Do Or Die Trying

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Griffey, CF; Ramirez, 2B; Wise, LF; Uribe, 3B.  Danks pitching.

Backs Against The Wall

Well, we’ve been here before and we’ve responded pretty well, so let’s hope today stays consistent with the past week of White Sox baseball.

Odds & Ends

For what it’s worth, the Sox are 27-25 all-time in nine postseason appearances (5-5 in series) … since 1919, the Sox have gone 40 years between playoff appearances, then 24, 10, seven, five and three.

Game Time

If the White Sox and Red Sox both win today, tomorrow’s game time will move to 7:07 p.m. to accommodate the TBS telecast (we’d be the only game in the country).


I’m SOOOO ready. Got my black on. Signs are made and ready for waving (thanks again, MariE). I opted for a third that simply reads: “Once you go black…”. It may be a little inappropriate, but I think it’s funny given the rolling blackout.

No comment on the other team in town. I have too many friends with broken hearts this morning. Let’s just make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to us.

White Sox! White Sox! Go, Go White Sox!!!

Thanks for the info & keeping us informed! Now we know what time to tune in tomorrow. Cuz we are gonna win today!

Maria, the sign idea is awesome! I’m not lucky enough to have tickets, but I will be watching! Have fun!

Love the sign, Maria! GO GO WHITE SOX.

MariA, MariA, MariA,

Here I was trying to scold Kenwo and protect your beautiful young children from his words, only to find out that I should be protecting them yours!!!!!!!! lol

I have both family members and close friends that are on the dark side and are hurting this morning. I do feel for them …… but not enough to keep the smile off my face last night as Soriano was striking out!!!!

God Bless the LA Dodgers.

Now, let’s return to our regularly scheduled programming and get ourselves back in this series!!


I’m glad my sign idea is there even though I can’t be! My daughter has a softball tournament and has two games – first one starting at 3:20. I am head to toe in black and I will have a radio with me! Your third sign is awesome! I love it!

Well, I just know we are going to win today with the fans being the 26th man. Johnny D is going to pitch another gem!

So, we are down 0-2. You know what I say? We’ve got those Rays right where we want them!

Go get ’em boys and Maria, bring home a winner!


Anybody else tired of singing viagra commercials and the lincoln commercials. Wouldn’t you think tbs could’ve had a variety of commercials directed at more than just men!!! πŸ™‚

I’m ready, shirt’s on (thanks Maria, got it yesterday), towel is handy and myspace song is ‘back in black’ so . .. I’m ready to roll, is the game going to start on time or is the rain hampering progress?

Well, everyone, thanks to MariA, I am all dressed up in black, inluding my Sox Pride Blackout shirt, wearing my baseball pendant, ready to cheer the Sox on!!

I will be looking for MariA and Pat on TV, and those fabulous signs!

I hope the weather clears up, so the game can be played, and enjoyed!

Go Sox!!!!


Maria rocks doesn’t she Peggy!!! I too have my shirt on courtesy of our infamous Maria!!! Lip, how do I get to see your interview?

Mark –
What are some of the other ones – I would love to read them!


Linda –
Your son being a Cub Fan?? (Not a surprise) !!!!!!!!!!!

TC – I am with you all the way!

Kris –
I would of sent you a towel – we lost all but 1 – I have know idea where they are – we left got 5, left with 3 – and now have 1 – crazy! They magically disappeared!

Here’s link to one of the interviews

Wheres jk??

We need our jk!!

Game is delayed – rain – that’s good luck, right?

Every game we got delayed – we won????

Just getting settled to watch the game. Didn’t realize it would be delayed. Do we know the new start time yet?

RIP Brewers….. Go White Sox’08….j.k.

Since it is a game delay –
One last question for you Sox (Cub feeling sorry fans)

IF the situation was reversed – and we did what the Cubs did – what do you think Cub Fans would do?

Just like when they swept us at Wrigley – were they feeling sorry for us? No they rubbed it in – like alcohol rubbed on a deep wound-

I am so happy the SCRUBS lost – that just proves you NEVER, EVER count your chickens before they’ve hatched!!-
Cub fans seem to never learn!

Happy 100th Anniversary!!

Hello jk – do you got black on??

Mollie, tbs just said 30 minutes until start time, they’re taking off the tarp now. Left my Cub fan friends alone today – I’m no chicken counter just yet!!!!

oh my, the colts pulled it out, how’d they do that! Where’s our little ‘the cubs, sox, bulls and bears suck’ one poster jackwad at today??? Bears won again!! I know, it’s a baseball blog, just had to add that ’cause you KNOW he’s reading even if he’s not posting!

Thanks Kris. I was going to and forth between the Bears and Colts. Your Texans did the Colts in today. I sent sympathy notes to my sons over the Cubs loss. I just don’t want to be swept like the northsiders.

No Mollie, they didn’t, the Colts won. And believe you me dear, they are most definitely NOT my Texans, I’m a Bears fan! πŸ™‚

I missed the end. The Colts were down so I just stayed with the Bears. Oh crap. Growing up I was a Bears fan, but learned to like the Colts when I lived in Indy.

I know, shocked me too. I was following on and was surprised myself to see they’d won. I like both but I’m partial to the Bears!

Talk talk talk talk, I want the game to start!

I am with you on the Colts!

I was not giving you a shot on your son – I was talking to some newbie Linda – she took a shot at me earlier – just returning the favor –
We could say what ever we want about the Cubs – you want to feel sorry for them fine – I am not against it – but don’t come on the WS blog telling people to be nice to cub fans – like our little newbie friend did – it’s never going to happen!

The home town crowd sounds psyched. Let’s go Sox

Oh no Kris – I can’t stand the Cubs. I am a fan of whomever they play. I just have to pretend to be nice to for my boys.
We need a double play. Come on boys

missjennifer, of course it isn’t a suprise that my son is a Cubs fan. I raised him to be a fine young man that makes his own decisions. The one thing we have in common is that we do not wish ill on the other side. There is no reason to! He actually just e-mailed me to say good luck to my Sox. I have no doubt that a majority of Cubs fans are waiting in the wings to laugh if we lose. What makes me sad is that I used to think it was just the Cubs fans that were a holes. I am finding out now that is not true. We were fortunate enough last year to be treated to great tickets to a game at each cross town classic. Of course I had my Sox stuff on and was actually given quite a hard time by several Cubs fans at Wrigley field. My son on the other hand had no problem with his Cubs atire at The Cell. That made me proud! I thought maybe Sox fans were just a little better class of individual. Well it sounds like the game has begun, so I’m out of here. Go SOX! Linda

Not all Sox fans are the creme of the crop. I don’t HATE the Cubs nor do I HATE their fans. Actually, in 05, my Cub fan friends were rootin for us and the Cards fans were calling us cheaters so frankly, I have no real issues with most Cub fans either.

I can not sit still, in front of the tv nor the computer, maybe I should go run around the block, cept I don’t have a block, I’m on a deadend . . . argh . . . cold in here, air conditioning just a blazin away . . . have I mentioned lately I hate the weather here! πŸ™‚ I’ll stop the rambling now.

Like I just wrote –
you want to feel sorry for them fine – I am not against it – but don’t come on the WS blog telling people to be nice to cub fans

enough said- I am not talking about the Cubs anymore – I am glad they lost – Good riddance –

If any of you Sox fans don’t want to hear how the Cubs suck – maybe get off the WS Blog – you will hear alot of it – I am sure you’ll be hearing it from Cub fans too!

Now – back to the WSox – we need some runs!!

Come on Sox, get some runs, now, to give Johnny Danks some support!


Gotta love you Johnny. Now will be the bats show the same love!
I’m not sure I like the white towels as much as I liked the black?
Well said Jen. Go Sox.

We are back to the lead off walk. Will Juan bunt? Come on boys let’s play fundamental baseball. We need runs

We have tied this game. AJ – my pick to click.

Alright!! Back in the game. Go JohnnyD… Go White Sox’08…j.k.

AJ in the clutch!!!!!

The bats are alive – keep them hot – score some runs.

Let’s Go White Sox – Let’s Go White Sox – Let’s Go White Sox.

OMG!!!! Breathe in, breathe out! Wave your towels!

Allright Boys!!! Keep pouring it on….. Go JohnnyD… Go White Sox’08…..j.k.

Come on Johnny, Hold em!
Oh yeah, for you guys that couldn’t go to the game on 9-30
They were playing Johnny B Good – the song! For our pitcher, John Danks!!

And a crooked number goes up on the board!!!

Sorry jk – I think they were playing this version-

AJ is the MAN!!

Hall should of threw a pie in his face!!

yea, that would be smart in the middle of a game

Paulie, Paulie, Paulie, Paulie, Paulie

I was talking ABout the Rays catching the foul ball hit by JD- Hall was in the dugout and moved away – Hall should of threw the pie in his face so he couldn’t catch it – Ha Ha – Joke!!

Come On Johnny!!!!

Go Johnny Go. What a game for our White Sox. I wouldn’t mind a few more runs. Let’s go Sox.

love Juan!!!!!

2 out RBI – wonders never cease. That a boy Juan.

makin it happen . . . keep it up!

Am I seeing this right – is this the same White Sox of ’08??
Nice seeing runs w/out the long ball!

Way to go Juan!!! Keep it up JohnnyD… Go White Sox’08… j.k.

the pen makes me crazy, hang in there johnny

but he’s tired, nice . . that one was in there

hot damn! All black with white towels looks pretty cool on tv too!

Johnny Danks – What a performance – he’s the man!!


I don’t want to go to Fenway Park – that’s right, they’d better put that game on tnt and not mess up our viewing!

Oh Dotel – do make me yell, stay positive as hell and this will go well!

**** – people, dinner should be 2nd on your list of things to do right now!

I’m right there with you Kris. No Drama

Whew!… Come on Boys, a couple more runs….. Nice job by JohnnyD and Oh-Do-Tell…. Go White Sox’08….j.k.

I thought I say Maria in the fifth with Paulie up… Do you have a signed Konerko jersey????? Go Sox’08….j.k.

I thought that was her too!!!! Maybe it was!! That would be neat!

Mr. Thornton!!!! You’re rockin it tonight! Sweet!

Now onto more run support so I don’t have to quit breathing at the top of the 9th!

Very nice Matt, very nice…. How about ONE run Boys???? Go White Sox’08…..j.k.

Quickly,,,,, Hi Kris, Jen, Molly,…. Gotta GoGoGoWhiteSox….. 08…j.k.

Hi jk . . Miss Jen hasn’t been around much, I’m sure she has her hands full with the kids and dinner and such. I’m just on here ’cause I can’t sit still in front of the tv without doing something with my hands!!! bp is up I’m sure!

ok, now we have to hold em – yikes!

OK all we need are 3 outs from Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. And PLEASE no DRAMA

Go Bobby, Go…. Go Bobby, Go…. Go White Sox’08…j.k.

Come on, Bobby Jenks, be our star closer now!!!!


damn it all to hell, why can’t it be 3 up 3 down?

Because our boys love DRAMA and we hate DRAMA

We all KNEW that hook was coming……. We live to play another Day…. Go White Sox’08…j.k.

THANK YOU BOBBY, BOBBY, BOBBY, BOBBY. Way to go boys. What a game. We survive to play tomorrow. Welcome home – we sure love the cell.

Yeah!!!!! We’re still in it!!! Love ya, Bobby!!!


YES!!! Thank you BJ!!!!!! Hate the fact though that we HAD to go to the Boston game immediately!

Time to make the spaghetti! (giggle) LA needs to plunk a few more Red Sox! I’m so sick of them!

Good Job Sox, way to keep it alive!

Thank God it’s over. The score was much to close for comfort! I can breath again!

The big bender from the big fella for the big pitch to win our fourth straight big home game.

Can I say big again????

Gavin Floyd at the Cell and if all goes well, we throw our money man — Buerhle — in the decider at the Trop.

We live to play another day. That has been the story of the ’08 White Sox.

And how about that baserunning!!!!!!! Three steals. But the biggest play of all. The three plowhorses — Thome, Konerko and Junior — all tagging and advancing on a fly ball.

And how about a pitcher in an outdoor stadium putting plugs in his ears to block out the noise!!! If that isn’t a compliment to Sox fans, then nothing is.

Did anybody notice the “celebration” at Dodger Stadium last night??? Really lame compared to festivities at the Cell last Tuesday. No fans know how to celebrate more than the ones on 35th and Shields.

Amen TC!!! Wish I could’ve seen some post game stuff here from tonight but as you know, that didn’t happen!

Today was awesome!!! Would love to play these guys tomorrow night night. . see if they wear hand warmers and hats during play time!!! πŸ˜›

tc – how about the Phillies today – that stunk too!

Hey it’s Ponyboy!

I guess we need to make more noise so the earplugs don’t work. I wonder how we can pipe the home fans in as well. Wouldn’t that be awesome! The Sox never fail to amaze me. On the verge of being shut out, they were cool, calm, collected and remained good sports. The seed throwing was fun. Way to keep it light Ozzie. I LOVE THIS TEAM!

Ponyboy (AJ) is so smart! I am Watching the postgame

Shut up Jen! πŸ™‚ I’m not . . . I’ll catch some of it on wgn tonight but blah . . .

You just know that Lip LOVES this win… Why? because WE Won, and without a homer. They had a homer but it was for naught…. Maybe there’s something to this quality pitching, timely hitting and good defense…. Yea!!!! Get one more tomorrow Boys just to make things interesting… Go White Sox’08….j.k.

Kris, you missed the comment AJ said – they were on the podium (AJ and Johnny D.) media asked them something about how they are not ready to go home yet – AJ says “we’re not ready to go home to our wives yet – I’m kidding, sorry honey, I love you” Very funny! I love AJ!!

Come on Lip – let us hear you say a positive comment about our boys!!

It really looked like a whole different team!

Nice job, let’s do it tomorrow – one game at a time!!

lol. you know she knows he’s kidding and wants more than anything for them to continue on, you’d have to be a supportive wife to be married to a baseball player!!!!

At least one team can actually win a game in the postseason! Congrats to all.

Good Luck Monday. (Are the surviving Bee Gees available to sing Stayin’ Alive?)

Mark Liptak

there’s a few left I think aren’t there?

kris – did you get my message about the towels?

We got 5, went home with 3 and now we only have 1 – I have no idea where they went – I know we had 3 when we got in the car that night – I looked all over my car – but couldn’t find them – –

On comcast – they have a show on called Beer Money – they are asking Cub Fans questions about the team – to see how well they know their team – it’s funny – their not doing to well

I did get the message. I got a towel when Maria sent my shirt, she’s the best! Maybe one of the kids stuffed them in/under or around their beds or something.

Home now. Breathe. Another day of postseason life. Way to go, guys. I’m really proud of you.

That was an incredible game. Well played, appropriately tense at times, and once again, the atmosphere at the Cell was rocking! The 9th inning – even with the bit of BobbyDrama – was really neat to experience. The sight of 40,000 towels waving in the stands… it just looked awesome.

The signs went over well. It was mostly women that laughed at the “Once you go black…” one. Go figure. Oh, and when Garza was making that stink about the grooming of the mound, I quickly penned a sign that read “U want astroturf, too?” :o)

JK and Kris: I do not own a PK jersey. Must have been my less-evil twin.

Have a great night, all.

Great win. Seems that this team has to have it’s back against the wall to play great ball. Not complaining, just an observation. John Danks is truly developing into a Big Game/Big Time pitcher. Looks like the Danks trade for Brandon McCarthy is paying big dividends sooner than we could have hoped. As an aside (LOL) when was the last time our two hall of famers tagged up and took an extra base on a fly ball?
Go get em tommorrow Gavin. Let’s filet some rays and get back to trop field. Really like our chances if we do.
Go SOX !

Hey, Maria, will you be there tomorrow, too? And what is the game time? I’ve heard different times, and I bet it depends on what happens at Fenway tonight. If the Angels lose, our Sox will be the only game tomorrow, and TBS will probably want it in prime time, huh?



Scott noted that in one of his posts. If the Red Sox win and end their series tonight, the Sox-Rays game will be at 7 CST. If the Angels stay alive, the Sox-Rays will be the early game.

And of course MariA will be there. After all, like she said, “Once you go black . . . . . . . . . . . ”

I guess I’ve been around the minds of females too long so MariA, I would have chuckled at your sign immediately.

Will wonders never cease? Thome, Konerko and Griffey all tag and advance on a fly ball. And Liptak makes a two-line post. I guess it is true. Baseball is a very strange game.

Selig worried about the economy – warns not to overprice tickets

I was thinking the red sox were going to eliminate the Angels tonight, but that wasn’t to be…..

The last sentence of your post above is a classic, tc….

Win tomorrow (later today), Boys, we don’t want any celebrating on our own field by ANYBODY but us….. Go White Sox’08….j.k.

I was at the game….outstanding. Uribe’s hit was huge…. Griffey had great at bats….. Wise came through with a huge double…… Danks was outstanding….. Octavio K’d that no good Longoria…. Thornton and Jenks knocking em down…. Atmosphere was great…. Hopefully more of the same from Gavin tomorrow. I am very confident again. Big things tomorrow. My mom is having double knee replacement surgery tomorrow so hopefully they can win one for her….might ease the pain a little.

Thanks, Kenwo, for the “view from the stands” insight. Best wishes to your mom – I hope all goes well, and hope the Sox (and her doctors) ease her pain.

I agree with JK, we don’t want some other team celebrating in our house.

Go Sox!!!!


Very, very minor, nitpicky point here. When I read that the Sox would be handing out WHITE towels to fans yesterday, I thought it was a prank. All the buzz over the blackout, now turning into a rolling blackout…the reactions from fans and TV viewers regarding the compelling visual of an all-black crowd cheering…the team coming up with something truly unique, that has rarely if ever been seen before (hence the clever sign vs. Minny, “Welcome to the Black Hole”)…and we’re handed, indeed, WHITE towels as we enter the park?
Listen, I’m not a big signs or rally towel guy in the first place. I pretty much retired from signs after sneaking onto WGN for a Sox game in KC some years ago with a frighteningly homemade sign (WIMPY–WE HAVE FOOD!”), and again, this is a totally minor nitpick. But I don’t get it. A blackout, with white towels?
I’ve heard a lot of fans in the past few weeks dogging Dewayne Wise. Huh? He’s our best fundamental player, has killer wheels, and is performing as well as anybody on the team, in his first true taste of playoff pressure.
Anyway, hope we can keep the wheels rolling tonight; Navarro has shown us he’s got a weak and inaccurate arm so let’s force the issue with the stale tin of fish shipped up from Tampa and put THEIR backs against the wall for a change!


I think the only guy on this board that has been dogging DeWayne is the guy who goes by poorhankie, fireozzie, sws, soxblogbabesgonewild, etc., etc. He’s also the guy who has blamed Don Cooper for everything short of the economic crisis on Wall Street. Hell, he probably even blames Coop for that.

Poorhankie must have had an uncle DeWayne that he has despised since childhood. Like you, I see no reason why anyone would rip Wise. Sure, he hasn’t been perfect but without him we aren’t playing in the postseason.

Remember the comeback win over Cleveland (I think) where he got the two-out pinch-hit single, stole second and scored on Cabrera’s hit? Or the grand slam to beat Detroit three Sundays ago?

And yesterday he gets the big hit down the left-field line.

Will we be the Go-Go White Sox again tonight?

Still looking for that big blue flag with an “L” on it. Or better yet, three “L’s” on it. Once I get it, I’d be happy to donate it to the landlords at Clark and Addison to fly over their ballyard.

TC – I made one and its hanging below my Sox flag!

I saw a big L flag on the news last night! Someone had one outside the Cell last night after our game.


Thanks Jen. Why am I not surprised that you A) made your own flag and B) knew where to find one on the web.

TC, my dear friend…..LOLOLOL. Wise did come thru BIG yesterday. That double (2 RBI) was clutch. No doubt. I have criticized him heavily for his fielding. And yesterday I was impressed to see him make not 1, but 2 HUSTLE plays to make catches. That was impressive to see. In talking to some fans around me at the game, we all recounted this effort VERSUS two earlier games (one at TB in this series, and the other against DETROIT) where he quit running on balls he could/should have caught. We were all very glad to see this effort. I hope to God he does it again this afternoon.

And what was the deal with us scoring ALL our runs with NO HR’s? And was that PK taking a base on a sac fly? Look, its a bird, its a plane, no it’s GRINDER BALL!!!!!


Wise has hustled all year. You just don’t like him and are always looking for reasons to complain about him.

Without him this season, we would have been on the sidelines watching playoff baseball even before the North Siders crashed.

To me, clowns aren’t funny. In fact, they’re kinda scary. I’ve wondered where this started, and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus and a clown killed my dad.
– Air Jordan

To me, clowns aren’t funny. In fact, they’re kinda scary. I’ve wondered where this started, and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus and a clown killed my dad.
– Air Jordan

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