Monday Morning Stuff

Monday, October 6, 2008


Kudos to all of our fans who continue to show their Sox Pride by blacking out the ballpark.  Our players are talking about it, the opposition is talking about it, national media have covered it and MLB officials are still talking about it.

People are amazed that 40,000-plus people responded as a whole over a matter of just hours (I’m not), and people think the effect, on TV and in the ballpark, is so very cool.

It definitely provides a home field advantage and that is the point.

Well done, Sox fans.


We had approx. 2,000 tickets for sale this morning to today’s game and they were gone in 2 minutes.  It was stunning to watch on a computer screen in the ticket office.  These were tickets that were returned to us from MLB and other clubs once they realized they would not need their full allotment.


Received a call this AM from a friend flying home to DC after attending Game 1.  He said all of the Hudson News stores were tearing down Cubs postseason displays and quickly erecting Sox postseason displays.


After dropping the kids off at school, I sat down to watch ESPN to see their coverage of our game.  Some things never change.  They got to the Sox-Rays coverage around 8:15 a.m., after stories on the mighty Dolphins and Houston Texans.

Reality Check

In case anyone ever forgets that players are human beings …

Click here to read about Alexei Ramirez’s biggest fans in Cuba.



Great story, Scott, about Alexei’s family. Hard to believe his parents can’t hear or see him play. We forget how good we have it. I say Let’s Go White Sox and Let’s Go Alexei! Do it for Mom and Dad!!!!


I LOVE THIS TEAM! I LOVE the Blackout! We can do this! GO GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!

PS…Great link on Alexi, Scott, thanks!

I hear ya on that one! (about hankie – jackass)

Very touching story – brought a tear to my eye – I am a VERY emotional person – I cry over everything!

I think they should stick with the black towels – looks much cooler – or do black and white stripes! That would be cool!!

Come on boys, WIN this one – I don’t want to see you guys go home yet – It’s such a long cold winter w/out baseball – and I don’t feel like going back to work!!

I agree Jen – I liked the black towels better. And, after reading BA’s blog, the white towels make it harder for him to see the ball off the bat in the outfield.

Well, it looks like poorhankie will be at the game tonight. So, win or lose, get ready for anything that goes wrong tonight to be blamed on Wise, Coop or Ozzie. lol

I vote for the fans to wear black and wave nothing. But White Sox runners home, that is!!!!

As jk will say later today, Go Sox ’08!!!!!

And do any of us really believe that Kenwo’s students are learning anything from him today?????????

Hey, tc, how about I say it now???? Go White Sox’08…..

There will of course be many more to come….. For now though, get ready, get set, Go Gavin….. j.k.

And I say White Sox’08 to differentiate between us and those other colored Sox. I don’t want the Baseball gods to confuse the two. Although, if we make it to the next round I’d prefer to face those other sox, because that would give us home field advantage…. Again, until later, Go White Sox’08…. j.k.

I’m with ya jk. I hate the Red Sox almost as much as the team that got outscored 20-6 by the Dodgers over the weekend and almost made as many errors in three games as it did runs.

But as long as the Good Guys in Black are alive, I’ll cheer for the Carmines to win their series and give us home field. If bad things happen tonight at USCF or Wednesday in St. Pete, then the hell with the obnoxious New Englanders.

So, jk what is the temp in Tucson today? And Kris, how warm is it for y’all deepintheheartof??????

Scott… You were surprised that the Eastern Sports Propaganda Network didn’t get to the story of yesterday’s win until quarter past the hour?

The same network whose slogan, I’m sure, is:


Besides, the inveterate gamblers out there in the Land of the Great Unwashed need to know if the teams they bet on covered the spread yesterday… They could give a rat’s rear aperture (hi, Dawn… you are missed by us all, dear…)about a silly a**ed baseball game…

Well, folks, it is less than an hour to first pitch… The usual suspects are in place, the skies are leaden gray, the temperatures are dropping, not as bad as Wall Street but dropping nonetheless… and the boys are set to embark on yet another chapter of “The Perils of Pauline”…

Will they live to see another day down under glass in St Petersdorf?… If so, will they get over whatever phobia they have about enclosed spaces as relative to tigthened sphincters? Then go on to the next challenge?

I wish I knew ahead of time…

But this is MLB… not the WWE…

Let’s rock n’ roll in “The House of Black”…

OK, this is nerve-wracking. Our guys need to tighten up the defense, and get some offense going.

Go White Sox!!!!


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