Sunday Notes

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Wed at LAA

Richard, Marquez, Thornton, Williams, Russell, Link, Harrell, Salmon, Wassermann

Thu at Colo

Floyd, Carrasco, Egbert, Broadway, Nunez, German

Fri at Ari

Danks, Salmon, Russell, MacDougal, Van Ben, Santeliz

Fri vs. LAD (SS)

Poreda, Linebrink, Jenks, Link, Harrell, Wassermann

Camelback Ranch Facility

Today’s Sun-Times included a great story by Dave Hoekstra on our new facility.  Click here to read it.

A couple of days ago, a poster asked a few questions — with an edge, at least in the way I read them — about the complex.  Let me try to offer answers to the abridged questions.

Q:  Ticket sales are slow

A:  In our case, I’m not sure compared to what.  I am told that our sales are competitively near the top of Cactus League sales.  Given the economy and its impact on vacation-like travel, I am anticipating that every spring training site will feel/see an impact this spring in lower attendance.  We certainly have battled the clock in that we only confirmed last November that we could make it here this spring.  I have run into a lot of people in Glendale/Phoenix who are surprised we are here.  We are fighting that perception but it will take time.  I think we all feel that, in the end, our attendance numbers in Glendale this spring will surpass what we saw in Tucson.

Q:  Prices are high

A:  We made a determination to price our tickets on a consistent basis with the Dodgers.  Imagine the confusion if we played the Dodgers one day as the home team and the next as the visitors with different pricing.  Our approach to spring training pricing is no different than at USCF.  We try to offer price points at a range of options for fans, allowing for a family of four that wants to come and sit on the grass to get in for as little as $8 each, while someone at the other end of the spectrum can spend more for the best seats.  We also offer a series of package discounts, a Family 4 Pack (4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 drinks) and a “Guy Pack” on certain dates.  I suggest you go to or call 480-784-4444 for details and specific pricing.

Q:  Corporate sponsorship sales are slow

A:  I don’t know specific numbers for Camelback Ranch yet, but with CP sales at all major league ballparks, yet alone all sports events, down, I am sure this new enterprise is feeling the tough economy as well.  Not sure there is any news there.

Q:  Fan friendliness

A:  Compared to our Tucson complex, fans will have a great deal more access to players, at least in my opinion (and early experience).  Today, I saw Alexei and Carlos signing autographs for fans.  Unlike Tucson, fans here can watch B games on our replica field and can stand on a pathway/bridge over our complex as players and staff pass under.  Today, I saw players stopping and signing on their way into the clubhouse.  In the ballpark, our players will access the field and dugout by walking all the way in the right field line along the stands.  This is much more access to players than fans had in the past.  I can’t speak to the Dodgers since I have not been over to their practice fields.

Q:  No businesses near the ballpark …

A:  I guess that depends on how you define “near.”  The ballpark — as with most new facilities — has been built on a open plot of land just east of a small airport.  Housing developments are located due east and south of us (north, I think, too, but I haven’t gotten there yet).  Within blocks are Subway, Wendy’s, Starbucks, Home Depot, etc.  Within a couple of miles is more food and shopping than you can ever imagine … Westgate, Bell Road, etc.  You’ll fine more than your fair share of restaurants, bars and hotels.  Ultimately, the city of Glendale plans to create a development, hotels, golf course, etc. right near the facility.  We likely will see this develop more in coming years.  Critics will always find something to harp on, but you can’t say there isn’t stuff to do in the area.  (And there are several golf courses withing miles of the field, not that I can say that from personal experience).


Our advertising agency, BBDO Chicago, has been in town the last two days shooting television advertising spots for this summer.  Among the stars: Q, AJ, Roger with appearances by a number of White Sox (rumor also has popular Herm Schneider making a cameo).



Scott, I can’t wait to get out there to see it! It sounds like an amazing complex.
And when you say Roger is in an ad, are you speaking of Roger Bossard?!? I’m a huge fan of his and think that would be awesome to see him in an ad with the players, as would Herm.

gah, missed there was a new post!! reprint…

Poor Toby:

idk who should pay, in my opinion it would be the ‘stros. But why didn’t Hermie know what was wrong with his shoulder these past two years??

I for one Scott am looking forward to seeing the place. I haven’t been to Tuscon so have nothing to compare it to, but have heard good things. Your input makes me even more excited. See you late March!!

I was the one that asked the questions, and I thank you for answering them. The reason I asked is because you are there and can provide firsthand accounts for those of us stuck behind a keyboard and relying on newspaper/other fans accounts of the new facility. I visited Tucson a couple years ago and can’t wait to be able to afford to get out to Glendale with my family. Thanks again Scott!

The new complex sounds great, unfortunately, the airline tickets were too pricey. Combine that with the price of hotels, food, tickets, etc., we’ve decided to see the Sox in Vegas for their two split squad games with the Lovable Losers at Cashman Field (since we got a smokin’ deal on a room at the Paris hotel). Looking forward to seeing whichever of our boys who make the trip to Sin City. Hopefully, we’ll win enough on this trip to be able to afford the trip to Glendale next year. (BIG SMILE)

And hello to all bloggers. Good to see you all made it through another brutal Chicago (or wheverever you live) winter. I too, am looking forward to another fun filled blog night. What I’m wondering, though, Scott, is where can one view a picture of Southpaw from the Inagural Parade?? There was only one (blurry) picture posted in the article written by Southpaw.

Latest interview. Hope y’all enjoy it with JOE MCcCONNELL:

Mark Liptak

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