Friday, October 3, 2008


I had zero time to post yesterday and then couldn’t get my computer to link up at the hotel.  Blame it on the ghosts.

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; Swish, LF; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; Thome, DH; Ramirez, 2B; AJ, C; Uribe, 3B; BA, CF.  Buehrle pitching.

Odds & Ends

Omer Munoz will again coach 1B and we hope Harold can re-join us in Chicago … as the flag was unfurled during yesterday’s pregame festivities, AJ ran in the outfield to warm up … I happened to be watching as he caught his toe and went face first into the turf … “Please don’t be hurt, please don’t be hurt,” I thought to myself … Wise’s home run was an absolute missile into the right field stands … the Cabrera/Balfour stuff was over quickly … OC said after the game, he was surprised at what Balfour said as he threw each pitch, tried to challenge him to get inside his head and lost the battle … Ozzie to me before the game, “You might be dressed nice (we wear suits for the postseason), but that doesn’t make you good-looking” … the Rays have really done a good job with the Trop in terms of game presentation and the scoreboard … I was surprised that it wasn’t really that loud but some of our employees out in the stands said it got loud around them with the incessant cow bells … the White Sox flew a large group of employees down on a charter for these two games like the team did in 2005 … former Sox pitcher and Tampa resident Nick Masset was in the crowd yesterday … before the game KW and Ozzie both were still commenting on our home fans from Tuesday night … “We wouldn’t be here without our fans,” he said … I’d say the “Blackout” was a big hit …

Win One

Opening on the road, we just need to win tonight to go home 1-1 … we have the right guy on the mound tonight for that and he throws from the side we need.

Go Sox!

(and by the way, being a huge, huge believer in Karma, I am not counting any of the other series over until the final out.  Strange things happen in baseball.)



The pictures from the Blackout and the OMINOUS look of our park in black was really incredible! Today is our day Scott! Thanks for keeping us in the loop! It’s our series to win right now!

Go Go SOX!

Hi Scott, thanks for the post.

Hey they are talking on the radio here about whether or not to keep the blackout going for the homestand. Jesse Rogers on the Score is going to be talking to Brooks Boyer in a bit. He is saying that they may be calling the blackout a “Rolling Blackout” for the playoffs. This is an excellent idea and I hope they do it. I felt it really brought all the fans together and united everyone. Even if you couldn’t go to the games you could still participate and be part of it. Also, it was so impressive to see on TV. SO, if they are still debating, I say GO FOR IT!


I also just heard they were keeping the Blackout – but are giving away white towels instead of black – I don’t know, I kind of like the black towels – gives the effect of the ‘blackout’

Hey Scott!

I really enjoy the blog! Wanted to say I am glad the Blackout is on! I was there Tuesday and had goosebumps it was impressive !

Where the heck is everybody tonight? Jen, did TQ call you, he asked for your number.

Up 2-0 but we sure could’ve used a few more hits with the bases loaded, hate seeing opportunities like that go to waste!

Thanks for the new post Scott. I like the way we started today!!! Let’s keep it going guys!

Kris –
I only turn my cell phone on when I need to – he e-mailed me – I have to listen to the message!

I am here-

I just got done doing a WS wallpaper – I sent you the pic via myspace

If anyone else wants it –

ok men, what’s the rule, how many times can the pitching coach go out to the mound??? I know the manager can only go twice and the 2nd time it’s to yank the guy but how about the pitching coach?

Oh, I texted you the other night too . not a big deal, I won’t if they’re not unlimited, let me know, I won’t do it again.

I think the pitching coach can go as many times as he wants.


Let’s see if our guys can get some hits with runners on base, instead of only with 2 out and no one on. Please, Sox, let’s win this one!!!!

Please, Sox, let’s score big. We have 2 on and nobody out!!!

Thanks Marie, I wasn’t sure. I’m getting irritated. Where are all our people tonight?

This is unacceptable!

Now we know why Anderson hasn’t started in a month. Better luck typing on his blog than swinging his bat, oh I forgot he hasn’t swung his bat.

Hi Kris,

I thought I was the only one not at work right now.

I don’t have a good feeling about this game – you can’t leave 11 runners on base in the postseason and win a game, I’m afraid.

And why Ozzie wanted to get into the Rays bullpen is a mystery to me, because their bullpen pitchers are as good, or better than their starter.

Go SOX!!!!

****** ump needs to find a tv and look at the ****** pitch thingie in the corner that they show, even the announcers were saying he’s giving these lil ******* the pitches they should be getting!!!!! DAMN IT!

It’s almost 8 here, I work during the day… this last couple innings the ump has had his *** in his butt! Their bullpen is definitely good… UGH!

I agree, but if the Sox ever got timely hits, those calls wouldn’t matter so much. Too many pop-ups and fly-outs with runners on base, and those are not the fault of bad calls.

I mean head in his butt… I think I put the ‘A’ word! LOL

Ballgame is ova, series is ova. Been a fun season all blog next year.

Well, the UMP sucks, but we can’t blame him for three of our guys standing there, staring at strike 3. First rule of hitting is you protect the plate with two strikes. Anything close, you’re swinging.

I got a question. When we had runners on 1st and 2nd, 1 out, Thome batting and the shift was on, can someone tell me why we aren’t stealing 3rd? And can someone tell me why we don’t have Thome hit the ball down the third base line?

Damn, Mark’s out of gas….another run…looks like we have to regroup at the Cell on Sunday…..****.

Jesus christ this team is ridiculous. How many men get on base almost every ******* inning and no one can get a ******* hit to bring them home? They are beating us without their best power hitter in the line up. Now they score again. 4-2. If we can win this game tonight I think we will win it in 4. If we lose its 3 and out. Just a terrible effort by the offense. Called third strike after called third strike. men in scoring position and pop ups to the infield. I don’t know how in the hell this team made the playoffs and I salute them for getting that far but it is apparent they don’t belong here. Furthermore I am sick of my fellow sox fans making fun of the cubs and their fans. Yah….smart move. We are going to be in their same exact ******* position in about 20 minutes. Awful

One last post before I depart for good. These sloths that can’t hit or run to save their lives should apologize to Mark B, he was outstanding. Hopefully Kenny moves the two biggest sloths Konerko and Thome this off season and gets some speed.

KENWO….i disagree…we aren’t even close to being in the same position as the CUB fans. The CUBS were anointed to the world series before the playoffs began and all we heard all year was cub this, cub that…..well, now they got their just dessert. with the sox, we had no expectations and backed into these playoffs with the worst record in the AL.
I’m as frustrated as you. Be nice to win at least Sunday’s game.

Just what the doctor orrddee, thankity you!

shut up bc you ****** bag. were you calling thome a sloth when he homered tuesday night when noone else on the ******* team did anything? sox fans change their mind on issues quicker than sarah palin

I disagree that they backed in. they had to win 3 in a row in high pressure to get in. sure they could have did it easier. at least they did it. now its 5-2. unless wheeler completely implodes we will be down 0-2 just like the cubs. We are no better than they are. so shut up about the cubs until we can prove that we can win a ******* game

look at the great outfield defense. typical white sox baseball. at least if Jr was in the lineup maybe he would have popped one out of the ******* park. guy scores from first on a pop up that went about 130 feet. why even bat in the ninth. terrible.

OK. THAT fly that dropped in was bad. Guys: Communicate.

BC, sorry you feel that way. Thankfully, the better portion of fans on this blog – in this nation, for that matter – don’t.

C’mon Sox. Got my black on. Get your game on.

I forgot it’s only Kenwo that is annointed to say anything about players, my bad. You’re right Kenwo I shouldn’t have come down so hard on Thome (and Konerko) and called him a Sloth for not doing the right thing with his bat in the biggest series in his late career, like moving the runners to second and third with no outs.

I could care less what Thome did Tuesday it’s Friday you moron and it’s the playoffs. You’re like a freaking Cub fan living in the past, typical loser! You sure you’re not a North Sider?

I think the point, BC, is that you seem like a quitter. I feel the team deserves my support until the final out of the game or the series. That’s your choice, but I want you to take a good look at the guy at bat right now who’s hit off pitch after pitch. He’s not quitting.

I just hope they don’t get swept. Maybe in Chicago they can actually drive in a few runs.

Again Kenny is watching this, if this doesn’t convince him to can some of these slow footed softball players then nothing will.

Mark Liptak

Must suck to be a Chicago sports fan Cubs and Sox both getting swept, Bears suck, and Bulls Suck

First off repeteone1, wtf are you to say the Sox or Cubs or Bears suck??? We’re in the playoffs, how many other teams aren’t! The Bears suckin, you apparently haven’t looked at the standings in our division. Did you know the nfl had divisions? Look **** up before you post somewhere you’ve never been before!

Kenwo, I agree, this can be done, and people are really jumping on the crapwagon again and it’s still exhaustingly irritating to watch them leave men on base but, please please stop degrading people on their opinions. I’m for one am not trying to start a pissin match with you but read your posts before you send them . . .

kenwo –
settle down my man –
your BP is getting way too high!

First, please don’t ever say the White Sox and Cubs in the same sentence –
There is a HUGE difference-
the Cubs were projected, expected to WIN
the White Sox, however, were projected to come in last, 4th!
Coming in 1st – slapped alot of people in the face!
Now – IF they advance – it will be a bonus!

Did you really think the White Sox were going to get to the World Series?
I love the White Sox, but I have no expectations of them getting anywhere in the playoffs – too much inconsistency – I know that – you know that – anyone who watches this team knows that!

We had our thrill, our World Series of ’08 and it was on September 30, 2008!


A lack of speed is directly responsible for the Sox having to get four hits in order to score a single run or why two or three guys can’t score on an extra base hit into the gap.

This needs to be solved, period.

Mark Liptak

Kris –
I think they have the talent to win this – but they are not using it –
I learned in softball (growing up I played 12″) that you don’t stand there watching the ball – my coach (he was the best) told us if we were going to strike out – go down swinging – not just stand there and watch the strikes zoom by!
Am I right guys? Is that what your suppose to do?

I don’t see how the **** you have a guy on 3rd with 1 out or 0 outs and you can’t get him home – for Gods sake – how many ****** times have we seen that this year –

They do have the talent, they’re just not utilizing it the way they need and they way we’ve seen them do it. And, we have to give some credit to their pitchers tonight. Some of those pitches really went weird ways. I hope the blackout in Chi-town produces a win, but, I’m not going to stress about it too much until Sunday!

Yes, Mr. B pitch a game worth getting a win, but the bats were yet again asleep –

I thought there were nine innings in MLBaseball?

You could see they gave up in the 8th – when they were batting in the top of 8th – they looked as though the game was already over!-

I think we could win Sunday and Monday – we really need to remember how to hit the ball –

BTW – the ‘experts’ have the Rays winning in 5.

ha most ladies do Jen……. anyway…… did i think they would go to the series? why not…. they seemed to be getting hot at the right time. and come playoff time anything can happen. They have just as good of a chance as any other team does. God forbid and the white sox get eliminated (which i believe we still have a chance to move on) I would be pretty interested in a Dodgers Red Sox world series. I have always loved Manny Ramirez…..and I have always hated the Red Sox. Would be fun to see him wreck them

Totally agree with that – that would be Sweet!

Look at that – Angels (best record in baseball) are losing again to the Red Sox – baseball – anything can happen!

Angels are creeping up!


Let’s be clear on something.

Part of the reason (notice I said part) that the Sox are atrocious with men on base and with men in scoring position is because of the approach they have at the plate.


These guys are home run hitters, first, last and always. That’s how they got to the big leagues, that’s how they earn their money.

Jim Thome (for example – not singling him out) isn’t “suddenly” going to wake up one day and say ‘I guess I’ll just try to go the other way and get the guy home from third.’

Paul Konerko, (again just as an example, you could basically substitute any name in the lineup) isn’t going to “suddenly” decide, ‘I’ll shorten my swing and just try to hit the ball up the middle.’

That’s not how they play AND THAT’S THE ISSUE, right there.

The Sox HAVE NOTHING BUT these type of guys in the lineup. There is no balance, no diversity in the way to score runs. None.

That’s why you read and hear the names, Chone Figgins…Orlando Hudson, and apparently now (according to a Yankee beat writer on XM satellite radio) Robinson Cano.


The Sox had that in 2005. We saw what happened…we’ve also seen what’s happened every other year this decade. Hitting 200, 215, 230 home runs but nothing else got the Sox exactly that…nothing.

Mark Liptak

Going into the ALDS, many of us – myself included – said that we were happy enough they won the division, that anything else would be gravy. I still believe that.

That being said, it would be nice for the boys to put up a fight. Keeping in mind that anything can happen in the postseason, Sunday is a brand new day. We’re going to play our style of ball, and see how far it gets us.

As cheesy as it is, I remind you all to “Don’t Stop Believing,” but be appreciative for what we’ve done already.

With regards to Konerko and Thome, I know that Konerko has an ironclad no-trade being a 10 and 5 guy and I think Thome has some no-trade language in his contract too. You’ll probably see both of them in the Sox lineup next year.

But that doesn’t mean that Kenny can’t go out and get some speed. We’ll have holes at short (or second if Alexei moves) and third. Plus CF is still not settled.

But we still have a chance to make some noise at home. This team has responded well with its back to the wall. Getting three straight from Tampa — who the more I see them the more they look like the best team in baseball — will be a very difficult task. But I’d love to get at least one Sunday and save a little face.

And while we did have Podsednik and Rowand in ’05, we weren’t exactly a bunch of speed demons. Think about it. We had a slow Iguchi at second, who is much slower than Ramirez and Uribe at short who is much slower than Cabrera. So, really, the speed wasn’t much better in ’05 except for Pods, who was hurt and not running really well in the second half.

Kenwo, you will be forcing MariA to put a parental control device on her White Sox Blog password. Calm down buddy.

i bet maria is with me 300 percent. me and a few of the boys had to go drown our sorrows after the second loss. have a good night

Thankfully, the kids weren’t looking last night. Of course, if I can explain that Cialis commercial to them, then…

Feeling cautiously optimistic this morning. Just take it one game at a time.

I am not only disappointed at the way the Sox were unable to score more runs last night, I am terribly disappointed at the way this blog has turned into a nasty place to be.

nmbrott – It’s not always nasty, people just get frustrated easily and blow a gasket or two occasionally. I usually skip over the name calling, the berating, not so much but as you can see, they come back to true form, they’re not all bad! 🙂 Ya actually come to expect it after a tough loss or two. Hope you stick around.

Gonna take today and just breathe, not worry about the Sox and hope tomorrow brings brighter sunshine. Every church goer in Sox land will be praying to the big guy and we already know prayer sometimes works, even in baseball.


The 2005 Chicago White Sox had six guys with at least ten stolen bases each. (You can look it up…)

Stat of the Day from #2: “The Sox managed 12 hits off Scott Kazmir and the Rays’ talented, deep bullpen. Six of those came with runners on base, and on none of those hits did the baserunners advance more than one base. That is hard to believe.

Six hits and not one guy going from second to home or even first to third? It was the style of ball that caused Ozzie Guillen to say they played like an old man’s softball team when they got swept in three games in Minnesota last week. ” — Phil Rogers / Chicago Tribune.

Mark Liptak

Let me start out by saying that I have NOT stopped believing and I won’t until it’s completely over. I’m not a quitter. I support my team through every loss and every win. However, I also believe that gives me the right to criticize when I don’t like what I see. I wouldn’t mind the losses so much if there weren’t so many blown chances. Leaving twelve men stranded on base is simply inexcuseable in my opinion. They could’ve at least hit a few balls far enough for our guys to tag, but that didn’t even happen. I didn’t like the tone and inflection in JD’s voice after yesterday’s game either. He sounded defeated and this series is not over yet! Let’s fix that JD!

We, the fans, have been the 10th man on the field for this team all season long so let’s go Back To Black on Sunday and Monday and root our guys to VICTORY. I will be wearing my Blackout Shirt and waving my Blackout Towel (Thanks to Maria!) on Both days! I hope you all will be too!!!!

Hey Kenwo…I have never and will never (God Willing) own or need a ********…I have a REAL man at home! ; p

HEY! How come they let Kenwo say it but they censor me? No fair! If ANYBODY needs to be censored it’s him!!!! LOL!

nmbrott – thank you for voicing the concern about this blog. I am not a regular commenting. But that is only because by the time I finish reading the others postings, I am usually just speachless! I guess everyone needs to vent, but for pete sake practice a little restraint.

Things do look kind of bad after the first two games. I, for one, did not expect the Sox to turn into Ray’s killers overnight. They have had a tough time all year long with the Rays. Remember Ozzie’s rant after our trip there earlier this year? Lets face it, they are among the best of the best now. It’s gonna take EVERYTHING the Sox have to come back. Hopefully, they have it in them. If they don’t, I will be REALLY disappointed, but I won’t be here bashing the players or the management. I think maybe they will be doing enough of that themselves.

GO SOX! I luv ya! I’m rootin for ya!

Well, how did you like that “Division Street” offense last night?…

A lot of singles, and very liitle scoring…(ah, the memories…when I had a lot more hair, a more manageable kidney, a lot more money and a lot less sense concerning alcohol toleration and my role as “America’s Best Friend” to all the beauties…)

Now, the boys are coming back to “The House Of Black” for games 3 and 4… More than likely they will win here, then , unfortunately, go back down to St Petersdorf and p**s it down their leg yet again…

They could be in worse shape, however…

Take a look at the other “favorites” (not that the WS were one, except with this site…) and how they are performing(???) so far in the LDS…

North Siders: ‘Nuff said… the horseshoe has finally fallen out of the hiney… Not even on one of their worst nights this year did the WS look as bad as the Flubs did in Gm 2…

LA Angels of Anaheim(Azusa and Cuc……………..amonga):

All that payroll, all those stars, and yet they are one crisp, clear New England night away from a long winter and a longer period of explaining wha hoppened…

Milwaukee: The team that p***ed away TWO division titles in TWO years, and only by the grace of God and the NY Mets are in the tournament to begin with… This disfunctioning family richly deserves to have Rollins, Howard and the rest of the Fightin’ Phils put them out of their miseries sooner rather than later…

If it goes according to what has happened so far… I like the Red Sox and the Phillies to have yet another East Coast Bias World Series…

what the hell is going on here…am i being blackballed? i tried to post on Andersons blog and it said i don’t have permission. How can i not have permission. I am kenWo4life for god sake.

Anyway, after getting nice andlit last night….i have taken a lazy day today to ponder the rest of this series. This is kind of weird to say….but I actually feel pretty confident about our chancea

oops sorry….i meant confident about our chances to bring this game back to tampa. if we do that we very easily could win because they would be playing very tight. I am far from being a homer. I am going on record saying we will win this series on Wed. nite (i believe). There are now 4 teams down 0-2 and i believe that we are the only team with a fighting chance at winning this series. Cubs and Angels blew their home games and the Brewers don’t have Sabathia and Sheets available. If there is one team that will come back it will be the Sox.

Okay Mark, I’ll take your word for it. I’m not arguing that this current White Sox team has speed. But if the ’05 Sox had six players with 10 or more steals, then either that team ran a helluva lot or this team just hasn’t tried.

Let’s compare them position by position.

1B — Konerko both years. Enough said.
2B — Iguchi then, Ramirez now. Sizable speed edge to Ramirez.
SS — Uribe then, Cabrera. Big speed edge to Cabrera.
3B — Crede then, Crede/Uribe in ’08. A wash.
LF — Pods then, Quentin (until Sept.) in ’08. Big edge to Pods, but remember that in the second half he ran much less due to nagging injuries.
CF — Rowand then, mostly Swisher now. If you figure Anderson and Wise playing some this year, almost a wash. But a slight edge to ’05.
RF — Dye both years. Again, enough said.
C — AJ both years.
DH — Everett, Big Hurt then, Thome now. An edge to ’05 because of Everett but really, how often does any DH provide some speed.

Bench — Edge to ’05 with Ozuna and Harris, although Anderson and Wise give ’08 some speed on the bench.

So, I really don’t see a lot of difference. Obviously the numbers were better in ’05. Must have been a more aggressive style of play that Ozzie had them using. This team really hasn’t tried to steal or hit and run very much. Part of that is not due to speed but do to the types of hitters we have.

I chalk it up to ’05 being one of those magical years when just about everything went right.

What it boils down to is this. The Sox have not had a running club since the days of Little Looey and Nellie.

To win in ’09, they need some speed. Look at how Boston could not get over the hump for so many years until they got some speed in the last 7-8 seasons.

But changing the whole roster in one year to re-work the team is a daunting task. Especially with the contracts we have.

Right now, we play with what we have. And I hope that what we have hits about 6 of 7 homers over the next two games and gets us back to St. Pete.

Oh and Kenwo. I’m sure that MariA concurred with your feelings. I just don’t think the visual you created was necessary to get your point across. Save that one for the guys at the bar on those nights when you have to drown your sorrows.

Although MariA is right. The Cialis commercials have presented a lot of challenging situations to parents who have to come up with an explanation!!!!! Of course Kenwo, I’m sure that is one product that you have never had to sample. After all, you ARE “KenWo for Life”!!!!!!!!!

And I sincerely hope your prediction comes true. Tampa, though, is playing championship baseball. They won’t help us. We’ll have to beat them on our own.

kenwo – you have to completely log-off and then log back in to comment on BA’s blog. Not sure why, but you do. Make sure you do because I would not want BA to miss one single comment from you!


RIP Cubbies….. Go White Sox’08….j.k.


We may lose on Sunday and be swept but in no way will it be as bad as the humiliation the North Siders and their dreaming fans are feeling after getting blown away by the Dodgers in the past three games.

The White Sox weren’t the team that won the most games in its league.

Ths Sox did not run away and hide from the rest of their division.

The Sox did not clinch early.

The Sox did not have “fans” holding signs all summer that foolishly proclaimed, “It’s gonna happen.”

The Sox did not have “fans” believing that they were going to win just because, “This is our year.” (Didn’t they learn from their own true fan, Sen. Hillary Clinton???)

The Chicago Cubs. The gift to all Sox fans that just keeps giving and giving.

Yeah, they spent a lot of money a couple of offseasons ago. They made a lot of moves. They made the playoffs two years in a row. They are 0-6 in the playoffs. They were outscored 20-6 by a team that was 5 games under .500 on August 29 in a bad division. They led just one time — and only for a couple of innings — in the first game of the three-game series.

They didn’t need a black cat, or the Amazin’ Mets, or a ball through Durham’s legs, or Steve Bartman or even a damn Billy Goat this time.

All they had to do was show up and get their backsides handed to them.

Don’t worry North Side fans. Another 100 years is right around the corner.

Leave it to the cubs to **** up a chance to have a Chicago series….

Leave the poor Cubs alone! I’m sure they and their fans are pretty hung over today! Regardless of how badly they choked, a loss is a loss. If we lose today, the season is over and we will be in the same boat. Together! AGH, a sinking boat of Cubs and Sox fans. Doesn’t that create a pretty picture? Come on White Sox, don’t make us get in that boat with the Cubs fans! Wow, I think I need more tea or more sleep. I’m definately not ready for the season to be over. Linda



Hey Linda,
you obviously don’t have any family members or friends or neighbors that are Cub Fans!
Or, you not a true WS Fan!

Any true WS fan would get off on the Cubs going down in such Cub fashion –

TC says it best!!

Nicely said, tc!!

Hey Guys, (and girls)
Check this out – pretty worthy of checking out-


Agree with you, speed MUST be the prime motivation this off season. Figgins, Hudson and or Cano work just fine for me. (I take any two of them…)

Also agree with you 100% on the Cubs, from S.I., putting Fukodome on the cover, THREE WEEKS into the season, to the bleacher gqarbage last week.

Their arrogance was unmatched, they deserved to fail and they did….it’s gonna happen (again) and it did!


Meanwhile even if the Sox urinate this one away again today, remember this…they improved 17 games from 07 (72 wins) to 2008 (89 wins) and were picked to finish 3rd at best.

Mark Liptak

Good job on your interview with Rongey! Liked it!


Hey missjennifer, Wrong on all counts (not a suprise). My son is a die hard Cubs fan, and I am a minority Sox fan at work. He is bleeding blue today and hung over as I’m sure many of my co-workers are! People laugh when we go places, him in his Cubs gear and me in my Sox gear. Fact is, I am just not a negative person. There is room for Cubs and Sox fans in Chicago and there is NO reason that we need to belittle them or visa versa! Live & let live, ya know. Linda


Many thanks.

I’ve done almost fifty now.

Mark Liptak

Mark –
What are some of the other ones – I would love to read them!


Linda –
Your son being a Cub Fan?? (Not a surprise) !!!!!!!!!!!

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