Twitter and Tweet

For those of you who are interested, I am now providing news updates, lineups, scores, etc. on Twitter under the name, nelliefox2

Good Reading

If you are bored with my stuff — and who could blame you — check out the new book, Go-Go to Glory, edited by Don Zminda.  The book, published by ACTA press, contains chapters on each player from the 1959 White Sox.

A must read for a Sox fan who loves the club’s history …


Thanks for the tweets, Scott. I love getting the news in any and every way possible.

How does one sign up for Twitter? Little young’in hasn’t jumped on board yet…

nvm, got it. I think I’ll just stick to status updates though.

If anybody’s listening to this game online, who’s announcing it?? I don’t recognize the voices

Kris – I’m watching online via the like from the Sox home page. If that is what you are listening to/watching…then I only think I recognize one voice. I think one of them is Bill Melton. Not sure who the other guy is.


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