Tuesday Camp

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fun In The Sun

Alexei Ramirez became the most recent regular to shop up at camp, arriving in time for a workout this morning.  Several position players are in early, including BA, Brent Lillibridge, JD, Jim Thome, Carlos Q, Chris Getz, and others.  A good showing.

“Don’t they know this spring training is already 50 games long,” asked/exaggerated Guillen.

Yesterday, Ozzie pointed out that his spring training history goes from Glendale, all the way back to Tucson, Ed Smith Stadium and even Payne Park in Sarasota.

“All that means is you’re old,” I told him.


Ozzie was chuckling that three days into camp, it’s a little tough to pick a standout.

“Maybe Roger Bossard,” Guillen offered.


So Sunday, I read that the President is going to be in Phoenix on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I shoot an email to a contact at the White House, just reminding them that we are here in case someone wants to stop by.  Monday, the media ask me if we’ve invited the President since he was in town.  Yes, I explained, I sent a note, but haven’t heard anything back so don’t imagine he’d be stopping by.  BAM!  Obama Might Visit White Sox Camp is suddenly all over the place.

I still haven’t heard anything, so highly doubt he’s stopping by on a whim.


I received a great letter in the mail today from Thomas H. of Homewood.  Apparently, Thomas and a buddy got into a friendly argument/disagreement about the location of Carlton Fisk’s famous two-outs-in-one-play-at-home-plate play on August 2, 1985.  One says Yankee Stadium.  The other says Comiskey Park.  Money and pride are on the line.  Somehow, they decided I was the official judge on the issue (which is actually more credit than I am given, even in my own house), and they have asked me to send them validation, which I will easily do.

So, did anyone on this blog happen to attend that game?  If so, post your memories, and we will check your recollections against reality to see who wins …



Hi Scott. I remember that play vividly! It’s hard to believe that it happened that long ago. I watched that game and almost all the Sox games at that time on my 10 foot big dish, either live or on tape if I was at work. What I remember is that this happened at Comiskey, but with you bringing up Yankee stadium, I now have some doubts. I will go with Comiskey though. I can still hear Hawk going on about that play and it still ranks up there with one of the best ever in my opinion. On the other side of the Pudge-o-meter was his failed attempt at stealing second base and stopping about five feet short of the bag. That one still makes me laugh out loud. Was it during the ’85 season too? …. Later all and Go Sox’09… j.k.


Baseball Almanac (online) says the Chicago White Sox played the New York Yankees on Aug. 2, 1985, at Yankee Stadium. The Good Guys won, 6-5.

Terry Housholder
Kendallville, IN

yea i thought it was at yankee stadium. i remember seeing the clip during the ceremonies this past summer for the last game at yankee stadium

It was at Yankee Stadium on a Friday night two days before Tom Seaver won his 300th game. It was telecast nationally on NBC on a rare Friday night network telecast. Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola on the call. I think NBC scheduled the telecast a couple of weeks ahead of time hoping that they would get Seaver pitching on either Friday or Saturday.

Scully’s call of the play was classic. I wish I had it on tape. Hawk and Mike “Spanky” Squires were also calling the game on SportsVision but I was watching the NBC telecast.

Mike Pagliarulo was one of the two Yankees nailed at the plate and I believe it was Dale Berra coming in right behind him.

One of the most memorable plays I have ever seen and one of the greatest calls by Scully.

It went kind of like this:

“The throw to Fisk at the plate …. (pause) … he’s got one … (pause) … and he’s got two!!!!!”

The funniest thing was seeing the Yankees’ third base coach (it might have been Gene Michael) wave his arms in disgust as Berra ran through his stop sign and was a dead duck just a few feet behind Pagliarulo.

Just wanted to say welcome back, Scott, and here’s looking forward to a successful 2009 season. Go White Sox!

Here is the historical background on the “two for the price of one play” as well as the actual call from Vin Scully. I just re-watched the play from the 1985 portion of my White Sox video library.

August 2, 1985- An incredible weekend in New York starts with perhaps the most unusual play in White Sox history. With Britt Burns on the mound, Rickey Henderson slams a double to left center over the head of Luis Salazar. Yankee base runners Bobby Meacham and Dale Berra get confused because it looked like Salazar might have been able to make the catch. Meacham stumbles running the bases and is nearly passed by Berra. Both runners attempt to score as Salazar?s relay throw is caught by Ozzie Guillen and fired to Carlton Fisk at the plate. Fisk then tags out and knocks down BOTH Meacham and Berra one / two as they attempt to score. That?s two for the price of one at home plate! To cap things off the Sox win the game 6-5 in 11 innings.

Scully’s call: (direct quote) “Full swing and a high drive into left center… Salazar…can’t get it. Meacham went back to the bag and was almost passed by Berra. There’s two men at third! The throw to the plate is in plenty of time to get one…AND GET TWO! Can you believe it.”

Mark Liptak

Keep us posted if you have any “presidential” sightings!


Great post Lip. Thanks for that recap. The clip is also one of my favs during the intro thingy before each game.

Scully’s the best. His description of that play was absolutely perfect.

Don’t know why I thought that Pags was the lead runner but now I do remember it being Meacham.

Pudge later said that in all the games he caught in his life (just a few, needless to say) that the two outs at home in NY was the strangest he had ever been involved in. Had it happened in a playoff or World Series game, it would have gone down as one of the greatest plays of all time.

I for one am excited to see the Cuban Pimp this spring. What a nickname!

Great article on that Cuban Pimp by DeLuca of the Sun Times

Oh my gosh. It’s been FAR too long since I last commented on here.
A Happy Spring Training to everyone…

Saw all of your many quotes in the “Sun Times” about this Obama business, Scott. Pretty cool!
Does the President stop anywhere on a whim??
…I guess we’ll find out.

Hey guys check out this link to an NPR story I heard on theway home tonight regarding the top Nationals pick and the scandal concerning signing him and falsifying his age. I know we talked about this in the past and here it is coming up again. On the link you can either read the article or click the “listen here” button to hear the audio clip of the story that was on the radio.



Sorry! you can’t read the whole article on that site, but you can listen to the whole interview. Interesting albeit discouraging stuff.

Contreras dropped 30 pounds, good for him, it sounds like the Sox are coming in with plenty of good news this year. Lots of potential with pitching, prospects and a good mix of vets and younger players. Just need Thome and/or Konerko to get back at it and we’ll be in good shape. Sounds like it could be an exciting year.

Coulda swore that game was at New York. I think it satisfied me immensely that they were embarassed on their home turf that way.

Yes, kiddies, this is proof that there is life beyond Facebook…

Spring Training 2009 is underway…and so is the guessing game played by all of the prognosticators… based on readings of tea leaves, just plain old feelings, and other bunk, hokum, hog wash and bushwah…

Baseball Prospectus gives me the same kind of headache that I get reading Bill James, or Tom Clancy…

These people, supposedly, are learned observers of baseball…

They should then realize one very important factor…

Predictions this early aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on…

Nobody (and I DO mean NOBODY) can tell this far in advance what will transpire over the course of a season…

Last year, if you’ll recall, every one was picking the Sox and Minnesota to be battling for third place behind the Tigers and the Indians… We all remember what happened THEN, don’t we?

As to the makeup of the ’09 squad, in my opinion, backups are desperately needed at ALL of the positions… because the boys aren’t getting any younger… even baby faces like the Missile and TCQ…

This is why there are as many players as there are at Glendale right now… so that the weeding out process can begin ASAP by Ozzie, Kenny, Walker, Dr Cooper and the rest…

As to where they will finish this season… I will wait until the end of Spring Training before making my guess…

One hint, though… it’s a good bet that they will finish…

In Detroit, on October 4th…

(Thought you were gonna get something out of me, didn’t you?)

BTW, Scott… MY memories of Spring Training go back to Payne Park as well…

And,.as you’ll recall from last year’s Blog Night, Moose Skowron already informed me of what you informed No. 13…

We’re BOTH just old, that’s all…

Speaking of predictions, remember last year Scott had us make our guesses of the record at the end of the season? Who won? I think it was Peggy. If so, what was your prize?

With the impending snowstorm to hit Chicago tonight, spring can’t come soon enough. Be safe out there everyone!


And, one more thing….WHERE IS SCAM?

Who cares where that no good Scam is!

anyway… things are looking good for my guy Contreras. I am excited that he is coming back and coming back early. I told you Liptak… Contreras is a horse and will be back.

Here is my prediction. Brent Lillibridge will bat leadoff for the Sox in 2009. I think he will end up playing center field. I just don’t think they like Owens or Anderson and if this kid shows he can play he will be the guy.

Ok boys and girls – I’m back too! And I can’t wait for this season to get started…when’s Blog Nite Scott?🙂

So I heard a nasty rumor that has Crede signing with the Twinkies. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Somehow I just know that is going to haunt us.

Go Sox!


Just saw that, Crede to Minnesota, I never thought I’d hope that he wouldn’t stay healthy, but there you go….

Is that Ken doll I hear calling for me? I know you love me Ken. If I ever see you in person I’m going to give you a big hug.

I can’t imagine that turf in MN will be very kind on Crede’s back if he ends up there.

And about the double tag out play for Fisk, I believe that was the second time that play had happened in Yankee Stadium against the Yankees. If I’m not mistaken it also happened to them again in Tampa Bay during the 2000 season. I could be completely wrong tho.


I would love to be a fly on the wall if Kenwo and scam were to ever meet in person…….
I’m curious…….Jen and Ames, how are you taking the Crede news? I, for one consider him a traitor. Hubby, on the other hand, thinks it’s just business. I don’t wish him any ill will, but at the same time I hope all of his best skills were left at the Cell.

Lisa, I agree with your hubby – I think it is all business and you have to go where the paycheck is. THat said, I hope he does well as long as he is NOT playing the White Sox.

The kids and I were planning to go to the April 10 game and now I’m not so sure. Do I really want my first game this year to be having to watch Joey in a twinks uniform? Maybe I will end up taking April 6th off of work. Bah.


KenWo – I thought the battle in CF is between BA, Jerry Owens and Wise?? Not so sure about your prediction.

Alexi moving over to shortstop should pay big dividends for the White Sox in 2009.
With the speed and the agility this guy has, I was hoping you might get him in the 6-slot sometime in 2009. His hitting is great, but his defense is even better.
Glad to see that the White Sox can make these changes without losing anything in the translation. The candidates that came in to fight for the second base job will also prove to be a great addition to the squad.

Rays Renegade


I am happy to see that Lisa and Sweet MariE have come to find out that baseball is a sport, yes… but first and foremost it is a Business… that has been the case since time immemorial…

Tom Hanks in “League of Their Own” said “THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL.”… (I think he said that right before he saw Madonna try to throw a softball… THEN he changed his mind… but, I digress…)… In this day and age, when players are interchanged, sentiment has no purpose…

I am just wondering, though, what kind of response Joe will get when the Piranhas come in to the Cell that first weekend of the season?… Will it be the response that Frank Thomas got the first time he came back with Oakland? Or will it be the response that Magglio Ordonez got, and STILL gets, each time the Tigers come to town… similar to the response “Sock-It” Thome gets when the boys go into Cleveland…

I have to confess that Sweet MariE brought up a name that I had not thought about , when trying to mentally put together a possible roster coming north… That name is Dwayne Wise… I had completely overlooked him…

I have to get a copy of the depth chart, as it curently stands, before I make any comment on who should be where, when and why…

I would hope that when Joe steps to the plate at the Cell in April that he will get a very warm, if not standing, ovation from the Sox faithful. The Sox released Joe, not vice versa. I really think his heart will always be in Chicago.

But he has to look out for himself and sign the deal that is best for him and his family.

So, I hope we Chicagoans give him a rousing welcome back to the Cell …….. and then proceed to watch him have an 0-for-4 night. Or at the worst, a meaningless solo homer in the ninth inning of a 10-1 White Sox winner.

Joe Crede — in my memory — will always be one of the best defensive third basemen I have ever personally seen and one of the best late-innings, clutch hitters in White Sox history.

I love Joe Crede — not like Jen does (lol) — and he is a class act.

He’s never been one of my faves, but I do get rather attached to our boys. I don’t see him as a traitor… but I’m a little disappointed. Twinks? Really, Joe? He didn’t have many options, and he had to play somewhere, I get it. It’s still a little wierd though. I think the dome will do horrors to his back, which’ll be interesting. I’ll cheer him when he comes home; he deserves it. Then I hope he strikes out.

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