End of the Line

Thanks to everyone for reading, responding and showing us how much you care about the Chicago White Sox.

It’s been another fun season.  I’ll pick up again with this blog sometime this offseason.  Enjoy the rest of October.  It’s a great time to be a baseball fan.

Fade to Black



Thank you Scott for providing us with this venue. Good, Bad, and Ugly…. We’ve seen it all in the past and certainly this year… I really thought we had a shot in game four, but we simply ran out of gas……

Next year is right around the corner and I know most of us will be back for another exciting run to greatness… In the meantime……

Have a wonderful offseason everybody. Stay happy and healthy and make your New Years Resolution to be at the Sox Celebration for the World Series Championship of 2009…. Go White Sox’09….j.k.

Thanks, Scott, for the blog, and your fun insights, and the chance to follow our team so closely. It was a roller coaster season, and I will cherish all the high points, particularly that play-in game against the Twins.

I think the blackout theme is terrific, and should survive this season. I think it should become a tradition at all Sox games. It seems to help the fans be even more into the game than usual. Brilliant idea!!!

Looking forward to the 2009 season!

Go Sox!!!

Thanks Scott!
Tell the boys Thanks! We’ll miss them! Keep in touch, let us know if anything big happens!

I have to create my own blog – who am I going to talk to this winter? Who am I going to tell my crazy stories to? Who am I going to bitch at?

I KNOW you guys are going to miss me!!

The Sox (and their fans) never give up and this year demonstrated it. Thanks for all the great games, edge of you seat excitement, great memories from 2008, and fantastic promise for the future!! Looking forward to 2009!

Go Sox!

Thanks for keeping us updated Scott! This is the first site I check everyday! I can’t wait to hear from you again! GO SOX!!

Scott – thanks a WHOLE BUNCH for the information and fun you provided this season. You really make a great effort to keep the fans involved and there is a lot to be said for that. We unfortunately came up on the short end today but hey – given that pitching is the “main” ingredient to winning – Sox fans should be excited about our future. A job well done to you Scott and please pass my accolades on to everyone else “Inside the White Sox”.


Along with all the others Scott, I would like to express my gratitude for you hosting this site. It’s the only website I check multiple times a day! I look forward to all your posts and reading everyone’s comments. Even more than in the past years, we have really become a “community”.

Well, I am really sad when baseball season ends (and it did for me tonight) because it is such an emotional let down. But, I am definitely not disappointed in this season one iota.

Pass along my congratulations to the team and the front office and I’m already looking forward to 2009. My birthday is in the beginning of April and I treat myself to opening day each year. Can’t wait!!! Also, I’ll be looking forward to exciting news in the off season. I’m sure KW will have some tricks up his sleeve.

Take care everyone and talk to you soon!


Well, I am disappointed that the Sox lost but it was a good year. I was very happy that the Sox beat the Twins and I didn’t expect them to beat the Rays. I will be pulling for the Rays and I hope the Red Sox do not win the WS again.

First off some housekeeping duties:

1. Thanks to Scott for allowing me and all fans to engage in this. It is very worthwhile and much appreciated.

2. To everyone, even those that I have strongly disagreed with, I wish you and your families a happy and safe off season. Despite our differences, we are all Sox fans!

3. It’s always hard to say goodbye to a season but considering the limitations of the club and what was expected of them back in March, it was a very good year.


I have sent to another web site that I write for, a season review / look ahead. Normally I’d just attach a link but because it won’t be going up until Sunday and because I know that fans are going to be closing the book on this blog in the next day or so, I ask your indulgence and have pasted a condensed version at the end of this note. I also crunched some numbers and have come up with some interesting trends and in one case in particular, it’s not good.

I haven’t seen this mentioned in the mainstream media nor at fan web sites…I think it’s very important…I can’t explain it, maybe someone else can…and it hurting badly the Sox chances. Again with your indulgence I paste it here for special consideration:

* For the 5th consecutive season, every year under Ozzie Guillen, the Sox failed to win more games in the last 81 games of the season then in the first 81 games. Despite Guillen resting players regularly and using his bench to help avoid injuries. In 2008 for the first 81 games, the Sox went 46-35 a .567 winning percentage. In the last 82 games (due to the one game playoff), they went 43-39 a .530

Here?s how they performed in previous seasons under Guillen:

2004: 43-38 .530 / 40-41 .493

2005: 55-26 .679 / 44-37 .543

2006: 53-28 .654 / 37-44 .456

2007: 36-45 .444 / 36-45 .444

This “trend” cost them a playoff spot in 2003 and 2006…it almost did that again in 2008. This trend MUST be stopped.


Here is the condensed story specifically the three areas that must be examined closely before spring training begins in Arizona:

A Look Ahead


In 2008 the White Sox lost 15 games where the pitching staff held the opponent to three runs or less. In addition to that, they were shut out 11 times. They scored one run in a game 16 times, two runs in a game 14 times. That?s a total of 41 games scoring two runs or less.

Balance needs to be the key word this off season. Mainstream media reports say speed will be addressed this off season and that Kenny is going to try, again, to give Ozzie Guillen greater flexibility in his roster.

The names being mentioned highly are Chone Figgins and Orlando Hudson. Robinson Cano is reportedly also being considered.

What you?ve done by having balance, is to increase your chances of winning a game on a night in April when it?s 40 degrees out, when you are playing in Oakland where the foul territory is almost as large as the playing field or when you?re facing an off speed pitcher and he?s giving the sluggers fits. A game here, a game there, could make all the difference in the world between playing the first week in October or making golf reservations. The Sox know that fact multiple times this decade. In 2005 the Sox had balance and we saw what happened. We’ve also seen what’s happened every other year this decade. Hitting 200, 215, 230 home runs, but nothing else, got the Sox exactly that…nothing.


Pitching wins pennants, it is the single most important commodity in baseball and not only do you need it in quality, you need it in quantity.

In today?s game with the way pitchers are ?babied? for lack of a better word, the law of averages shows that the chances of a pitching staff making it through a season all healthy and all without having a bad year are slim or none.

That means that you better have reliable insurance ready to go when these situations come up.

For the White Sox that means you better have six starters available, not five?the starter who pitches the worst in spring training goes into the bullpen as the long relief man (which is the way baseball did it for years) Because of Contreras? probable career ending injury that means the Sox need two starting pitchers to achieve this. The question is, with the cost of pitching today in baseball, will the Sox go out and get it or take the chance again of having to use the Clayton Richard?s of the world, in the middle of a stretch drive, in a pennant race. As Steve Rosenbloom said on one of his blog entries, ?Children shouldn?t play in September when September means something.?

The Sox have a solid bullpen but the same insurance policy applies there too. You need protection from the almost inevitable injury or year long slump. The Sox appear to only be able to count on Bobby Jenks, Matt Thornton, Octavio Dotel and Scott Linebrink (who should be over his tendonitis by next April). Given how often Ozzie Guillen uses his bullpen, that?s simply not enough.


Injuries are a part of the game but what the White Sox have to be wondering about is the fact that they have happened in two straight years. Does that mean something? Is this simply bad luck or a sign that this is an older club that may start being prone to breaking down? Is it time to reevaluate the Sox medical establishment? (as Kenny Williams did after the horrific 2000-2001 seasons)

Numerically the Sox have been among the best in baseball this decade at avoiding injuries and keeping their players healthy. Yet even with those facts, the Sox have had four seasons in the last eight impacted by guys who weren?t able to play. (2001, 2004, 2007 and 2008). Certainly one can say that in 2001 and 2004 injuries probably cost the Sox a legitimate shot at the post season.

The Sox need healthy players because the minor league system is still in flux, still trying to shake off the aftereffects of a desultory decade and still trying to reestablish itself under Buddy Bell. If injuries hit again in 2009, the minor league system probably won?t be of much help.


Guess that’s it. If anyone has any comments or questions I can always be reached here over the off season: mliptak1@msn.com

Again be safe everyone and have a great off season.

Mark Liptak

Thanks Scott for all you do and putting up with all our crap thruout the season! I miss the ‘gang of friends’ I’ve made on this blog thruout winter. Hopefully we can somehow manage to keep in touch with those that have further their contact with one another. It was a fun season, all and all much more than any of us expected. Ya’ll (hi tc) be safe up north in the snow and ice this winter and Peg, JK and I will try and not rub it in when it’s in the 70’s around us!

Signing off from deepintheheartof – Kris

Thanks for all of your insight into my favorite professional organization. I stop by here at least once a day and always love your postings.

Sad to see the season end the way it did, but after the miserable 2007 season and predictions of a 3rd place finish the sometimes maddening 2008 campaign was ultimately a great success.

Can’t wait to see the changes KW makes to the roster and a better 2009 to get started!

Had to go to the gym to collect the thoughts but want to get them down now.

First thanks to Scott for offering us this playground. Your insights are fantastic and the folks I’ve met here just as fantastic. Thanks for another great year!!

To quote one of my favortie movies to sum up the season/postseason…”I’m not even mad, that’s amazing!” This team was picked to finish near the bottom, had 3 major injuries yet still managed to finish on top of the division. We lost our MVP and had to platoon left and center, lost our clutch all star third baseman, and one of our starting pitchers. Yet here we were playing in October….who would have thunk????

The tiebreaker game made my whole year. It wasn’t pretty, but we got into the postseason and we didn’t get swept out. I’ll take it over the past two years–as nauseating as it was at times!!

It will be an interesting off season. Can’t wait to see what Kenny has up his sleeve as I’m sure his mind is tinkering already. We have some needs I’m hoping he will fill.

To all my blogger pals, thanks for making me keep my eyes open, keeping me from throwing up on the drops along the way, and helping me hold my hands up and enjoy it. What a ride it’s been!!! Another great year–hope to see you at BLOG IV!!!

Scott, thanks for the blog! It’s great to know whats going on inside the organization, and has provided a place for our neat little “disfunctional family.” Its awesome to find great people with such passion to talk to!

Lip, good overall analysis. This offseason will be a fun one! JK, I’ve started to adopt your signature slogan towards next year’s campaign already. Jen, kris, scam, and anyone else who I haven’t presumed to have an fbook, feel free to chat during the off season: shortstuff8812@aol for info (I’m not about to put my full name and email out in the same message)

At peace with Sox ’08, bring on Sox ’09!


Well gang, another season has just finished for us Sox fans. Although it hurts to watch another team celebrate on our own field, I feel good about what has been accomplished by the White Sox this season…We again won another division title when the “experts” have counted us out…Accpording to them, the tigers were the team to beat and we pretty much wiped the floor with them this season… we have also had the opportunity to see what 2009 will look like with our rising young talent.

With a young core of Floyd, Danks, Richard, Buhrle, Ramirez and Quinten…A solid bull pen of Thornton, Linbrink and Jenks, I do feel we are a few players away from building a solid ball club for years to come..

I do think Kenny will need to address our contact hitting situation, getting some speed on the bases, a speedy/lead off center fielder and creating the right balance of power and small ball during the off season…

Just curious to know what your thought are on this…

Scott, many, many thanks. I am usually one who just lurks and doesn’t post much, but the reading is always great. And I have enjoyed the Blog Nights a great deal. Even though I love fall, I always experience a let-down when the season is over. In the last 3 years, I experience not only the end of the season but the end of regular posts for awhile. Double let down! However, the blow is softened a bit when we get to the post-season..as we did this year. Alexi, Q, Gavin, John Danks, DWise all added some surprises this summer which I enjoyed a lot. It was not Paulie’s year and I hope 2009 brings him better things. Jim Thome has cemented his place as one of my favorite Sox players ever just because of the guy that he is…..ALL CLASS. Swish didn’t meet expectations on the field, but he kept me entertained and I imagine added some life to the clubhouse. I will miss Joe Crede as I hate to see our core 2005 guys go…but I support Kenny and the club’s decision on Boras 100%. Get well to Jose and thanks for the contributions (Alexi being one of his greats). After Blog Night, I am even more exicted to hear Hawk and Stoney next year…Wishing everyone some down time and then rev-ing up for a great off season. Get us some speed, more pitching and keep things loose. Wishing you all well. Tracy

Thank you sox for agreat year . WE love you. You have the greatest fans.Even after all was said and done we still cheered you and always will. WE love our chicago white sox.

Well, I was taking one last peek before heading off to bed, going to sleep all down in the dumps. But, there she is, our wacky Jen, giving me the best laugh of the night – finding hankie.

Jen, while at first you just made my head spin, I came to love your posts and your honesty and your pictures and videos. You added lots to this blog and I’m glad we got to know you through this blog.

That picture and your comment will send me off to bed with a smile.

See y’all!


The saddest thing for me about the end of the (Sox) baseball season is leaving this blog and all my “blog buddies” for the winter. But, if any of you decide to come out west, do get in touch with me, and maybe we can meet up in person.

Thanks to all the bloggers for your thoughts and emotions, and best wishes for a wonderful fall and winter!


Well that wasn’t how it was supposed to go. I thought we would be tied up going into Tampa tied at 2. The Rays are a tough team though and you have to hand it to them. As far as the sox go….I am a little nervous of this offseason. Personally I don’t think there is much the Sox will be able to do. Chone Figgins, Orlando Hudson and Robinson Cano are not the answers. They aren’t going to spend the big money on CC or Manny. I don’t think they will make any trades from our main roster except for possibly Paulie. I don’t want to get rid of Cabrera. It is sad to see Griffey leave us. Even if he wasn’t as good as I had hoped…it was still awesome having one of the best players I have ever seen in our jersey. It should be interesting to say the least. The 08 season did bring a lot of joy. It was also a crazy ride. here is to hoping 09 can be that much better. Have a good offseason guys.


Quote of the Season:

“I’ve got to do probably a better job, of getting some players in here that can do some of the little things…” — Kenny Williams to Comcast Sports Chicago.

Amen, Kenny…amen.

Speed and balance. No excuses.

Mark Liptak

Rip, Angels…..

RIP, Sox’08…

Go Tampa…

Go White Sox’09……j.k.

Night all….

It was a heck of a year. We exceeded all expectations, and in the process we discovered four great young players in Floyd, Danks, Ramirez, and Quentin.

The future looks bright Sox fans!

Thank you Scott for all of the information you have supplied, and thank you White Sox for a great year. I can’t say I’m not disappointed that we lost tonight, but we all knew how tough the Rays were gonna be. I bet they go all the way!What an exciting end to the season it has been. We held 1st place for a majority of the year and we did NOT let those pesky Twinkies get away with stealing it in the last week! We did win the central division title! So White Sox, hold your heads up high cuz Chicago is proud of you. We’ll all be back next year, hopefully. It’s gonna be a long, cold and boring winter!

Thank you, Scott, for all your behind-the-scenes updates. My favorite was the Coop incident in which the team got him a scooter. I still laugh about that to this day. I rarely post, but I’ve been reading since the beginning. I appreciate how you reach out to fans.

I’ll stand on my soap box for thirty seconds to say, in the end, I’m proud of our team. We literally limped into the playoffs (no CQ, no Jose, no JC) and for a few seconds last night I was angry. That all subsided and I realized what a great run it really was considering all the things we had to overcome this year.

I think we’re just a few tweaks away from another WS. We need a little more speed and a little more small ball. Let’s try and bring it home to Chicago again in ’09.

It is the morning after….. it does hurt that White Sox baseball is done for 2008. I believe we could have beaten the Rays….but they were a little better than we were. I think knocking off the Twins will go a long way into the 2009 season.

Questions for 2009

It seems like they are being awfully quick to dismiss Orlando Cabrera. As much as he stunk to start the season, I believe he had a pretty good season. I don’t know why he is being outcast before he even becomes a free agent. Sure you can move Alexei to short….. but that just creates a hole at second. I would take Orlando Cabrera over Chone Figgins, Orlando Hudson or Robinson Cano (the three guys Liptak said are being tossed around). It seems silly to at least not try to sign him.

3rd base-
Crede will be gone and I can’t blame the Sox for that. His time has come. Uribe did pretty well for the most part filling in, but this is a position that could be upgraded. Again, I would take Uribe over Figgins because Figgins will get hurt again and be out for a good chunk of the year….but maybe you can get someone like Adrian Beltre here…assuming it won’t cost the farm. Hank Blalock may become a free agent….he gets injured a lot as well but if he comes cheaply???? The rest of the third base free agents look very bleak.

Ken Griffey will not have his 16 million option picked up. You still have Brian Anderson and Nick Swisher….both of which didn’t really impress Ozzie this year. Rocco Baldelli and Mike Cameron are the free agent prizes this year (assuming Cameron’s option is not picked up)… I am pretty sure I would rather see Anderson than either of these guys. If you could get Cameron for one year maybe but he is getting older.

I suppose there isn’t much of a question here….If Konerko goes, Swish is at first, if Swish goes, Konerko is at first.

Buehrle, Floyd, Danks are a strong first 3. I like Javy but he may have worn out his welcome. Richard is probably first in line to get that 5th starter spot… it would be nice to nab CC Sabathia. That would be a power move and a move to show you are worthy of a world series. I don’t think they will do it. The rest of the free agent class looks somewhat weak. Maybe there is a diamond in the rough like Freddy Garcia… maybe you throw some cash for Jon Garland to come back…maybe a low risk high reward to Randy Johnson or Pedro Martinez. Again..I doubt it.

If they get in a groove the bullpen was fine. There is a lot of big time relievers on the market this year. It would be nice to nab one of them. KRod, Kerry Wood not likely….maybe a Brian Fuentes, Damaso Marte, Dennys Reyes???

Big name free agents
Manny Ramirez, Bobby Abreau, Jason Giambi, Frank Thomas, Ken Griffey Jr, Raul Ibanez, Mark Teixera, Carlos Delgado (assuming his option is not picked up) Vlad Guerrero (assuming his option is not picked up).

If we could do something fancy by getting rid of both Konerko and Swisher…maybe Teixera is an option. He also would be a power move.

It would be nice to see the Big Hurt back….but thats in my world and probably not reality. The rest are not needed at this time and will require a heavy price tag.

I am not sure where we go from here. Orlando Hudson and Chone Figgins get hurt every year without fail. Robinson Cano will cost you a hefty price from the Yankees and he is not worth it.

If i could make one move, I would open the coffers for 150 million and throw it at CC Sabathia. It may take more than that. To do that Konerko and Javy have to come off the books.

I would resign both OC and Uribe and possibly go after Hank Blalock or Adrian Beltre. Maybe you can work out a deal to get Beltre and Bedard from Seattle. All I know is Kenny has to be creative.

Thank you Scott for this wonder blog and thank you White Sox for a memorable year. I can’t wait for the next 5 months to go by so we can start it all over again. And, at least we can say we lasted longer than the Cubs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Josh from VA

Also….don’t let people tell you we don’t have enough in the farm system to trade. Clayton Richard’s stock improved, Aaron Poreda or however you spell his name, Brian Anderson, John Shelby….There isn’t a whole lot, but if we had to make a trade we could do it.

Maybe your best speed option is Jerry Owens. I do not believe that Swisher, Konerko and Thome can all be brought back. I would keep Thome for sure out of the 3….he is a lefty power hitter. He does his job.

KenWo4life. I don’t know why or how my name got to be Kitty42….I didn’t even change it. Anyhooters. Have a great day

Hey Scott,

Thanks again for the blog. I don’t post much, if at all, but I read this constantly and I love it. Please keep it up.

The Blackouts were a blast. I was at the first one at the Tiebreaker game and it was amazing. Keep it up and develop new things like this!

Also, big props to the team…they showed a lot of heart and made it really exciting for us. I’m very proud. Tell them we’ll miss them bunches during the rest of October and over the offseason. I can’t wait for SoxFest 2009!

Also, a wishlist…if KW could get us two new starters, get rid of MacDougal, Logan, and Horatio Ramirez, put some more “small ball” players on the team, that would be great.


Like many of you I was upset at the team for a little bit last night. I really thought it was a no-brainer that we’d stomp Tampa and force a fifth game–from there, flip a coin. But our boys in many ways had their playoffs in the last weekend of the season/tiebreaker. Can’t fault them for having no gas left in the tank. This is one year where just about every Sox fan can say the team exceeded our expectations by far. Of the four White Sox teams who have made but ultimately fell short in the playoffs in my lifetime, I’m by far the proudest of these guys.
One thing I’m not sure has come up often is the reason why we can feel optimistic about 2009. When teams come out of nowhere to make the playoffs, too often there are “career years” to explain the success. So the next season, the players fall back down to expectations, and fans’ hopes are crushed. Well this year, we have four White Sox who fit the definition of having career years: Quentin, Ramirez, Danks, Floyd. That tells me that we’re not artificially buoyed with career years, and that with some creative improvements, we can repeat next year.
While I’d flip Konerko for Figgins right now, Chone took a pretty big step back this past year. Cano isn’t what we need. If there was some way to get Roberts, he truly could be the answer to our prayers. Can lead off, is extremely consistent, far and away the best table setter out there. I just don’t think we can get him. But if Ken Williams can find a Roberts type even at the Triple-A level, I sure hope he grabs him. We need to fill in the 2B and/or 3B hole with a multi-tool table-setter. It could be all the offense needs, even if Konerko, Thome, and Swish are all back.

Great blog and a great season for the “Good Guys”. I’m looking forward to 2009!.

“… And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain…”

How would you like to see the “board meetings” of the Cubs and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim(Azusa and Cuc…………………..amonga… Thank you forever for that, Jack Benny and his writers and Mel Blanc, who “voiced” it…)

“Fellas, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?… Cubs, you guys led the NL in wins over the regular season… then you go up against the Dodgers and crap out in THREE STRAIGHT!!!… Angels, you guys had the most wins in ALL OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL— then you go out and lose to the Red Sox… The dreams of the every day fan in TWO MARKETS… an EL series on the North and South Sides, or a Freeway Series in Orange and Los Angeles Counties… CRASHED AND BURNED!!!”

Now we take you to 35th Street and Shields Avenue on the South Side of the city of Chicago(I know it’s Bill Veeck Memorial Drive… but to ME… The street will ALWAYS BE Shields Avenue… just like the park was ALWAYS “Old Comiskey”, NOT “White Sox Park” (no thanks to the Allyn Bros.) or anything else…)

Boys, we are proud of the effort you put out this season… No one picked you to finish higher than third place… They thought that you would end the season against Cleveland at the Cell on the 28th of September…

Alexi WHO??? Carlos WHO???

The pitching was supposed to be led by Buehrle and the big Cuban horse and by Vazquez… NOT by Danks and Floyd…

As for the offense, it was going to be the old-fashioned, fence-busting, plodding way that has endeared itself to WS Universe since the Miracle on 35th Street in ’05…

You SHOULD be proud of what you accomplished this year… The last week, plus, was some of the most intense, thrilling baseball that has been seen in a long time… games that will keep us warm over the long, cold winter when we think back at them…

Changes need to be made, and will be made, in order to make the 2009 White Sox (did I just type 2009???? YIKES!!!… that’s gonna be season # 50 for the Old Man as a follower of the boys… Jimminy Crickets, kids… get the call ready to the Old Folks Home for me…)not just a “one season wonder” but a force in the AL…

Watch the games the rest of the way, gang… See if my prediction of Red Sox-Phillies comes true in the World Serious… or see if Manny Be Manny comes back to the Back Bay with the Dodgers… or if the pesky Rays break through to the Big Show in their initial outing…

As for me, as for now…

“Good night, Mrs Calabash… wherever you are…”

I cannot stress enough how proud I am to be a Lifelong White Sox Fan, to have witnessed this INCREDIBLE ROLLERCOASTER RIDE of a season and to be a part of this lil’ “Dysfunctional Family we got going on here on this blog.

I will miss you all soooooooo much this off season! I, for one, will still be checking this blog daily. I don’t know why, habit, I guess.

Jen, I laughed soo hard when you found Hankie! I always look forward to your posts and will really miss you so please email me from time to time.

Kris, MariA, MariE, Peggy and Donna, please, please, please do the same! I will be sending you guys emails too.

Amy (scotties) I don’t have facebook or myspace, but my email is posted here so keep in touch girl and good luck in school!

Kenwo, tc, klein and TQ you are all invited to email me too. I am tearing up as I am typing this because I don’t want this season to end, but as they say, all good things must come to an end.

To All: God Bless and Take Care! See you at The Cell in 2009.


Scott I too want to thank you for writing this blog. Your comments are always insightful and puts a smile on my face. I hope the blackout continues into next year. That night with all black including the black towels was absolutely awsome!

To the rest of you bloggers, I have thoroughly enjoyed your comments. Jen you are one in a million. Mark, your passion for the Sox is evident. JK you crack me up. The White Sox lady bloggers rule. I feel a connection to all of you and I don’t even know you.

I look forward to seeing the players on the field in April 2009. Go Sox.


The thing I like best about this site is the passion that everyone exudes. And now that our season is over, we all are looking forward to next season and what it may bring.

There have been a lot of great ideas suggesting what or who is needed to fill this void or that spot. I must admit that even though I’ve been rooting the Sox on for a long time, I’ve never embraced the total sport of baseball well enough to be competant in suggesting any trade or any particular name…

Brett, Lip, Christy, Kitty (love that new name there big guy), you all have great thoughts and it would be exciting to see some of them pan out on the South Side next year. I will trust in Kenny and Ozzie to fulfill my and hopefully everyone elses dreams of future greatness…

I will however bring up ONE name…. If we could somehow get CC, every other move made would fall into the suplemental catagory….

Also, with all due respect to you Brett, What if these career years you speak of are just the tip of the iceberg, and Alexei, Q, JohnnyD and Gavin are just beginning GREAT careers? Or if only half of this quartette builds on what was started this year? Then we have a BETTER year than this one turned out, and who knows how far we might go?

Another great thing about Baseball in general in the off season is that we as fans can indulge in the “what ifs” of our favorite team without any rancor or belittling comments that sometime sift through during the regular season.

I agree, this was a special season, and without the troubling losses late in the season to key members of our team, we might still be playing. That too is what’s great about baseball: we may be done (for this year), but we’re just around the corner of another GREAT year to come… Go Chicago White Sox’09….j.k.

I’m with you on that one Klein. It is awfully tough to predict that Quentin, Ramirez, Danks and Floyd had their career years since all of them basically have no track record. Maybe this is just an average year. Maybe none of them will ever be as good as they were this year. You dont know. It would be different if Konerko hit 50 homers, Orlando batted 335, JD knocked in 135 and Buehrle went 20-4…then you could realistically say they had career years because they have a track record.


You guys thought I would end the season w/out a video??

Here you go boys and girls –
my Thank You Tribute


I guess I didn’t put “career years” in the proper context. What I meant by career years, Kitty and Klein, was that these were the four guys who performed WELL ABOVE our expectations. Four guys on a roster of 25 is a very low percentage. Going in we would have hoped Alexei could hit .250 with some speed and defense; Q was good for 20 and 80 and a good OBP; Danks and Floyd, 20 wins between them and a 4.00 ERA. You’re right, these could turn out to be average or below average years for these guys from here out. (My guess is Danks and Alexei have a lot of room to grow, Q could not have possibly done better for us this season, and Floyd, if he can give us 15 wins a year for the next four or five I’ll be thrilled.)
Anyway, what I’m saying that even if those four fell off next year (4.00 ERAs, higher opponent BA for Danks and Floyd, a .250 year for Alexei, 20 HRs for Q) the fact that we won 89 games without benefit of career years from much of the team is HUGE. Look at the rest of the team: Jenks, Buerhle, Dye, Thome, Uribe, and the bullpen generally performed to expectations. A.J., with his average and power, perhaps a touch over. Javy got the Ks but performed poorly as our “ace.” Cabrera was good overall but his defense, leadership and OBP was not what we hoped for. Konerko and Swish performed much worse than expectations.
In other words, with so few POTENTIAL career years on this 2008 team, we’re in great shape for 2009. At worst you would figure on another 89-win season. At best, those four great young players maintain or improve on their 2008 production, we get a shot in the arm from a new infielder, a bounce-back year from Konerko or Swish, no terrible swoon from any other regulars, and we’re in the low 90s for wins, without a single acquisition.
By contrast, look across town and see Soto, Theriot, DeRosa, Wood, Marmol, Dempster, Lilly, Marquis, Edmonds, Johnson (all off the top of my head, don’t pin me on my analysis of the Bumblers) performing beyond what could have been expected of them. That’s a recipe for a falloff in 2009.
CC would be a dream but we all not that’s not going to happen. He’s likely to stay in the NL is and due for a Zito-plus contract in terms of years and dollars. It will be a contract that does its best to break even in the first years, and will be a total albatross for his new team as he ages and his weight pushes past three bills on the back end.

For all you youngsters out there who think that the lefty with the crooked cap… a.k.a. CC Sabathia… can be lured here by money, money, money… think of this…

I do believe that he has expressed a desire, since he is from California, to escape the cold for the warmth (and even BIGGER bucks) of La-La Land… and the baseball “insiders” know that Frank Mc Court at Dodger Stadium and Artie Moreno in Anaheim both seem to have bottomless pits of money to offer to join them…

Besides, as “the author” (Mr Ballantini) suggests, he will eventually age and his weight will eventually balloon up, which will be a physical strain… he will also be noted for trying almost single handedly to getting the Brewers past the Fightin’ Phils by pitching every third day… a revolutionary concept in this day and age, but common place back in the day…and that will wear him down faster, considering the velocity and ferocity of his pitches…

In other words… don’t chance it…

Now then, I found some actual quotes, from actual people, that I think best sum up the appeal of this spot for the past three and a half seasons…

Let me know if you agree…

Charles Manson

Mark Twain

William James



Someday, I’m going to learn how to type with more than just two fingers… and I will immediately become a serious threat…

I hear ya TQ – I can now use 4 fingers!
(That just sounds nasty – I have a dirty mind)

Kitty! I love your new name kenwo!

MariE,,,, Thank you for those “inspiring” photos you e-mailed me. I especially like the one with the Dodger batter with the broom…… Thanks again and enjoy the offseason…

I give up TQ. You MUST be older than me because I don’t remember that quote from Phaedrus….Who is Phaedrus anyway? And what position did he play?….

You all are probably right about CC, but it doesn’t hurt to dream….later all….. j.k.

P.S. Jen, Nothing nasty about four fingers…. They simply give you a place to store your four black olives…. j.k.

Yes, marie, thanks for the email and pics! I have a few friends that would just LOVE to get them too! ; ) muhaha!

j.k.: You don’t remember Phaedrus?… He was a right hander with the Orioles back with Jim Palmer and Mike Cuellar….

What a minute… my mistake…

That was PHOEBUS… Tom Phoebus… HE was the pitcher…

I’m gonna have to get on to Wikipedia to find out about good ole’ Phaedrus…

Wikipedia describes Phaedrus (c. 15BC-c Ad 50) as “…a Roman fabulist… the 1st to Latinize books of fables, using prose of the Aesop tales…”

In other words, he was a fables writer… like Aesop…

Today, he would be considered as a beat writer…

That timeline should have read (c. 15 BC – c. AD 50)…

I DO like to be accurate… even when we’re talking old Romans… and NOT Charles Comiskey the First…

See, sooner or later, we get back to the White Sox, don’t we?

Very nice segue there TQ. As you said, “It all comes back to baseball and the White Sox”….

It seems weird not to be posting “important” stuff or commenting on same every day. Chalk that up to the success we had this year I guess….

No golf today, only bowling. Wait, today is only Thursday, I must be losing it. Maybe I’ve already lost it! Now what do I say? Maybe I’ll start a Fable…. Once upon a time…. I’ll get back to you on that later…… MUCH later….. j.k.

It’s been a very exciting year for the White Sox, and very rocky at the same time. I am positive that they will do a lot better next year, and Carlos Quentin will be back.


Last week after the Sox were eliminated, I posted some thoughts on areas that have to be examined closely for next season.

The complete story is now up along with numbers and factoids.

If interested you can read it here:


Any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

Mark Liptak

It is tough to question the sox lineup when they were over .500 in one run games and over .500 in extra inning games. I would have thought they had a terrible record in those situations.

Like I have said before I think that speed is not really necessary for this team despite popular opinion. There isn’t a Kenny Lofton circa 1995 available. The “speed” guys available are not very good. If you cannot trade for Brian Roberts or Ichiro you will not get speed that is worth anything. The Juan Pierre’s, Willy Tavaras of the world aren’t going to help. You may as well play Jerry Owens in center.

I would much rather acquire a good hitting/fielding 3rd baseman like Adrian Beltre and a starter like Erik Bedard, who is coming off an injury but is dominant when healthy.

1. Jerry Owens CF
2. Alexei Ramirez SS
3. Carlos Quentin LF
4. Jim Thome DH
5. Jermaine Dye RF
6. Adrian Beltre 3B
7. Nick Swisher 1B
8. AJ Pierzynski C
9. Juan Uribe/Chris Getz 2B

1. Mark Buehrle
2. John Danks
3. Gavin Floyd
4. Erik Bedard
5. Matt Cain

1. Bobby Jenks
2. Octavio Dotel
3. Matt Thornton
4. Scott Linebrink
5. Damaso Marte
6. Adam Russell
7 DJ Carrasco

1. Toby Hall
2. Brian Anderson
3. Dewayne Wise
4. Chris Getz/Juan Uribe

Cain is acquired for Konerko and cash…. Beltre and Bedard come for Josh Fields and Clayton Richard (throw in one more like Jon Link if necessary). Javy Vazquez can be used for either a reliever or top level prospects. Uribe is resigned. Toby Hall is resigned I suppose for lack of better options. Damaso Marte is given a deal if the Yanks decline his option. ( I know he isn’t popular but Marte at his absolute worst still is 199 times better than Boone Logan or Horatio Ramirez). When Contreras comes back….and he will come back… he goes into the pen in Russell or Carrasco’s spot and is also insurance for the rotation. This team will compete for the division title and the World series title. This is my current plan. If somehow you can get Brian Roberts or Ichiro…. then I will adjust accordingly. I don’t see it happening though.


Three comments.

1. Just my opinion but I don’t think the Giants will be dumb enough to move Matt Cain just for Paul Konerko. (despite what Phil Rodgers says…LOL)

2. Eric Bedard is injured and owed money. This isn’t happening unless Seattle picks up the bulk of his remaining salary.

3. Jose Contreras is done. Finished…stick a fork in him because even if he does come back from the injury, he’s how old again? And has been nothing but injured and shaky (at best) since his first lower back injury in May 2006.

Mark Liptak


If the sox eat some money on Konerko’s deal maybe the Giants will do it.

Bedard is up for arbitration this year and 2010 is his free agent season. He is on pace to be healthy for opening day. If you trade for him you are only on the books for one season if he proves he can’t pitch. His 2008 salary was 7 million which is next to nothing for a stud when he’s healthy

Contreras WILL be back. He still had life on his fastball and was pretty good for most of this season. I am not counting on him to fill a rotation spot. When he does come back mid-season he will occupy a bullpen slot and be an insurance policy. Nowhere has he hinted he is going to retire..so stop beating a dead horse. The Cuban Titan will be back at some point in 2009 and I am happy about that.

If my moves are made we will win the division hands down. If your moves of Chone Figgins and Orlando Hudson or Robinson Cano are made we will finish in 3rd place.


I’ve got no real thoughts about this off season. Whatever happens will be good for the Sox. In Kenny I trust!.

The weather must be brutal already in Idaho and Chicago for the hot stove to be fired up already. As for me, even though it only hit 75 today, we will be back in the 90’s by the weekend. Much too nice to sit around a stove and discuss what if’s. I’ll wait till it cools down here to do that…. Maybe sometime in December or January…..

Go Lip, go kitty kenwo, (didn’t you use to be on the what’s my line tv show?…. )… Go Sox’09…j.k.

Actually, jk, its been really nice here recently. Sunday it was a beautiful 82 degrees, and today it was in the 70s i believe. They’re just getting stir crazy already, i guess…

Also, did you and tq get the email invite i sent you about 2 weeks ago? Its nothing special, but lets just say…we miss you.

That was a very non-commital entry on our home page about what Kenny will be doing this upcoming offseason. But I guess that’s to be expected at this stage of the game.
Only time will tell.

Amy, thank you for your invite to your yahoo blog. I choose not to join, not because there will be “girly” stuff going on. (after all I do have a wife and three daughters, so I’m pretty used to that kind of talk). I have found that I don’t respond well to those formats though, so I will stay on Scotts blog and post occasionally here. Good luck on your blog site. Have a wonderful fall and winter and I hope to see some of you out here in the spring….. probably up in Glendale though… Go Sox’09….j.k.


The Cuban Titan is eligible for social security and has been a bad pitcher since the lower back / nerve injury suffered in May 2006. How he continues to get chances can be explained by one thing and one thing only.

He’s owed money on a contract. If not for that he would have been released a long time ago.

Ozzie himself said it was going to be very, very hard for him to come back given his age and the injury. I guess I don’t understand where the “man-love” for Jose is coming from.

Maybe I missed all those wins and the sterling ERA over the past two seasons?

And regarding speed and balance, don’t take my word for it:



Stat of the Day:

The Sox record in games when they scored two runs or less in 2008 was:


The Sox record in games when they scored two runs or less in 2005 was:


In 2005 the Sox had BALANCE… the ability to win games in different ways….a stolen base…a three run home run…a sacrifice fly.

Big BIG difference from 2008. This is what Kenny desperately needs to correct for 2009.

Mark Liptak

Dude, jk, totally understandable. I just wanted to make sure you knew what was going on and that we weren’t leaving you out.

I agree that the story was a “hold me over” article, for those of us who still check the site everyday hoping for some news…

Contreras was 7-6 with a 4.54 ERA. More than acceptable as a 4th or 5th starter in any rotation. Those numbers were even spiked up from his injuries. He was good April-June. When he comes back in June or July he will be pretty rested and ready to go for the final few months. He will provide a nice boost for the pitching staff. To say he wasn’t good at any point last year is ridiculous and you as a journalist should do better research. He was one of the Sox best pitchers the first couple months. I can’t wait til the Titan makes his re-debut sometime next summer and drops that nasty fork ball on some unsuspecting hitter.


Tell me about 2007….Kitty.

The man has had a few outstanding years with the White Sox, but his time has come because those seasons haven’t happened since the All Star Break in 2006 and he is probably older then dirt.

I’d give him (and you) the benefit of the doubt if he wasn’t 63 years old.

Time to look elsewhere.

Mark Liptak

RIP, Dodgers….

Go White Sox’09…. j.k.

What an improbable finish to that game last night. If Balfour had pitched the way he did last night, WE’D still be playing ball…. j.k.

Hi Klein! I totally agree with that assessment of last night’s game. What a comeback by the Carmines! They don’t want this thing to end, huh? I did pick Tampa and Phillies for the World Series on Sox Bloggers. I think Tampa will win. Who did you pick?

Hi Everyone,

I watched the game last night (on and off between Grey’s Anatomy and ER) and was really surprised the Bosox came back. And we know they do like to come from behind. I hope the Rays can pull off one more win. I’d like to see them in the World Series. They remind me a little of the ’05 White Sox.

JK, I’m sure you saw the article on whitesox.com, but I guess the move to Phoenix is official. I’m bummed for you!


Yeah, it kinda feels like I got kicked in the teeth by my best friend. I don’t see the Sox NOT moving, and with them there goes all spring training in Tucson. The good news: it’s only a two hour drive up I-10 for a game. I’d rather fly to Chicago!

I was all set last night to write RIP Red Sox, but I guess that will have to wait a little while longer. Later all…j.k.

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays! What a great series against Boston. That’s why we all love baseball. Sans the White Sox, I’ll root for the Rays. Something tells me though that Philly will have their number. We will see.

RIP Red Sox Nation….. Then there were two…. j.k.

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Just read where the sox signed Jayson Nix, formerly of the Rockies. He plays second base, won the job in Colorado and struggled…got demoted. He seems to be a pretty good emergency plan for second base though. Good signing I think.

Thanks for the post kenwo / kitty. I’ve been wanting to come on here myself, but since i’ve got NOTHING to say, I wanted to wait for another post first. It took one week. So, is this Nix guy going to Charlotte? or up to the Sox next year as a reserve?…. Later all…. j.k.

Here’s another move apparently:



Hi everyone,
Wanted to say Hi to everyone, wondering if anyone else is counting the minutes until March?

Congrats to the Phillies (I wanted them to win)

Yesterday, while driving the kids to school, it hit me that my Jo Jo might not be on the WS next year (even though I was so very disappointed after meeting him, he’s still my Joe) I all of a sudden got really sad, he has been with the WS for a long time, I am really gonna miss him! I’m sorry, but Josh Fields doesn’t cut it for me. Josh, you can never replace Joe! You know I will have to do a Tribute/Goodbye Video for my man!


I just read the piece about the “youth movement”. I hate youth movements. Especially when the youth in the movement is from our farm system. Looks like 2009 will be a long year with Jerry Owens, Josh Fields, Clayton Richard, Chris Getz and Brian Anderson.

If i had my way they would all be traded.

The dust hasn’t even settled from the ’08 season and already, kenwo is moaning about next year. Some things never change. No trust in Kenny. No trust in the Sox farm system. No trust in the Sox in general. Exactly why are you still a Sox fan?….. j.k.


Since when has kenny told the media what he was going to do ahead of time?

Don’t read to much into that “youth movement” garbage….all smoke and mirrors, Kenny isn’t telling anybody what his real intentions are.

Now this story in the Sun-Times, if true, IS very interesting:


Mark Liptak

I would rather have Uribe over Fields – so what, Fields had a good year in ’07 – Big Deal, beginners luck! Trade Josh to someone who needs a power hitter – defensively I would not count on him, unless we’re talking football.

I cheer for the Logo. I do not have faith in the front office of the White Sox. No matter what team they field in 2009, I will be at the game a few times a homestand- I will watch every game I am not at- I will post on this site basically every day……. Why should I be excited to see them on the day after the world series talk about a youth movement. It is depressing. It is an excuse they can give for not going after anyone of substance. I watched Josh Fields play- I don’t like him. I watched Brian Anderson play- I don’t like him. I watched Jerry Owens play- for the most part I don’t like him either. Chris Getz? No confidence in him. I do not want more than 1 of these guys starting in 2009. For once I would like to hear that Williams is planning on offering up 100 million dollar contract (to someone more deserving than Torri Hunter for goodness sake). Maybe it will still happen, but those words were not very encouraging. Why on earth should I have confidence in the white sox farm system? Every player they bring up is a disappointment. Now they are talking about playing 3 of them? Oh my…if that happens it will be a long longggggg year.

Isn’t it time for spring training yet? It is gonna be a long, cold, boring winter! I agree with you Kitty about the youth movement, but I think for different reasons. The young guys are all unfamiliar to me. Same reason I just couldn’t really watch a strange team. I don’t know the players. Brian Anderson is not Aaron Rowand, although he has grown on me! It was a BIG mistake getting rid of Rowand! Poor Josh Fields, I will NEVER like him just because he is not Joe Crede. I am a Crede nut! Although, in always looking for the positive, Crede not being on third has been a growth experience for me. I never sat anywhere other than by third base before. Without Joe there, I have tried sitting in other sections of the park and found I really liked them. Hopefully, if in fact there turns out to be a lot of young players out there in 2009, they will add a little fire back in the team. Maybe with some youthful energy, our Sox won’t be so tired by September. I certainly don’t know enough to second guess Williams, so I will just have to hope for the best.

Well, now, let’s see… what has been going on since last we spoke about three weeks ago?

Oh, yes… the World Series that FOX didn’t want occured…
Unfortunately for Madden and the young Rays, they blew their wad eliminating the BoSox… while the Fightin Phils found their second wind after dismissing Manny and the Dodgers…

And as if it wasn’t bad enough that Tampa and Philadelphia were the cities involved(not that glamorous or sexy enough for you, eh, FOX?), there had to be a cameo played by Mother Nature in the form of the suspended Game Five…

Well, as has been said many times by this correspondent…If you stick around the game of baseball long enough, you will see something that you have never seen before, and will never see again… Such was the case last week in South Philadelphia…

Let me add, though… If the forces that be knew that the weather was not going to be good, they shouldn’t have started the game in the first place… there have been games rained out before in the Series, one more wouldn’t have been anything…

But Bud and the “usual gang of idiots” at MLB had a schedule to keep… and they were determined to keep it…even if Citizens Bank Ballpark became a moat with bases, and the temperatures dropped below the Mendoza Line…

Anyway, it all worked out the best for all concerned… The Phils won the title, Fox made a slight profit out of their investment, and Bud doesn’t have anything to worry about until the GM’s get together to talk shop… or whatever comes before that…

I have been in contact with my kiddo, Kristine, DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS… and I trust that the rest of you are all behaving yourselves, and are in general good health…which is more than I can say for yours truly…Two years in a row, when the weather has started to change, my sinuses and my bronchial asthma begin to act up… joy bells and whoop-dee-doo…

As to the boys since the Series ended… no surprise that they told KG Jr “thanks for a fun September, and the best of luck to you in finding a new employer.” Let’s face it, the sands of time are quickly running through the hour glass for him… unless he wants to become the latest over priced DH… and as to Toby Hall… If they have a catcher in the system that can throw runners out and can hit decently…Mr Hall will not be missed, either…

Cleaning things up… Hey, tc… what about those Pitt Panthers last Saturday in South Bend? Wanny doing the job he didn’t do enough here in the pros against Charlie the Bartender and the Irish?… The overall college game I’ve been seeing this year so far is much more entertaining than watching the NFL… the overall enthusiasm is contagious…

Anyway, as I hack away like Pena and Longoria did during the Fall (less than) Classic, I remain…

Your obedient servant…

(70 years since “The War of the Worlds” broadcast?…Good grief… If you never heard it, you should… withe the lights on…)

Sox make a ton of minor league moves and gang some of these are very, very good.

Chambliss is one of the smartest guys around and I’ll take anybody out of the Angels system given the way they produce talent and how they play the game….not all or nothing but a superior blend of things that produce good teams.


Mark Liptak

Is that the same Chris Chambliss who played on the Yankees as well as a few other teams? He was a pretty good hitter, could be a very good hire. Can’t get any worse than it already is, right?

Just a friendly reminder to everyone to get out and rock the vote today! No matter which candidate you are in favor of, fulfill your deomcratic duty. You don’t want all us youngin’s out representing you! ๐Ÿ˜€ lol, jk!

Thanks for the shout-out Amy. I already voted this morning, and there were about 60 folks in line in front of me and the line kept filling as I moved up. This is the longest I’ve ever waited in line to vote in my ten general elections (took about 40 mins). Looks like there is a lot of interest out there. About time more than half of us exercised our priveleges/ rights….

The thing I’m happiest about… no more political commercials!…. Go White Sox ’09….j.k.


Yes it’s the same person.

He’s smart and knows hitting.


Great! He was an All-Star, won a gold glove, a few rings with the Yankees and was ROY. Sounds good to me.

Well, we now officially have a White Sox fan in the White House. Awesome!

I am so proud of America today! I am especially proud that our next President roots for OUR team!!!!!!

GREAT article everyone must read about Barack, Kenny and our very own Scott!!


Could we get a U.S. president at Blog Night 2009?????

I read that yesterday. You’re right. GREAT article! Scott, you’re daughter just might be able to participate in a pajama party at the White House! How exciting would that be?

Man, the suntimes put out mag for the Cubs magical 2008 season, how bout an edition for the Sox? Not from what I’ve seen thus far.

I just heard on the radio that Joey Cora is interviewing for the manager position in Seattle. Interesting.

Good luck to Cora. it isn’t the first time he has interviewed for a manger’s position but I think he has a good shot at this one.

I got my Soxfest hotel package today. Can’t wait. always a good time…..anyone else going? maybe you can buy me a beer or two there๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks for the year Swish. It was fun while it lasted.

Boy what a terrible acquisition Swisher was. Personally I would have liked to have let him try again in 09…..but I understand trading him. However, you receive 2 low level minor league prospects and Wilson Betemit? You traded your top prospects for this guy last winter. Talk about selling low. I don’t like it unless it is a precursor to other moves. Bad start to the offseason.

Top prospects in the White Sox minor leagues do not really equate to top prospects around the league. It’s not like Gio, Sweeney and whomever else are lighting the league on fire either.

Does anyone know when Sox Fest tickets will go on sale without hotel packages?? Or why they insist to sell them that way.

I did love the article about Obama and the Sox, and enjoy seeing him wearing his Sox hat in a lot of photos.

I’m definitely Sad to see Swisher go, but hopefully we found more quality pitching.

Let’s see how everything shakes out. I agree that Gio and Sweeney were not the top prospects in the system last year. Gio may still do well but that remains to be seen. Sweeney is a nice young player but it was worth a shot getting a veteran like Swisher. In spite of his poor numbers this season, Swish did get some of the biggest hits of the year. The grand slam against the 3-and-outs from the North Side may have been one of the most exciting plays of the season.

Interesting quote from Girardi. He calls Swisher a “patient” hitter. Indeed he was. He “patiently” looked at more strike threes than Charlie Brown this past year!

All I can say is – WTF Kenny????

Are you freaking kidding me – I know rumors are rumors – shopping Jenks and Dye?? – trading Swish for someone with a lower average than Uribe – why wouldn’t you just resign Uribe? Atleast his defense was good!

I don’t like any of this!

I cannot handle all this change –

Oh, one more thing-


Relax Jen, the off-season is in its infancy. The only change so far is trading Swisher. Let Kenny work for the whole winter and then go off the edge!!!

Geez, you haven’t been this worked up since Carson’s stop selling your favorite piece of support apparel.

You know what –
I miss my bra sooooooo much – the new ones aren’t that good – my motto – why change when it’s already good?

I took up sewing, maybe I’ll just sew me up a new one!
The beds are too hard to do in the winter, so I am teaching myself sewing. I started making clothes for my little girl. It’s fun!

Now to the WS – Swish wasn’t around that long – the trade was useless – just like when KW traded for Griffey – why trade nothing for nothing (not saying Swish was nothing – but we didn’t NEED him – we needed pitching – same goes for Griffey – we didn’t NEED him, we needed pitching.

Not having Crede will be like getting rid of Rowand –
I will miss him (Crede) just as much as I miss my bra!

Who will be next?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have a first.

Granted, I have not read every blog by a baseball fan that exists in this world (if I had, I would have killed myself a long time ago), but this is one for the books.

Jen’s last comment — the one about missing Crede — marks the first time a fan has ever said that a player will be missed “just as much as I miss my bra.”

Quaid, you have your work cut ourtfor you trying to come up with a better quip than that. And she didn’t even need to pull out the old thesaurus to come up with the comment.

This is a unique baseball fans’ blog. My guess is that the most referred to piece of personal clothing during the 2008 championship season was not a baseball cap, nor a pair of spikes. Not even a cup or a jockstrap. No, only on the Inside the White Sox board do you get to read about bras — whether they are being purchased, removed or — in this case — missed.

Will this remain a hot topic during the Hot Stove League season?????

TC –
It’s not something to be made fun of – I really, really, really WANT my old bra back!! I would do almost anything to have it back – you have know idea what it’s like to have something so comfortable, so reliable, so pleasing to the eye AND make your boobs look really good in and out of shirts!

Same goes with Crede – except for the making boobs look good!

I will never get over it – there will never be a good enough replacement for my Lilyette, just like their will never be a good enough replacement for my main man. It hurts!

Do you know all the things I need to change when Crede goes on another team? Alot – my cell phone wallpaper, my myspace wallpaper, my bedroom wallpaper (just kidding on the bedroom, just making sure you were paying attention)

I will always hold a big space in my heart for Crede and my Lilyette! They will be missed soooo much!

If anyone out there knows where I can get a Lilyette 955, 34DD or 36D (I am pretty sure I have said my bra size before on here, I don’t care what anyone thinks, this is a very serious issue) I can be flexible on the sizes (that’s funny!) PLEASE if anyone can get me 1 or 2 or 20, anything, let me know, I’ll trade you an autographed pic of Swish (just kidding on that one, unless you have like 10 of them)
Seriously, I will pay for them.

Everyone GO!
GO look for my bra!!
Lilyette 955

Something funny, when you Google search Lilyette 955 – 8 down – my comment on this blog shows up – my boobs are famous!!

“Same goes with Crede – except for the making boobs look good!”

I don’t know about that. Joe made Uribe look pretty god at short for a few years!!!!

(That, my friends, was way to easy to resist. er, I mean the comment about Crede and boobs, not you Jen!)

There you guys go again…making me laugh until my sides hurt!

Jen, you might have to just let it go, sister! Your Lilyette is gone and your Crede will soon be as well. I’m so sorry for your loss but as I have heard many times before….time heals all wounds. Good luck with that.

I agree that I don’t think we got enough for Swish. No he wasn’t always productive, but at least he had a shot of doing something good with each at bat. To trade him for “prospects” is a gamble because you never really know what you have until the pre-season starts. Uribe is a free agent this year right? What’s going to happen with him? I say we keep him for 3rd base until someone proven becomes avaible. We still have time for that though.

You guys are nuts!

You guys are nuts!

I went to this years blog night and had a great time. I felt like we had backstage passes before the game. I’ll be there next year for sure and hope to meet some of you then.


Where can i get a pair of Wilson Betemit’s magic goggles????

Larry, is that you? Nice to hear from you after …. forever…. Hey, hey, join the rest of us and get into the spirit of blogging. It was great meeting you on Blog III and I look forward to another one sometime in the future….. j.k. ( aka your next door seat mate)….. I had a lot of fun too…. My first november…. Go Sox ’09… j.k.

P.S. Jen… I wore a bra once… I think it was in fifth grade for Halloween ( my cross-dressing experience for this lifetime)…. As I recall, my mother’s supporter was comfortable…. but I don’t remember the brand name… SORRY!. I will try to channel the Bra Guru to see if he can reconnect with that time…. It was only about 40 years ago.

Wait… I think it’s coming through…. Yes! I can see it clearly now… I wore a …. Damn!!! It’s dinner time and I lost the Guru feed… Maybe I wore a pair of those goggles that kitty-kenwo was talking about…. later all… Go Kenny and (number two)…. Go Sox ’09… j.k.

White Sox claimed Kelvim Jimenez off waivers from Toronto today. Not sure how I feel about adding another pitcher with a 6. something ERA to the staff. Come on Kenny pick up someone worth while, not another person you think you can be a work in progress.

Greetings fellow bloggers! Long time, no type.

I just read that a Japanese pro team has drafted a female pitcher who may end up playing professional baseball and the first thing I thought of was Steve Stone answering another young woman’s questions about girls playing baseball during Blog Night. Now, I’ve heard he can predict things during a game, but . . .

Pretty amazing stuff!

Have a happy Turkey day (for those of you who celebrate)!

I read that the Scrubs are trying to get Jake Peavy. Why doesn’t Kenny try to get him? He had a 2.85 era this year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

It’s official now ( and no surprise). The Sox will be in Glendale as of today… RIP White Sox in Tucson. It was great!! while it lasted. I may have to drive up to Phx to see a game this spring… Maybe even play a round of golf with Marie and Pat?….

Anyway, It’s a sad day for me, but Go Sox ’09… j.k.

John: Sorry at your loss. You and the rest of Tucson have been terrific hosts during our visits there. We’ll always have fond memories of the games, the food, the hiking, and the potty-mouth golf! Pat and I are already laying plans for a Glendale trip, so if you’re willing to make the trek up to Phoenix, Pat and I will treat you (and your Pat) to a game and a round of golf. Can’t beat that!

Jen: I’m on a quest for you, but so far, haven’t had much luck. If you’re looking for a great substitute, try Chantelle. Best I ever had. Pricey, but worth every penny, especially if you’re overly blessed. :o)

This is a bit of old news, but remember Man Soo Lee? As you may know, he returned to Korea two years ago to coach one of their pro teams. Well, turns out his team, the SK Wyverns, won the Korean Championship again this year. That’s 2 years in a row. Way to go, Hulk!

Hope everyone else is doing well. I really miss baseball. Even before I felt that 18 degree windchill today, I missed baseball. At my son’s school concert tonight, they sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. Brought a smile to my face. March can’t come soon enough.

Thanks Maria for the comments. If you can believe what was written we have a real good signing. The comments from that Trib article was head shaking though. A few years ago EVERYBODY insisted that we resign Paulie, and we did. Ever since though it seems that everybody can’t wait to get rid of him….. Go Figure!.

I saw Fields at third in the spring last year and he WAS brutal. But he was also still injured if what I read is accurate. Let’s not be so quick to dismiss his potential, AND don’t be too quick to move him to first base.

In Kenny I trust….. Go Sox ’09…. j.k.

Welcome Dayan. If he can be half of what TCQ and Alexei were their first years with the club, it will be worth it. This seems to be one of those moves by Kenny that won’t make too much national news, but could be a big signing in the end.

Love this pickup. And I agree with kr-trepac, a really stealth move by Kenny that won’t get much attention but could turn out to be a major move. Time will tell but I very much like what I’ve read about this kid Viciedo. Bravo Kenny keep up the good work…and good riddance to Swisher.

Hello, again, everybody…

Well, let’s see what has happened since last I wrote three weeks ago…

The boys cut loose of KG Jr… no surprise… I seriously think that he should take the “baseball ambassador” post that Secretary of State Rice named him to and make that his full time position until Cooperstown calls in 2014…

Swisher is gone… as I texted Kristine DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS when the deal was done… he belongs to the “what have you done for us lately?” club… and Ozzie himself said pretty much the same thing in a Q & A session with Dave Van Dyck in today’s Tribune (bottom of Pg 8)sports section… right after all the coverage of Da Bears, Da Bulls and Da Hawks… who, BTW, are the best story thus far this fall/winter…

Let’s see, what else???

Oh, yes… belated congratulations to Senator Obama on his election to the highest office in the land…

As soon as his speech was made in Grant Park, I had a thought which I proposed to Maria and Kristine… to the tune of “Wouldn’t it be something if we petitioned Scott and Brooks Boyer to make the invitation to the President-elect to throw out the first ball on Opening Day next year at the Cell?”…

I was so proud of myself for thinking that way… until the very next day when I heard that Kenny had “sabotaged” my plan by extending the invite already… I already was in a down funk by other things ongoing and not going… and figured that this was just another case of my being “a day late and a dollar short.”…

Then I woke up and said to myself “You DUMMY, you… Kenny has probably known the Senator for many years…and so he had every right to extend the invitation.”After all, he is the GM of the club, while you are… a nobody… just another piece of silver and black flotsam and jetsam in the sea of life which is White Sox Universe…”

So now what since then…

Well, tc and I are very, very happy over a certain South Bend, Indiana football factory who has rumbled, fumbled and stumbled their way out of a bowl bid…(Losing to USC?…expected… losing to the ‘Cuse?… PRICELESS…)

And I also see, tc, that Queen Jennifer the First of Crown Point is back in rare form in her uplifting search for a garment which will help her “keep abreast” of things(that pun’s for you, tc…)

My wish is that 1) this damned weather would cooperate and assist me in getting rid of my chronic bronchitis and my cough… 2) that the new young Cuban find that Kenny made can be as good as Alexi was this past season… 3) that Mark Liptak has a sucessful season following and chronicalling the exploits of the Idaho State women’s basketball team on the radio… 4) that MLB not be able to make up their minds regarding a new owner for the Flubs and making the Tribune keep them that much longer (vindictive little bugger, ain’t I?)… and 5) that all of you ou there in WS Universe have a safe, happy and blessed Thanksgiving… but watch out for the triptothane… which woukld put you to sleep faster that watching Vazquez try to pitch…

A Happy, Safe, and Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and all of the Sox organization. I am thankful for our success of 2008 and hopefully we build on it in 2009. (Although from all of the trade reports it doesn’t sound like it but we will see….plus that is a subject for tomorrow). For today, enjoy the holiday!


Liptak prob already knows about it, but i found this praising little paragraph in WSI’s Top 10 things after 10 years article:

“Contributors to WSI have been conducting interviews on behalf of the website since 2000. I was simply thrilled to interview Lorelei, WLUP’s rock ‘n’ roll siren of the past, about the fateful night of Disco Demolition. However the real hero of the seemingly-endless series of exclusive WSI interviews is Mark Liptak. Mark has a genuine love for the Sox and the material he covers in his interviews with Sox ballplayers and executives draws heavily from his deep knowledge of the team’s history and the sport more generally. These interviews are especially noteworthy because nowhere on the internet would a wider group of interested readers of Mark’s subject be able to catch up with Sox legends we all remember. These interviews are a big part of what makes WSI special.”

Don’t dump on him next time he throws out stats. He’s famous (but we all knew that)!


Yes I saw it, I’ve already thanked George for his kind words.


On another note Vazquez and head case Boone Logan are on their way to the Braves for three prospects according to numerous sources.

Kenny continues to clear out payroll which is good…now the Sox better start signing some PROVEN MLB talent otherwise next season could be as bas as 2007.

I understand you have to “get younger” sooner or later but if you are going to “rebuild” have the guts to say so now BEFORE folks start plunking down big money on season tickets.

Don’t try to pull a fast one one Sox fans about “contending” with a bunch of kids and no-names.

Mark Liptak

Hey, Mark! Nice article! I will try to be more contrite in dealing with your seeming naysaying ways…. Nah, probably not….

I do agree with you about the “R” word though. If it looks like rebuilding and sounds like rebuilding, and even smells a little like rebuilding, isn’t it ACTUALLY rebuilding????

We all would like to have more young talent like Q and Floyd and Danks, but for every winner there are at least 10, 20, 30, losers…

I still trust in Kenny, but I’d feel much better with another QUALITY starting pitcher in our fold, and go from there…. In any event, Go Sox ’09…. j.k.

Can’t say I am sorry to see Javy (Good Riddnace) and Logan go to Atlanta. Lillibridge and Flowers are both great prospects and we gave up little to get them. Go Sox!

With the departure of Vazquez and Logan, I see where KW has followed the very top rule of Quaid’s Trade Policy…

Which is… When you trade a pitcher or a position player who has been a bust or a major disappointment… make sure that you trade said player OUT of the league you’re in, to a team that you have no chance of playing… so that said player cannot come back and bite you on the *** at a time when you can least afford it… such as in a pennant race, or when you are close to wrapping up a title… because the player would like nothing better than to f*+k up your chances, due to spite… either minimal of maximum…

And this is, perhaps, the first of many moves that will be made, especially since the Winter Meetings come up beginning Monay next week in Slot Machine City… a.k.a. Las Vegas… where, I am sure, some of the participants in this exercise(except for the author of this piece)have gone to visit their money…

I take money home from Vegas when I go. Damn i wish i went more often!

hate to see Javy go, i hope kenny knows what he’s doin๐Ÿ™‚

Yeah, right!

Goodbye ’05, ’06, ’07, ’08 White Sox:(

Hello ’09 White Sox (not a warm welcome/hello – cold, very, very cold)

I am glad that Vazquez is gone. Now I just wish we could trade Thome and Konerko. I would like to get some young fast guys that do more than hit HRs. Merry Chirstmas all!!!!!

yah thats just what we need. A track team. That will win us a lot of baseball games!

blakeheem: What I would like to see in the ’09 White Sox is a combination of speed and guys who hit the HR’s and set the scoreboard off… not just ploughhorses who can barely manage to make station to station… and with the speed would come smarts on the diamond… guys who can look at the situation and decide for themselves what to do if a situation comes up…

And for some historical perspective, just think of this, those of you who may have relatives still around who went through this horror… Tomorrow is the 67th anniversary to the day of “the date which will live in infamy”…the attack on Pearl Harbor…

So as you’re going about your roles tomorrow, give a moment to consider yourself blessed that you are in a country that defends you so well that there has only been one attack since that date… and, with the grace of the Almighty and the continuing vigilance of the armed forces, no more…

Which leaves us able to concentrate on any deals which may come out of Vegas two days from now…

And as far as failure to make a deal is concerned, woudln’t that be a case of “What doesn’t happen in Vegas, stays in Vegas?”

Hey Kitty, in case you don’t remember the Sox won in ’05 by moving runners over and stealing bases combined with timely HRs. Since then they have hit a lot of HRs but not much else. They will not win the WS again if they keep a bunch of old guys who only hit HRs.
Have a Merry Christmas TQ!!


Congrats to you on the winning of your award. Have a good holiday season.

Mark Liptak

Congrats Scott!! You certainly deserve it for all the hard work you do! Enjoy the rest of Vegas, and Go Sox ’09!

Congratulations Scott on winning the Robert O. Fishel Award.

Thanks again for all your work you do to keep this blog alive too!


I just heard about you award at the Winter Meeting in Las Vegas.
Congrats on it and hope you see continued success both online and in your life.

You make all of us who write know that recognition is only a word away.
Happy Holidays and again…………..fantastic news about your award.

Rays Renegade


Congratulations, Scott, on the Fishel award! Happy holidays to all my blog buddies and good friends!


Pretty good column summing up the questions and wonderments of a lot of Sox fans right now:


Mark Liptak

While I dislike the word and the intention, I give props to Ozzie for having the guts and the honesty to say it.

Now at least Sox fans can make their own decisions regarding the financial amount they wish to spend on this team this season.


Mark Liptak

The headline read, ” Sox re-invest saved payroll to sign Viciedo”. Let’s look at that comment. With Swisher, Javy and Cabrera moving out the Sox are saving in the neighborhood of $18 million this coming year. They are spending $1.5 on the Kid. At least Lip’s forwarded article mentioned that Ozzie used the R word.

Now rebuilding may not be a bad thing as long as the players we have are capable of competing at the major league level. That is the Question for me. Can the guys mentioned as probable starters at their positions, compete at that level? Only time will tell, but as Lip points out, at least the Sox fan can use his judgement on how much to spend on the product on the field.

I have it easier out here. I will spend about $25 a month on MLB. tv for every game. Whether I watch all those games WILL depend on these new guys and especially 40% of our pitching staff, and how it performs.

I hope all of you out there have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. Make it a safe and prosperous Holiday season….. Go White Sox ’09…. j.k.


Good seeing you post again. Hope all is warm and well in Tucson.

I think Ozzie made the “rebuilding” comment only because he had heard the media guys incessantly use the word and it just came out.

What the Sox are doing right now is NOT rebuilding. IN order to rebuild, you have to get rid of something that you have had for a long time, right? What have the Sox gotten rid of? A .500 pitcher that was awful down the stretch and an outfielder that hit .220 and pouted because he lost his starting position to a future Hall of Famer for the final few weeks of the season.

Those two along with a veteran utility infielder who, I must admit, saved our *** last year at 3B and made two incredible plays to end the greatest season of baseball in Chicago since 1917, are really the only significant losses. I don’t count Crede since he was essentially lost at mid-season last year and really was “lost” when he first opted for the back surgery in the middle of ’07.

I would hardly call replacing those players a case of “rebuilding.”

Looks like you will have to make the trek north to Glendale on weekends this spring. Ozzie, apparently, will be looking for some guys to hang out with since he is “unhappy” that his wife will be coming down every weekend!!!!

Why have I not heard anything about the Sox resigning Bobby Jenks? Anyone know what they ended up doing with him or did they let him go to arbitration?


Naturally the key word here is “time.”

It’s only mid-December and we have no way of knowing what the final roster will look like come mid February but as of right now, (again that’s a key phrase) when you still don’t have a leadoff man, have serious, major questions / issues at 2nd base, 3rd base, center field and perhaps most importantly 40% of your starting rotation…..that’s called “rebuilding.”

Actual “contending” teams don’t that that number of question marks.

Again that may change over time, we’ll have to see but I’m deeply concerned right now. ESPECIALLY with the starting pitching (or lack of it)

Yes Vazquez was a head case and a .500 pitcher. But he gave you 200 innings a year, helped save wear and tear on the bullpen and at least knew where the pitching mound was. Not sure I can make that claim for Richard and the no-name they got from the Yankees.

Mark Liptak

With apologies to Clayton C. Moore….

‘Twas the month ‘fore Spring Training and all through the land, every Sox fan was nervous, wondering what was at hand.

The plans were all laid out with speed from new men,
In hopes we’d once again reach the promised land.

We Fans were well rested and dreaming of glory from what surely must be a great ’09 story.

And Oz with his mouth closed and Ken with his map, had just settled down to a week with no flap,
When what should arise but a bone of contention. Had nothing to do with our Club, but came from the Gov’s mansion.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow laid bare the problems that came from below,(Springfield).
But hope sprang eternal to my wondering eyes,
When again I thought of Springtime and my hopes soared on high.

Now Thome, now Paulie, now Jermaine and Buehrle,
On ‘Lexei, on Quentin, on G. Floyd and Pierzynski, to the top of the standings to the top of the league, Oh what the heck, let’s just win it all!

And then in a twinkling it came to me clear.
Our Boys would go only so far as their arms!

With only Three starters proven to battle next year, I shuddered to think that all might be for naught. But then I remembered Kenny’s still not quite done, so I calmed myself down to a mild little hmmmm.

His eyes how they twinkled!, His head nodding how droll. We all just knew that he’s nobody’s fool. He will fix us for sure, for better or worse. Al least there’s no foolish Animal’s curse.
To do our team harm in the way that most matters,
When our team does battle the Northside’s huge purse.

So with wish-lists unfilled and all of us hoping, we must cross our fingers or we’ll all just be moping,
But at this time of year I think you all will agree that with Kenny and Ozzie keeping the ball in sight,we WILL have a season to remember, so to all a good night.

Lame, yes, but read between the lines and accept my wishes for a Happy holiday season to all….. j.k.

Hello my name is Kirk and my mother in law Kay has been a loyal White Sox fan since 1901(only kidding). She has a wall in home that is filled with Sox memories that she calls the Sox Wall of Fame. Anyway this week were told by her doctor that she has only a few weeks to maybe a few months to live. Kay’s last wish is to be cremated and spread on the home field. I know this request is something out of the ordinary but for a truly devoted fan at least her knowing this would happen would bring some joy into her final days. I am imploring you to have this request fullfilled. It would not be a circus but just something private. Can you please let me know who I could speak to? Best regards, Kirk Barlett

jk – I love it!

kvbart, so truly sorry for your mother-in-law’s illness. Any time of year is tragic, but I’m sure at the holidays, it must be hard.

Happy Holidays to all my fellow bloggers!! I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!



You might want to contact Scott directly or perhaps Brooks Boyer. Both can be reached at the White Sox offices.

The general phone number is: 312-674-1000

Mark Liptak

I love it JK!!!
Happy Holidays fellow bloggers. May the new year bless you all with health, happiness, and another championship!!


I understand your concern. But the questions/concerns you raise are almost identical to what they were a year ago. And the Sox still managed to win a division that was supposed to be won by Detroit last December.

Leadoff hitter? Didn’t have one last winter, still don’t this winter.

3B? Crede was uncertain after surgery and most people thought it would be Fields but were praying that he would improve defensively. This year, Crede is gone and again the job is there for Fields, if he is ready.

2B? Last year we thought it was probably going to be the kid Richar or, if necessary, the shortstop from the previous few years that most people couldn’t wait to get rid of (including me, I must say) during the ’07 season. Remember, Alexei was not even a thought as a regular at 2B at this time a year ago.

CF? It was supposed to be Owens then and it is supposed to be Owens (or maybe Anderson) now. Still a big question mark.

The rotation? Last year 4 slot were pretty well set with Floyd at No. 5 and an unproven commodity. This year, three are relatively set since Contreras is hurt and Vazquez is gone. But young arms are in the picture and it was the young arms (Danks and Floyd) that came through last year.

As Yogi Berra might say, it is deja vu all over again.

Kenny still has time to make moves and most likely will. But I see no reason to panic at this point. Sure, I’m concerned. You have to be concerned. Even the Phillies are concerned. But Kenny is paid to acquire the talent and Ozzie and the staff are paid to put the lineup together. I trust them to find ways to make the Sox a contender again in ’09.

It’s not “rebuilding,” its more like “still under construction.” It was never built in the first place.

JK – Love the poetry, and many happy holiday wishes to you and all my blog buddies! Stay safe, keep warm, share the love, and trust that Spring Training will come๐Ÿ™‚

Best to all,

I think there is something in ashes that can harm the field. Maybe they could allow spreading of ashes in the dirt infield.

Loved your poem JK!!!
Happy Holidays to All!

JK, the poem was supurb!! A very Merry Merry to everyone! Enjoy whatever time you have off, and remember how much you loved all this snow when you were a kid!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And to Sox fans everywhere…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hopefully Kenny wakes-up and realizes that as it stands right now, he’s got a 75 win team.

Mark Liptak

First off, I trust that everyone in White Sox Universe had a good Christmas… and that you remembered the TRUE meaning of the celebration…

Politically incorrect joke about the “star” of Christmas day…

It turns out that Jesus was actually Irish…

Connect all the facts… He didn’t really have any specific job, he was 33 years old and still lived with his parents… what other nationality COULD he be?

Okay, now that the “Bad Taste Hour” is over, let’s get onto the purpose which has put this site in the MLBlogs “Top 100” (like to know exactly WHAT numeric position we’re in on the list…)

The sports sections have had their pages filled the last few weeks with the spending spree that the Yank-mes have been on, siging C.C. Sabathia, AJ Burnett and Mark Teixeira to contracts…

Well, goody-goody for them…

That gives me even more hope that they finish exactly where they wound up in the AL East this past season…which, if you’ll recall, was third place…

Why do I wish them this ill will, you ask?


First off, they are representative of the greed and the audacity that befalls the entire city of New York… where the financial institutions go belly up and the federal government has to “rescue” them with bailouts…

Secondly, as I have said before, I have yet to see a checkbook step into a batter’s box or on a pitcher’s mound to win a championship…

Thirdly, what they do is read by the “great unwashed” who say, quite loudly at times, “Why can’t our team do the same thing that the Yankees do? They’re just not trying.”

To which I reply, in the deathless phrase of Colonel Sherman T Potter of M*A*S*H*…

Horse hockey…

At this time, every team in MLB is trying, in their own ways,to put together a competitive organization that will be worthy of their fans support…

Lip says that Kenny should realize that the White Sox are no better than a 75 win team at this time…

How many wins do the other teams have right now?

It don’t mean a thing until the middle of February when everyone convenes in Florida and Arizona to put together the battle plan for the ’09 season…

And it is possible, isn’t it, for said 75 win team to wake up and say, as a unit, “We’ll show all of you people. those who believe and those who doubt, that we can come together and be a winner all year long. And if we do that, those doubters should be awfully quiet when eating their words.”

That is my fervent wish for ’09… as far as baseball goes…

To the rest of you, including the Longfellow of Tucson, I hope that the end of ’08 is safe and sane for all… and that the start of ’09 is likewise…

By the way, jk…

The original author of “The Night Before Christmas” was CLEMENT Moore…

CLAYTON Moore was the Lone Ranger…

You just KNEW that I had to author the correction. didn’t you?

tc… Going off the baseball board for a nanosecond…

I hope that what transpired in Hawaii on Xmas Eve didn’t spoil your holiday… what with Charlie the Bartender’s squad FINALLY winning a bowl game…

The subway alumni got so excited that they dropped the buckets of hot tar and the bag of feathers that they had waiting for him when he returned to South Bend…


I hope I do “eat my words” but when the projected back end of the rotation is Richard and some cast off from the Yankees you have reason to worry… A LOT.

That’s not even getting into the fact that the Sox still don’t have a lead off man, a center fielder, a second baseman and
maybe even a third baseman.

Last I looked the faithful have supported the Sox greatly since the start of the 2006 season…three of the highest attendance figures in franchise history….seems to me they deserve a touch more then a lame excuse for “rebuilding”, especially coming off an 89 win, divisional winning season don’t ya think?

I fully expect one or two of these “kids” to do OK, nothing spectacular, just OK, but the law of averages says the rest will probably fall flat on their faces. That doesn’t bode well does it?

But hey if you want to go through another 2007, that’s your business.


I personally have nothing but respect and admiration for the Yankees. They play to win…first, last, always…making money is lower on their totem pole. (I submit that if you win you’ll make tons of money but that’s just me.)

They’ve never forgotten that the first rule of professional sports is to win and again personally I love to see the Sox have a stretch of 13 post season spots in 14 years. And I’d love to see the Sox consider an 89 win season “a failure” as many Yankee fans considered last season. (Interesting isn’t it how the Sox consider their 89 win season a success but the Yanks with the same number of wins are moving heaven and earth to better that. Not saying the Sox shouldn’t consider the season a success, I do…I just find the different perspectives interesting…)

And for those you say “well the Yankees have all the advantages” That’s true….RIGHT NOW…but they didn’t ALWAYS have those advantages. In the mid 1960’s they were a joke…in the late 80’s / early 90’s Steinbrenner was openly talking about moving the team to N.J. because they couldn’t draw squat (and I have the video to prove that point. Sox games in N.Y. where there was absolutely NO ONE in the lower decks in left and right field…I’m talking about NONE.)

Steinbrenner took one final gamble in the mid 90’s, he spent money…and won, and won…and won some more. Suddenly the fans were back in droves, their advertising and marketing revenue went up, their radio and TV deals multiplied…..suddenly they had more money then God. (Which again proves the old business adage, to make money you spend money. Not cut payroll.)

Lastly it’s really ironic that Kenny himself was quoted many times directly right before 2005 and shortly afterwards about (paraphrasing) ‘badly wanting to win so that the Sox would draw more, which would allow more money to go into the payroll…which would get you better talent, which would lead to more winning and so forth.’ A self sustaining cycle.

He never said “the Yankee way” but that’s EXACTLY what he was talking about and you know what? IT WAS WORKING.

The Sox won in 2005…in 2006 they drew almost three million fans, TV ratings were higher then the Cubs for the first time in twenty years (according to a column by Ed Sherman in the Tribune) and they were coming off seasons of 99 and 90 wins.

Then came 2007 and Kenny’s complete 180, abandoning that “philosophy” when he went to the winter meetings.

Well we’ll see what happens the final two months of the off season, maybe some talent will be so hard up to strike a deal, they’ll take the Sox lower offer just to have a job…I hope so.

I also know this, if Kenny stays true to his word, this will be the biggest gamble of his entire G.M. career with the Sox because of the potential to completely blow up in his face (for the second time in three years) and forfeit all of the gains built up from 2005, 2006 and 2008.

Happy New Year eh?

Mark Liptak

Mark Liptak

And on a different note…Sox fans of a certain generation might remember this guy:


Mark Liptak

Leave it to Liptak to try to depress us all one day after Christmas. Sorry, Mark, I will not allow myself to reach such low levels of depression as we approach the New Year. My judgments will be made after training camp. The folks who made their judgments last December had the Tigers running way with the Division and the Tribe the only ones within earshot of them.

And TQ, about the underachieving bunch from northern Indiana . . . . . . I think that you, me, jk, kenwo and 7 beer vendors from the Cell — with Liptak calling the game from the radio booth (with a negative slant, of course) — could have beaten Hawaii on that Christmas Eve night. Me thinks the Rainbow Warriors were still trying to live off that near-perfect campaign of 2007 when they actually beat somebody on the mainland.

First – I will just say your welcome now (for making the Blog in the top 100) You all know that before I started posting it was lame – but now everybody comes back to read my crazy stories! LOL

Speaking of my crazy stories – I have a few I need to share, but it will have to wait until tomorrow – I am going to bed now!

I am disgusted with the Yankees – the way the economy is right know – housing, businesses going bankrupt, stock market, etc…
I think its kind of a slap in the face – come on, does someone really need that much money? And to offer that much money? It’s disgusting – all the Americans losing their jobs or wondering if they’ll have a job next week – it just seems like the wrong time for the Yanks to show their wealth – why couldn’t they take half of that money and give it to some of the good people out their who are ready to lose everything – think about all the people they could help.
I think it’s really disgusting!!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


History shows that in bad economic times, “entertainment” (or escapism if you will) does very well. That’s why I question those in MLB and with the Sox who are projecting “bad times”.

While some are saying those things (and in the Sox case apparently projecting them on to this season’s payroll) Proud To Be Your Bud is loudly “crowing” on more then one occasion, about MLB now being a 6 1/2 Billion dollar industry, which is NFL territory.

If that’s true then I wonder where all the money is going?

The Yankees are a business…businesses are not in the habit of giving money away although many teams in MLB support and work with local charities. I don’t think the Yanks or any other athletic team should be singled out, for want of a better word, for not doing enough to help the “needy.”

My attitude is when Tom Cruise (for example) gives half the money he earns on a movie to charity or when U2 or any musical group does the same, then maybe I’ll agree with your comments. It’s unfair to single out athletic teams when there are plenty of other entities making money hand over foot who appear to be doing far less to help their “communities.” (Is Beverly Hills a community – LOL)

As far as someone really needing all that money. Well to you and me there is no practical difference between 100 million and 180 million but when you have beaten odds of 100,000 to one to get to the very top of your profession, drive and ego come into play. Like it on not with these guys (and any top professional) they have those qualities in spades…that’s partially why they got themselves in that position in the first place. So I understand why it’s important to them.

Also here’s something that may shock you. As of right now, the Yankees projected payroll for this season is 14 million LESS then in 2008. They had a ton of contracts coming off the books. Smart planning on their part with even more next season too.



Glad to see nothing has changed with you too. Keep smiling buddy!

Again we’ll see what happens in two months. Remember I wrote perhaps veteran players looking for work will take whatever the Sox are willing to offer just to have a job. BUT Kenny has been pretty consistent in his comments and he may be serious this time.

I hope to God not but we’ll see. As of right now, December 27th, with all the serious question marks, I stand by my comments.

Mark Liptak


First off, may the ’09 part of the season bring much better results to the Idaho State women’s basketball program…and much more pleasurable times and broadcasts for the PBP guy… someone you know very well…

Secondly, with regards to the Yankees… I agree that from 1965 through 1975, when CBS owned the club(buying them out from Dan Topping and Del Webb),through the first three seasons of the Steinbrenner saga, there were not many happy times in the South Bronx… for which a lot of people were very, very happy… for as we know, payback can be a real b**ch… and the Yankees organization had, at that time, some four decades of smugness to answer for…

As for the statement “making money is lower on their totem pole.”… as the late Johnny Carson would say to Ed Mc Mahon… “You are WRONG, profit-and-loss breath.”

I would imagine that it must gall the Steinbrenners to have to be the only MLB franchise to have to pay the other franchises the luxury tax which they do… considering that they think of themselves, as do their fans, as the ONLY MLB franchise worth anything… and a franchise that feels that post seasons and championships are a BIRTHRIGHT, not a priveledge(sic)…

Now, did you ever consider that it may not have been Kenny’s “philosophy” that changed, but, perhaps,that of the guy who signs the checks?… a.k.a. the Chairman of the Board?

Just a thought…

As to your predictions, thoughts, feelings, etc. … You are, as always, entitled to those said thoughts… as is anyone else…


I will prefer to wait until the tail end of Spring Training ’09 before I make my predictions about where the team will be for the regular season…

Early speculation, as is the modus operandi (sorry about that, Queen Jennifer and Prince Dan, there in the kingdom of Crown Point… I just HAD to use Latin to describe why things are done the way they’re done… forgive me, PLEASE?)of the baseball publications… leads to knee-jerk reactions about the futures of franchises for the upcoming season…

I much more prefer to see how things go along before the bell rings for realsies(a Farmerism)before I make my choices and think about how many wins a team will have…

But that’s just me…

Once again, to all of White Sox Universe… for all you have meant to moi this year, much thanks… let’s think about doing it all over again next year…

And yes, Mark… I have very fond memories of Stan Bahnsen… and what he and Wilbur Forrester Wood meant to the White Sox in the early ’70’s…

My fondest memory is one observation expressed at least once in each of Bahnsen’s starts, so it seemed, by that “paragon of objectivity”, Harry Caray…

The observation?…

“You know what it’s going to say on his tombstone? Three and two.”… meaning, of course, his struggle with control…

Ah, those were the days…


It obviously doesn’t gall them enough to stop spending enough to have to pay the tax does it?

And you’re right, it’s very possible JR told Kenny that trying in their own way to “emulate” the Yankee idea for success had reached an end. In fact I wouldn’t put it past anyone that this is in fact what happened, but I have no proof other then Kenny’s comments about the “price” of pitching at the 07 winter meetings which prompted the philosophical change.

Obviously JR doesn’t believe in paying big money for the most important aspect in MLB today.

Best guess was that the change was done because of input from both men.

Mark Liptak

I was going to write a response to Liptak’s latest post, but after reading tq’s poetic prose, I forgot whatever it was I was going to say!!! Of course, nothing we say in December has any relevance by the time spring training starts anyway. Kenny has two months left before he gives Ozzie his toys to play with in Glendale so I will give him that time.

And tq, if what I read online today in the Chicago Irish-une is true, you and I and millions of other college football fans need not waste our time watching the lads play next fall. Apparently, after walking all over a barely-average Hawaii team in the Islands a few nights ago, the road to the BCS title game in 09-10 goes right past Touchdown Jesus.

Let’s see if the old guy (2009 and counting) can stick that foot out from the statue and “trip up” all visitors to the “Shrine” next fall. Of course the first foe is that college football powerhouse known as the University of Nevada.

All I can say, and feel free to join me tq, is “Go Wolfpack!!!!!”

And one last question tq, which nine losses did you actually find more enjoyable??? The nine straight post-season losses suffered in the last few years by the baseball team located on the North Side or the nine setbacks (most of them butt-whippings) that the school in South Bend endured on the gridiron in 2007?

For me it is a tossup. I wouldn’t give up either one. Those two things have made the 21st Century a most pleasant one in only its first decade.

Interesting article I just read about New York in desperate need for cash-
In New York, Democratic Gov. David Paterson appointed a commission to look into leasing state assets, including the Tappan Zee Bridge north of New York City, the lottery, golf courses, toll roads, parks and beaches. Recommendations are expected next month.
read article here…
Kind of puts an interesting twist on things that I said before…
The Yanks will have their top 3 with a combined salary of 423.5 million – but, the question is will they have a city to play in??

Lip – I understand that players want to get payed for their greatest achievements – but come on, enough is enough – I know its not the players fault (where else would the money go – their parks, streets, etc. nah, that would not be ethical)
The Yanks have all that money – why not give it to their city and help them out in these tough times.
It’s just my opinion – I am sad and scared at what is happening in the country – I have three little kids – They are the future of this world – the world is such a messed up place right now – Americans are so material based – we are spending money that we don’t have – why? because we are consumed by gluttony.

Now, to better things…..
I just saw Star Wars Revenge of the Sith – I was never a big fan of Star Wars (probably because I was too young when the first ones came out) I did see Return of the Jedi and maybe parts of the other two – my boys wanted to see all of them so we went out and rented 1 – 3. My oldest wanted to watch ROTS first.
OMG – George Lucas is a Genius! That movie was awesome! Did he have that all planned out – having 4-6 first then 1-3? We are watching the first one now – Phantom Menace – I can’t imagine it being as good as ROTS – That one was the best movie I have seen.
I’ll let you guys know!


Just to mention ISU. They are down to nine scholarship players, have 18 road games on the schedule for the season, have no depth and very little size.

Things won’t be improving anytime soon…that’s reality.

The kids play hard, they don’t quit… but heart without talent gets you “moral victories.”

They do have some talented freshmen coming in next season, including one from Australia and another who is 6-3 so things may improve.

Till then, I’m just enjoying doing the games and seeing some of the country. Monday the team is off to Colorado.

Mark LIptak


I have a grandson and wonder what life is going to be like for him. I understand your concerns, the difference is I think “greed” has very little to do with our problems.

Refusing to listen to other points of view in a civil manner, politicians concerned more with their own rear ends then what is best for all and special interest groups… business, religious, racial, conservational forcing everyone else to “tow their line” are far more disturbing in my book.

Mark Liptak

Oh man, I think “greed” has to do with MOST of our problems. Geesh, the almighty dollar is what everyone is concerned about, particularly those in power and in high business positions. How many companies are going under yet CEO’s from coast to coast are getting multi million dollar payouts while the rest of the hard working suckers, like all us regular Joes, are the ones struggling. It’s ALL about greed.


hey TQ, this blog was #10 out of 100. Pretty dang good. And yes, thank you Jen!


First of all…… This blog received high ratings not because of Jen’s goofy stories…. but because KenWo= Ratings. I am the one that everyone wants to hear from! I am the one who’s posts people rush to the computer to read! To steal a line from Reggie…. I am the straw that stirs the drink around here…..

Now that we have straightened that out…..

Liptak- I agree with you on all levels. I have 0 problem with what the Yankees are doing. I wish we did some of that. All of a sudden the Sox are crying poor? Williams said on the radio a few weeks ago that they are currently bumping up against their payroll limit? What a joke! The fans have come out strong the last 3 1/2 years. Reward us with good players not guys who stunk in AAA last season (Owens, Fields, Marquez).

I don’t have any problem with them trading Swisher or Vazquez or losing Crede, Uribe or Cabrera… but replace them with someone for crying out loud. You cut about 40 million off of your payroll of last year…..a year you won the division title…. and you are going into another year where your division stinks and you could easily win it again…… and instead you go half assed? I don’t like it.

Hopefully things change but I think if things change it will only be Dye traded for prospects which I will then have to go into full rant mode if that happens.

For now…… have a happy new year.


It is 2009 and Kenwo is STILL conceited! Oh well, I guess some things will never change. LOL!

On the other hand, let’s hope there are more positive changes with proven players coming on board this season because I am tired of getting these so called “prospects” for our proven players.


I was thinking (ha, ha – not funny TC) if the Hawks wanted to Win, why would they play at Wrigley? (The home of the Losers)
Don’t they know that the winners are on the South Side of the city?

A funny little story I want to share with all of you…
X-mas Eve night we let the kids open one of their presents that we got them (not Santa) the gift that my 5 year old Dylan open was some Star Wars figures – Darth Vader – he had a light saber in his hand, but kept falling out, so I decided I would super glue it – to make a long story short – my finger got super glued to Darth Vaders hand! I thought that I would have to go to the ER to get it removed (imagine my kids telling that story at school) I ended up ripping Darth Vader off of my finger and ripping off all the skin, too. That really hurt!

Caution – if you need to change a X-mas light bulb – make sure they are unplugged first – yeah, my Husband wasn’t too shocked that I did that – I guess I do stupid things like that all the time!

Hope everyone had a good New Years!

So Jen,

Are you insinuating that I might believe that is is FUNNY that you are actually THINKING?????

Not at all. But I do think you considered going a little too far when you were thinking about a trip to the ER to have your finger removed in order to save Darth Vader’s hand.

Wait a minute. Now I get it.

Question of the day for the members of our Sox Blog community — how many Jens does it take to change a Christmas light bulb. I’m not sure of the answer, but first we almost lost a Jen finger and then we almost lost a Jen.

We’ll have to ask TQ how the royalty succession works for the new Princess of Crown Point (or is that Queen?) before Jen changes another Christmas light.

By the way, there is no doubt in my mind that Jake Peavy will be wearing one of those pajama top jerseys with the cute picture of a baby bear on them come April. The baseball gods and the San Diego Padres want that to happen. I love it. It will just make their 2009 season or playoff collapse all the much more to enjoy.


Of course the law of averages also says that if you get enough good players sooner or later you’re going to win.

I hope I’m not alive when it happens for the Cubs.

Mark Liptak

Sportscenter is doing their 30 teams in 30 days and the White Sox are on tonight starting at 5:00pm CST and then replayed all the way through tomorrow morning im sure.

What is this Eastern Sports Programming Network that you speak of?

Mark Liptak

Hey did you guys hear Jay the Joke got a job writing for AOL sports? He’s going to be writing “upbeat, positive” columns. I wonder if he knows how.


TC, you ask how many Jens does it take to change a Christmas lightbulb? The answer is obvious: One Jen to change the lightbulb, one to curse at the lightbulb, and then one to create a Youtube video montage to commemorate the event!

I can’t believe that ESPN is showing anything related to our boys, but I’ll check that out later. It is funny though that the world now gets to join in our disdain for the lovely Mr. Mariotti. With so many new teams available to pick on, lets see just how often he is able to slip in negatives towards Chitown teams.


You’ve got our girl Jen pegged perfectly.

Between her outstanding commemorative video montage work, your talents in graphic design and TQ’s proclivity to “turn a phrase” (with or without consulting the thesaurus), we could put together quite a multi-media package on our beloved Sox.


What you said (reprinted below without the expressed written consent of the Chicago American League Ball Club)


Of course the law of averages also says that if you get enough good players sooner or later you’re going to win.

I hope I’m not alive when it happens for the Cubs.

The law of averages also says that you don’t go an entire century without winning a World Series title. They always find a way to screw things up. As my late mother used to say, “God love ’em.”

Back to that disclaimer, I know that TQ, jk, Liptak and myself may be the only ones old enough to remember how hilarious it was to hear Harry Caray try to get the whole MLB telecast disclaimer in in between pitches by the fast-working Jim Kaat. One of the many funny things that made Harry — in his prime which was when he was with the Cardinals and the Sox — one of the most entertaining broadcasters of all time.

Speaking of Harry, kudos to Bob Costas on New Year’s Day during the hockey game at the “Shrine” for giving proper tribute to the Sox and Bill Veeck for starting the tradition of the seventh-inning stretch Take Me Out to the Ballgame tradition with Harry back at old Comiskey. Costas should have mentioned Nancy Faust too, because she is the one who actually got the ball rolling.

Did you folks see the “teaser” headline for the Sox segment. It’s something only the Eastern Sports Programming Network could do:

“Constantly on the brink of self-destruction…”

Amazing isn’t it?

Mark LIptak

First, I did the light bulb thing before the Darth Vader thing!

Second, you guys are NOT funny!!

Ames- I am disappointed in you the most, us girls are suppose to stick together! Are you turning to the Dark Side?

Please don’t get me started on Star Wars – you guys who have FB should know what I am talking about!

Aw, c’mon, just a little humor. You know I’ve got your back, and have in the past on this board. Remember the whole bra thing while watching the alcs? lol!

Bumper sticker from fbook: “Come to the dark side. We have cookies.”

I am trying to find the white sox thing – where is it??

“Constantly on the brink of self-destruction…”

What the hell is that supposed to mean???

The self-destruction happens on the other side of town …… and has been happening for over 100 years.

Jen, Jen, Jen,

Lighten up girl. There is nothing wrong with the dark side.

And didn’t you happen to see the fine compliments dished your way by both Ames and yours truly? Sure, they were mixed in with the aforementioned humorous digs, but they were there.

We wouldn’t dare be too mean to you. After all, shortstuff has your back and rule No. 1 in life is to never mess with someone nicknamed “shortstuff.”

it was on at about 545 and was only about a min or two long. but thats what they are doing with every team. It will be replayed im sure throughout the night and morning

TC – There is absolutely nothing wrong with the dark side, as long as Hayden Christensen will be there!

Eh, good is better than evil. And Hayden Christenson wasn’t even on your top 5…

OK, Ames?
It’s obvious you don’t read my status updates. Over the holiday break my boys wanted to see all the Star Wars movies (I have never seen them) so I went and rented all 6 of them. My oldest really wanted to watch Revenge of the Sith first, so we did. Let me tell you, it was the best movie ever! Then we watch them all starting with the 1st. The new ones were awesome – the old ones sucked! Anyways, I never even heard of Hayden until that, he is f’k H-O-T HOT!! Yes, I would change him to #1 – even though I can’t remember who were in my top 5! Yes, he would be #1! I have seen ROTS atleast 10 times now! Awesome! Must see!

O.K. Jen,,,,, If you loved Hayden Christiansen, you will absolutely go GAGA over Charlton Heston in Ben Hur. Still a great movie even after all these years… (50 as a matter of fact)….. Happy New Year Everybody!!!! j.k.

Who in the hell is Hayden Christensen????????? And why is he mentioned on this board?????

And jk, us old guys have to always remember that Jen, Ames and several others on this board are younger than some of the socks and underwear that you and I probably still have in our dresser drawers.

For cryin’ out loud jk, she doesn’t even know who Charlton Heston is!!!!!! Northwestern University’s most famous alum, God rest his soul.

He parted the Red Sea and he kissed an ape. Who else in Hollywood can say that?

The next thing she will tell us is that she doesn’t know who Jackie Gleason is. “One of these days Alice, one of these days ……. powwwww right in the kisser.”

I guess you’re right, tc…. for some, nothing existed before MTV……. History, Jen…. As they say, “If you don’t remember it, you are doomed to repeat it.”… Get out those bobby socks and poodle skirts and penny loafers ( that is, NOT Mr. Hardaway)…… j.k.

Uhhhh, I KNOW who Jackie Gleason is – the guy from the Honeymooners!
I am not young, I am 32 – 2 months shy of 33!
I just don’t watch alot of tv – or movies, I have to be bed bound – sick or really, really tired so I can sit and watch an entire movie – I have been to the movie theater maybe 6x in my life.

I figured that I could mention Hayden Christiansen because he was in Star Wars – and MLB had the Star Wars video game release date on the schedule – so I thought it would be appropriate. There’s nothing going on with the boys, what else is there to talk about?

jk – are you on Facebook yet?

32, huh Jen??? Yes, I think I still have one pair of socks (albeit, with a few holes) in my drawer that are older than you. My math (which was much better in my younger days) says that you were born in 1977, the year of the South Side Hitmen. That is appropriate.

So Hayden Christiansen is some stiff on Star Wars, huh?

He is no Ralph Kramden. Nor is he Ed Norton. Not even Mr. Marshall or Mr. Monahan. And he is certainly no Jim McKeever.

“Hey there Ralphie boy!!!!”

Jen, ya gotta start watching some more TV. And I mean the good TV from the 50s and 60s. Not the reality stuff on MTV or VH1.

You’ll have plenty of TV to watch come April.


But the question is, will the TV, starting in April be any “good”?

We’ll see.

Mark Liptak

Almost – 1976!
I can’t watch black and white tv or anything older than 8 years!
I hate reality tv! I will admit I do watch some soaps – but here and there – like I said – it’s hard for me to sit and watch something for too long! I have too many things to do, too many ideas!

I totally agree with you Lip!
At the rate we’re going – I wouldn’t count on it!

Baseball is nice – cuz I can listen to it too!

Well, April TV, good or bad, I watch it.

That’s the best black and white TV on!

Ha,Ha – that is the ONLY black and white I’ll watch!

Wow, Jen, didn’t know Charlton Heston? Of Ten Commandments fame? Watched that movie in like 4th grade. Obviously he was great in a lot of other movies as well. Jackie Gleason?! Love him, and all the ‘mooners! “Old” TV is awesome! Remember back in the day (aka the 90s) when Nick @ Nite did the Summer Block Party thing? Green Acres, Bewitched, I Love Lucy, Get Smart, Wild Wild West… all classic. Don’t judge us young’ins before we’ve had time to defend ourselves!

Oh, and if you want a good old B&W movie, go rent “The Day the Earth Stood Still” from like 1952. WAAAAAAAY better than the shiza they spit out in theatres last month…


When you follow up “back in the day” with “the 90s” you lost me. I thought you were talking about the 1890’s!!!!!! TQ and JK can identify with that!!! J(ust) K(idding), of course guys.

The movies were better back in the 50’s and earlier. There weren’t idiots like Oliver Stone trying to re-write history back then.

And as far as Lip’s question about “good” TV, well about half (81) of the games should be and, with any luck, another 10 will be. At least, that’s what you have to think in the off-season, right? Ask me again in late April after the guys have about 20-25 games under their belts. It’s really hard to tell this early.

Just ask Jim Leyland and Eric Wedge after what they lived through last year.

One more Honeymooners line for good luck —- from the mouth of “golf-instructor” Ed Norton, one of the funniest characters (along with Barney Fife and George Costanza) to ever appear on TV:

“First you must address the ball. Hellllllllooooooo balll!!!!!!”

I love the episode when Ralph/Ed are doing a crossword puzzle: “Whats a 4-letter word for ‘Place of dwelling?’ “House! H-O-S-E!” and “I need a 3-letter word for ‘small insect.’ “Gnat! N-A-T!” “But thats not how you spell gnat!” “Oh no, my buddy’s name is Nat, and thats how he spells it!”

Or something to that effect.

NOW everybody’s chunkin’. It’s starting to warm up on our blog in a number of areas, so spring training can’t be too far away….

Jen, My youngest (son) is 32, so yes Dear One, you are still young. ( and don’t start getting any older any time soon either. Old age creeps up on you and before you know it, BAM, you are old….. so stay young for as long as you can….. like me!!!). No, I’m not on facebook, I’m afraid I’d break it.

Adding to todays theme of movies……. The old movies are far and AWAY better than most anything in recent memory. If you like drama, or adventure, or romance, or comedy, or horror, or musicals: they are all better from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s than today. There are some good recent movies, but not nearly as many as from earlier decades…. just my opinion……

T.C. I liked the episode where Ralph and Ed were arguing about intelligence. The proven fact Ed read from the paper is that the less hair you have, the more intelligent. The camera pans back as Ralph considers this and realizes he has the fullest head of hair anywhere around, and Ed is almost bald…..you could just see Kramden burning…..

But I liked (here’s another one for you to google Jen) Red Skelton better than The Jackie Gleason Show. All his characters were great and I didn’t appreciate The Honeymooners until much later in life…..

Hey, maybe we can talk about baseball tomorrow????? j.k.

I tried weighing in on some of these topics but my “great” effort was beheaded…… It’s not there, and if this doesn’t go through either I will have to try later……. j.k.

Weird….. The two posts i just sent went through on Firefox, but I couldn’t log on from internet explorer, where they appeared after i went to that site. And then i had to retype this on firefox to get it to go through the internet… maybe…. I need a beer….. later all… j.k.

I figured out the mystery of the channel my husband was talking about (he told me the other day that the White Sox vs Cleveland game was on – I thought he was nuts, I couldn’t find it) Now scrolling thru the guide to see if there was anything on worth watching – I scrolled upon Charles Heston – something about his bio on The Bible (it made me chuckle) I kept scrolling, though (sorry TC, JK, Ames) I would not be able to watch. Anyways, I came upon yet another mystery – the MLB channel and Baseball Seasons – a doc about the 1994 season – then it dawned on me that this is the channel my husband was talking about (sorry, hubby for saying that you were out of your mind) I have Directv and its on channel 213, check it out!
Just as I glimpsed at the tv, I read the latest news scrolling on the bottom that Scottie Pods isn’t signed yet either.

I think that Pods has been kidnapped by Ames and is probably being held with no hostage offer in a dorm room at a small Catholic university somewhere in the greater Chicagoland area.

He can only be released if: A) the Sox sign him or B) Ames gets a job in graphic design working for the Sox for no less than six figures at the Cell or C) Mrs. Pods agrees to let Scottie live in that dorm until T-Gives 2009 when she can have him back as long as she pays off the rest of Ames’ tuition and student loans.

The good news about all this. Us guys on the blog get to do Ames’ negotiating for her and we get to do it face to face with Mrs. Lisa Pods. Just wait until she hears Kenwo’s offer!!!!!!

Okay, jk, enough of the frivolous stuff. Tomorrow, we return to our regularly scheduled programming — baseball.

As you are probably saying, Go Sox ’09!!

OMG, wow!! Love it!! TC, you’ve clearly thought this through more than I have. And yes, those are all my possible demands. You’ve learned well, grasshopper!

No, but really, he’s still unsigned. Rockies say they are still interested, but are weighing their optioins. I’m afraid if they don’t get him, we will all have to say goodbye forever. To keep you all up-to-date on the other faves, Robbie Mac is still an unsigned minor league free agent, and Eckstein hasn’t found a new home either. Proceed to weep.

And Jen, be eternally grateful you have MLB Network. *sigh*

See jk, that was baseball related! Checkin’ da Hot Stove…

Oh, and I was having troubles loggin in on IE earlier too. All is well now though.

Well said one and all. T.C. you are right on and also crack me up. Comedy is alive and well on Scott’s blog. I think maybe someone has kidnapped our fearless leader along with or instead of the other Scottie….. As the world turns and our Sox blog churns, we WILL say farewell to all this frivolous nonsense and tomorrow return to BASEBALL….. night all…. jk.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everything would go our way?

How can we talk just about baseball when their is no baseball?

I love the Honeymooners.********* outstanding show. The Blabber Mouth episode was my favorite….when Alice’s mom comes in and Ralph refuses to talk for the first 3 minutes and all she does is rip him and then gives away the ending to the broadway show he has tickets to…..Then when the 3 minutes is up he snaps on her and kicks her out of the house haha. That episode also had a baseball reference as Norton was the coach of a stickball team…and after a few kids got the measles a kid on the team asks if Ralph can cover second base. Norton makes a comment that ralph can cover the infield, the outfield and the first few sections of the bleachers.

Anyway, this MLB Network is pretty awesome I have to admit. So far I have watched Don Larsens perfect game a nice special on the Dodgers and a review of the 1995 season. I hated them at the time…but wow…. that Indian team was awesome. Kenny Lofton, Carlos Baerga, Albert Belle, Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Eddie Murray, Omar Vizquel…. If they had any pitching at all they would have won the World Series 5 years in a row.

I would have bet my life that kenwo loves the Honeymooners!

Take a look at my first White Sox game – Notice the price

I swear to you I dont have this Scott. THIS Scott… no comment on the Podsie “situation.”

In fact, I emailed Mr. Reifert around Xmas and he is alive and well, and presumably at home without fear of being kidnapped. We will just have to entertain ourselves until he graces us with his presence again.

I see the “regulars” are all back at it this new year and have commenced to cracking me up and making my day. Between jen, Ames Kenwo and tc , we got a comedy routine going on!
JK, I think Charleton Heston was a hunk in his day! I liked the honeymooners but LOVED The Carol Burnett Show! As well as Happy Days and the Brady Bunch. But there ARE some good movies made the past couple of years. For example, “The Notebook” is a great romance. “The Changeling” was a really good Drama. And I adore Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino!
By the way Ames….Great ransom demands!!! LOL!

Thank you! Thank you! We’ll be here all season! Book us for your next party! You’ve been a great audience!!

Did you see The Notebook was on TV last night? I wanted to watch, but the little brudder was less than pleased…

I could have guess KenWo loved the BLABBERMOUTH episode on The Honeymooners. Oh, kitty we love you! You know I am just teasing.

I love the Carol Burnett Show too Lisa. I loved the whole Love Boat/Fantasy Island Saturday’s too. Ames and Scottie Pod’s….now there would be a Fantasy Island, huh?

Has Uribe been signed anywhere? I’d still love to see him as a back up utility infielder on the South Side.


Fantisy Continent, please! Think on a grander scale!!

Uribe is still a free agent as well. You kids know about this, right: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/news/hot_stove/y2008/free_agent_tracker.jsp

My ex-wife, her mother, her sister and my niece made me watch The Notebook with them a few years ago.

Just another reason why she is my EX-wife.

And, no, she was a lot of things, but she was not a —– “BLABBERMOUTH!!!!!!!”

Kenwo, I bet you liked the $99,000 Answer ep too. Or maybe the “King of the Castle” episode where Ralph accidentally talks his future brother-in-law into calling off his wedding to Alice’s sister.

Nothing better than the ‘Mooners. Absolutely nothing.

TC, I’m assuming you’ve seen the “Lost Episodes,” even though they are crap, right? If not, I know we have them somewhere at home…

And that they are on MeTV every night at 11pm?

The “Lost” episodes should have remained exactly that — LOST. They are nothing compared to the Original 39.

ME TV has been running a lot of the Lost ones lately so I haven’t been watching as much. I have all the Original 39 on old VHS tapes from telecasts in the ’80s when they were on every night on Channel 32. One of these days, I will have to break down and purchase the DVD set.

But, in order to save money for that, I may have to hire the “Chef of the Future” to do a TV commercial for me so I can sell my great kitchen tool that I have invented.

Anyone go to that game that I posted the pic of the ticket? July 4, 1986? TC – Kenwo – I thought for sure you guys would have been there!

tc – I hope it’s not the same tool I invented!

Jen, I can’t believe you waited 10 years to go to your first game!! I was 8 when I first went. Cub Scout night. My brother was a Tiger. It was vs. the Orioles, and we sat in the 500 level. My dad bought my brother and I gloves, and I was convinced I would catch something. It rained the whole time, but I didn’t really care. The ticket is long gone. I think we lost… I’ve had a better track record since then.

There really wasn’t anything I could do about it – I didn’t drive! LOL

hahaha! Come on, your bad as* self didn’t want to steal the car and drive to Comiskey?? puh-lease!! You’d be sitting on a phone book or two, pull up to the parking lot, and the guy directing would look at you funny, and you’d say, “What? Never seen a short person before?” and drive away like nobody’s business. I saw your “Old Days” album on fbook, you seemed like a rebel without a cause back in the day… lol, total jk! (thats a just kidding, sorry jk)

and tc, this “back in the day” reference is brought to you by the 80s

I must admit, I was pretty bad, but in a very likable way, I got away with so much stuff in school – the teachers liked me – I was so charming! I still say I should of been a lawyer! I partied way too much to go to college!


I was at that game back in ’86. But with the Yanks in town, even a crazy 10-year-old like yourself didn’t stand out in the crowd.

And you really need to see the Honeymooners’ ep about the TV commercial to understand the reference to the tool.

And Ames, to show how “un-with it” I can usually be, tell me why I was referred to as a “grasshopper.”

I wasn’t bad at 10 – started when I was 14?

Quote: “I wasn’t bad at 10 – started when I was 14?”

And will it end when you are 33? Based on your posts on this board, I think not.

tc – Please explicate – I didn’t go to college – I don’t get it! Was it a joke?

tc, idk, its kinda just an expression. Best guess to its origins: you know the fable about the ant and the grasshopper? How the grasshopper learned from the ant to plan ahead for the winter instead of fooling around all day? You’ve been my pupil, learning the ways of “the Scottie obsession.” You=grasshopper. Like I’m Yoda and you’re Luke.

And Jen, here:

Another one of my all time favorite Honeymooners episodes was when Ralph found the counterfeit money on his bus. He quit the bus company, hired Norton as his driver, put in a phone line, even gave his mother in law money to go on an extended vacation. Yes the 99,000 dollar answer was great too. Ralph told his neighbor “My picture is going to be all over the papers tomorrow” to which the neighbor replied “so is mine…..for killing you!” heh great stuff. Honeymooners and the 3 Stooges is just TV gold.

Jen, I may have been at that game but probably not…… I know my dad parked on the street in Bridgeport and didn’t like going to the game on the 4th of July because we went one time and trying to walk back to the car was a nightmare with all the people who lived around the park shooting off their fireworks by our car. Every 4th of july to this day he says “its like world war 3 down there”…..

We did go this past year though….that was the game when they wore those god awful army jerseys….. He is right…it is crazy down there. I park on 33rd and Canal with a neighborhood pass…. It actually is quite scary walking down the street- fireworks blasting all around you.

Chef of the future is on right now actually.


Do we have great Karma on this board or what? Now, why else would ME TV show that episode on the same day that we have thoroughly discussed and even viewed it thanks to the resourcefulness of our one and only Shortstuff!!

You Tube. The greatest thing since sliced bread. Maybe even the greatest thing since instant replay.

Kenwo, I agree 100 percent with your assessment about the Honeymooners and what are positively the funniest three guys I’ve ever seen on film. I grew up on Moe, Larry and Curly. My mom wasn’t too thrilled about it but there was no way she could stop it.

And Jen, that word “explicate” is pretty long for someone who claims to have never gone to college. Are you sure you aren’t a Rhodes Scholar in disguise?

Right now I am watching what I just saw on You Tube. amazing.

And Jen, I don’t remember. Did we beat the Yanks in that game back ’86? I know that after the Sunday game of that series, I left Comiskey to join some friends for the annual trek to Poplar Creek for the Jimmy Buffett concert. A good weekend was had by all.

Oh, and I just saw it again. The scene where Ralph is demonstrating the new tool and the knife flies off led to one of the greatest ad-lib lines ever uttered by Gleason or anyone else. “Maybe we should say something about spear fishing.” He was one of the all-time greats, hence his nickname “The Great One.”

Sox won 2-1, it was a Friday – Dotson pitched

Moe was always my fave, probably bc he was the ringleader and instigator. And everybody loves to hate Shemp and Curly Joe.

You know Gleason couldn’t/refused to learn his lines, so most of the show was ad-libbed anyways. I think that just makes it funnier!

tc – the internet is a wonderful thing – it makes even the dumbest people look smart!

Moe, Larry, cheese!!!! Moe, Larry, cheese!!!!! LOL!!!


You are a rare find. A woman that likes the Stooges! nyuk! nyuk!

Friday January 16, 2009 The Mlb Network is going to air the highlights of the 2005 World Series White Sox sweep of the Astros from 7pm-8:30pm Central time. If you have Comcast Cable it is on channel 410. It will be replayed again from 11pm-12:30am and 2am-3:30am Saturday morning January 17. A chance to get a fix of White Sox baseball during a snowy cold month of January and bring some much needed warmth into our lives. Kenny keep the Sox fine in 2009. Go Sox in 2009.

I do not know what channel MLB Network is broadcast on The Dish Netwok, Direct TV or any other cable companies. Those that have that info could you please provide it so others could tune in to see the highlights and relive the joys of 2005

213 directv

Geez it only took the new network three weeks to show something primarily White Sox related.

I guess I should be grateful it didn’t take them three months.

Mark Liptak

Channel 175 on Cox cable. Lip, what happened to you usual sunny disposition?…… I don’t expect much, BUT, the Cardinals are still playing football……. But this is a White Sox Blog, so, Go White Sox’09…….j.k.

Sorry Klein…..I hope Arizona gets CRUSHED during their next playoff game!!! LOL! Does anybody have WOW cable? If so, what channel is MLB Network on WOW?

Congratulations go out to Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice who are joining Joe Gordon in the Hall…..

That being said…. Jim Rice wasn’t as good as Albert Belle, yet Belle gets left off the ballot in his 2nd opportunity?

Tim Raines deserved more votes than he got.

I hope Edgar Martinez inclusion on the ballot doesn’t mean that some people that are currently keeping Harold Baines on the ballot stop voting for Harold and back Edgar…..


Hey Ames! No more Yahoo Group or what?

Lisa, I don’t expect Az to win, but I thought they’d lose to Atlanta, not to mention Carolina, so who knows?

I’m curious though, why you want the Cardinals to lose so badly? Most folks root for the underdog…… Another reason to say, Go White Sox’09……. j.k.

Lisa, its still there. Feel free to email if you desire. But if we keep it on the board (while the board is active) then our dear jk, tq, and Lip can enjoy our banter as well! Think of all the fun they missed!

while the yahoo group is fun, there really is no place like home.

Eight four days and counting………….




Klein: Is Arizona REALLY considered the underdog to Philadelphia? I thought it was the other way around. Anyhoo…..I rooted for the Panthers and Arizona beat the crap out of them. Plus, I am a Donovan McNabb supporter and really want the Eagles to win so that’s why I’m hoping they get crushed this Sunday.

MariE, I couldn’t agree with you more!


As much as I love Harold Baines — great player, even better person — I don’t think he is a Hall of Famer.

Tim Raines — great player, but not a Hall of Famer.

Edgar Martinez — again great numbers but not a Hall of Famer.

Albert Belle. Big time hitter. Great talent. But not a player that left a mark on the game deserving of being in the Hall of Fame.

Ditto Andre Dawson. Like Harold, a great player and a great guy but not in the top echelon.

And, in my opinion, Jim Rice should not be in the Hall of Fame. Again, a very good player. But is is the Hall of Fame of the Hall of Very Good?

Rickey H. was a no-brainer. His speed and power changed the game and changed the definition of a leadoff hitter. Now he is far from a Rhodes Scholar but this isn’t Harvard or Yale that he is getting into. This is the Hall of Fame.

TC… I guess I am a “big hall” guy then.

I think all of the players mentioned above- Harold Baines, Andre Dawson, Albert Belle, Tim Raines, Edgar Martinez should make their way into the hall of fame. As should Roberto Alomar and Barry Larkin. Hell I am also for Lee Smith, Bert Blyleven and Jack Morris too. The least deserving guy in my opinion was Jim Rice and he is in already.


I agree on Blyleven and Morris. Blyleven was a dominating pitcher and his number of shutouts proves that point.

Morris was the one the best big-game pitchers of all time. I hated the guy because he was a jerk and always beat us, whether he was with the Tigers or the Twins, but he was still one of the very best.

I say no to Larkin. Again, good player, maybe even great player but not HOF.

Hawk always swears that Vizquel should be in the HOF when he retires. I disagree with that too. Great numbers alone do not merit HOF. Longevity does not either.

So I was just SMOKING Maria and Marie on Sox trivia, and I looked down at the “High Weekly Score” thing, and Kenwo, I’m fairly certain I just found you on fbook. Why have you been holding out on us?

Oh, and as of 5:26 pm today, Scottie is a non-roster invitee to Rox camp. Thought you all would be concerned. (I let him out of the room for 5 minutes…)

I am in third all time and have only had facebook for 2 days. Don’t play with the big dogg!

Anyway, we signed Bartolo Colon….. I like it. I think Colon is about ready to pitch well again….he showed some promise last year with the Red Sox and seems to be a great low risk high reward sign…. I would also like to see us sign Freddy Garcia. Time will tell.

About fricking time we got someone! You know its bad when I am happy over a guy who last pitched well in 05!

Dam, I gave up when Maria came and swept us all!
Ill look u up! It was nice being in the lead for a couple of moments!

I, for one, am not very excited about the Colon addition to the roster. Since when did the White Sox become the team where all former “good players” go to die? If the last time he “pitched well” was in 2005, what the heck do we need him for? As far as Freddy Garcia……I’d be happy if he came back because he’s still young enough to show some promise.

Only old cronies like myself, Liptak, tq and jk probably remember this guy but former Sox radio announcer Red Rush died this week.

Red did radio with Bob Elson in the late 60’s for the Sox. I heard some of those games as a kid on WCFL but my favorite Red Rush memories come from his time doing DePaul TV in the late 70s.

He called the great Ray Meyer teams led by Joe “The Godfather” Ponsetto, Gary “The Music Man” Garland, Dave Corzine, Clyde Bradshaw, etc. He was corny but some of his corny lines made him very entertaining. And those nicknames of players were named that he made up and tagged the players with himself.

TQ, remember Red always plugging Gonnella bread? A good shot by a Blue Demon (or a Rambler during his Loyola days) was followed by a line like this — “That was swella fella, just like Gonnella.” Or “Swisheroo, another two!”

Nice obit on him by Dan McGrath in the Chicago Tribune today.

One thing about the Sox. While some of their announcers are Hall of Famers and some haven’t worked out for the best over the years, they have had a collection of some of the most interesting and unique broadcasters in the game. Names like Harry Caray, Jimmy Piersall, Hawk Harrelson, Red Rush, J.C. Martin (listening to him was painful), Mary Shane, Tom Paciorek, and the Commander Bob Elson, just to name a few.

Yahoo!…the 2009 season has officially begun (for me at least). I just purchased Spring Training tickets for Sox vs. Cubs…I can’t wait.

there has been some pretty interesting shows on the mlb channel. I love that they are playing the old time games too, like the first perfect game. I could sit and watch that channel for hours.

On the Bartolo Colon signing I am not very pleased with it. I think he is washed up and injury prone. I hope that im proved wrong on that, but i think they should just use him as a middle reliever if they are going to keep him on the big league roster.

The season kinda started for me too, I just got my letter asking if I am coming back to work again for the Sox, and if I am able to work opening day. Cant wait!

If anyone has facebook, im scknapp@gmail.com.

Hey Shawn,
I just sent u a friend invite!

Hey, I just read an article on whitesox.com that said Southpaw will be on the Illionois float in the inauguration parade. WS well represented! Sweet!


Marie, Fox did a little blurb about it Sunday (left the news on after 24, lol). Sean, nice to meet ya (on fbook!). And, the news you’ve all been waiting for: as of 6:04 our favorite “shortstuff” shortstop is signed to the Padres! Eckstein! 2 down, 3 to go… lets go Robbie Mack!

You know there’s 10 of us on facebook, no Lisa (where the heck are u, Lisa), no tc, no jk, no lip! Come on guys and girl!
We are one big happy family!!

Sorry, 9? of us? Is that right, Ames?


Correct me if I’m wrong. Facebook requires two things: A photo and friends.

Now where, pray tell, is the old, bald, tired-looking guy with a gut ever going to find those two things?????????

I’ve already got enough things to check on a daily basis on the net. I don’t need to add another one. I’m sure that you and Ames can fill me in on things I am missing on FB.

Of course Ames is busy with her injury-prone Rockies’ hostage and trying to find employment for Kenwo’s favorite utility player but I’m sure you can find time in between taking care of your two adorable children to keep me up to date with the happenings of the FB world.

Jen, I think its nine if you count yourself. I’m friends with White Sox Man, I suppose I should suggest him as well!

tc, you can put the sox logo up. It doesn’t have to be of you! And, um, we don’t count as friends? Ouch.

I only get to keep the boy till February now. And easy on that injury prone stuff. He only broke his finger last year. I ain’t causin’ any groin muscle pulls like SOMEONE did in 06 and 07…

Ames, Ames, Ames,

Don’t take my self-deprecating humor so personally!!! I have many friends on this board — and even Liptak when he doesn’t continually mention “garbage” pitchers and doom and gloom!

Your teen crush — No. 22 — is a good guy and I hope he remains injury-free (after the bruises from the handcuffs and chains you have him tied up in right now, of course) and finds a team that will give him lots of playing time this year. After all, he was responsible for the single most exciting home run that I have ever witnessed in my near half a century of watching baseball.

tc – you really are missin alot – like I got Steve Dahl to write on my wall! I could really make people do alot of things, I am soooo proud of myself:) There are just certain things u cannot explain unless u witness them first hand. Think about it!

Oh don’t worry tc, I don’t. All in the name of a chuckle or two, I understand completely. But I say give in to peer pressure and join fbook! And btw, this is a “free range” facility…

I just, out of the blue, thought of the best question – probably the best of the year!

Here goes…………….
Where the HELL is my White Sox Pride Gift???????????????

Has anyone received there’s????

I know it’s supposed to be a pin? right? I got an e-mail a couple months ago, but still NADA, NOTHING!!!! WTF???

Okay, folks, this one is gonna be an epistle, because I have just been able today to get out o0f my cave for the first time in a week… Those of you in this area know what an absolute b**ch the weather has been the last few days… jk, Peggy… you are the fortunate ones because you are in areas where the wrath of the Almighty have not been unleashed upon us…

First off… tc… I did not know about the passing of Resley Rush… and I am saddened by it… He was Bob Elson’s last partner here in Chicago… 1967 through 1970, then moved on to Oakland for 1971… the second time that Red worked for Charlie Finley… glutton for punishment that he was… He then came back to Chicago and was the first TV voice of the Chicago Cougars hockey time in the World Hockey Association… then he did St Louis baseball very briefly on KMOX Radio with Jack Buck…didn’t catch on, not surprisingly… his style was pure, unadultarated corn (“SWISHEROO, GOOD FOR TWO”, etc.)…

I recall him with the Sox for just the mere juxaposition (sorry about that, Jen…)of the voices between him and Elson… the Commander was sonorious (that means sleepy, Jen)and Red was , let’s call it what he was, LOUD… so that when the changeover occured at the bottom of the 5th inning of a snorebowl broadcast on the West Coast, when Elson turned the broadcast over to Red, and we were fighting to stay awake… needless to say, Rush’s voice was the alarm clock…

Anyway, he had his last moments of broadcast glory hre in Chicago when he became the radio voice of De Paul and Loyola basketball on WGN Radio, alongside Bill Berg…and many were the times at dear old, departed Alumni Hall at Belden and Sheffield, after a Blue Demons victory, when fans and coaches and players and the media gathered for a post game libation (that’s a drink, Jen…)when I saw Red pull his sleight of hand coin tricks on some unsuspecting victim… good for many laughs indeed…

In closing about Red… He was a nice man and a class act…
They don’t make them like him any more…

Now to other matters…

I miss all of you,(especially the Women of Inside the White Sox) something fierce… and as soon as this damnable weather gets better,(sometime around the next millenium, perhaps) we can get back to semi-abnormal regarding the things which have put this spot in the Top 10 of ALL the MLBlog sites… such as references to the team that holds the warmest spot in our hearts…

Reacquring(sic) Colon?… Quite frankly, I don’t think that much of it, for a couple of reasons… Number 1, his bad back and Number 2, his excess weight… thus all the incentives that KW put in his contract… This smells suspiciously like a deal made just to say “Hey, we made a deal.”… in other words, Kenny could have done a lot better than Bartolo…

As to the subject brought up, off the topic, of The Honeymooners… don’t get me started on THAT one… because I can quote chapter and verse on the Original 39…
For one thing, Gleason could have done another season on film (using the DuMont Electronicam System… oh, brother…)
for Buick on CBs on Saturday nights, but he decided not to spoil the product… and instead returned to live TV for the ’56-’57 season… which turned out to be his last for about 5 years, when he returned in the early ’60’s to go on for another 10 seasons for CBS…

As to favorite episodes of the Kramdens and the Nortons…

“The $99,000 Answer”: When Kramden and Norton are 8in the apartment going over tunes, Norton says to Kramden, “This one may be a bit tricky, it goes back a little ways.”… then Carney begins playing Gleason’s theme song, “Melancholy Serenade”… and Kramden is stroking his chin, trying to guess… that’s when the upstairs neighbor comes down and wants to kill Kramden… I don’t care HOW many times I see it, even though the studio audience doesn’t seem to get it… I GET IT… and I laugh my fool head off…

Also, the scene when Kramden and Norton are comparing mothers-in-law and Norton says “… and is my mother-in-law mean… She looks at “Strike It Rich” for laughs…”… Strike it Rich was a game show that tried to help the destitute back on their feet by granting them wishes for needed things… So when Norton gives that line about his mean old mother-in-law, NO ONE in the audience laughs at all… it becomes a throw-away line… but, yet again, I am absolutely hysterical with it…

So, in conclusion,(I TOLD you it was going to be an epistle…)
Ames, scotties, tc, Queen Jennifer the First of Crown Point(and Prince Dan as well) and the rest of you, just think of it this way…

It’s only 13 days till SoxFest ’09 (Maybe THEN the defending Fishel Award winning host of this site will post something new…) at the Palmer House Hilton… then 24 days after that, it’s “PLAY BALL” in Glendale (sorry to bring up a sore subject, jk) and other environs throughout Arizona…

THEN , as written before, we get back to semi-abnormal…

It must be getting warm soon…TQ has posted. If Scott gives us something new then I really will start getting rid of the winter blues. I did get my Spring training tickets and am in the process of booking my AZ trip so I have some hope these depressing winter days will end soon! All you attendees attending SoxFest be sure to post up for us. I haven’t had a chance to catch much of it, but my hubby is enjoying the MLB Network and I did see the glorious 05 Series show Friday. Hope everyone is staying warm…pitchers and catchers reporting soon!!!

We couldnt score runs in the playoffs…on paper i feel like we have a great lineup…we should score 5 runs a game easily…i felt like we blew a great oppurtunity to win it all this year…we didnt have any passion in the playoffs to win it…its like oc said we didnt act like we were in first place…i live in ohio around indian and tigers fans and they all knew we were better than them but i dont think that the white sox thought that!…i love the white sox and every player we have…i just hope next year we will bring more intensity and hunger and play the kind of baseball we are capable of!!!

Jennifer I received my Sox Pride gift around January 14. Yes it is a pin to look like the American League Champion design on the White Sox Home Page background . It looks pretty cool.. Carol

I’m pretty sure Scott won’t be posting until well after the Presidential Inaugaration since he is in Washington D.C. at least until after tomorrow. Lucky Guy……..

jk, congrats to you and your Cardinals. I’ll keep cheering for them in the Super Bowl. What a game that was…

I didn’t get my pin yet either Jen. I guess since Carol did, maybe ours are coming very soon?? I hope so.


Those dang Cardinals were supposed to lose yesterday!!! I can’t say i’m much of a fan, but they sure did play a good game yesterday. But i’m still rooting against them in the superbowl.

give us something to talk about!!!

Mommy Mac… Yes, indeed… the ice has melted away enough from the entrance to my cave that I can look outside, not get blinded by the sun, and take the first tentative steps outside to get somewhere to post my (you’ll pardon the expression) thoughts…

Somewhere in Heaven Paul Christman,Pat Harder, Charlie Trippi, Jimmy Conzelman and the rest of the 1947 CHICAGO Cardinals are looking down towards Glendale, Arizona and saying “It’s about time you guys joined us as the only other NFL/NFC champion Cardinals team…(the homework assignment for all you youngsters out there is to find out who those guys were that I mentioned… I know who they were, of course, and any football fan whose knowledge goes back beyond Super Bowl XX should know them as well…the rest of you might find it interesting… might being the operative word…)

sumapuma… Welcome in to the world of White Sox bloggers… You want us to give something to talk about?… You got it…

As to Mr Reifert being in DC for the historic event tomorrow, I do not know about that, because at this time of year, he is normally busier than the proverbial one-armed paperhanger… with SoxFest coming up,followed two weeks after by the merciful arrival of pitchers and catchers to Glendale (a dirty word to jk and the rest of the populace of Tucson, to be sure… all they have left are the D’Backs…)to begin the rights of passage… then there are the necessaries to get the Cell ready for Opening Day on the 6th of April… too much stuff and too short of time to get it all done in order to be able to take a breath…

Now back to sumapuma (sounds like an old radio or TV show, doesn’t it?)… You mentioned two words in your description… “on paper”…

Those two words, along with the phrase “It is what it is” should be PERMANENTLY BANNED from the English language, in my humble opinion…because of one very simple reason…

ALL 30 MLB franchises look from outstanding to good to decent “on paper”… Once they get “OFF PAPER”, THAT is when you take a look and do your evaluations… As to your statement that they didn’t have any passion in the playoffs, would it be possible that they used up all their passion by having to win three games in three days against three different opponents just to GET to the playoffs?…

Finally, for all you Honeymooners fans out there, answer this question for me…

“For $ 100.00, who is the composer of Swannee River?”

(from “The $ 99,000.00 Answer”… and the answer Ralph gives is ….)


Surely you could come up with a little more challenging Honeymooners trivia question???? The answer to yours that Ralph gave, of course, was a very stuttering “Eeeeedddddd Nawton??????”

And another note on Paul Christman. He was one of several color commentators that worked along side one of the worst PBP guys I’ve ever heard (but for some reason a lot of people liked him) Curt Gowdy on the AFL telecasts on NBC. The legendary Kyle Rote and Al Derogatis were two more that often had to cover up for Curt’s constant mistakes. And Merlin Olsen came a few years later.

I knew some old Andy Frains at the old ballpark that remained Cardinals fans after the team left Comiskey Park and Chicago and moved to St. Louis. Sixty-one years later, they get to celebrate again but that party will be going on in the big stadium in the sky.

Believe me when I tell you that Scott Reifert and his family are AT the Inaugaration of our 44th President.

Lisa, I believe you! Doesn’t Scott live in Barack’s neighborhood. I thought I read somewhere his kids are friends with Barack’s kids. I’m sure Scott’s got a pretty good vantage point to what most of us only can listen to on the radio while we are stuck at work! Great day today!


And sumapuma – you think we don’t have anything to talk about? ๐Ÿ™‚

You read correctly mariE. Scott’s little girl and Sasha Obama were classmates and good friends.

If political connections mean anything in the world of baseball, then the Sox organization should be set.

There is now a Sox fan in the White House (Reifert’s neighbor and fellow school carpool pal), a Sox fan in City Hall (who grew up just a few blocks away from the hallowed grounds at 35th and Shields) and, after the State Senate finishes the impeachment trial of Dick Mell’s son-in-law, there will be a Sox fan in the Governor’s mansion (Pat Quinn).

Only one problem with all this. They are all Democrats. lol

But at least they have their most important priorities — their baseball priorities — straight!!!

Just to let everyone know, I believe its Amy’s B-day tomorrow the 21st.

That story about the Reiferts attending the inauguration events was very cool! Talk about a front-row seat to history. Let’s hope Scott’s daughter can pull some strings and get Obama to make an appearance on Opening Day!

For the aforementioned article, see whitesox.com: “Sox official gets close view of First Fan”.

Today’s inauguration speech was absolutely the worst speech I’ve ever heard. President Obama, you need a new speech writer. After I stopped laughing I decided to give the guy a break. So here’s hoping that your term is MUCH better than the cliche’ riddled coronation speech that I heard today…… With that said; let’s get ready to play ball….. Go Sox’09…. j.k.

Not to start something, but I thought the speech was very good. Not necessarily the stuff to be quoted generations from now, but very well done. He wrote it, not a speech writer. You’re the first I’ve heard that didn’t like it.

Today was one of the best (slightly early) Birthday gifts I’ve ever recieved, and I’m very hopeful for the future of our country and the world.

Boy, you can tell I’ve bought into this whole thing, can’t ya? lol!

And to sum it up with something baseball related, I wore my blue Sox shirt today to celebrate!

Happy Birthday Amy!


I was loving the whole inauguration ceremony, but especially the Sox flavor, with Southpaw in the parade. The best part, though, was at the Commander in Chief’s Ball, when Pres. Obama talked via satellite to several members of the Illinois National Guard stationed in Kabul. Since they were all from the Chicago area, he asked them “The Question” (you know, the one that is always asked of Chicagoans): Sox or Cubs? When the first one to answer said “Cubs,” Obama said “that’s terrible.” (It turned out most of the group were Cubs fans, and Obama remarked on “us Sox fans being outnumbered.”

It was really a fun moment for this longtime Sox fan๐Ÿ™‚

Only 25 days till pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training!


Happy birthday to Scotties22, shortstuff, Ames, duuude, or whatever else you have been called on this board!!!

Is this the magical No. 21? That would mean that the big one is next year, when you get to Pods’ number.

I know that I am reaching Quaid years and am really out of touch with the youth of America, as evidenced by my lack of facebook presence, my 3-pound cell phone, and my inability to know how to use an iPOD.

But I just found out in the last year or so about some deal where they call your birthday that matches the day of the month by some corny name. Was it Golden Day? Something like that.

If that is the case, then happy G-Day to the “duuude” that gave Thanksgiving a new name (T-gives). Don’t let too much “H–dubbs” get in the way of your celebration.

Watch out Ames, you’re going to make me a “cool dude” yet.

jk: Just to let you know, as the birthday girl wrote… the President re-wrote much of that speech on his own before delivering it yesterday to a world-wide audience hanging on every word from the new leader of this nation… As glib and facile of tongue as I am, even I would be just slightly intimidated by something like that… I thought he pulled it off quite well… and if he lives up to his campaign promises throughout his first term, he’ll be assured of having a second term…

I know of a lot of baseball people who wish that they had the kind of security that Mr Obama has… where he knows he will have a job for four full years… and that his employers(aka the American public)can’t terminate his position until that time is up… How many managers/GM’s, et cetera, would go for THAT package?

My birthday greetings also go out to Scottie P’s biggest fan… I can remember when I was 21… and all the momentious activities that took place… the earth just beginning to cool, stegasaurus and triceratops roaming free… quite a time indeed…

Peggy, I saw that exchange you mentioned last night as well… in fact, our CBS TV station used it as their “kicker”(closing story) on their sportscast on the 10:00 newscast… I don’t think that there is any truth to the rumor that the President immediately promoted that Guardsperson to Brigadier General after hearing her preference of team…

Klein…I don’t know what speech YOU were listening to, but half the country completely disagrees with you. Me being one of them. I think you may want to find that speech in hard copy and read it again. For someone who writes his own speeches, I think he did an awesome job. It was NOT riddled with cliches, but sobering substance. I, for one, was very moved. Read it again. You never know you may understand it better if the words are right in front of you.

Ames, so sorry I missed your birthday yesterday. But, better late than never, I say. Happy Birthday Shortstuff!!!!!!!
So, was it your Golden Birthday? Did you have fun? I hope so. All the best to you.

Hey Peggy! I saw that. It was funny.

John Danks has told a Chicago radio station that he is out of the WBC, having said “thanks, but no thanks…”

Good for him!

Hopefully the other four Sox players listed as “possible” on the various teams will wise up and do the same.

Getting in shape for the upcoming season at a normal rhythm and pace is far more important then Proud To Be Your Bud’s made for TV farce.

Mark Liptak

If I were an owner or GM I might dislike the WBC, but as a fan I think it is a great thing for the game of baseball. I would like to see more players participate.

It is great to see baseball played on an international stage. And I don’t care what others may think, but there is still a great sense of national pride when you play for a national team.

I loved watching the tournament in ’06 and look forward to it this spring. It does cause some inconvenience for spring training but maybe it will make MLB realize that spring training is way too long to begin with. The Cactus League and Grapefruit League games are far more a “made-for-tv and ticket revenue” farce than the WBC.

The WBC helps take a little of the “baseball is a business” feel away from the game and as a fan, that is a very good thing.

Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate all the well-wishes, both here and on fbook. Yesterday was a great “Golden” day (except for the 4 classes, but whatevs…). At midnight, a few of us took 21 shots – – of orange juice! It’s a little harder than you might imagine, actually! Last night, all the “21s” went out to a bar, and this girl got buzzed for the first time in her life. It didn’t take much, just half a “glorified hot chocolate,” sips from everyone else’s drink, and a birthday cake shot. (Kenwo, you can proceed to make fun of me now…lol!) The party continues friday though, bc my Sports Teams party is gunna be awesome! Some professional sports team’s logo is required for entry, and I’ve put out the challenge to find “my drink” bc i have no idea what it is. Plus the standard Circle of Death and Beer Pong. And the Obama novelty punching bag will be wearing a Sox hat! (I’m pretty sure Sox fans will be outnumbered, per usual…)

tc, I suppose I do get TWO special bdays, though 21 is more mainstream… ๐Ÿ˜€

Congrats from out west scottie…. I’m working on my third “21” party! When I go to a bar and try to show my ID, the bartender laughs at me! When I buy a round of drinks, everyone assumes I mean Geritol!. If I look at a pretty woman, the police arrest me for conduct unbecoming a… major!…. As a result, I stay at home a lot…. I’m so old that…….. I guess that’s another story for another time…. Have fun, but don’t get too crazy out there…..

And by all means, keep wearing your Sox gear, I have a sneaking feeling it will become more popular all the time… Go Sox’09…. j.k.

A very happy belated birthday, Ames, from California! Hope your continued party is loads of fun, and you aren’t too sick on Sat.

Wear your Sox gear with pride – the President does, so we all can!



You party animal you! 21 OJ’s??????? You’re keeping the citrus farmers in Florida happy!!!!

Have fun tonight and don’t do anything that Kenwo and I wouldn’t do. Wait a minute. That doesn’t leave much. Better yet, don’t do anything Kenwo and I WOULD do. That way, you should feel better come Saturday a.m.

Represent our Sox well tonight and tell any northside fans to have fun watching their team lose at Ameritrade Park next season.

And good luck with the beer pong.

I have heard of a beer BONG, but what the heck is a beer PONG? Boy, am I showing my age or what?

lisa… That is why there is such a marvelous tool available as Google… Just type in “BEER PONG” and that search engine will take you to places that you’ve never been before… and may never want to go to again…

tc: As to the WBC, that is just a figment of the imagination of the former Ford dealer from Milwaukee and his “usual gang of idiots” that the entire world wants to see MLB, just like they want to see NBA basketball and the NFL… the only thing is, NFL Europe went belly-up, and I do not believe that every country in the free world wants to sit through two-and-a-half hours of balls, strikes and outs… besides, if one of your “stars” hurts himself preparing for the WBC, which does not last all that long to begin with… your team is screwed from the get-go with regards to the most important thing… that is, the winning of a World’s Championship…

Now then, scotties… Just take some advice from an old man who once was young…(ME, not YOU, jk…)Pace yourself with the libations… otherwise, you end up christening your clothing and other areas with things that come back up your throat and stomach twice as fast as they went down…(a delightful way of describing “bowing to the god of ralphing”, if you know what I mean…”taking stock of the porcelain”, “tossing your cookies”… these and other colorful phrases…)

Every year there is the argument that Spring Training takes too long… Some claim that just written point, others claim that it takes as long as it takes to get everyone back in the mindset that they have been out of since the end of the regular season… that the time should be spent on getting everyone back to making routine offensive and defensive moves… hitting and running, hitting behind the runner, working on fielding, pickoffs, cut-off men and their purposes, et cetera…

However, there are times during the regular season when one has to wonder if the fundamentals were even discussed during the period of six weeks or thereabouts… because the teams screw up repeatedly on the commonest of plays…

So therefore, EVERY player has to, in my opinion, be with the team that he will play for in the regular season… and NOT for the country that he would represent if the WBC were to commence… jingoistic pride be damned…

Besides, tc, you think that there is little of the “baseball is a business” atmosphere revolving around the WBC?… take a look at MLB.com and the merchandising of the WBC by Team USA…

Let’s face it, tc… the days of playing baseball in something like the WBC or the Olympics, for the sheer love of playing for your country’s pride and the ideals of the desires to show which is the best in that particular sport… have gone the way of the flivver, the dodo bird and staying pure until the wedding night…


I get your points. And all are very worthwhile.

Still, the WBC is something different than 30 or more meaningless spring training games and it gives us something more interesting to watch and follow in the spring. It is neat to see some of our MLB stars playing for their homeland. Sure, there is a business side to it. Money rules the world. But the players aren’t doing it for the money. For God’s sake, they have plenty of that already.

I don’t buy the injury argument. They could get hurt in a spring training game just as easily as a WBC game.

I was in Florida on business back in March of ’06 and was in Orlando where they were playing first round games. I was meeting some pals for a libation or two at the same hotel where the teams were staying. You would not believe the excitement of the fans of the Venezuela team that night after they had just beaten the Dominican Republic. The tourney meant more to them than watching a spring training game. And our own (at least then he was ours) Freddy Garcia was the “rock star” of the night at the hotel.

It was a nice event. And, with a few wrinkles worked out, could become a very good event. It’s different. And baseball needs something different from time to time.

But I know there are a lot of Bud Selig haters out there that will always bash anything he is behind so there will always be people that are against the WBC for that very reason.

We’ve had the Bud Selig discussion on this board before so no need to re-start it. I’ll just say that I like the WBC and I’m very happy that the Commish and MLB have supported it.

Hey, Tom, when mentioning things that are long gone, you forgot to mention a “henway”….. What’s a henway you ask? Oh, about 8 pounds…. yada yada, yada. We’ll bring these youngsters around eventually……

TC, I don’t watch WBC, but I do support the concept and give Bud my thumbs up for the idea….

Almost spring training and again, so away I go to….. bowling….. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Bowling, golfing??? JK you are probably a card player and a dart thrower, too, huh?

Has anyone checked out mlbshop? At the bottom there is a little section that says celebrate with the 44th president, shop white sox hats. Even though I am not a fan of Obama, its pretty cool to have a white sox fan running our country.

“My first obligation is to the White Sox” — John Danks.

Well said John…VERY well said.

Now let’s convince the other four guys that being in camp with your teammates is far more important then a meaningless made for TV “event.”

Mark Liptak

tc… Yes, mr klein is, indeed, a dart thrower… In fact, every time that Chicago tries to warm up during the winter, Klein throws his darts at the machine he has in his basement that sends more cold weather this way…so, thanks for nothing, jk…

I saw today by the agate type in the papers that Freddy Garcia signed a minor league deal yesterday with the NY Mets… and I felt somewhat sorry about that… because there still exists the possibility that he could help Jerry Manuel and the pitching staff at Citi Park, or whatever the name of the new facility in Flushing Meadows will be called… or he may just be deluding or kidding himself into thinking that there is still something left in the tank of his major league career… just like a lot of players who hang on way too long after their productivity has dried up… because they know of no other way to make a substantial living…

jk: I am surprised that you would stoop so low as to include that terrible pun about a “henway”…

You could just as easily used the line about a Grecian urn…

Then when someone asked “What’s a Grecian Urn?”, you could have said “About $6.50 an hour.”

And speaking of things that have dried up, like my sense of humor… a certain kiddo DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS might be interested in discovering that the Mets have made ANOTHER
minor league signing, of yet another former Chisox perfomer trying to hang on… I refer to one Rob Mackoviak… who attended the same high school as Kristine did in the state of Indiana…

It seems that everything old is new again…

Aw man, tq found out before I did! Too much partying… keeping me away from breaking news stories… too bad its the Mets… stupid East Coast… *grumbles*

Well chitlins, the set is complete, my work here is done. All 3 have their new addresses: Rox, Padres, and Mets. I’ll pass the “hot stove monitor” torch to you all now…

Oh, yeah, and the party last night was wicked fun. Paulie, Thome, Scottie, Pujolis, Ron Gant, Sexy Rexy, Theriot, and Fukadome came, in addition to others wearing regular commercial shirts. Merlot with fruit punch is rediculously good (as are screwdrivers) and I can still get 90%s in Rock Band after approx 4 drinks and a shot. ๐Ÿ˜€

Very good story by Peter Gammons. Required reading. (That goes especially for you Phil Rogers!)


Mark Liptak

TC……. I do indeed play poker as you surmised, but I don’t throw darts. If I were to try that “sport” you’d be advised to stand behind me…. well behind me…. wait a minute, that’s a good idea when I golf too. There’s no telling where my shots will go…….

…. Segue to Scotties…. shots go in the top and out (hopefully) the bottom…..

Back to the subject at hand; Tom’s all wet, I don’t even have a basement!…. Uh where was I???? Oh yeah, more beer!!!! …. Isn’t it nice were almost in the season of Go White Sox’09…..?…. j.k.

Gammons makes a lot of good points in his column concerning the WBC. Mainly that is is a very good thing but that the timing of it is the No. 1 problem. The baseball season is so long that there really is no right time for it.

Earlier in the winter and it conflicts with the Latin American season. Right after the World Series and it is too soon for the MLB players.

The only position that is directly affected by the extra work is pitching. And those issues can be worked around.

Danks had a very good reason for turning down the offer. But his situation is not the same for everybody.

The WBC is a good thing but obviously those that do not care for Commissioner Selig will automatically not like the event.

I disagree that this is a “meaningless, made for TV event.” Try telling that to the Japan team that won 3 years ago. Or to the fans of other nations that finally got a chance to see their teams in the world’s spotlight in a baseball competition. If the game of baseball is ever going to grow internationally, then events like this have to get the full support of MLB.

Now I don’t want to be developing a reputation on here… It was only bc it was my 21st birthday week. Drinking (in large or small quantities) isn’t my style…


Baseball doesn’t need to grow internationally. How many nations are already playing it?

What, does Proud To Be Your Bud think the French or Greenlanders are going to suddenly start to become interested?

The game is played in the Far East, North America, the Caribbean nations…that’s not enough?

Seriously what other countries do you reasonably think are going to play this? Scratch Europe…soccer rules there. Anybody else?

I know Antarctica! LOL

The “world” thinks so much of baseball that the Olympics kicked it out. That says everything you need to know. I stand by my comment that this is a “made for TV” event. (and the ratings were mediocre at best the last time this farce was played…)

Mark Liptak

Too late Ames. We’ve already labeled you a party “duuuuuude.”

Merrrrr… (-_-)

Don Cooper talks about his staff (and the WBC thrown in for good measure)


Mark Liptak


Baseball is out of the Olympics due to political infighting among the members of the IOC. It has nothing to do with the appeal of the game of baseball itself.

As far as the international growth of baseball, I was not saying that baseball is trying to grow and expand into new countries. I meant that the game needs to grow even more in the countries where it already has a presence, namely the ones you mentioned. Sure, the game is played there but it gets no worldwide exposure like the WBC can offer it.

And it cannot command any worldwide attention on its own in those areas. Those countries need the exposure of the WBC to show the world just how well they play the game of baseball. And the WBC would be non-existent without the support and push from MLB.

If I were a GM or a manager or a pitching coach with a vested interest in my players, of course I would not be in favor of the timing of the WBC. I don’t blame Kenny or Coop at all for their feelings.

But I am a fan of baseball and am looking at the big picture of this whole issue. There are may pluses to come out of the WBC.

Of course, Bud Selig is for it and that automatically means that you oppose it. You and Selig ought to run for political office against one another. No bipartisanship there, by any means.

I don’t have time to do the research right now, but I would like to see a list of players from the other countries that played in the 2006 WBC and made their major league debuts after that date. It would be interesting to see how many foreign players made their first foray into baseball in America during the WBC.

From George Bova’s column this week at White Sox Interactive. (George is the founder and CEO of the ten year old web site)

“Falling in the latter category is their clueless baseball feature columnist, the guy we’ve christened “Second City” for his unwavering support for practically any position that helps reinforce the stereotype of Chicago as a place where losers are embraced and winners treated with suspicion if not outright contempt. His latest effort tears down Sox starter John Danks for not risking his pitching arm to participate in a set of meaningless exhibition games this spring known as the World Baseball Classic.

Not to be confused with soccer’s prestigious World Cup, this tournament is mostly about inventing as many rules as possible so a ballplayer as American as Mike Piazza can play for Italy.

The careers of pitchers like Danks are especially at risk for such meaningless exhibitions since their entire livelihoods rest on the health and condition of just a handful of muscles and tendons starting from their shoulders and on past their elbows. First basemen like Derrick Lee who mostly stand around until asked to pick up a bat 4-5 times per game take no such risks. Clueless as ever, “Second City” makes no such distinctions though he curiously notes another six top American pitchers who aren’t participating either. Does he note why they’re sitting out? Nah…”


I particular noticed George’s comments about Mike Piazza. I had forgotten about that myself but it sums up perfectly this farce – made for TV non event.

Mark Liptak

Like I said before, John Danks made the best decision for John Danks. Everybody’s situation is different.

As far as George Bova at one of the many other websites that exist today, he is entitled to his opinion.

And Phil Rogers is entitled to his.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Cuban team play, as well as the Japanese. They’ll play hard in these so-called “meaningless” games.

In fact, this “farce” might give some of these foreign players the exposure they need to come play for an MLB team.

O.K. So, Scotties is WAY older than 21 now, and Scott is waiting to post when something/anything happens.

That leaves us with the TC and Lip show. Both you guys have well thought out opinions. I side with tc, but I can understand Lip’s point of view too. Maybe it’s time to agree to disagree on this topic?

The good news for me is that the Sox play here three times this spring. Once at the Rockies and twice at the D-Backs. I won’t have to drive up to Phx after all!! Yeah!!! Sorry Maria, but you and Pat will have to watch the Boys beat the Giants without me.

That’s all for now, I really only wanted to post in order to break up the give and take of the WBC issue…. Go Sox’09…. j.k.

Thanks for being the “referee,” providing the breakup, and sending us to the “neutral” corners jk. I’ve said way more than I ever intended to do on the WBC subject but the words “farce” and “meaningless” games just kept me going. I remember the looks on the faces of the players and fans of the foreign teams down in Orlando three years ago when I was there and I know they didn’t consider it “meaningless.”

On to other topics. Who do you want to see at 2B? Getz, Lillibridge, Nix or someone from outside the organization?

Rather than who do you WANT to see, how about who do you think you will ACTUALLY see at 2B by the time camp breaks?

Whew, thats over. My only feelings on the WBC is that It means something, and I’m glad it exists, but I dont particularly want any of our guys to go, expecially pitchers. I think they should just set up a pitching machine on the mound. That way, it would be more homerun-tastic, and ratings would go up. Pluses for everyone!

The 2B question. Who do I want? Chris Getz. Who do I think will get it? Chris Getz. I’ve been rooting for him for a while. He sounds like a Grinder, and it seems his head is in the right place. Plus, we need some more blonde guys on this team not named BA. Quentin may need to move over… ๐Ÿ˜€

Ames, if you want more blondes, just have AJ pass around that peroxide bottle that he must have used last year. You know, the same bottle that Juanny used for his goatee.

I haven’t seen any of the candidates for 2B play yet, but Getz does indeed sound like a grinder. To be more specific, he sounds like a “piranha.” After having those little b******s drive us crazy for the past few years, it would be nice to fight fire with fire.

My thoughts on the Crede situation – why not sign him for one more year?
Him and Fields and the new kid they signed could all take turns at third, who knows how Fields will do? the new kid needs practice. So, its really a win-win situation, right? If Crede is healthy, then we can atleast get something for him in a trade, and if he’s not, we will still have whats his face? Plus, I am sure Crede will play his a*s off to prove he can play, so he will get a big contract deal.
I don’t know, just a thought, what could it hurt?


The Sox have made it clear that their days of dealing with Joe and his agent are at an end.

Some of the things that happened last season were apparently the last straw and with his “iffy” at best back, the Sox (who already have a lot of issues) need stability at the position…not wondering if the guy can even step out on the field.

Mark Liptak

I know, but I just wanted to put my two cents in!

Crede will not sign for just one year. Unless it is March and he is absolutely desperate, which is always possible. And if he does sign a one-year deal, it won’t be with the Sox. Time for a new address and a new start.

And it doesn’t matter who his agent is. His days with the Sox are over. His back is the biggest issue, not the jerk agent. Believe me, while the Sox despise dealing with Boras, they would find a way to do so if the need and the price were a match. But with Boras, the price never matches the need.

Jen, that position is my biggest concern with the 2009 Sox as well. Fields better show that he is a better defensive player than he has shown in the past. We certainly can’t count on the new kid from Cuba being ready.

Don’t be surprised if Chris Getz ends up getting a lot of time at third.

I think Jen got the idea of Crede’s one year contract from me. I never suggested the Sox though. http://blogs2.startribune.com/blogs/neal/2009/01/22/thursday-morning-briefing-is-joe-crede-a-real-option/

Really though, having him back wouldn’t be a good idea, in my opinion. The constant questioning if he’s ok, the contract hasstle… Last season should have been his season to prove he’s ok, that his back in 07 was a fluke. Plus, something needs to be saved of his legacy. Sox fans want to love him, to make him a hero. Sticking around would taint that. When you “love” someone, sometimes its just best to let them go…

tc, NATURAL blondes, please. Think of all the people you know with bleach blonde hair. Or stereotype, if you dont know any. The peroxide seeps into their brain…

No, but really, Getz seems like a good guy, not only for the position but also as a person. Did you know (you prob did) that he went back to college this offseason bc he had the broken wrist and couldn’t really practice while it was healing? Smart boy! And I’ve heard him talk, it sounds like he’s willing to do anything for the team. Get ’em on, get ’em over, get ’em in… thats exactly what we neeeeed!! It seems like he’s pretty much the Anti-BA. Maria, you know what I’m talking about.

Another bandwagon I’ve bought in to…


History shows the Sox will do everything possible to avoid dealing with Scott Boras including even drafting players represented by him.

And while I agree his back is the biggest issue, Joe “disappearing” for large stretches of the season and not letting anyone know how he was doing (including Ozzie by his quotes) was the last straw. I don’t know if the disappearing was a Boras tactic or not.

Mark Liptak

I’m well away of how Jerry and Kenny feel about Boras. But but the time Crede’s “disappearing” act had begun, the Sox had already pretty much written him off, both for the season and the future.

I don’t blame them for not drafting Boras players when there are comparable players on the market. Why initiate those kinds of headaches?

I don’t like this idea that Sox marketing has on trying to “cash in” on the new President. Granted, the proceeds from the cap go to charity but trying to “milk” all this publicity is not a good thing.

Sounds like something the team on the other side of town would try to do.

Let’s stick to playing baseball, letting our fan in the White House wear his old cap, and defending our AL Central crown.

JR has “officially” invited the new President to throw out the first pitch opening day according to the Tribune web site.

I’m all for any and all publicity that the “Obama as White Sox fan” can offer.

This opportunity comes along once in a century or so, it would be the height of stupidity to not take advantage of it.

As long as it is tastefully done and the President has no objections, then go for it…again and again and again.

Mark Liptak

Kenny Williams was on a live interview this afternoon with MLB.com…the tape should be available later.

He had some interesting things to say including that he thought about signing Garland (who just inked a deal with Arizona) but thought the kid the Sox got from the Yankees was the same type of pitcher (which I find very hard to think he’s going to win ten or 12 games this year but that’s a different story. Me thinks the biggest issue with bringing Garland back was $$$$$…)

Kenny also expressed his thoughts on the WBC. He was careful not to bash it, but he did say that pitchers “need to be more careful.” (direct quote) since these are competitive players, its hard to avoid injuries.

He mentioned how the Sox won 90 games in 2006 and lost the division, he said it would have been interesting to see what would have happened had the rotation been at full strength.

If people don’t remember, both Freddy and Javy participated in the WBC in 2006 and had sub par seasons (Freddy won 17 games but had an ERA in the mid 4’s and Javy was below .500 with an ERA in the high 4’s).

Feel free to discuss Kenny’s thoughts for the day.

Mark Liptak

Let me clarify my earlier post about the Obama blitz that the Sox seem to be on.

First of all, I have NO objection to inviting him to throw out the first pitch. That is a no brainer.

But Obama hats??? Obama images on other items??? That is taking it way too far. for crying out loud, the guy is the President of the United States now, not a celebrity spokesman.

Starting at 1030 am on Saturday, the MLB channel is replaying the 2005 playoffs starting with the astros vs cardinals then going to the sox vs angels. just thought id let you guys know since I love this channel now and saw the ad for the 2005 postseason highlights

I just noticed that it stops at game 1 of the world series on Saturday, but it starts up again on Sunday at 11 and they play games 2, 3 and 4 all in a row… enjoy!

Happy SoxFest weekend everyone!! Could this mean our fearless leader will dust off his keyboard soon and give us a new blog??? The days are getting longer and a little over two weeks till spring training starts….HOPE is in the air!! I’m hoping all you fortunate enough to attend will update us on any fun happenings or news. Enjoy the weekend and keep the faith–the darkness of winter will leave us soon!!

Just FYI, the Sox hat sales was mentioned in SI this week (page 23 – LeBron on the cover.)

25 – Percentage increase in sales of White Sox hats since Sox fan Barack Obama was elected President.


You can buy that kind of publicity can you?

Have a good Sox Fest everyone.

Mark Liptak

And and all arguments for and against the Obama hats can be gone through here: http://www.whitesoxinteractive.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=109056

And all Sox related programming on the MLB Network can be found here: http://www.whitesoxinteractive.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=108894

Wow, I apparently had a stroke when writing that last one. Far to many and’s, in all the wrong places. Apologies.

But maybe it was just because I was so friggin’ EXCITED about this site!! http://www.uniwatchblog.com/ Baseball and graphic design all rolled into one, AND its socially acceptable!! I just hit the OCD jackpot!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Did you all know that the Bucs, Nats, O’s, Bo Sox, and Rangers all changed some part of their uniforms for next year? And if you want a good laugh, look up a pic of the patch the Mets will be wearing on their sleeves for citi field next year, or ESPECIALLY the new Rangers batting helmets!! Oh boy…

Hey Everybody! I was bombarded by friend requests on facebook. ( I Love It!) But I will get to you guys on Saturday night when I can actually access facebook because i can’t respond here at work. That site is forbidden to us (whatever). But Thanks Guys. I’m sure I can figure it out as I go. LOL!
BTW, I am so bummed that my cable network doesn’t carry the MLB channel. Good thing I got the dvd’s. : )

And now back to baseball (thank God…)

According to Ozzie as speaking to the Sun-Times if the season opened today, his leadoff man vs. right handers would be either Owens or Wise. Vs. left handers “probably” Lillibridge.

I don’t know what to say although “uh-oh” and “yikes” immediately come to mind.

Mark Liptak

TC –

Could you please post that it is day time? That way Liptak can post it is Night Time.


Of course, MariE, I would have to specify whether is is Mountain Standard Time or Central Standard Time.

Well, it is now official. The President, the Mayor and the Governor are all Sox fans. If they can’t get a decent Ceremonial First Pitch thrower out of that group, then there is something wrong.

Oh, and they’re all Southside Irishmen — Quinn, Daley and “O’Bama.”

Hey Jen~
I FINALLY got my Sox Pride gift today! I had to go to the post office to pick it up because I had to pay the 20 cents postage due. Can you believe that?

But, it is a very cool pin and I’m glad to have it!



Comcast Sports Chicago is reporting that Quentin is out of the WBC.

That’s two down and three to go.

Mark Liptak

Loved your comment TC! My first laugh of the day, thanks.

This and that from Friday’s Sox Fest. Five notes.


Also read in the Sun-Times Kenny’s quote that “he should have fired (Duane) Schaeffer earlier…” Duane was the farm system director and Kenny regretted not getting rid of him sooner when the farm system wasn’t producing.

Mark Liptak

OMG! Are you serious? The White Sox are that strapped for cash they couldn’t afford the extra 20 cents! How embarrassing!
I also received mine, last week, but looks like they had enough to cover the 20 cents for mine!
The pin is alright, I guess……………………….

First of all, from the Department of Corrections: Back on the 19th of last month (BTW, Happy February to one and all… tomorrow Ozzie will wake up, stick his head out the door, see his shadow and proclaim that there will be six more weeks until there are two more weeks left in Spring Training…) I happen to write about the 1947 CHICAGO Cardinals with regards to the members of that team who have passed away… and I mentioned the name of Charlie Trippi… Well, to my embarassment, anyone who reads today’s Tribune will see an article about a VERY MUCH ALIVE Charlie Trippi, who is 86 years young and living down in Georgia…

So I apologize for burying Mr Trippi before his time…

Now to my thoughts on what is being considered by some members of the media a “lovefest” wrapping up today at the Palmer House Hilton…

To those members of the media who think that White Sox Universe is giving the organization a pass by lofting softball questions at SoxFest, and not questioning every single move that KW and Mr Reinsdorf and Ozzie have made or not made to date…





Thank you…

As for those of you who have put me into Facebook…Thanks for doing so… and I can hardly wait until the gremlins at the Chicago Public Library’s computer system go far, far away and permit me to put the system into operation…

Until that time, I am hamstrung…

Apparently things were not quite so nice on Saturday, at least according to the stories I read today.

And I also found of note a story by Joe Cowley today (Sunday) where he says some players are also apparently questioning this past off season and the Sox “commitment to excell…er youth” (sorry I was thinking the Raiders for a moment-which considering the way the Raiders have been the last five years is not a good thing.)

Mark Liptak

According to Gail Fisher of Comcast Sports Chicago, Kenny told her that he thinks the Sox will win “90 or so” (direct quote) games in 2009.

Take it for what it’s worth to you.

We’ll see.

I hope he’s right and that his “gamble” doesn’t turn out like his bullpen experiment from 2007…you remember that one…all guys with mediocre or no track record of success even at the minor league level. Needless to say that didn’t go so well.

Of course one thing in Kenny’s defense. When he screws up (like in 2007), he admits it, takes the blame and then doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

Mark Liptak

Hey everyone. I don’t post here much, but I talked to Scott at the Cell on Sat. night. He said he would start blogging again alot more in the middle of Feb. when he gets to spring training! He said he appreciated everyone that reads and enjoys this site!

Perhaps Kenny is finally waking up from his winter hibernation:

CHISOX GO TO BAT WITH ABREU: Ex-Yankee Bobby Abreu was offered a one-year deal worth $8 million from the White Sox, the Daily News has learned. Abreu made $16 million as the Bombers’ starting right fielder last season. He anticipated being able to sign a three-year deal as a free agent this offseason but has mostly received only one-year offers.

From the New York Daily News.

If true, this works for me.

Mark Liptak

For what it’s worth follow-up to the above post.

A member of the media told me that Ozzie has already laughed this one off. Apparently unless Dye is suddenly moved there is no Abreu and that Bobby wants at least two years.

Again take it for what it may be worth to you.

Mark Liptak

That Abreu report was never going to happen. I am glad because I am a JD fan and personally don’t see any reason to add Abreu. JD and Abreu are pretty comparable players as far as production and age. Abreu gets on base more, JD has more power. Why would a team trade prospects for JD when they could just sign Abreu for less money than they would pay Dye? It was never going to happen.

Soxfest was great. I always enjoy it. Met Quentin, Thome, Alexei, Gavin….and as always met Kittle and Baines. Enjoyed all of the seminars I could….. I have to say the one I saw with Moose Skowron and Roland Hemond was a classic. Moose is awesome… My father is a friend of his and it is always a pleasure to hear some of his baseball rants.

One thing that has disappointed me since the Soxfest has changed venues is the lack of dealers. This year was even worse than other years. Just not a very big selection of stuff to buy.

Soxfest is always a great time and I have my calendar marked in my cell phone for Jan. 22-24th 2010 at the Palmer House….


Very interesting reading.



Do I think collusion is taking place? At this point in time no. However given the history of ownership in MLB it would not surprise me in the least bit, to find out that MLB is “milking” this economic situation for everything they can get out of it. (Yet this is the same organization that pays Proud To Be Your Bud 18 million a year…LOL)

Mark Liptak

Hi Guys and Gals!…. Nice articles Lip. Thanks……

The reason Manny isn’t signed, is that Manny doesn’t want to take a mere $20 Million for two years from the Dodgers. Chump change I guess, but I say let them ALL sweat!!!! The minimum MLB salary is something like 400K per year…. I’d like the chance to snag some of that kind of dough!…..I could be the designated “old” guy on the team…..

The markets are up, they’re down, the seasons come and go, but (so far) baseball lives on…… with or without Manny……

Go Sox’09…. j.k.


Not debating regarding whether athletes (or movie stars or rock singers) are “overpaid” but as Howard Cosell once said (paraphrasing) ‘you beat odds of 100,000 to 1 to make it to the top of your profession, regardless of what that profession may be, you deserve to collect big.’

Mark Liptak

Lip: I agree with you( never thought I’d say that!). Let the talented of us reap whatever he or she can from their respective profession. If you work your butt off you SHOULD be compensated based on your ability to perform. What you should NOT exhibit is the pretense of outrage/ anger/ or surprise when any employer decides to be more fiscally responsible with his remuneration.

Collect big you suggest; What exactly is wrong with the Dodger offer they gave to Manny, anyway? How much money does one man need? Caring for one’s family is important, but I think SEVERAL millions of dollars for TWO years service would probably take care of most peoples needs. Market forces at work? Collusion? Economy? You decide.

I don’t want to stand on a soapbox, but the way I see it; it’s about time that SOME restrain is shown…. Maybe then ticket prices can come down (laughter) to a level where the average Joe or Julie can afford to take their kids to a game or a concert or even a movie without having to take out a loan.(more laughter). And since I’m on it, with the Sox having reduced their payroll this year in their youth movement, I will expect their tickets to be reduced too.(hysterical laughter)……..

Anyway, I’m done for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay warm out there……. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Seems to be a recurring theme now (and this probably isn’t making MLB happy when this starts popping up all over)




In part I agree with you, which is why Proud To Be Your Bud should call a press conference for MOnday morning and IMMEDIATELY do the following:

1. Announce that he is vastly overpaid from what he actually does and reduces his deal by 33% from 18 million to 12 million a year for the remainder of it. That six million then is divided by 30 teams and given to charity in each MLB city to help families (via charatiable organizations) that have been hurt by the economic situation.

(Selig is 75 and already has made more money then he’ll need for the rest of his days—and his kids days—and his grandkids days…)

2. He then orders MLB to hold the line on all prices for ANYTHING connected with MLB for at least the next two years. This includes tickets, parking, concessions. the cost of buying a hat, program, anything.

But don’t hold your breath or any of this ever happening.

Mark Liptak

Okay Mark,

We get it. You can stop repeating yourself over and over. We know you do not care for Bud Selig.

But, the way I see it, if baseball can toss millions of dollars at average players, then they are certainly within their rights to reward Commissioner Selig with an $18 million deal when you take into account how much money the game has made under his stewardship.

Oh, and we’re all also impressed by the “cute” nickname you repeatedly use for the Commissioner. Not “proud” of it, but certainly impressed.

Hey Klein, it was 64 degrees at my house yesterday. How close were we to Tucson weather?????


True, Bud himself has crowed more then once about the sport now being a 6 1/2 billion dollar business. He’s been a large part of the reason why it is in that position.

(Which makes the media asking question about potential collusion even more relevant don’t you think?)

And it’s not completely true that I dislike ol’ “Proud To Be Your Bud.” (I actually think the nickname is extremely cute and very appropriate and will continue to use it.)

I give him all the credit for ramming through the wild card / three division format which has given a team like the White Sox another opportunity to get to the postseason. Again he deserves that credit.

However whatever good he has done for the game has to be weighed against the historical record.

That record is pretty dismal.

*Examples are his part in the collusion decisions made in the 1980’s which cost MLB far, FAR more money after the settlements, then it would have cost them had they just gone out and conducted themselves legally.

*His part in shutting down MLB in 1994 (robbing the White Sox of an opportunity to possibly get to the World Series) because he was totally committed to trying to break the MLBPA. He certainly has a right to dislike the union but he does NOT and did not have the right to refuse to bargain fairly in the matter, an opinion that the Federal Courts (Judge Sonya Sottermeyer) agreed with as they sided with the MLBPA in their suit. Under his “leadership” (an oxymoron I know) MLB came to the brink of disaster.

*His turning a blind eye to the steroids situation which exploded under his “leadership.” Many folks in high levels of MLB suspected something but not good ol’ “Proud To Be Your Bud,” who was busily condoning the home run race that “saved” baseball and brought fans back. (Who never would have left had he exerted his power and influence in the first place and forced MLB to negotiate fairly in 1994)

*And if you want to go way back, his opposition to Bill Veeck reacquiring the Sox in 1975 solely for personal reasons. He WANTED the Sox moved to Seattle so that his neck would be out of the chopping block in the lawsuits filed by the state of Washington, King County and the city of Seattle for his part in taking the Pilots away after one year moving them to (surprise) Milwaukee.

Ol’ Bud didn’t give a damn for MLB, the city of Chicago or White Sox fans, he was purely interested in himself and what would happen to him.

But really do you except anything different from a former used car salesman?

Mark Liptak

*And let’s not forget his pathetic showing before Congress during the steroid investigation. Watching his performance I honestly didn’t know if I should have laughed or felt very sorry for him.

If what he’s done T.C. is a good example of “leadership” then I’d hate to see what a bad example would be…..maybe the folks who are the CEO’s of the auto makers? LOL

Mark Liptak

Um, so yeah. Lip’s posts have never really bothered me. Maybe the negative ones a little, but generally they are intersting. Neither does the “Proud to be your bud” nickname. In fact, its commonly used – by lots of people. It’s only a few more words to read. Just saying… before you count everyone in your corner… don’t want to start anything…

I didn’t mean to start this whole Bud Selig conversation again. But, my last point is this. Your points, Mark, are well taken. But Bud Selig was not alone — in fact he was not even the loudest voice — in the battle that caused the premature end to the 1994 season and the cancellation of the World Series. In fact, the chairman of our very own White Sox was one of the strongest voices on that side of the issue. As were several other owners.

The way things are in this country today, though, it is always easier to just put all the blame on the person sitting at the top so Bud gets that whether he deserves it or not.

Just now catching up after the weekend…….

TC, we had a cold snap come through yesterday. The temp only made it to 62, AND we had sleet!!! Today will only get to the mid 50’s too. But by the end of this week, we are supposed to be back to the high 60’s, low 70’s for highs and mid 40’s for lows. Last week we were hitting the low 80’s. But that’s winter in Tucson, you never know what to expect… swimsuit weather or skiing weather, sometimes both on the same day!….. Later all… j.k.


Again true, he wasn’t alone. But he was commissioner. The other owners followed his lead.

Reading Helyar’s book, “The Lords Of The Realm,” he says that Selig’s greatest asset was his ability to build a consensus. He could have and should have tried to build one to address the problems and issues that took place under his watch…apparently he did not even try.

That’s the greatest crime of all.

We’ll see how he reacts to the latest one under his stewardship.


Mark Liptak

Actually, Selig wasn’t commissioner in 1994. In title only.

Remember, the owners came up with another title for him because he didn’t want the job when they first dumped Fay Vincent. He was in charge, but he didn’t have the title.

Finally, they convinced him years later to sell his ownership in the Brewers and take the job with the title of commissioner.

People can blame Selig all they want, but he wasn’t the one taking the steroids.

Again, this whole steroid “era” is in the past. Baseball did the right thing by looking ahead and putting in some new rules.

Nothing about the past can be changed. Baseball should not waste its time or its money trying to figure out how to deal with what already happened.


He didn’t have the title but he was running the show correct? He appeared on the stand to announce that the 94 season was over correct? It wasn’t Jerry Reinsdorf making that announcement correct? It wasn’t Drayton McClain talking to the press correct?

It was Bud’s show plain and simple just as in the steroid era.


So steroids are in the past?

Very interesting.

I wonder what the hoopla over this guy Alex Rodriguez is all about then? And when the next name will surface.

I disagree that steroids are in the past, my guess is that it is still going on with different substances (Haven’t two players just recently been suspended for the first fifty games of this upcoming season?). Players will continue to try to gain an edge (especially if they are being tipped off when the drug tests are going to be held!)

And if MLB does what you suggest and “not look back” they are going to have another scandal on their hands at some point in the future. “He who doesn’t learn from the past is doomed to repeat it.” Ignoring the past, acting like things never happened runs the risk of pissing off another generation of the fan base.

And on the subject of the man the Yanks call “A-Fraud”, here’s some good comments, courtesy of my man Steve Rosenbloom:

“Jose Canseco is right. Again. The former White Sox short-timer wrote the book ?Juiced,?? in which he first named ?roid users, and then wrote ?Vindicated,?? in which he was indeed vindicated in naming the biggest name, saying he introduced A-Rod to steroids. Canseco?s attorney says even more will come out on A-Rod, and it won?t be good.

Quick, ask Bud Selig how he feels about Canseco?s being the most credible source on steroids in baseball while Selig and everybody else who appear complicit are tied for last.”


And on a better note (well maybe not depending on how the season goes…) Comcast Sports Chicago will air their White Sox spring preview Monday evening at 10:30 PM Chicago time, hosted by Chuck Garfein.

That is all.

Mark Liptak

According to fan comments at White Sox.com after a pre season story by Scott Merkin, the good morons at Baseball Prospectus, the same folks who were totally, completely and unequivocally wrong in 2005 and who were “only” off by 11 games in their “prediction” last season (they said 78, the Sox won 89 games) have come out with their “expert” opinion on the 2009 White Sox.

Drum roll please…

BP says the White Sox will finish dead last in the Central Division in 2009.

My comment? Cousins should not be allowed to breed.

As another fan told me, they only wish that BP was a sports book…they’d be incredibly wealthy by now betting against them.

Mark Liptak


1. According to an ESPN/SportsCenter update, Jose Canseco (the most reliable person apparently in this whole steroid situation…think that one over!) is now calling for an investigation of both ol’ Proud To Be Your Bud and Donald Fehr.

He said Selig has known all about the steroid mess and looked the other way and that Fehr and the MLBPA was telling players ahead of time when drug tests were coming.

This get funnier and funnier!


2. Getting back to the eggheads at BP.

I need to ask for information from the folks who follow this more closely then I do, but it seems to me BP is inherently going to dismiss and downgrade the White Sox simply because they don’t play the game the way BP thinks it should be played! (Heaven forbid!!!!!!!!!)

I’ve seen two consistent themes in the weekly analysis pieces that BP does in the print edition of Sports Illustrated during baseball season (again if I’m wrong in this someone please correct me). They are:

1. You MUST (in their opinion) have strike out pitchers up and down your staff. Anytime a ball is put in play according to them, it’s “bad.” Because a ball in play can go over the fence or in the gap or even fall in between two infielders. The White Sox do NOT and have not since the early 90’s, had a staff of strike out guys. They pitch to contact (which is why defense is so important to the Sox and could be a crucial factor in 2009)

2. BP swears by OBP, they think it’s better to take a walk with two guys on base in a close game then take a hack at a meatball fastball on 2-0 and maybe drive in two runs. Kenny is trying to improve the team OBP (and has a bit over the years) but at this point in time the Sox are a power team. They strike out (also a no-no to the good professors who never played the game) and hit home runs, period. (Hopefully some of that changes as Ozzie wants more speed, and contact hitters at the top and bottom of the lineup)

According to BP’s “philosophy,” what the Sox do is completely and totally wrong. Therefore they can’t possibly win anything, therefore their “double secret probation” formula always says “they’ll suck…”

There’s an old saying, ‘fool me once shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me…’ You’d think with the number of times the Sox have made these guys look totally stupid they’d change their philosophy or formula or approach to the game.

Na…..if they did that they’d look dumber then they’ve already shown themselves to be.

And with that I bid you all good night.

Mark Liptak

I don’t want to stand on a soapbox, but the way I see it; it’s about time that SOME restrain is shown…. Maybe then ticket prices can come down (laughter) to a level where the average Joe or Julie can afford to take their kids to a game or a concert or even a movie without having to take out a loan.(more laughter). And since I’m on it, with the Sox having reduced their payroll this year in their youth movement, I will expect their tickets to be reduced too.


Yes, Selig was in charge in ’94. You totally missed my point. But, that doesn’t surprise me.

I never stated that steroids are in the past. My point was that the lack of testing for steroids is in the past.

Steroids will ALWAYS be a part of sports, unfortunately. Baseball is finally doing it right and taking some action with those who break the rules.

But NOTHING can be done about A-Rod and the other 103 and all those that Canseco correctly named. That is history. The air is already out of that balloon.

Speaking of Canseco, why are you so surprised that he was right? Hell, he was there. An eyewitness and a participant. Of course he will know more than others. And what Donald Fehr knows came straight from guys like Canseco.

You won’t be happy until Selig gets blamed for everything. Last time I checked, Canseco didn’t say that Selig was the one with the needle injecting the stuff into A-Rod (or McGwire, or Giambi, or Palmeiro, etc.). I’m not absolving Bud, I’m just not taking it to the extreme like so many others do.

Oh, and I see that you are a fan of Rosenbloom. That figures. He thrives on the negative too.

still the same arguments…. Bud does get paid too much, Kennesaw Landis he ain’t. Doesn’t his daughter or someone related to him now control the Milwaukee franchise? Conflict of interest. Bud is a self serving *** like the overpaid CEOs that claim when business is good they deserve every cent of their money and when business is bad they should be paid more for doing a job no one else wants. Congress should have slapped a “gag order” on him, if they can do that….

Anywho, what do you guys think of the starting rotation? No beef with Floyd and Danks. Buehrle is Buehrle. Not sure what to think on Colon, could go either way. And who is winding up in the #5 slot?

And yeah, rosenbloom can be overly cynical in an attempt to be smart or cute but he’s dead on today about the Bears and their search for a quarterback. If you haven’t read it you ought to, says it better than I can…

Wendy Selig-Prieb and the rest of the ownership sold the team several years ago. The Seligs no longer have any part of the Brewers’ franchise.

Rosenbloom can occasionally be on target, but can’t we all??? He’s way too arrogant for my taste. Used to hate to listen to him talk about how smart he was on the Score. He’s more interested in playing poker than anything else. That is, if the newspaper industry can pay him enough money in these troubled journalistic times to throw it away at the poker table.

About the rotation, that is one of the fun things to watch in camp. The young kids will battle for the fifth spot and maybe the fourth if Colon is not healthy or sharp. I have not seen Poreda and am intrigued by him. Richard showed some promise last year.

Sure, I’d feel better with five veteran, proven arms but I’d also feel better with about 200 new people in Congress. Some things — actually many things — that I have no control over.

I feel better about our young arms knowing the track record Coop has with young pitchers.

TC: You are ever the optimist as usual…. I like that…. Unfortunately, i can’t get over the nagging feeling that our fifth starter is likely to resemble the one(s) we had in ’04. And if # four is like that too, then we are in for a Looong season….. I hope you are right about Coop and his magic…. Go Sox ’09…. j.k.

Abreau signed with the halos this morn for 1 yr, 5 mil. We dont have to worry about that anymore, at least (not that we ever really worried…)

I have to be honest… and some of you may be very surprised….. but I really don’t care if they took steroids or not. I think Jose Canseco was one of the most amazing hitters I have ever seen. I think the Sosa and Mcgwire thing was exciting and I really don’t like the Cubs or Cards. I think ARod is still one of the best players to ever play the game (though he has never been a favorite of mine). If I was in a world series and could pick a starter to pitch for my team Roger Clemens would be in serious consideration. If it came out tomorrow that Harold Baines, Ron Kittle, Carlos Lee and Frank Thomas were all part of some crazy steroid ring- it wouldn’t change my opinion on any of them. They would still be my 4 favorite white sox of all time.

I think that congress and the federal government should be ASHAMED of themselves for focusing on this. Tons of people out of work or in serious debt, murder rates increasing, unnecessary wars… who cares if Bonds or Arod shot themselves in the *** with a needle. I don’t think Obama should answer questions about this. I think it is a non-issue. I know a few people that use steroids myself…..who cares. If they want to harm their body that is on them. Doesn’t change my opinion on how impressive they were on the field.

New topic of discussion: I’m slightly obsessed with Sox uni numbers, and this is a thread on WSI. I’m a little suprised they got rid of 5, and 24 so fast… and getz is 17, which is just such an awkward number : (

5- Jayson Nix

15- Wilson Betemit

17- Chris Getz

18- Brent Lillibridge

24- Dayan Viciedo

38- Cole Armstrong

40- Bartolo Colon

48- Jeff Marquez

57- Kelvin Jimenez

I am fully aware some of these kids may stay in the minors, but its always weird to see numbers reused. I am still really really pissed Fields is the new 22… >: o

I like Dayan in 24. Maybe a good omen at third base.

Ames, ya gotta get over it. Scotty has been gone a while now. we’ll always have the greatest home run I have ever personally witnessed to remember him by.

dude, its not just Podsie. For some reason, 22 is just awesome. Jose Valentin, David Eckstein… even Matt Forte on the Bears. Only good players are supposed to wear it. He’d better prove himself, thats all I’m sayin’.

Great article about Alexi Ramirez by Chris DeLuca in todays Sun Times. Yeah, I read that paper now that Jay the Joke is gone.

This whole Roberto Alomar story is very sad.

He is just another superstar athlete that believed he was above everyone else and immune to the problems of everyday man.

As I continue to see all the stories written about Alex Rodriguez and how he has shamed baseball, I find it hard to believe that there are people who think that A-Rod’s actions are more disturbing than the accusations against Alomar.

Granted, nothing has been proven about Alomar’s health or his actions but the mere mention of this possibility is another black eye for professional sports.

I was living out of the Chicago area and in the middle of nowhere in 2003 and ’04 when Alomar played for the Sox so I seldom saw him and for that reason will never think of him as a Sox player. To me he was a very good player but not a Hall of Famer.

I hope this turns out to be nothing. But it doesn’t sound good. He is asking for privacy, which he should be allowed. But it doesn’t sound good.

And Lisa, I will read that Alexei story when I get a chance. Great pic of him on the back page. Can’t wait to see my guy Alexei patrolling shortstop this season. He will make Fields better and will make Getz (or whoever) that much better at second.

As jk would say, “Go Sox ’09!!!”

You missed the greatest 22 the Sox have had since I have been around…. The great Ivan Calderon! One of my all time favorite white sox players…. The guy who whacked him in Puerto Rico should be put in front of a firing squad. *******. RIP Ivan…..

My number- 42- was unfortunately retired from baseball. I understand why it was… but it just sucked as a kid knowing if I ever did make it to the MLB I couldn’t wear 42 in honor of Ron Kittle. I think Mariano Rivera is the last guy able to wear 42.

2 days until spring training opens and still no sign of Scott. Throw us a bone… please!

New blog alert: http://scottmerkin.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/02/welcome_to_the_show.html

It’s not our Scott, but its something!

TC: In regards to Roberto Alomar, Jr:Yeah, I read about that story on the gossip blogs first. I feel bad for the guy if he does have full blown AIDS but at the same time it’s hard to feel sorry for him when he pretty much brought it upon himself. I can’t remember what team he was on when he spit in that umpire’s face or even what year it was….i just remember being disgusted by his behavior and was not happy when he played here. Now I’m wondering if it was Roid Rage that he was displaying and if he caught HIV from using dirty needles to juice himself up. Oh well, at this point one can only speculate.He just came off as an arrogant pr*** to me. But I DID like Sandy Alomar and his dad, but junior was a jerk in my opinion. And as far as the lawsuit goes….good luck with that one lady! She doesn’t have a leg to stand on in my opinion.

Happy reporting day!

OH HAPPY DAY!! I can feel the temps getting warmer already!!

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