September 2008

Angels Arrive

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tonight’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Griffey, CF; Misle, 2B; Swish, LF; Uribe, 3B.  Buehrle pitching.

Today’s News

I’m sure you’ve all heard/read the news about Carlos Quentin suffering a fracture of his right wrist on Monday.

It is in a splint and on Monday, Carlos will undergo surgery to insert a screw that will help with mobility during his recovery.  They’ll wait 2-3 weeks and see how it has healed.  That will determine if he can come back this season or if he’ll be done until next spring.

“It’s disappointing,” Carlos told media before the game, “especially at this time of the season.”

“I need to just focus on what I can do to get better as fast as possible,” Quentin said.  “And stay positive.”

Quentin explained that he hurt his wrist during his final at-bat Monday night in Cleveland.  After fouling a ball off, he hit the head of his bat with a closed fist of his right hand (you can see it on video of the at-bat), stepped away and re-adjusted his batting gloves.  It’s a move he does often — hitting his hand on the top of his bat — but this time it was costly.  Quentin said he did not feel any pain initially but felt discomfort about 40 minutes after the game ended.

Ozzie Guillen addressed the news as well.

“I’ve got more problems than that,” Guillen replied.  “We need guys to step up and fill that hole.

“It’s unfortunate the way it happened,” he continued.  “Guys get frustrated at the plate.  You’re not going to win.  You’re always going to get hurt.”

“We’ve got to move on.  I’m not making any excuses.  I am going to put out the best lineup I can, and hopefully that works.”

Joe Crede

Ozzie said Joe Crede continues to battle back pain.

“I don’t expect him to be back anytime soon,” Guillen said.  “I tip my hat to Joe Crede.  He was playing in a lot of pain.”

First Place

Guillen joked that it was tough to remember the White Sox actually enter this series in first place.

This season, we’ve lost … Thome, Konerko, Crede, Jenks, Linebrink and now Quentin (did I forget any others) and sit 1 1/2 games ahead with 23 to play.

Let’s see what happens.  We certainly have the talent in our lineup for someone to step up over the next three weeks.



Cleveland Frustrations

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; BA, CF; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; Missile, 2B; Swish, LF; Uribe, 3B; Fields, DH; Hall, C.  Vazquez pitching.

We definitely need to show some life, score some runs and win a game?

The good news is that despite our struggles on this road trip, we remain tied with the Twins.