From Tucson

Thursday, February 26, 2009

We Won One!

Yesterday, a press box observer noted that 1. it was February and 2. we were in Tempe and noted our chances of winning were slim and none.

Well, today, we got one.  We actually beat Colorado in Tucson in February, 4-1.

Cuban Dayan Viciedo singled sharply into left field in his very first at-bat as a professional in this country.

“I’m happy.  I feel great,” he said through interpreter Joey Cora.  “I’m just happy I could finally play in a major league game.

Viciedo acknowledged the speed of a big league game.

“I know I need to keep working on my defense,” he said.  “I understand that’s what it is going to take to be here.”


Most of the club — minus today’s pitchers — is sticking around for tomorrow’s game against the Dbacks at TEP.  I actually drove down last night to miss traffic and to steal another night of eating at some favorite Tucson restaurants.

So for those of you with tickets to tomorrow’s game, here’s our lineuo:

Owens, LF; Wise, RF; PK, 1B; Betemit, SS; Viciedo, 3B; Anderson, CF; Broussard, 1B; Getz, 2B; Stewart, C.  Danks pitches.

Upcoming Schedule

After tomorrow’s game (what do you think our chances are against the Dbacks in Tucson?  … but we are on a roll!!), we travel to Mesa on Saturday and then open our new digs in Glendale against the Dodgers on Sunday at 1:05 pm (2 pm in Chicago).  The game will be carried on CSN and WSCR.



I realize that it has only been two spring training games, but after last year, I really need to see Paulie start tearing the cover off the ball.


Will you let Beckham know that the White Sox minor league fanbase has nicknamed him “Slayer”. In fact, could you let Ken Harrelson know that too.

I’m becoming a fan of the White Sox for two reasons: 1) my girlfriend is from the South Side and 2) Cardinals fans and White Sox fans enjoy mutual disdain for the Cubs. Plus I can’t stand the Twins; how about you?


CCR, that is totally acceptable. Cards are my “National League Team” for nearly the same reasons (except swap gf for roommate, lol!).

It’s great to see baseball back! Hopefully the guys can improve on what they need to and get ready for the season. I picked up some tickets already to see them in Milwaukee, besides the Cell of course. Go SOX!

Looks like the Big bats are booming… homers by Konerko, Stewart and the Cuban Pimp! I am very excited over this Viciedo dude…. he may finally fill the void that has been in my heart since the sox traded my boy Carlos Lee

Yes, that’s another big win, but my goodness, what’s going on with the pitching? No runs at all? Great stuff, guys. Let’s keep it going!

There it is. Bring in MacDougal to shut my mouth. Ugh! Well, it’s still a winner and all the other pitchers did great!

Pitching sucks, huh?? Shame you’re in Arizona, otherwise you’d keep track of how the Nationals’ pitching shut down the Astros today…LMAO
Oh, and tell Mark over @MLBlogs I just discovered a backdoor way to leave comments (when that “You do not have permission…” deal comes up). Somebody who left a comment on MY blog told me of this, so I tried it here…and the damn thing WORKED!!!
I learn something new every day…lol

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