Game 4

Monday, October 6, 2008, 2:08 p.m.

Today’s Lineup

OC, SS; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Griff, CF; Ramirez, 2B; Wise, LF; Uribe, 3B.  Floyd pitching.


“If he’s throwing strikes and attacking the strike zone, I’ll take my chances with Gavin.”



tc, To answer your question from the previous post of Scotts: It’s a balmy 72 degrees moving up to about 88 for a high. The humidity is “manageable” at 23%…. In other words, God’s Country…Much more pleasant than Chicago, although I do admit, I sure wish I was there tonight……

Would a “REAL” Sox fan please roll poorhankie and swipe his tickets….. It figures that he’d be the one to get them…..

Don’t , I repeat, DO NOT allow the Rays to celebrate on our field tonight… Go White Sox’08….j.k.

Hi y’all (hi kris, hi tc)

I’m just checking in now, last time till the game’s over. I’m better luck when I don’t check in during the game. SO, cheer hard White Sox Nation. I am in NO WAY ready for the season to end tonight.

Go get ’em boys! And remember, expect the unexpected!


Hi ya’ll (and tc) it’s currently 88 degrees, which I suppose is better than 98 right, and the humidity is 56% which blows! Supposed to rain but hasn’t yet, sweating is a daily occurence and I don’t need to remind you how much I’D like to be in or near or around the Chicagoland area!

Both the black and white towels look cool on tv but I would say the black ones would distract less. How ’bout wave the black when we’re up and the white when the Rays are up, or is that too confusing for some?? 😉

No comment on the ‘hankieman’ getting the dang tickets, my opinion of him is less than splendor!

Getting the black shirt on in just a bit, sit with some Oreos (they’re black and white too) and milk and ready to watch some Sox pack the Sacks and wave em home!!!! GO SOX!

Here we go again, Boys and Girls. As Hawk would say, “Sit back, relax(if possible) and strap it down”. Play hard Boys and good things will happen…. Go Gavin, Go White Sox’08….j.k.

Can not relax, hate commercials! Go Sox!!!!!!!

I’m with you Kris – cannot relax. AJ should have had another spoonful of Wheaties.

Alright Boys. Let’s get a couple of hits and put some pressure on Sonnastine.. Go White Sox’08…j.k.

That was a nice hand for Gavin…. Classy, Chicago!….

Don’t hang your heads. This game isn’t over yet. A lot can and WILL happen… Go White Sox….j.k.


Nice catch by Jr. maybe that will ignite our bats… NEVER give up Sox Fans… Go White Sox’08…j.k.

Well, I did not have a good feeling about this game when it started –

I have been vacuuming since the 2nd inning (I have no carpet) I am very nervous – its making me nuts just here

Do I think the boys can get some runs? Of course! Will they? That’s a question only they can answer!-

I just pray to God they don’tt let the Rays celebrate in their home – that would be tragic!-

Back to vacuuming!

Nice catch old man!!

Oh, I forgot,

Agree – nice catch for JR. The bats need to come alive. Nice job Clayton. Come on boys – give the crowd something to clap for.

Phewwwwwwwwww! Finally!!

Paulie, Paulie, Paulie. The towels are waving – cool look (althought I like the black towel better). We are not out of this game yet.

Thank you Paulie!…. Hold ’em Clayton…. Go White Sox’08…. j.k.

Looks like Paulie’s the only one who doesn’t want this season to end.

I have a question – is that red and green arrow off of first base really on the field?

Not Good!!

Never mind about that question, I just saw them put it on the tv!

Is that a serious question Jen?

5 runs? Looks like this game is over.

It was – because it looked real – I didn’t think it was – but I wanted to know for sure!

I know on football they do that – I actually fought with my husband saying it was real – he told me I was an airhead –

We NEED some runs!

I really don’t like BJ Upton!

C’mon Scam!!! You’re sounding like a Cub fan. This team and its fans at the park will never give up like the overrated team on the North Side did last week.

It drives me nuts when they don’t swing – 3 up 3down!

we know now that scam isn’t hankie! Unless he brought a laptop with to the game!

Jen, Jen, Jen,

For someone who does lots of creative video work on your own computer, you should be the first to realize nifty new graphics when you see them.

Think before you speak.

And do whatever you can to get some runs for the White Sox in the next four frames.

Hold ’em and peck away… Go White Sox’08….j.k.

We always knew that Scam wasn’t poorhankie. Scam is too good a fan to be poorhankie. Scam is truly one of us.

But Scam, it’s an elimination game. All the more reason to never give up. It may look bleak, but runs can be scored in US Cellular Field.

Sorry tc, but I had to turn the game off. These guys look as if they’ve either given up, or have lost all knowledge as to how to play baseball.

One thing is for sure. This ’08 Sox team does not give up. In fact, that may be the best thing we can say about this team. They’ve never quit. Just because the results aren’t good some nights does not mean that you have quit.

Let me know if they suddenly decide to stop taking Walker’s advice on how to hit. Maybe then we will have a chance.

Walker is not now, nor has he ever, swung the bat for anybody. There is no more lame excuse in the world than baling a coach for a poor performance.

I meant “blaming” a coach. My fingers sometimes don’t work well.

Spring training 2009 – work on holding runners on base – prevent the freebie steal of 3rd.
Let’s score some runs. Good job Clayton

All we gotta do is get Paulie up here in the sixth… Go White Sox’08….j.k.

Put it on the board YES! Thanks JD. Now let’s put a runner on base before the ball flies out. Let’s keep the faith everybody.

I blame Walker for our hit or miss offense, and always have. He teaches our guys to hit exactly how he did when he played. How did that work out for him? And people still think it is a mystery how we fail to produce runs when the home run ball isn’t there. Did you notice how Thome’s production shot up earlier this year when he started going opposite field and settled for base hits instead of home runs? Not sure why no one else has tried that. We have guys swinging for the fences every single time they’re up. Guys like Brian Anderson who have no business trying to be homer run hitters. Greg Walker’s advice to guys who are struggling is to “swing harder”. Sounds like a great coach right? Remember when Ozzie called him out earlier this year? This was Walker’s response, “I’ve always done things this way, and I’ll continue to do things this way.” Yea, why change when something is ineffective, right? If Walker is still employed with this team next year I will have a bigger break down than the one I’m having right now.

C’mon guys, only four more solo shots and we’ve got this thing.

Scam, when did you ever hear Greg Walker tell his guys to “swing harder”??????? I’ve heard Greg talk baseball for many years and I’ve never heard him use that advice.

Greg is a product of Charley Lau. He learned his hitting from Lau in the mid-80s. Walk was never a free-swinging player so why would he teach that?

You are frustrated with the Sox’ hitting and trying to put all the blame on a guy that hasn’t swung at a pitch in over 15 years.

Yeah, sure, fire Walker. That will solve all of our problems.

Still battling in the 7th. Comeback wins have happened before. Sox have played 166 games going into tonight. No reason to stop playing now.

I don’t know much about Charley Lau, probably because he died before I was born, but if he was Walker’s teacher than he must not have been a very good teacher. Did he preach low average and high strike outs? And I never said Walker preached free swinging. And no I don’t think firing Walker would solve all our problems. I just think if something doesn’t work year after year, you change it.

Charley Lau was regarded as one of the finest hitting coaches of all time. The 1983 Winning Ugly Sox members all attributed their offensive success of that year to him.

I’m not going to argue the merits of one individual coach. Right now we need to stop TB and keep the lead at four runs. We still have nine outs. You all know that I will not be giving up.

Come on Guys, we need hits… only three hits through six innings? Start stringing them together…. Go White Sox’08…j.k.

Hey, scam….. go away, Man! you’re messing with our KARMA…Go White Sox…j.k.

Damn, Tampa Bay is good defensively. Probably the best overall defensive club in baseball. We have to not only “hit ’em where they ain’t” but where they “ain’t gonna get to.”

We still have 8 outs, guys.

Sorry jk, but they were doing terrible before I showed up.

tc, didn’t the offense on the 1983 team have a really low average and lead the league in strikeouts? Maybe that’s why they didn’t go very far in the playoffs. And since Charley Lau gets the credit for 1983, wouldn’t it also be fair to attribute 1984 to him?

Sorry, you don’t have to respond to that last comment, I’m just really bitter right now.

Charley Lau died of cancer during spring training in 1984.

So they stopped using his advice?

Scam, In the overall realm of life this is a game. While I want the Sox to win I must keep perspective. Maybe you should turn the channel on the television. Bitterness is not becoming over a baseball game. Life is way too short.

I’m the last person in the world who needs to be told that life is way too short.

Do I hear a White Sox heart beat…… Still…… Come on Boys, make it magical…Go White Sox’08…j.k.

Well, I have a fever and I feel like **** and I feel way worse because you know why!

I hate being sick!!-

I am going to crawl over to the couch to watch the rest of the game!

We really NEED runs!


Thank you Chicago White Sox for a SPLENDID season…. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Congratulations and thanks to the Sox for giving us a very entertaining and memorable 2008 season.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll be cheering hard for the Rays the rest of the way. An excellent young team and a great story.

Thanks for a great season boys!

Much agreed tc, hope they can go all the way too! I hate the 5 months of no baseball.

Good Season Boys – Can’t wait for the Spring!!
Thank you for a memorable night on 9-30-08! I know myself and family will never forget!

Congrats to the Rays – great job!

TC – I myself want the Dodgers to win – they are my new 2nd fav. team!

I hope everyone here keeps in touch!!


Jen, you’ve got my myspace, I’ll be around!!!!!

I’ve never been so pleased after being knocked out of the playoffs. This season has been a wild success compared to what I expected it to be. I didn’t expect the Sox to beat the Rays because I think the Rays’ strengths match up extremely well against the Sox’ weaknesses, particularly their running game.

Much thanks to the White Sox for a great season. Every single day was very exciting because it was such a close race. We lived and died with this team every day. After that sweep in Minnesota, I thought we’d be watching the playoffs from the side lines, but we showed amazing resilience.

I will never forget the play-in game against the Twins. After winning that game, I thought anything on top of that was icing on the cake. I have never been more nervous or more into every pitch that I was at that game. Being able to be there in person and see the crown with the blackout, I think it’s the greatest Sox game I have ever witnessed. Even though it obviously wasn’t as important as any playoff game in ’05, we didn’t have that safety net that we did in most of the ’05 playoff games. It was an amazing night, and to me it was all I needed to call the ’08 season a rousing success. Thanks again Sox, great season.

GO SOX!!!!

Well kids, thats the end.

I’m still proud of them, though! Division champs is still something to keep your head up about. I’ll be looking forward to seeing a little pennant added to the banner in right field in April.

And so begins White Sox Withdrawl…. Let’s not all disappear completely for the next 5 months, ok?

Hey Scottie girl – email me anytime – I also have myspace – and a facebook, I know, I’m an old nerd! 🙂 sox1966@hotmail

Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox Central Division Champions 2008. What a year. Thanks for giving us your best. Enjoy your time off. Can’t wait until spring training 2009.

Congratulations to the Rays for advancing to the ALCS…..

Congrats also the Chicago White Sox, who overachieved all season, and with their collective backs (and other parts of their anatomies) against the wall continued to fight and claw their way to the Central Division Championship this year…..

I’m saddened, but optomistic also for the years to come. In spite of some on this board who give little but complaint, I have to say we are poised to be in the hunt for the long haul….

Enjoy your fall and winter Fans and Sox players, both current and FUTURE. Stay healthy and happy and we’ll see you again in the spring……..Go Chicago White Sox’09…..j.k.

Ha, kris, I’ll be sure to find you. Jen, scam, can I assume you two are on fbook too? shortstuff8812@aol, if anyone wants to chat!

To all the WS bloggers, thanks for making me, a newbie, feel so welcome. Enjoy fall and winter until spring training comes around.

Congrats to the White Sox, for a really exciting season, and to the Rays, for their success in the Division Series.

And congrats to all my fellow Sox fans, for hanging in there through a roller coaster season. Can’t wait for Spring Training!

Be sure to get in touch if you get out here to the SF Bay area.


I have to create my own blog – who am I going to talk to this winter? Who am I going to tell my crazy stories to? Who am I going to bitch at?

I KNOW you guys are going to miss me!!

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