I’m so happy for my prediction (89 wins and the division) to come true!!!

Now, on to the World Series!!!


I agree Dave – hope we’re right on the money!!!!

I hope we make those little Rays wet their Huggies.

And remember guys. We did all this down the stretch AFTER we lost the sure-to-be American League MVP in early September. Would the Twins have been here tonight had they lost Mauer or Morneau?

How many teams can lose an MVP for the final month and win a division that was within 2 1/2 games the whole time he was out?

The trade for Griffey was made worthwhile just for that one throw.

And Thome came through. How about our two future Hall of Famers — neither of which has a ring — being two of the key guys who have now kept us alive for another chance at a ring.

I like Dave’s idea of a Bloggers night in Benchwarmers. Of course, we’d have to fly a few folks in. We will need to hire a traveling secretary to get the arrangements made.

As jk has said all year, Go Sox ’08!!!!

That game was soooo reminiscent of Game 4 of the 2005 World Series!

Thome with the run, Griffey and AJ for the out at the plate! And my boy Anderson contributing with that FANTASTIC catch for the game win! But most of all I will always remember that tremendous sea of Black White Sox T-shirts and Jackets and the roar of that crowd. For you guys truly were the 10th man on this team. Thanks to all of you lucky enough to be there! You made a difference!

Let’s celebrate tonight and take this momemtum with us to defeat the Rays.

Congratulations to the 2008 American central Division Champs, the Chicago White Sox!!! Don’t let up now boys!

we’re all the 10th man!!!! This so rocks my sox!!!!!

Remember when Thome was struggling so badly back in May?? So many people had given up on him. But Ozzie and the staff knew that they could not win this division without Thome making a big contribution.

And I would say that his 461-foot blast — the only run in the game — was a pretty damn big contribution.

Never count out a guy with the power, talent, and — most of all — the character and pride that Jim Thome has.

Amen tc Amen. There were several guys we were going to toss overboard. How about Juan Uribe? Remember how there were some that thought letting Pablo go was the dumbest move ever? THANK GOD that did not happen. I guess those in the front office and the dugout are really the ones in the know.

And remember, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, it’s the White Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s are new motto Marie!

That’s why Ozzie and Kenny run this team and not us.

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