We Win It

Party on the South Side!


See you tomorrow in Tampa Bay.


Pass along the thanks and congratulations to the guys Scott. They sure gave us a night to remember. Now, let’s make it a MONTH to remember!


What an awesome night!!! Thanks Scott for touchin base, we’re all so thrilled for Soxtober baseball – again!!!!

What an amazing night! Great game and our guys really showed their character. A total team effort. Danks, Junior, AJ, Thome, Jenks, BA. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And for all the grief that we all have given Ozzie…the shot of him calling JD and BA in before that last pop fly illustrated his command of the game and our team, to me. Growing up a Sox fan, I really never thought I would experience two playoff seasons within a three year span. Low expectations, I know, but that WAS life as a Sox fan. Feel better, Harold. Again, thanks to all in WS universe.

Well, I just found out a shirt will be in the mail to me soon, a blackout shirt! Now I’ll HAVE a black shirt to wear at the next blackout! I couldn’t find one to save my life today, all I have are grey Sox shirts!

New motto (here’s to you liptak) ‘expected the unexpected’ – – – whoo whoo –


Nothing like running down the halls screaming, I’ll tell ya. Still have the tv on getting any coverage I can!

We wanted to believe it, but we didnt think it was completely possible. I’ll admit, I was scared to believe, but always did. We can all walk with our heads high tomorrow!! Getting here was the goal. Let’s get the icing on the cake. Anything can happen now!

And I’d just like to point out, in my infinate graphic design dorkdom: Sox had A.L. Central Champs up like an hour after we clinched. Cubs didn’t get theirs up till the day after. And ours is better!

I love baseball highlights, I can watch this over and over again!

I know scottie, I don’t even think it was an hour was it??? I thought that was awesome!!!! Watching espn highlights now . .

Hi Ya’ll. I just got back from getting my kids at the airport and now have cracked my first (of many probably) beer….. WooHoo…..!!! So many moments to be amazed by from this game. Every one of our Sox played to the best of their ability and maybe even beyond….

I kept thinking that the longer the game remained scoreless the advantage had to go to the Twins because of their style of play. But…. I forgot about Jimmy…. After striking out twice before and looking pretty bad doing so, I didn’t have high hoped in the 7th when he came up and was down to his last strike. But….. This is where history is being made folks…. What a night! What a throw by Jr in the 5th and what a Play by AJ hanging on to that throw…. A total team effort.

And then there was JohnnyD… Simply amazing all night. We never score runs for this guy! He could have another 5 or 6 wins this year if we did. But…. We did score him 1 run tonight and it was enough… Congratulations to the 2008 Central Division AL Champions….. OUR Chicago White Sox…

I have to be honest here. The last three days I’ve had on my day/night Sox shirt which is mostly white, but I didn’t want to change it after winning on both Sunday and Monday. So now I’m gonna smell just like Scam did earlier this year… Hopefully I will have as much success as he did then, because I’m not taking this shirt off….. (Maybe to shower, but that’s it!)……

I need to gather my thoughts and will be back later after watching the taped game again…. but mostly I need another beer…. Yeah!!!! And Go White Sox’08… j.k.

Kris, I though I’d be safe in saying an hour… I was too busy rubbing it in my cub friends faces to go online and look!

JK, I even did laundry last night to wear what I’ve been wearing the past two days. I even wore the same bra, socks, and shoes! Whatever works…!!!

How am I going to be able to focus on school or clubs for the next month?!?

Keep it on j.k. It’s a good thing you’re all the way out in Tucson.

Last night I was working out at the rec, and Journey came on over the speakers. You know the song. It gave me a tingly feeling and I just had to smile. Don’t stop believing guys!

What a great day! It would have been great to be at the park tonight, but it was a real kick to see all the black shirts everywhere I went tonight! White Sox fans really showed their pride — and there has been an awful lot to be proud of, especially in these last three games! Thanks to all the players for a thrilling weekend — looking forward to the next few weeks!

Scotties22, is your name Amy or is that someone else?

You’re right, I’m Amy. Another Amy popped in earlier today, though. Probably stupid question, but you’re still in college too, right?

Scam, I think it is Amy, that sounds like something familiar, where’s she at, some school somewhere! πŸ™‚

Haha, Kris is right too! Scottie is just for my boy Podsie, back in the good ol’ days! I’m just outside of Chicago for school now, and am born and raised SouthSide! (let’s just say I know where Lip’s Brother Rice HS is VERY well)

MariE said it very well on the previous post when she said, ” Expect the unexpected…. it’s the White Sox”. I think that’s our mantra for ’08…….

Congrats to Peggy on her pick to click (89 wins!)…. Keep ’em coming…

OK, seriously, now. There is NO way the Sox can win their ALDS, is there? I mean, really, we lost 6 out of 10 games to the Rays this year. We couldn’t score runs when we needed to. And we couldn’t protect the lead when we had it. It’s been an exiting run these last few days, but really…… Oh yeah, I forgot there for a minute… This is the White Sox, Expect the Unexpected………..

We ( the Sox), don’t do anything EASY. When we had a 61/2 game lead on the Twins in June, we promptly lost 5 out of the next 6 to pull them back into the race. When we were pitching well, Jenks went down, then Line, and we were done. Then a month ago our MVP was stricken and ALL WAS LOST. To make matters worse, we only won 12 games in September. (our lowest total this year for any month, AND it took an extra game to reach that lofty mark!)….. We were doomed, and a lot of folks stated so in not so uncertain terms…. But these folks forgot that these are the White Sox and to expect the unexpected…..

I’m pumped, tc is pumped, Molly, Marie, Donna, Kris, Jen, Maria, scam, and all the rest of us are PUMPED up!!!! Even Lip is gracious and contrite enough to give credit its due….. Right now we are all on cloud nine. Whatever happens on Thursday and beyond is gravy as far as I’m concerned…. WE, (all of us ) pulled together and achieved a goal that almost noone gave our team any chance at. We are truly Champions…..

Go White Sox. Thank you for a terrific season. We’re not done yet… Remember to Expect the Unexpected…. Go Sox’08….j.k.

HA, I guess I do pay attention huh???

Hey guys, just got home from the game and have to share my thoughts before I fall into my bed and pass out.

First and foremost WOO HOO–Central Division champs!!!

Does anyone else find it humorous this game ended 1-0???The division nobody seemed to want to win ends in a 1-0 score!

Got to the game to see BP and it didn’t go unnoticed that all the songs played had black in it…paint it black, black magic woman, etc. Very clever sound guys!!

The black towels were just that…black hand towels, no sox logo or anything, but it looked so, so cool watching the crowd swing them. I hope it looked as cool on TV.

I have never been to a game where the crowd was so into it from start to finish. It was a little quieter in the middle of the game than beginning and end, but I have no voice right now, so that tells you something!

Where were the t-shirts??? I never saw any except on the Chevy Pride girls. Did I miss those being sold somewhere??

John Danks—What can I even say! Way to step up!!

AJ, how you ever held onto that ball I’ll never know but thank goodness you did.

Jim Thome, I bow down to you, you CRUSHED that ball!!

Bobby Jenks AWESOME as usual, but I knew he would be. This is where he thrives.

The guys came out onto the field–Swish being the first to lead the group and dowsed the crowd with champagne and AJ, Danks, Swish off the top of my head took the mic and thanked the crowd for the support the past few weeks. Much of the crowd left by then, but Kenny took the mic and thanked the fans for wearing black, being as sick as he was but sticking with the team and for the support–very cool. They had the locker room celebration on the scoreboard and nobody left crowd for a LONG TIME!! It was one of the coolest things I experienced as a Sox fan. I have pictures, but am too tired to download right now. I did see Maria before and we both were nervous but for naught tonight!! We did it gang!!! And now it is the postseason where anything can happen. I think it was Mark who said it is all gravy from here…..I couldn’t agree more. Happy dreams Sox fans–CENTRAL DIVISION CHAMPION SOX FANS!

Aw, Kris, you’re one of the good ones! BTW, how are things down there going as far as cleanup and all? I’m trying to plan a trip down to Louisiana for Xmas break. I know you’re DEEPINTHAHEARTA but figure you have the best perspective…

You are correct, I am in college too. Unfortunately I am not as close to Chicago as you. I’m up in Holland, Michigan. It’s pretty dead here tonight. Not enough Sox fans.

OMG and how could I have forgotten the catch by BA?!!! That is why he is my man!!!

Sounds awesome Donna. Would love to see those pictures sometime.

That, sir, IS a problem. Don’t worry though, I raised enough of a ruckus for both this floor and Holland, MI earlier. If it makes you feel better, I’m slightly on the north side currently. There are plenty of Chubbies fans I have to deal with, and die-hard Sox fans (or even people that I can hold a semi-intelligent baseball convo with) seem to be hard to come by. I heard the freshman dorm was pretty crazy earlier, though.

I try to be.

Clean up where I’m at, ’bout an hour north of Houston, is just lots of limbs laying about, trees being chopped up and lots of people burning lots, makin for a stuffy nose! (I live a bit in the country where we can burn)

Galveston, eh, that cleanup and recovery is going to take quite awhile. Nothing like Katrina was I don’t think but there are still many missing that won’t ever be recovered I’m sure. Bldgs and homes that will never be replaced, etc. I won’t head back down there for a visit for a long time, usually go once a year but it’s too much right now, I don’t know how those folks are dealing.

Enough already about that, GO SOX (go dodgers) gotta throw that in there too! πŸ™‚

Donna, I don’t know where MAria got the shirt but she said she got me one. Bought it somewhere –

Donna, most def would love to see pics! Very awesome that you, and a few others, got to go! What do the shirts look like?

Thank God the Thursday game is a 105 start, I would have died if i had to watch gameday in class again! Let’s hope Manny takes it to the Chubbs tomorrow!

I have class from 3-4:30 EST. Can’t really watch Gameday in there since it requires a lot of participation. Maybe I’ll try and work something out with my professor before then.

Dang, and I don’t get off work until 2:30, no computer within my area . . text me people, text me!!! Ya’ll (hi tc) know who needs to do what!! πŸ™‚

I have class from 330-445, so I’ll be missing the end of the game. There will be no sympathy with her either: she asked a cubs fan today if they had made it to the playoffs yet.

Have hope, though. My friend down at Bradley told her Irish lit prof that “you know, the sox are playing tonight and i know baseball is an important part of irish heritgae, and i think the irish would want you to extend this to thursday.” And he did!

Holy SH*T – HOLY SH*T -HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE WON!!!!

Got home about 20 min ago from the game!
My Husband did go with me (He Still can’t admit this was his Best B-day EVER- I know it was) He decided at 3:30 he was going to go – very hard-headed!

I have tons of video footage – atleast an hour worth – I kept forgetting to press rec – not too sure what I have – I had 3 signs – We’re having Twinkies for dessert – Hello to Scotts Blog (Jk, Lip, Kris and Peg) – Win this one for my daddy it’s his B-day (my 7 year old held that one)

My kids really have never seen anything like that – it was truly amazing – the way 40,000 people came together as one to root for 10+ guys – it gives me chills thinking about it!
I know my kids and myself will never forget it!
It was nice to go out there and put aside all the problems we are having in the world today- all the arguments – all the negativity and root for our boys-
Truly amazing!

This is truly what dreams are made of –

Thank You Chicago White Sox!!

Bring on the other sea creatures!

What a game. I’m finally coming down from my high.

It was a really good game by both teams. I don’t Minnesota made any mistakes really, I think sending whoever that was was the right move, considering that lead off double was their first hit of the game. Can’t wait for the playoffs, it’s just too bad we’re a day game.

For those of you who are asking about text messaging, you can text “White Sox” to MLB-GO and they’ll respond immediately with a fairly detailed description of the game, including who is pitching/hitting/onbase, and even the count. I use it all the time.

Being in the upper deck and looking out onto the field and into the stands was such an amazing sight. The energy there was priceless. If I knew ahead of time what I was going to see, I would have shelled out a lot more money to go. It’s something I’ll always remember, a true instant classic.

GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m SO happy for you Jen.. I’m glad your Hubby went to the game ( that’s what Families are supposed to do….. Stick together). I can picture your Kids with their signs, and I know you had a GREAT time….

As I finish my last beer for the night, thank you again for everything White Sox Team and Fans…. What a Wonderful year…. Go Sox’08….j.k.

OK, let’s savor the pure joy of being the AL Central champs!! I think our guys are in the best possible situation and frame of mind to start of the postseason. Happy Soxtober everyone!!!

I’m now exhausted from nerves and joy and talking on the phone to family.

My prediction, for several weeks now, has been a Red Line World Series, and the Sox win it. Let’s see if I can nail another oneπŸ™‚


G’night all! I have an 830 in the morn, and feel I should be at least fairly competent for it. What a day, what a season! Today is the day that made it all worth it, now comes the fun part! See you all in the morning!!

AL Central Division Champion Chicago White Sox…sounds so good!

G’night Amy, have fun with that 8:30. I have no classes tomorrow. Critical Issue Symposium Day, or something like that. It’ll be nice sleeping in.

Glad everyone had such a good night. It might take another day for this to fully sink in. Thank you White Sox, and goodnight!

We’re getting spoiled with all these classic games!
Not sure what to add to others’ accounts of the game. Waiting in line to enter we saw four Twinkies fans get turned away, counterfeit tickets it appeared. Shame, that.
I did see and say hi to Scott before the game…he had his game face on, as we all did. A little nervous, but quietly confident.
For good reason, as we soon saw the park filling with black. It was an amazing sight. In 2005 we had a lot of people waving the white rally towels, but the blackout and the black towels were a sight to behold.
Griffey-to-A.J. might not have been the best play I’ve ever witnessed at the park, but it had to be in the top five, easy. Extraordinary momentum shift. The fans were buzzing about it basically for the rest of the game, and you got the sense that from then on the Twinkies realized we could take their best shot and not flinch.
The ovations for Danks and Bobby simply for leaving the bullpen to enter the game were enormous. Bobby’s understandably so.
It was fun watching the bullpen late in the game, Octavio Dotel and Matt Thornton were up in the 8th but they were pumping their fists and jumping for joy when Danks got out of the inning.
Not sure what was broadcast of the on-field celebrations, but some moments I’ll remember are: Brian Anderson kneeling on the infield grass to collect himself before rejoining the on-field fracas; Toby Hall carrying Danks back onto the field piggy-back, running all the way out to left field with his cargo, in fact; Danks addressing the crowd to tell us we were a hell of a boost to him and the team tonight; Swish traipsing back onto the field first, two bottles in hand, taking generous swigs from one and being the first to spray the crowd; Octavio Dotel leading a second group of players out to left to douse fans.
You could see our bullpen looking up often into the crowd. They were awed by the tireless cheering, as well as the sea of black. The Twins players noticed it too, for sure. How intimidated they were, who knows, but if we can keep this kind of home-field advantage going, there’s no telling how far this White Sox team can go.

What a way to end the regular season! Atmosphere @ the CELL last night was unbeleiveable. Blackout was AWESOME! Backs against the wall for the third time in three days and our guys came through. AGAIN. Can’t say enough about the character of this team in total and John Danks in particular. GREAT, GREAT WIN! What other team loses one of the starting pitchers for the rest of the year and BOTH of their starting ALL-STARS for the whole month of September and STILL WINS THEIR DIVISION?
Bring on the rays!
ROLL SOX ROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I really hope the twinkees enjoyed their little party @ second base last week after the sweep, CAUSE IT’S THE ONLY CELEBRATION THEY ARE GONNA GET THIS YEAR.
GO SOX !!!

Hey, where’s Kenwo? I hope he survived last night!

Wow! What a game. Been a long time since I posted last, possibly a year, but I was able to go the game and wanted to add to all of the great commentary so far.

It was amazing to see so many fans dressed up for the game. Having been to a few games this year (and even more in ’05) this game felt like a game 7 series win!

’05 was sweet but we never won at home, seeing the players celebrate on field after the game was awesome! Thome, Swisher, Danks, and A.J. all made some great comments about the fan support. And the locker room scenes flashed on the score board were great!

Some people near us couldn’t figure out why we were so worried going into the top of the 9th nursing a 1 run lead… After how many games it came down to 1 run!?!

Grandstand (the store off of 35th) was crazy after the game and completely sold out of the Division champs stuff too!
Scott it would be great to see some more ways for fans to do things at the game to keep the team in it. For example the constantly flashing “wave your rally towel” was great. Also is there anyway to get some cool Sox post season wall paper for a dual monitor…?


Real fast – I have to take my son to school – he’s late – but they all understood!

All the field festivities at the end that everyone’s talking about – the inside the locker celebrations – I taped all that – when I get home I will start downloading it – I have some pics – WS Fans are great – I was taking pics of the kids in front of the field and some other places – on numerous occasions I had Fans saying “get in the picture, I’ll take a picture of your whole family” that was great, I didn’t even have to ask they just came up. We stayed and watched the field festivities for about an hour after the game – all shirts were sold out – Grandstand was packed – line was all the way around the corner.

Be back later!


Junior’s throw might not have been the strongest in the world, but what a tag by A.J. at the plate — and I have to say, the guys I am truly happy for are Junior and Thome, because they deserved another shot at getting a ring. Good luck to all you White Sox fans the rest of the way — amazing stuff to win three straight and get in like you did.


Such a great game last night! The Wild Wings in Macomb was rocking. Danks pitched out of his mind, on short rest mind you. Great throw by Jr. and catch by AJ. Absolutely loved it when he showed that ball to Cuddyer. Nice move by Ozzie moving the outfield in on the final play. Great effort and execution by Brian. All the fans should be proud of themselves as well. The Black-Out looked fantastic, wish I could have been there myself. My brother was there the last two nights, so I was with him in spirit.

Can’t wait for tomorrow evening. I have a good feeling about this series. I’ll be at the game on Sunday, whenever it is played. See you there!

Go Go Sox!!!

Oh yeah, forgot Thome’s monstrous bomb to dead center!

GREAT game last night! Being there to share the moment with the team and Sox Nation was amazing. It was right up there with the World Series games.

Only one issue…the parking for the game was horrible. None of the parking attendants knew what lots were full and people were driving around for over an hour trying to find a spot. I was at Guest Relations trying to figure out where to tell my dad to park and missed a few innings of the game myself doing that. I was at the World Series and parking wasn’t as bad as this. Hopefully you guys can figure it out before they come home to play the Rays in the ALDS, because it was a logistical nightmare.

Scott, please pass on big props to the entire team but especially Thome, Griffey, AJ, and Johnny D…big men playing in a big game who put us on their shoulders and took us across the finish line. Best of luck to them in Tampa Bay…our hearts are there with them, even if we phsyically aren’t!

Just wondering.

Back in the spring Dave Van **** of the Tribune had a big story on how Baseball Prospectus got the Sox win total in 2007 exactly correct and that the eggheads over there said they’d only win 78 games this season.

Wonder when the story will be coming out on how the stat-geeks blew it again.

Mark Liptak

Dude, scam, no classes??! Lucky duck! We don’t get anything off over here, not even presidents day, mlk jr. day, or *gulp* columbus day. hope you are still sleeping in! πŸ˜€ I get to continue exploring Darwin’s evolutionary theory later…

Good question, Lip, but then we all know the answer already…. Never! Noone ever admits to making a mistake in the media or most anywhere else either, so don’t hold your breath…..

I got my house rented… Yeah!!!! It had been on the market for over a year and finally…… But I’m going to have to tape our game tomorrow. That’s a bummer, but I know you guys will pick me up…. Go Sox’08….j..k.

Weell, the “old man” (that’s me) has been laid down with the first of what will be many colds this fall/winter/spring…so it has been my trusty, at one time color, now just B&W TV, the sonorious tones of Farmio, Stone Pony (pre and post Rosh Hashonah)and Rongey and the image of “Baseball Noir” last night…

I have been texting Kristine DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS(which is the proper way, according to Warner Bros and Bugs Bunny,to spell it…)the last couple of days… which I will now attempt to encapsulate (memo to Dan Kiernan… that means I’m gonna tell you about it briefly…)…

Game 162… The Tigers wanted to be at the Cell about as much as a deliquent wants to be in juvenile hall…

With the score tied at one, and Floyd throwing one away down the RF line to put Detroit in front, the entire season was seen to be going right down the bidet…

But then Freddy An.Garcia’s neck starting bothering him…Leyalnd had to bring in a starter to relieve…three pitches, two wild pitches later, the former WS draftee Seay was brought in… and if the strike zone had been in the other batters box…he would have been very successful…

Bases loaded, another ex-WS on the mound…Ramirez at bat… but not for long…

Riddle: What did Alexi’s AB, the development of the atomic bomb and the title of a CBS Monday night comedy all have in common?

Answer: The Big Bang Theory…

NDAI… No Doubt About It…

Two steps down, one to go…and the piranhas out of their tank… making them ordinary guppies…

Three wins, in three games, in three days, against three teams?

Cue the theme from Mission: Impossible…

Again, the congestion in my head and chest got to me, so it was radio and my little cave… plus the text to Texas…

What we got was a game for the ages… magnificient pitching, both sides, not that many chances either side…

Now, there’s AJ doing his Ed Herrmann impression while Cuddyer tries to knock him into the (not so, any more)cheap seats…

Late innings…Thome up…

Big Bang Theory, part two…

I text Kristine… “I LOVE THAT OLD MAN!!!”

Danks, absolutely brilliant…

Top 9, Manchild on to close it out while the Cell is meshugenah…

BA, the catch of the year…

Game, set, match…

Hello, Tampa…

Not only was I crying from my cold and a runny nose, but from the sheer emotion of something I never thought would happen in ’08…

Now to the “second season”…

Great Post TQ…..entertaining as always! We wouldn’t expect anything less!

BTW, TQ: Have Helene make you some homemade chicken soup for that cold and to mix in some good ole fashion lovin. I hope you feel better soon.


TQ, your post gave me goose bumps – literally!

Hope you feel better soon,

Feel Better TQ

Cue up the sappy music…time for the Cubs to CHOKE!

Go Sox!

Hey, Fred… Do you think your bosses at Universal would buy that “three wins, three games, three different opponents story”?

Naaahhh, I didn’t think so, either… besides, they already got burnt, BIG TIME, on “For Love of the Game”…

That particular Kevin Costner ode to baseball was so bad…


The police used to show it to criminals to make them confess…

Now, as to strategy in a best 3 of 5 series…

And this goes not only for the boys but for the Brewers in Philly, the Dodgers at Jurassic Park at Neverland, and the Carmines in Anaheim(Azusa and Cuc………..amonga…)…

Split the first two games on the road, then hope that your fans can offer enough momentum to take you through the next two games… which would lead through to the LCS…

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

BTW, I think it should be mandatory for the patrons at the Cell for Games 3 and 4 to come in the same way they were last night… and make the Cell the tribute to either Johnny Cash or the desk clerk in the Eagles’ “Hotel California”…

Where the Rays check in… but don’t check out…

Tampa is the second best team in the AL in ’08, with the best home W/L record… but the playoffs are another animal entirely… just ask Boston in ’05, or the Flubs of ’07…

Call me crazy, but I want the Cubs to win. If they are the best in the NL then they should be the ones the Sox beat for the WS title, Don’t you think….. AND ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME ( at least for the next 100 or so years), put an end to the controversy of Chicago baseball dominance…….

Get well soon Amigo…. Go White Sox… j.k.

All I can say is thank goodness for unlimited texting! tq and I have fun he keeps me posted when I cant be in front of the computer/tv, unknown voices calling me screaming (that would be Jen, first time I heard her voice, lol) strangers who are no longer strangers because of Scott and this blog. He truly has brought us all together and I thank him for that! It’s ashame I can’t come to those blog nights and he can’t plan them waaaayyyyy ahead of time so I can make arrangements to be there (hint hint)

Are ya’ll (hi tc) going to watch the Cubs tonight? I haven’t decided yet. Another vball game (making up the missed ones during Ike), sorta wanna ‘save myself’ for tomorrow.

I’m rambling! Sorry – I just look forward to getting on here!
Mark, loved your post, another job that doesn’t get held accountable for mistakes! πŸ™‚ I always keep my prediction sports illustrated every Spring to see how far off they are and let me tell you, off they were. Just looked at an article from the Houston Chronicle from March 30th with predictions, guess who’s supposed to be in the WS? Guess??? Tigers over the Mets – HA, that’s laughable now!!! πŸ™‚

Oh wait, that was one guy’s prediction, the others are a little bit closer but still with the Tigers in there. I suppose it’s just a guessing game but it’s kind of interesting to keep these and look back later.

Hey gang, Here is a link to the pictures


I know some of them are blurry, but we were in the bleachers using the zoom. It gives you a feel though. Hope everyone is basking in the afterglow!!

TQ, I hope you feel better soon, and I agree, the “blackout” should continue right through the World Series. Especially the Red Line World Series.

The players loved it, the fans loved it, why not keep it going?

Go Sox!!!


Oh and hey TQ, hope you are feeling better!


Try this link instead…I hope Jen did a better job!


Your pictures are great! Love the ones of your family and the scoreboard in the background! All the player shots were great too – loved the ones of Swish!


Donna, the pics are great! Very nice that you and Maria got to meet up before the game, and the boys looked like they were having fun – Swish and the Tobster especially! You can feel the emotion!

Hey! what a way to win the division. All season long the sox have never made things easy…so what the hell…. might as well have 3 must wins in 3 days vs. 3 different opponents and the last one you win 1-0. This has been one of the longest, craziest seasons that I remember. The peaks were very high the valleys were very low but at the end of it all we are playing ball in October.

Big “ups” to Danks on a job well done. Very impressive. He has made me nervous all season long but that was one of the most clutch pitching performances the White Sox have ever had.

I was sitting out in right center field and when Thome hit it I thought…I think it might go…. the only thing was, it never stopped going! What a bomb to center field. That was like the Bambino for goodness sakes. Maybe even like Roy Hobbs. That was a longer flight than my flight home from Vegas 2 days earlier.

Jenks did a fine job nailing it down…..Anderson made a nice catch (though I don’t believe the dive was that necessary, but it made for a good television). Then the celebration. The last one I have seen was when I just entered high school back in 1993. Just awesome.

The blackout was great as well. I wore a black world champions jacket from 05….However after the 7th inning stretch, I decided to take the jacket off and show off my white cartoon 2005 championship shirt i have worn during every game of our 3 game run. Thome’s moon shot followed. I’m not washing it either so if you happen to be sitting next to a dude on Sunday that is a little stinky….it just may be me haha…..and that means we are up 2-0 in the series. So suck it up!

After the game me and the mrs proceeded to go to Cork and Kerry on the southside. Bar was packed and everyone was wearing sox stuff. 10 coronas and 3 hours of sleep later i was at work. A long weekend in vegas and then a long celebration. I am tired. Going to lay down. Congratulations everyone! And remember who told you to book those playoff tickets 3 weeks ago!

And for the college people on here….. Come on now. You’re in college. I used to ditch every other day for god sake. No one will even notice you aren’t there. Watch the game for crying out loud.


Thank you so much for the great pix!!! I can see how much fun you and your family were having – only wish I could have been there to join you.

Lots more fun to come, I’m sure of that. I’m sure the games won’t be won easily, but I think our Sox will go all the way.


Sorry guys, I am trying to download the video on youtube – have to separate into 3 videos – they only allow 10 min at a time – they took my ‘I need a hero video’ off for copyright of the song – I have been trying to change that – almost done with pics – I am making tacos (I know yuck, my hubby’s fav and I was suppose to make yesterday for his B-day)
Youtube is doing some maintenance right now – have to wait – I should get the pics posted soon!

Go Dodgers – YES!!

Ah, but Kenwo, two words: small school! My biggest class is 20 ppl, and that’s a liturature course! Although if it is a really good one, I wouldn’t have the hardest time deciding not to go. The title says it all: Issues in Contemporary Art…

Thanks Donna. Those pictures were fantastic. And your family is beautiful. What joy to have been a part of that special “party”….. Thank you for making us ALLa part of it, and Go White Sox’08….j.k.

Small school indeed. Although I am considering not going, kenwo, my professor definitely notices when one of the 12 of us does not show up.

No surprise tonight. Just the Scubs being the Scubs and Manny being Manny. I almost feel sorry for Scubs fans. I hope the good J.Vazquez shows up tomorrow. GO SOX GO!!

Couldn’t help but notice the 1-0 final score and remember that the ’05 regular season opener, 2nd half opener along with the final world series game all ended 1-0. Gives me a good feeling. Let’s go Sox! Thank you God for TiVo!!!

What an amazing 60 hours. Worth every minute of frustration, every obsenity uttered, every tear shed. Forget that all. Last night more than made up for it. How cool was it to finally clinch in our own park? How amazing was it to see 98% of the crowd donned in black when the promo was announced less than 24 hours prior? And how amazing was that game? Griff’s throw to AJ, the double-plays, Thome’s blast, BA’s diving catch, and Danks. Every moment… unforgettable.

As we were making our way home last night, I got to thinking about Jose and Carlos. Where would we be today without them? And remember, Jose gets double-brownie points for leading Alexei to us. To both of you guys… thanks so much!!!

Donna, your pictures are beautiful! They gave me goosebumps all over again. And JK, I love the slogan “Expect the Unexpected.” Would you mind if I used it on a sign for Sunday’s game?

On to Tampa. I think feel the “black” flu coming on. Where’s my boss’ phone number? ;o)

Here’s my pics
let me know if you have a problem!

Youtube is still down – tomorrow I’ll have the video!

Jen, great pics. The family one should be your Christmas card! πŸ™‚

A little over 12 hrs – Donna and I were talking, maybe they should start passing out free bottles of Tums when the boys come home, help our tummy’s deal with the roller coaster! πŸ˜‰

Oh! And if anyone is wondering why my Husband is making my 3 year old daughter give the middle finger – he was doing it to Cubs Fans (what a wonderful father he is)

This was some GREAT reading…I am smiling me **** off! LET’S GO SOX!!!!!!!!!


You notice how much redder my husband is compared to the rest of us? What’s with that?

Kris – I need to put a different head on me – I look terrible, tired and done!

What was great reading?? The whole blog, or just this page??

Jen, Thanks for the pictures, they were grand! You think too little of yourself. You AND your family are beautiful. Thank you also for the sign…..Go White Sox’08….j.k.

Maria, go ahead and use: Expect the Unexpected, we’re the White Sox” all you want, but you’ll have to get MariE to agree…. That’s her brainchild… Go White Sox’08….j.k.

They got the curses, they got the dread
They won?t win before your grandfather?s dead
Next year isn?t here and it never will be
So get used to your misery

No Cubs No
No Cubs No
Hey Chicago, Whaddaya Say?
Cubs’ fans are filled with dismay ”

So how ’bout it, MariE? Would you mind if I used it?


Go for it! I’d be thrilled someone is using it! I wish I could be there with you but alas, no tickets! GO, USE IT, and bring home a WHITE SOX WINNER!

Go get ’em boys!


And by the way, I have to give props to Liptak. I was so SICK of his hope for the best, expect the worst, that I HAD to come up with a new slogan. So, Mark, thanks for the inspiration!


What a beautiful family Jen! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Maria, don’t know if you saw it, but you and your sign did make it on the scoreboard during the game Tuesday! Keep those signs coming!! I have no such luck with tickets this time around but will still be cheering. Javy is going to have a big game today! Just feeling it!! Will be following Gameday at work and hoping to be celebrating a game one victory by the time I go to class at 5!!

Here’s to hoping that the Boys can come out of game one with a win….. I will be doing some clean-up at my other house getting it ready for rent (finally). So I may miss the start of the game. Not to worry though. I will have my DVR going and will catch up as soon as I get back home. At least I will miss all the same commercials.

Keep this thing rolling without me Guys and Gals, Go White Sox’08…..j.k.

Awesome. I have been negligent in not posting much since 06, but this is incredible!! Does anyone know if the Sox are producing a video montage like the one the Sox made in 05? Please let me know.

By the way….GO DODGERS!!!

Choke Cubs Choke!!

Red Sox won – thats different!

So whats everyone’s prediction for these playoff game

Cubs get swept out of Chicago?
Red Sox Beat the Angels in 4?
What about the WS?
I am not nervous about the games – anything the WS do at this point is just icing on the cake – an added bonus!
To prove to everyone that this “4th” place team came in 1st in the division – that says it all!
I am supposed to help out today in my sons Kindergarten class (I do every week) Today I can’t- the WS are in the Friggen’ Playoffs for God sake!

Thanks to you guys for your kind comments about my crazy family!
My boys are still talking about that game – and my daughter is still singing “sha na na na hey hey hey goodbye”
My boys made a Cubs Lose dance – I’ll have to video tape it and share! Quite comical!

Youtube finally restored my Hero video and I am uploading my video from the game – should have it to you guys soon – there are 3 different parts – they only let you do 10 min videos

It still gives me chills to watch that last out – the crowd goes nuts!

Oh, when you look at my Pics – notice the scoreboard for the other games played – there are no scores up – I thought that was cool – being to a game with no other mlb scores!


I have lots of CQ pics for you!

Javy is due – get it done

We have plenty of experience on our team – hope it comes through

Go Sox/Go Dodgers/Go Sox


I have to agree with everyone – your family is beautiful! Thanks for taking all those pictures and sharing them with all of us that couldn’t be there! I will be glued to the radio and gameday today while I am at work. I’m looking forward to hearing Farmer telling us to light it up! HOME RUN or anything! I agree that anything beyond Tuesday is a bonus. Those last three days were thrilling. However, let’s get one in Tampa and then come on home and close it out on our field. Whaddya say?

Go get ’em boys! 3-1/2 hours till we begin our next step on the journey…..

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED – it’s the White Sox!


Hey, I’m listening to WSCR and they are talking about the flubs game last night. Apparantly the flubs station, WGN, is blaming the FANS for their loss last night. Because their fan base wasn’t in to it – you KNOW they have to be comparing it to our stadium on Tuesday night. But you know what? We are the better team and we are the better FANS!!!!!!! Yeah, we knew that already, but it is funny that they are actually talking about it on the radio!

Here’s Part 1

That is the difference between Cubs Fans and WS Fans –
Cubs Fans blame their Fans – WS Fans blame their players!!

How could they be into it? They were all talking on their cell phones…LOL

Now on to serious baseball as Barack Obama says.

Good Luck to all.

Mark Liptak

Oh Jen I was there for the game and still got chills watching your video!! I was in the left field bleachers so it was cool to see it from the opposite end. Thanks for sharing.

Here comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Anyone else lose their voice screaming when LA hit that grand slam last night up North? Bring it, JAVI!

This page was great reading and the blackout pictures were really awesome! Thanks for sharing!

To Mommy Mac and Queen Jennifer the First…

Good pictures of a memorable night… I enjoyed looking at them very much…

Jen… You seem to put Dan down too much… He looks, at least in these pictures, like a level headed joe…

But your daughter?… OMG, that little cutie is going to turn heads and break hearts some day soon… and QUICK…

Mommy Mac, you already know how fond I am of the Family of Mac… You folks looked like you were getting ready to go into the trenches at a football game… which is how the weather has turned… which accounts for my chest/nose cold… which, thank you all very much, is better…

The prognasticators (memo to DK… those are the folks who try to tell you who’s doin’ what, when) are unanimously picking the Rays in the series…

Well, that’s fine…

This is the same group that was telling us that the Flubs are going all the way to the World Serious… Well, folks, I listened to that first game last night… and the North Siders played just like the way you thought they would…

Dempster walked the park, then walked the plank on the “Only The” Loney (excuse me, I just channelled “Bummer” Berman for a moment there) grand salami…

Manny-Be-Manny’s HR?… Two wood off the tee at Augusta…

Been there, seen that… remember G 3 of the LDS three years ago, when Manny and Big Sloppi went b-t-b off of Freddy at Fenway… That set the stage for El Duque’s magic act, which made the Carmines disappear…

Enough of memories… Javy, this is your LAST warning… Do well, and WS Universe will let you live long enough to see your next start… Screw up for the fourth time in succession?
Well, then, get your resume updated…

The Rays are confident… they should be, they had an outstaning regular season record… That’s REGULAR SEASON…

As I have written before, this is an entirely diffrent animal…

The boys need to relax, don’t think about baseball under glass, and just do what they have done since Sunday…

Only without so much of the drama… which I need like I need a third eye…

Hey Lip, You don’t want any more of my e-mails?

Part 2

Part 3

Really great article to read before today’s game….


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Lineups are posted:

SOX (AL Central Champions)
Cabrera 6
Wise 7
Dye 9
Thome DH
Konerko 3
Griffey 8
Ramirez 4
Pierzynski 2
Uribe 5

TB (AL East Champions)
Iwamura 4
Upton 8
Pena 3
Longoria 5
Crawford 7
Floyd DH
Navarro 2
Gross 9
Bartlett 6

SOX – Vazquez (R)
TB – Shields (R)

Donna and Jennifer. Thank you for the pictures. Beautiful families! And MariE…thanks for sharing that article, it immediately brought tears to my eyes and my vision is blurring even as I type. I’m an emotional basketcase right now. I am just so happy that our guys made it to the playoffs. Of course I am at work and we will probably be busy but everybody knows what a diehard Sox fan I am so I will be listening to the radio and following on Gameday.
So we were able to STOMP the Pirhanas, now let’s go STING those Rays!
Go White Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! Have not posted in almost a month. Been so busy getting the kids back in school and going to the final (not so fast there, missy) games at the Cell. Final “regular” season games I should say. Sitting through the final weekend was not all I had hoped for, but Sunday’s game was fun and Tuesday’s game made all the losing games from this year worthwhile. I would gladly do it all again, just for the experience of the “Blackout.” I don’t think anyone has ever experienced such total fan support at any given game. You could literally pick out only one non-blacked out fan in any given section. What a thrill!!!

I just came over to this blog from the new one started yesterday by Brian Anderson. Be sure to check his out and add a comment.


Great pictures from Tuesday. Enjoyed those very much. Will have to check out the videos after today’s game is ovah. This is all so exciting, isn’t it?

One more thing . . . LET’S GO WHITE SOX!!!

Thank you, Jen, for the photos and videos. (I have one more video to watch, can’t wait.)

By the way, I had to sign out of this blog to comment on Brian Anderson’s blog, and when I signed back in, my signature name was different. Weird!

Got my all black outfit and my lucky baseball pendant on, and ready to see a thrilling game.

Go SOX!!!!


How do you leave comments for him – it says I am not allowed?

Hey Sox fans, got some breaking news here. Looks like I’ll have an available ticket for Sunday’s Game 3. E-mail me privately at brettballantini@yahoo.com for details.
Ready for game time. Decked out in black, head to toe, socks, underwear, the works.


No offense but here in Idaho it doesn’t do me a lot of good! LOL.

Mark Liptak

It’ almost gametime!!! Go SOX!!!


Holy crap BA has a blog!! How cool is that!! Catching what I can on gameday at work and rooting for our boys. Thanks for all the comments on the pictures. Hey Scott, would be happy to come photograph for the fan base at the ALDS, if only I had ticketsπŸ˜‰

Congratulations to our SOX for doing what I didn’t think could happen. The crow dinner tasted really good, and I recommend Heinz 57 sauce as it made the feathers and neckbones go down easier.

Phenominal pitching got us here in those last three games……Buerhle, Gavin and Danks came thru big time…….and we’ll need that to continue against the RAYS. I was numb for an hour after the game Tuesday. Partly in disbelief and partly out of sheer ecstasy. the bomb by Thome, the dead perfect throw by JR., AJ hanging on to the ball and the game winning catch by BA. Incredible.

Now back to the present game…….Without naming any names……any ball hit in the air for more than 5 seconds HAS to be caught. We teach our kids on my daughters travel softball team to yell…..MY BALL or I GOT IT. It’s a useful technique that I recommend highly. Especially to certain left fielders who don’t look to confident at the moment……..

JAVY’s gonna have a JAVY game. We need to play some “D” behind him.

Thanks DeWayne!!!!!!!!!

hankie, I can’t believe you even show your face here.

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSSSSS!

Atta boy Dewayne! Now, let’s get Dye in, Thome!

We are on the Board Yesssssssssssssss!!

well, i guess our left fielder heard me bitching and decided to just shut me up…..LOLOLOL……we’ll give him a free pass on that first error……..

I think we’ve had better SS then OC! He lets alot go by!

This game is going to be a long nail biter!

Where’s TC??

It must suck having to work when the WS are in the playoffs!!πŸ™‚

Why, oh why, can our guys never hold onto a lead, for even half an inning? We don’t need all this drama!!

westcoast, is that you Peggy?

So much for Javy stepping it up. Has this guy ever not choked in a big game?

Yeah, I’m working and watching the game on ESPN’s Gamecast. I should have called in sick today.

We lost the lead. Gut check time guys, the Rays have come to play.

Jen, to comment on Brian’s blog, I had to use the “sign out” link from this one, and then sign in (via the MLBlogs sign in link). The weird thing is, when I signed back in, it changed my signature name, for reasons I don’t understand.

By the way, you have a lovely family, and I had so much fun watching your videos!!!


Javy, let’s make this a 1-2-3 inning!

Why oh Why must they drive me insane? Come on boys! I know you can do this! Let’s go! Javy get your head on straight and strike these ******* out!!!!

Thanks Peggy – I just got done watching the 3rd video and I can’t believe my husband making my daughter give ‘Cub Fans’ the middle finger – she thought it was sooooo funny!

I think MLB doesn’t want anyone using e-mail addresses anymore for their screen names – anyone can have access to your e-mail that way – there are ALOT of people who read these blogs!


Hi Lisa!

The ocean looked awesome – (for all of you who are at work today, they just showed the ocean) we went to St. Petersburg when we went to Disney – only if we went this week – could of went to the game to support our boys!

We need some RUNS!!

The Sting Ray tank – maybe we could do a sock tank?

What the hell is AJ doing?

Or a SOX drawer?

Javy is seriously breaking my heart. When was his last K? Like the 2nd inning? For a strikeout pitcher, that isnt promising. Let’s GO!!

I’ve seen enough of Vazquez – Let’s have Clayton Richard

Why is Ozzie leaving him in to pitch to the guy who has two homers off him so far?

I never, and I mean never want to see this bum Vazquez pitch for the SOX again. 4th game in a row this bum doesn’t get to the fifth inning. Put him on a plane to PR and never, NEVER, NEVER, let me see him in a SOX uniform on the mound again. This clown has a million dolloar arm and a 10 cent head. A complete and utter bum.

Hi Jen, sorry, had to work for awhile…..I’m kinda bummed but i STILL believe we can come back and win this thing…it is not unreachable yet. We just need our bullpen to come through for us.

I agree Buster, I wouldn’t be sad in the least if I never saw Javi in a White Sox uniform again. I don’t know how you can send him back out in a must-win game 5 if it comes down to that.

It always sucks to lose a game, but I think if we’re going to lose a game, this is the game to lose. With Javi going and our players as tired as they are, I think if you had to pick a game to lose, this would be it.

That said, losing this game does put a lot of pressure on us tomorrow, but we’re pretty battle-tested. We just need one win in this crappy stadium, so let’s get it today if we can, and if not today, tomorrow!

JAVY……………why? And why did we leave him in soooooo long? Dammit, don’t throw this one away……come on……..

hello to all
Just got home from work and now ready to settle in for the rest of the game. Unfortunately, Javy was not up to par. What will become of him in during the off season? Nice homer for Wise. We are not out of this game yet. I feel a come from behind victory.
Thanks for the link to Brian’s blog. Jen you have a beautiful family! The videos are great.
Let’s go Sox.

Hi there everybody… My DVR has caught up to real time, and the bases are loaded. Time to score a couple of runs Boys…. Nice job by Clayton so far….. Go White Sox’08….j.k.

How about a squeeze bunt here?

Can Paulie run that fast to score on a squeeze?

Oh, I love it – OC that was classic!!

Hope leaving the bases loaded doesn’t come back to bite us in the butt


Baseball 101 Dumba.ss, when you challenge a pitcher – you are not suppose to strike out!

Hi Mollie,

That was our opportunity – and we were sleeping – not good boys and girls!

Hi jk – glad you could join us!

Who are the announcers?

I love OC’s energy but he has been complete horsebleep today. I get that the White Sox were trying to see a lot of pitches off Shields, and the leadoff hitter has to set that tone, but man, he’s looked flaccid at the plate.
Count me in with a vote for Clayton Richard as Game 5 starter, if necessary.

I’m wondering…. If we get to game five, do we have Clayton start over Javy?… Go White Sox…j.k.

Harold Reynolds is one of the announcers. I miss Hawk and DJ. If I could listen to the radio I would, but can’t so I’ve muted the sound.
I also vote for Clayton to pitch in a possible game 5. If I recall correctly Hawk came right out and said Clayton should start game 1.

Boy, it makes me mad when the catcher drops a third strike and our batter doesn’t even run. JD, shame on you for that.

I will be watching the debate tonight instead of TBS. My biggest disappointment with 2 of my sons – they are fans of that other Chicago baseball team. I don’t know where I went wrong.
Come on Jimmy

You need to ask them if they want to root for losers all their life – or if they want to be Winners!πŸ˜‰

Come on, Richard, one more out now.

Well Jen I think I tried that. My oldest is 24. He was born on the south side of Chicago. He even went to a Sox game before he was born. He’s a red headed rebel. My youngest at 20 just follows in his eldest brothers footsteps. So sad. I told them when I die to all 3 boys need to attend a Sox game in my memory. My oldest said he would have to think about that and laughed.
Clayton has done a pretty good job up until now. if we could just hold them we can still come back.

O.K. we got them right where we want them now. Up three with only three outs to go…. Time for some runs…. Go White Sox’08….j.k.

Please, tell me Paulie isn’t going to stand there and take 3 called strikes.

I guess we see how much Paulie’s head is in this game, huh?

Ok Paulie, Great at-bat!!!

No Paulie didn’t take 3 called strikes, instead he hit the ball for a homer. Put it on the board YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Javy totally lost this game for us today. Offense tried but it was too little too late. Well, at least we didn’t get slaughtered and i REALLY like our chances for tomorrow.

Final thoughts – yes I am disappointed in today’s loss. I believe we come out with some positives – we were able to get hits putting men in scoring position, we can hit homers in Tampa, Clayton did a heck of a job, Dotel didn’t allow a run. The down side is still Javy and the inability to score witht he bases loaded.
We are far from out of this. Tampa has to play in the cell with our crowd in black waving those towel (better than those blue bells. I’m thinking the cell will have a chill in the air. How will those Florida boys handle that.
Come on boys let’s get ’em tomorrow. Go Sox

That’s only one game. We haven’t gotten out of it enough yet… Tomorrow with Mark… Go White Sox…j.k.

This was a winnable game by any account.

Really though this isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.

Vazquez strikes out a lot of guys, yet gets hit from pillar to post and get can’t out of the middle innings.

If the Sox don’t hit a home run they can’t score, period.

Had a chance with the bases loaded and did nothing, with Cabrera embarrassing himself again.

Try again tomorrow, I guess.

All that’s left is to say Go Dodgers!

Mark Liptak

I forget to mention the Fat Drunk Guy I video taped at the game –
Here he is

The funniest thing about that guy he had no clue I was taping him – I was only two rows below him – Check out the poor guy with the green hat –

The Sox can definitely win this, but they absolutely must overcome the problems that plagued them all season: poor baserunning, poor management of opposing baserunners, and inability to surprise the opposing team with a move that could cause runners to move up, and score. For example, when Uribe was up with the bases loaded, he absolutely needed to put the ball in play, either a long fly or a ground ball would have scored a run. So, he should have been trying something like Alexei did later, kind of throwing his bat at the ball. Or bunting again, as he did so successfully earlier. Anything but swinging for the fences and striking out.

I give major props to Clayton Richard. I just wish he could have gotten out of that inning without two more runs scoring. Dotel did impress me today, coming in with the bases loaded, and getting the third out.

I like MariE/MariA’s slogan, Expect the Unexpected. I wish Ozzie would unleash the unexpected on the Rays from time to time. I think it might help the team win.

I still believe, I still think they’ll play all the way through.

Go SOX!!!


I was really thinking that Javy would respond to the three previous starts on short rest by his fellow starters and produce a quality start of his own…. Harold Reynolds said it well when he said in the fifth inning that Javy looked like he didn’t know what to do, that his body language was way off from earlier in the game… Harold was right…

This wasn’t an elimination game, so we lost, so what. We win tomorrow and the momentum is back in our court. After the tension of the past three games, even with a loss it’s nice to be able to breath.

Mark going tomorrow against Kasmir. That should be a very good game. I’m thinking maybe 2-1 score (for the Sox of course)…. Go White Sox’08

Now at least I can go through my closet and choose another shirt to replace the one I’ve had on for the last five days……Peeeuuuuiii…. Go Sox…j.k.

I kind of figured this would be a tough one to win… I do expect to win this series….but after all of the drama from sunday-today you had to feel there was going to be a letdown even though it is the playoffs. Tomorrow is another story. Kazmir is great…but he is beatable. He throws a ton of pitches. Buehrle will keep it close and we will win it late. I will go with a score of 3-2. If we win one game in the dome, I like our chances at Hell in the Cell with Danks and Floyd. I am tired. I am going to take a nap before the Dodgers game later tonight.

A little story today. Saw a little old lady with a Sox cap on. Turns out she’s been a Sox fan for 67 years. She and her family were from St. Louis and her dad was a hard core Cards fan. He used to drag her and her 3 sisters to the games all the time and they hated it. He then assigned each sister a team. This little old lady drew the Chicago White Sox. He’d ask them how their teams were doing and he’d expect an answer. Her and her sisters would huddle around the paper to see what their teams were up to. To this day, her and her sisters compare notes on how their teams are doing….

gotta thank the Sox for the win against the twinkies, I finished with a 3-2 season. And I don’t think these guys are done yet….

I think fat drunk guy was a Cubs fan at the wrong game! πŸ™‚
Wow, that’s kinda gross when you think about it and the poor dude in the green hat, my old mama would’ve had something to say to him, believe you me! Remember ‘ugly naked guy’ from Friends? That’s who I imagine would play that part! LOL Sorry, not trying to be ugly about heavier folk, lord knows I’m one of the many but without the shirt ewwww!

Heard the game on the radio for the most part. Ack, not the way any of us wanted it to go.

Come on Marky!!! GO SOX! GO DODGERS!

Help! So I’m making my signs for the Sunday game. MariE’s slogan is a sure thing. It’s all set. It’s awesome! But I’m also making one with either of the following:

a) Raz the Rays!

b) Raze the Rays!

Personally, I like “b”, but Pat says no one knows what “raze” means. (Seriously?) Anyway, which one do you think is better?

A is better, I don’t know what raze means!

Maria, B all the way. Razzing, no offense, is pretty wimpy. Raze them, cut them short, mow them down. Put some teeth in your sign and go for B.

Choke, Cubs, Choke-
Hey Hey,
What do you say?
The Cubs are gonna Choke Today!!!!

Way to go Biz Z!!!!!

Who wants to make a bet that Z goes crazy and starts beating everyone up – the players, the team, the fans!πŸ™‚

Now that I know what raze means, I like B!!!

1 aarchaic : erase b: to scrape, cut, or shave off
2: to destroy to the ground : demolish

But, wait…………..

There’s always next year!!

B is good, but no one will know what the hell it means!

Funny, jack!

I like B too Maria.

I like b too –

Sorry Maria, I’ve got to agree with Pat on this one. Razzz is much more lyrical too…..As Moses (ok, Charlton Heston) would say…”So let it be written, so let it be done”…. Go White Sox’08… ( I’m pretty sure Moses never said that)…. j.k.

Anyone in the demolition/construction industry would probably know what raze means. But shouldn’t A) be “Razz the Rays?”

Just wanted to add that we have started calling Clayton Richard “Little Big Man” because he looks like a kid, but pitches like a big guy. And then one of the announcers on TBS said something like, “I’ve never seen Clayton Richard pitch before. He’s a big man.” So there’s my backup.

Good to see we can get some runs in. Especially in the late innings (Paulie). Keep that momentum going and Mark’s pitching will keep us in the game tomorrow, right? GO SOX!!

Help me out – who is this –


I thought it was Josh Fields, But…..

He doesn’t have abs like this – or does he?



I would go with B, because I think most folks know what “raze” means, and it the sound of Raze the Rays is sooooo cool!!!

Have fun Maria, and bring home a winner!!!


Jen, you must be living in my brain, cuz i was wondering who that was when i was flipping through them earlier. I think it’s actually Lance Broadway!!

I must say, that if the Sox lose like the Cubs currently are, I hope those of you bloggers that are there on Sunday don’t boo like the drunks are.

Come on Dodgers – WTF – put in a better pitcher!

Amy – Nice isn’t it – glad I captured that shot!

I GUARANTEE IT WILL SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was out of the office much of the day and couldn’t even follow on Gameday. Did hear the final three innings on ‘SCR.

Not a good game but Tampa is one helluva team. If Boston beats LA and we don’t come through, look for the Rays in the Series.

But, they are certainly not through with us after just one game. I was worried about Javy but I know that Ozzie (and probably no other manager in baseball) would not have the “cohones” to start a rookie with 3 or 4 big league starts in a playoff opener ahead of a guy with the experience Javy has. My only complaint with Ozzie would be sending Javy back out there after Longoria’s second homer put them back in front. TB struggles against lefties. Maybe Clayton could have held them to 4 and kept us closer.

But, that’s in the past and I have repeated over and over, you can’t dwell on the past. But I think it is safe to say that Javy has made his last start of this series. If it goes five, Mark will come back to start that finale.

We have a lefty, another lefty, a clutch guy like Floyd and then another lefty if needed. I’d say we have a shot. But we have to find a way to get some hits off an outstanding pitching staff.

And I know that many of us are very pleased with the results at the overgrown ballyard on Clark St. But since the North Siders have the best manager they have had (maybe ever) — a guy that won’t quit and won’t let them quit — the series is not over. If Dusty or Riggleman or Trebelhorn or Zimmer or Frey or Durocher were managing this club, the deal would be done.

Dinner with the Pale Hose tomorrow. As jk says, Go Sox ’08.

And Jen, nice photos. If your kids ever go missing, then you know that one of us kidnapped them and took them all for ourselves.

Yes, Jen, that is definitely Broadway Lance! So nice when people share pix, I love it! If I could only figure out how to do what you all do, then it would make sense for me to bring my camera to the park . . .

Too bad, so sad on the north side of town. It is really starting to feel like they are cursed, isn’t it? I don’t want to gloat, but I must say I am really glad that Fukudome opted to snub the White Sox for the other Chicago team. I shudder to think where we’d be if we had gotten him for the south side.

Well, even though it’s late, I say TGIF! Can’t wait for the next ALDS game to start. Let’s bring home a winnah, boys!!


OMG, I never loved procrastination so much:


Don’t be happy the Cubs lost. I don’t care what they do until they play us. Sure it will soften the blow if they lose out in the first round if we also do……but it is very possible that we are down 0-2 after tomorrow ourselves. lets win a few games then we can gloat all we want.

Read my lips. Not gloating about their loss. Gloating about their getting Fukudome. Not gloating about him being bad. Just glad he’s not bad for us. Get it?


Well Torre isn’t exactly chopped liver. I think he’ll know what to do.

Friday is a big game, hope Mark is on again and that they score him some runs.

Mark Liptak

It’s Friday and golf and bowling beckons me, so I’ll be out of touch for todays game. Bring me home a winner everybody…. Go White Sox’08…j.k.

Thanks tc!!
BTW – We missed you yesterday – hope you’ll be with us tonight!

Sorry guys but I WILL gloat – any team that has them winning the World Series before the playoffs begin – they deserve to get swept in the first round!
Stupid Sam Zell waiting to sell – because he thought he would get more money on a championship team – he would of – but now, I wouldn’t pay a dime for them – that’s just me – I know there are stupid people out there – what they need to do is move – tear down that rat infested giant toilet they call Wrigley Field and start all over somewhere else! The Chesapeake Cubs – has a nice ring to it! That’s in Virginia, they don’t have a baseball team? They need one!
Maybe (please emphasis on maybe) they would finally win – they are cursed here- Didn’t you know that Billy Sianis is Jerry Reinsdorf’s long lost Great great Grandpa?
Chicago is a city for one baseball team – the team that can actually win a World Series-
Chicago Cubs you overstayed your welcome – how long are the fans going to stay by your side? The REAL fans should all be dead soon!

Now back to the other Chicago team that lacks the attention they well deserve –
I don’t think Ozzie will let his team embarrass the City of Chicago the way the luvable losers have done repeatedly – Ozzie will go down fighting!

On that note – GO WHITE SOX –


jk – Bowling? Golf? more important then the playoffs?
If we lose, we are blaming youπŸ™‚

Yes, Torre will know what to do when the Minor League DS resumes in LA. He’s seen it from both sides. He’s had a team lose the first two of a best-of-five at home (vs. Oakland in 2001, I believe) and come back to win three straight. He also had a team that was up 3-0 in a best-of-seven and, for the first time in baseball history, let the lead slip away.

But we have our own matters to focus on. If we can get Mark 5 or 6 runs tonight, I think we come home even. And then the pressure is squarely on the backs of the Rays.

Looking forward to the game tonight, should be a good one.

Seeing the city excited about having 2 playoff teams is a great thing. Working downtown you feel much more connected to people with baseball going on then the usual hustle!

Scott… Any chance of more SRO seats for the playoffs? I imagine the experiment last week went well and I am guessing you will get fans who are more into the game for those spots!



You can call the Cubs a lot of things (and I have) but being “cheap” no longer applies.

After the Sox won the World Series, then followed it up with a 90 win season in 06, while at the same time the Cubs were losing 95 games and empty seats suddenly starting appearing at Wrigley Field, the Cubs decided to take a different approach.

They spent 400 million dollars that off season before the start of the 07 year. It’s the single largest outlay in one off season in MLB history. They spent it on free agents and giving new deals to their own potential free agents and extending other deals.

Since then they have won back to back divisions and made the playoffs twice.

Apparently they have gotten some return for their investment.

Mark Liptak

I called them cheap??
I don’t recall calling them cheap!
I heard on the radio this morning that Sam Zell waited to sell the Cubs so he could get more money for them if they won the World Series – I called him “stupid” – not “cheap”!
I said I wouldn’t pay a dime for them – that’s just me – probably because I don’t have a dime to give them!

I am very well aware of how much they played for their players –


First of all to Jen and Mommy Mack. nice photos. You guys ought to be in the picture-taking business.

Jen, I’ll be listening to the early stages of the game and in my car ’til about 6:30 or so. Will have to join the online discussion late tonight after you all have thoroughly dissected the comings and goings at the Trop.

Another question. Are the Mack kids just an older version of the Kiernan Klan?????? In other words, cute, Irish and young diehard Sox fans????

And, yes Lip, the North Siders did get some return on their investment but, to this date, no playoff wins in those last two years.

And I think the price of the franchise will go even further up if they do not come back in LA. After all, it is the lovable loser image that draws all the bandwagon fans that stupidly spend all their money for obstructed view seats at the overgrown neighborhood ballyard.

My one and only CUBS comment and then on to the important things at hand……

I watched bits and pieces of both CUBS games and thoroughly enjoyed it! Even better was watching the expression on the faces of the “lovable losers” fans. That should be the new Mastercard commercial……”watching the Cubs lose…..priceless”

Today’s game versus these Rays is important to be sure. IF Mark gives us a strong outing and the rest of the team provides some timely hitting, we might steal one today…….Everyone has said the Rays struggle with lefties, so here’s our chance to help them struggle………Go Buerhle!

From the “you know its true dept.”—we’ve seen the last of Javy this season. Unless they use him as a reliever…..too bad too. he had every chance to redeem himself and couldn’t get the job done. With 1 year left on his contract, I look for KW to trade him this winter…..HEY, I got an idea! Let’s have Josh Fields pitch! LOLOLOL

KW certainly will be a BUYER for pitching. We need at least 1 starter. With Javy on the ropes, and Josie out till end of summer, we’re down to three quality starters……..

Thanks again TC!

I am sorry for not putting you on my sign – I was under pressure – I was trying to make 3 of them why the kids were in the bathroom – before we went to our seats –

You and TQ should of been my top priorities!

The following review of LDS Game One should not come as any surprise to those of you who have followed this site the last three plus years, and know my affinity for “old school” baseball…

As I sat there and listened to Farmer and Stone describe what Vazquez was trying to do, the famous phrase of leo Durocher came to my mind…


I generally do not agree with the Sun-Times… but today’s sidebar column by Greg Couch was spot on in his disection of what was occuring yesterday… and why it should never happen again…

After the 2nd of Longoria’s HR’s… the next time up…


Of course, then “Country” Joe West would have had no recourse except to throw Vazquez out of the game… the spunky, punky Rays, who like to instigate but don’t like it when the opponent retaliates (sounds like a former so-called sports columnist in this city, doesn’t it?), who have come racing out of their dugout, and who knows what would have happened…

But it didn’t occur like that… more’s the pity…

As to the Grant Balfour/Cabrera situation… let’s just leave it at this…

History lesson for all you youngsters out there… Back in 1957, Herb Score was a very promising pitcher for the Cleveland Indians… One night Gil Mac Dougald of the Yankees hit a fastball back at Score… It hit him, knocked him down and out… and made him alter his pitching technique so much that he only last about five seasons before retiring with the White Sox… He was never the same again…

What does that have to do with the Balfour/Cabrera situation?… Simple… When a dope like Balfour has to psyche himself up by yelling obscenities at the world and the next batter… you merely take the next 98 MPH pitch…and try to line it back up the middle at twice the speed that it was delivered…

And if “Big-Mouth” doesn’t get his glove up in time to either catch or deflect it… well, let’s just put it this way…

You really can’t yell well when your jaws are wired shut…

That’s how Game One would have happened way back when… when men were men, and women were sometimes nervous…

Hopefully, Buehrle will have a much better game tonight… and they can come home even up… to the “House Of Black”… and the chill of a Sunday night… something that the Rays haven’t had to deal with for a while…

Was that TOO strong of an analysis?

BTW, the “Century of (Non)Progress Exposition” at Jurassic Park at Neverland had just been renewed for a record-setting 101st year…

Boy, oh, boy… No curses, no black cats, no billy goats, no Bartman… just a team who sailed out over their skiis all regular season coming back to Earth with a seismic crash…

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving fan base than the lemmings…


Thanks but your top priorities have gotta be Mr. K and those great children of yours. TQ and are I just two old farts that swap old-time trivia back and forth on this blog.

Nice to get 2 runs, wish we had gotten a lot more!

Boy, oh boy, we just always have to make it exciting, huh?

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