Who Am I?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Never Make That Mistake Again

Prior to today’s workout, third base coach Joey Cora called all of the White Sox players and staff together on a back practice field.  Media members edged closer and television cameras zoomed in.

In addition to the usual daily announcements (today’s schedule, travel plans for the week, etc), Cora had a trick up his sleeve on Monday.

He wanted to play a game of “Who am I?”

You see, a couple of days ago, 2008 first round pick Gordon Beckham stepped into the box to hit during a round of batting practice.  AJ (of course) was catching.

Number 80? the veteran asked.  Kinda a high number for a prospect.

“What number should I have?” Beckham replied.

“I heard they were un-retiring No. 3, Harold’s numbers,” AJ countered.

“Harold who?” the rookie answered.

Oops.  Might want a mulligan.

Flash forward then to Cora.  He dramatically pulled out a sheet that detailed all of Harold Baines’ accomplishments.

With great aplomb, Cora listed all of Baines statistics, emphasizing where he ranks in baseball history …

“57th All-tme!” he yelled as players and staff stiffled giggles.

Beckham meanwhile took it all in stride with a big smile on his face.

When Cora finished, he asked, “so who am I?  Just in case no one knows, the next time you are at U.S. Cellular Field, you can look up in right field and see a bronze statue of this man.  It will be there forever!”

He then pointed to Beckham.

“Who am I?”

“Harold Baines,” Beckham admitted as Harold jokingly introduced himself and signed a photo for Beckham.  The team roared. 

“But I knew that,” Beckham explained.

He certainly does now.


Great story, Scott! I have been reading Merkin’s Blog and he wrote the same story. Kudos to you, yours was written more clearly and is more descriptive. Just thought it was funny since he is a writer. I enjoy both blogs and hope to hear more stories. I am starting to wish I planned my spring training trip earlier in month.

man, it is getting to be that time of year, I am anticipating the start of the season and changing of the weather like a little kid. Never too old…

As we come upon the start of another Spring Training, and another season, we turn once again to the great Ernie Harwell of Detroit, and his annual statement, taken from the Song of Solomon 2: 11-12…


Let’s play ball… it’s about time…

Saw it last night on CSN–what a riot! Always great to see the guys having fun with the new kids. By the way, I just checked the broadcast schedule for the spring training games and was sadly disappointed to see there was barely any scheduled. Anyone know if these non-televised games will at least be broadcast on the radio?

GO WHITE SOX!! (Tomorrow, already!) And happy Mardi Gras everyone!

I heard the score say they were broadcasting the game tomorrow so I’m guessing you will have better luck there. Hope you are all enjoying Fat Tuesday and we end our fasting from b-ball tomorrow!! GO SOX!!

Great story, Scott. Thanks for sharing.

Anyone else plesantly surprised by DJ on the radio with Farmer? Maybe this won’t be as bad as I had imagined. Sounds like he has a lot better chemistry with Ed than with Hawk.

It sure is good to listen to baseball again on the radio. I agree – DJ sounds good so far with Farmer.


They do sound good together don’t they? Baseball sounds good! I feel warmer already.

Hi All! Wish we were winning but those voices – -those voices give me the warm fuzzies!!! Can’t hardly wait!

As to DJ, he merely excahnged one grump for another grump… (Hawk does get that way at times…)

As for the game itself… My theory is this…

If you’re going to have an absolute buptke of a game, make it in Spring Training… and make it the first game, because then you get the poison out of your system…

The pitchers who gave up the bulk of the Angels’ offense can be forgiven, somewhat… because they weren’t going to be with the team in the next couple of weeks anyway, after the first round of cuts are made… so they have their chance on a diamond with “the big boys”… and they get pummelled…such is life in Spring Training…

Let’s just hope that Thornton doesn’t get hurt training for the WBC… Bud Selig’s desperate attempt to get the world to embrace MLB just as they do the NBA…

If Thornton DOES injure himself, the White Sox should look towards some form of compensation to make up for his absence…

BTW, as another typing error is discovered, the corrected word in Sentence One should be “exchanged”…

But you may have already guessed that…

Hey TQ, have you moved to Idaho or something??????

What’s this with all the fretting and griping about the WBC???

Thornton could just as easily get hurt in a Sox spring game or at a Glendale watering hole twisting off the cap of his next Miller Lite.

Save your worries for August and September when we will all, hopefully, be embroiled in a pennant race.


I knew there were times when you were a very reasonable person…..this is one of those times.

I don’t think though a team has a right to ask for compensation if one of their players gets hurt in this farce. When Luis Ayala blew out his arm his team didn’t get squat.

This poll being conducted at the Tribune says it all though:



And before TC can fire off a remark, you can only vote once.

Fortunately the Sox have the smallest group of players participating and only one of those, Thornton is worth a damn.

He’ll never admit it openly (for obvious reasons) but Kenny doesn’t like this one bit and is doing his best to dissuade Sox players from getting involved. My comment to that is GOOD FOR HIM!

Mark Liptak

Well we got a win! Way to go pitching as only 1 run crossed for the Rockies. I don’t put much stock into getting trounced by the Angels or beating the Rockies though…. Spring training is crap and too long anyway.

Very disappointed to know Gordon Beckham doesn’t know Harold Baines… I don’t know why…. but it irks me.

I agree DJ was very good on the radio from what I could listen to in between the school day and parent teacher conferences. Can’t wait til Sunday to watch the boys on TV!


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