Opening A Ballpark

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Opening Day

Beautiful day.  Great ballpark.  Nice come-from-behind victory for the White Sox.

Credit for the ballpark goes to Terry Savarise, our Sr. VP of Ballpark Operations, Greg Gesicki for the City of Glendale and the 700 plus construction workers who worked double shifts to get 19 months of work done on this ballpark in 11 months.  Of course, there are others who made today possible, too many to list here, but guys like Roger Bossard and Mike Spidale literally worked second jobs to make this happen.

For anyone who attended today’s game, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the ballpark, good or bad (because maybe we can make adjustments after day one).

For those of you who watched the game on CSN, what’d you think?

Let me hear your thoughts …



Slayer with the bomb today!

The field looked lovely on TV, very sunny and warm.
It’s freezing here, incase you were wondering, but it’s great to be watching baseball!🙂

I enjoyed watching the game on CSN. It does look like a beautiful ballpark and I long for that beautiful Arizona weather. Mark looked really good pitching. But I was not impressed AT ALL by Wilson Betemit. He still needs alot of work from what I saw yesterday.

Loved hearing STONEY!!! For sure!!! Liked that homerun in the 9th too!

As I do not have access to cable, I have to rely on radio… and for the first four innings, it sounded good…

Then, the Score went into their asinine “interactive” broadcast… and the rest of the game became a backdrop for the call-ins…

Needlerss to say, I will drill Rongey a new one soon… even though it’s none of his doing…

I would like to see footage of the diamonds that equivocate(equal, for those of you not familiar with $10 words) the conditions at the Cell and Chavez Ravine…that sounds very nice…

Freezing here, but the thought of Opening Day in 5 weeks is getting the thaw going…

As to the game, briefly…(from what I HEARD before the yammering started…) Betemit is going to be a back-up, insurance infielder… so hopefully, they stick him into a game where they have a big lead… and they can afford to carry his cast-iron glove…

I think the park looked great except for that terrible looking net/hitter’s backdrop in center and way too many fans dressed in blue.

What’s the matter TQ? You don’t like a call-in show DURING your game broadcast???? lol

I heard that too and was shaking my head in disbelief when I heard the guys filling time talking about the weather while the game was going on. And then finally heard Farmer say, “Oh, by the way, the Sox just went three-up and three-down in the top of the fifth.

They have 24 hours to take their silly calls and talk about the weather and whether or not Viciedo can make the Opening Day roster. Instead they use their game broadcast for that drivel.

We still have over a month until the games count so be patient with Betemit and the others.


While I thought everything looked great – there was just one thing I didn’t like. I really don’t like that there is no wall at all behind home plate. You get to see everything behind the plate, including all the spectators sandals. That just looks weird. And, that’s gotta make it hard for the outfielders to see the ball off the bat.


Hi Scott! We are going to be in Florida the end of April and are planning our first Sox road trip at the 4/19 Tampa game. We are really excited. Looking into game tickets now – any recommendations on where to sit in that park? Or has anyone else here been to that park?

Scott: The ballpark looked nice. I’ve received several first-hand accounts from friends who were there and the concensus is that it’s beautiful. Can’t wait to see it for myself in 16 days!

Deidre: I’ve been to Tropicana Field twice (2003 and 2008). The Sox sit in the third base dugout, so you may want to try to get seats on that side. We’ve also sat in the all-inclusive “luxury” seats behind home plate. A little pricey, but the view is pretty darn good and the food and drink aren’t bad, either. If you have kids, be sure to take them up to the ray pool in center field. You can actually pet and feed a stingray. (No worries, they’re harmless). Have a great time!

So my parents are leaving for Vegas tomorrow to cath Wed and Thurs Sox/Scrub games. I am BEYOND jealous!!!!LOL

tc –

I have to completely agree with you. I listened to the game today on the radio and that “interactive” game/talk show is ridiculous. Not sure who came up with that idea – but please stop!!! The game is enough. Plus, I enjoy the calls in the post game show. But, not when the game is on. I wonder what the reasoning is behind that.


Oh, and tc, one of the calls was “do you think Viciedo will be on the opening day roster?” I KID YOU NOT!

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the park. Looked pretty good. I’m right behind Maria to see it 26 days for me on the day of me and the hubby’s anniversary!!

My only comment about the ballpark was it looked very sunny and with 90 degree weather, that must have been HOT! My thick midwestern blood is sweating just thinking about it. That’s why I’m glad we decided to go to Vegas instead. Weather should be in the upper 60’s to low 70’s for the two games at Cashman Field, which are both on TV, by the way. Weds. night on WGN and Thurs. on CSN.

Marie, I did hear someone, I think maybe Mark Buehrle, make a comment about that as well. But putting a wall behind home plate seems like a relatively easy thing to fix. Here’s the Vegas lineup from Scott Merkin’s blog:

“–Here are the players set to make the two-day trip to Las Vegas as of Sunday, with the White Sox leaving Wednesday morning.

They are Chris Getz, Jermaine Dye, DeWayne Wise, Josh Fields, Jerry Owens, Konerko, A.J. Pierzynski, Cole Armstrong, Wilson Betemit, Ben Broussard, Tyler Flowers, Michael Restovich, Josh Kroeger, Jayson Nix, Eider Torres and Sergio Santos.

John Danks starts Wednesday night. Jeff Marquez starts Thursday afternoon.”

Didn’t see or hear it – Texas sucks! The only time the Sox are in Arlington is the weekend of prom and Kenny Chesney – being a mom, I’ll be thoroughly busy allll weekend! Hopefully I’ll head north this Summer and catch a game! I’m anxiously awaiting opening day!

I agree… there should be a wall behind the plate. 1- it looks stupid…. and 2- a screaming liner back at the pitcher might be ugly.

Great to hear about Contreras and Colon…. as much as everyone likes young guys….. i would much rather have veterans. Especially in the starting staff.

looks like we get THREE blogs this year!!! Gordon Beckham’s is

Hey, has anyone seen the new TV commercials with White Sox traditions as the theme? I have seen the one with the guy practicing catching foul balls. Hilarious. I saw the beard one on the website. I like these and looks like another good year for the Sox regarding marketing.


Thanks for sharing the pictures! You did a great job with them!!

Your pictures were great – thanks for sharing!

I see AJ’s hitting the peroxide again.

How do you get the job to help the guys stretch out? I’d like to apply.



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