Day 2 in Glendale

Monday, February 17, 2009

Day 2 In The Books

Day 2 went just like Day 1, but with the second half of the pitching staff throwing today.

Newsworthy:  Mark Buehrle did not retire … Steve Stone stopped by camp to check out the finished complex, as did Jerry Reinsdorf.  Construction workers continue to cover the site, preparing the ballpark for its grand opening on March 1.

More Ozzie

One of the most interesting things that occurs each day early in camp is Ozzie’s meeting with the media.  He was in form again today.

When asked about Carlos Quentin’s 2008 performance and his chances of repeating it:

“Surprised.  This kid wasn’t even in the starting lineup on Opening Day.  He works hard and it was his first full season in the big leagues.  He really proved me wrong.  Thank God he did.  It shows that if you work hard and put the time in like he did, you’ll get results.

“He’s not the man on this ballclub,” Guillen said, naming Konerko, Thome and Dye.  “He’s a big piece of the puzzle.”

Yet again on the White Sox getting little respect:

“It’s up to the players.  I think we have a team that’s good.  If we stay healthy, we have a chance.” (Sound a little like that bus scene from Bull Durham?)

On who impressed him on the mound yesterday:

“Gavin.  He was amazing.  And Danks.  We had these guys throwing 96 next to Buehrle.”

Contreras continues to draw comments based on his new physique and quick recovery from Achilles surgery.

“I’m not going to hold him back.  It will be up to him when he gets out on the mound to throw.  I talked to him today face-to-face, and he’ll let us know when he’s ready.”

And talk of Contreras led to a question about Bartolo Colon and his physique:

“He weighed 350 pounds when he won a Cy Young Award.  He’s not a model.  He’s not a jockey.  He’s actually in better shape than I expected.”

Closing Zinger

From a clubhouse smart-alek:

“I guess we missed Uribe so much that we brought one and a half of him back and called him Franklyn (as in German).”



Comments two days in a row! That can only mean that THE season is approaching…. About time. Thanks for the updates Scott……. Have a good night all, I’ll catch you all again tomorrow ( or maybe later tonight!)… Go Sox’09….. j.k.

What it means, jk, is this. It means that Amy Reifert and the kids are back in Hyde Park and Scott is “bach”-ing it right now. It means that he has fewer meetings to attend than when he is at the Cell. It means that he is enjoying a little time before all the damn spring games start and the masses of the media (all the radio talking heads and the Chicago TV crews, etc.) start showing up.

Heck, I’ll wager that our boy Scott already has 18 holes of golf, if not 36, under his belt since arriving in the land of the Sun. Hermie will be treating Scott’s hands for blisters before too long.

And, since he is now a big-time winner of the Robert O. Fishel Award for Excellence in Public Relations, he probably has his own personal caddy on the links!!! (just kidding, but he probably gets even better tee times now!!!)

Welcome back Scott, it is great to have your insider’s insight back again.

Hopefully Buehrle is just blowing smoke about retiring after 2011… that wouldn’t be good.

So good to hear from you, Scott! Send some warm weather our way!

Even though the complex looks beautiful, I’ve heard alot of negative comments about this facility so far. 1. There are alot less tickets sold than expected. 2. The prices of the tickets are outrageous. 3. There are little to no big corporate sponsors. 4. The fan friendliness of the Sox side to see players/watch workouts/get autographs is horrible compared to the access on the Dodgers side. 5. There is nothing to do immediately around the park to do/go to except for 1 CVS store. Scott do you care to comment on any of these?

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