Monday in Glendale

Monday, March 9, 2009

Batting Practice

Bartolo Colon and Jose Contreras each threw two “innings” of batting practice to three minor-league hitters today for a total of 40 pitches.  It was the next step in their prepration for the regular season and all went well, according to pitching coach Don Cooper, who was pleased with the sessions.

“They felt good during it.  They felt good after it,” Coop said.  “We’ll check back with them in an hour and see if they still feel great.

“It was important for them to take the step of facing live human beings with bats in their hands.”

The duo likely will throw one more BP session before appearing in a spring game.

B Game News

Word from the back field as I type this is that Gordon Beckham drove in a run and collected another hit …

Today’s Lineup

vs. the Indians

JO 8, AJ 2, Q 7, JD 9, PK 3, Betemit 5, Vic dh, Getz 4, Lilli 6.  Danks pitching, shooting for 4.0 IP.

Buehrle’s Back

Mark Buehrle is back in camp today, bringing deer meat for his teammates. He took some good-natured abuse about being away from camp.

“Some of his teammates wondered who had the baby … Mark or Jamie,” Cooper told Chicago media, smiling.


Oh wouldn’t that be nice to get these two going before anticipated!
What do you think of Beckam? It sounds like he’s giving Ozzie a bit to think about. He’s gotta start out in the minors though no?
No words from Ozzie on Venezuala’s loss???

Loss? More like massacre.

Bartolo Colon and Jose Contreras both is good. I like it.
Great compitistion between tham.

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