Wish I Was In Glendale

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too Cold

It’s way too cold up here in Chicago.  I guess my blood has thinned.  I need to head back down to spring training … not that I am getting an sympathy from my family (or many of you).

Today’s Lineup

Against the Brewers:

Owens, CF; Ramirez, SS; Quentin, LF; Dye, RF; PK, DH; Betimet, 1B; Viciedo, 3B; Miller, C; Lillibridge, 2B.  Buehrle pitching.


Each year, the White Sox (like most teams) hold an open tryout the first Saturday of March.  Usually about 100 guys show up, and once and a while someone will get signed out of the camp for our minor league system.

I try to wander down each year just to get a feel.  There are always interesting stories.  This year was no exception.

There was one player from Chicago who had flown down with his parents to try out.  The sense was that he had never played baseball before that day.  We were literally afraid of the kid for his life during BP.  He got eight pitches and actually made contact on one.

Two former big leaguers tried out.

One kid has his mom stretch him before the workout (note: not a great idea).

And the best story of 2009 was this …

As the camp began at 8 a.m., the grounds crew was out dragging the infield, setting up cages, etc.

One of the young kids dragging the infield asked what was going on.

“Try out camp,” he was told.

“Can anyone do it?” he asked.

“Yes.  It’s open to anyone.”

With that he dropped his rake, told his co-workers he was heading to the car to get his gear and tossed over his shoulder the comment, “You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.”

Alas, I think he’s back on the grounds crew today.  It actually might pay better.


Great stories regarding the open-tryouts! And no, you are not getting any sympathy from us. We’ve had to take all of this garbage weather without the brief respite of AZ. Thanks for the update Scott.


Don’t you remember, Mr R?… Last year, you had ME trying out at SS during the open tryout…

With the exceptions of Betimet, Miller and Lillibridge… are we starting to see the formulation of the starters for Opening Day?

I have not heard any rumblings coming up from Glendale, so I’ll ask… Is 3rd base still Fields’ position to lose? Has their been improvement from Viciedo enough to warrant a back up role there?

And how much sooner before the newest American citizen, heretofore known as the Cuban horse, and Senor Colon make their debuts?

I know that there is still an eternity of time to go before the bell rings, but , borrowing a phrase from Dave Wannstedt when he coached Da Bears(which is kind of like the kid who had his mom stretch him out … NOT A GREAT IDEA…)

Are the pieces coming into shape?

BTW, Scott…

You’ve been in the same boat with the rest of us, as far as the weather goes, all winter long…

Now, all of a sudden, you get the chance to escape by heading for Arizona… and leaving your wife and children here to FREEZE…(slight exageration, but… you get the point…)

When you come back for a brief sojourn… all of a sudden,
your blood has thinned… and you come back looking for sympathy from your family and us?

I don’t think so, sir… with all due respect… I don’t think so…

What a fun story. And this is why we love your blog so much!

Can anybody tell me how to comment on Merkin’s blog. It simply tells me that I do not have permission to comment on his blog. What’s up with that?

Scott ~

Great post! Loved the stories about the open tryouts! My nephew will love to read about that. He’s 12 and has high hopes!

Lisa, trying logging out and signing back in. You should be able to comment on the 2nd best blog on the Sox that way.


Lisa… You could either do what MariE suggests,or get Merkin as one of your “friends” on Facebook (Forgive me, mlb.com, for mentioning a competitor on your service…)

That what I did… because I have not only Merkin but Mark Gonzales of the Tribune on my “site”…

I already have Merkin as a friend on Facebook, even though I rarely venture into that territory, it’s just not as convenient for me as Reifert’s blog….after all, this is THE original and Best Blog site, in my opinion….Hi Scott!

p.s. thanks for the info Tom and MariE

I should have went to the open tryouts… I think I would have had a shot at shortstop based on the way Betemit has played there. I would make more plays than he does for goodness sakes.


What a great game to watch yesterday. BA is certainly looking like he should be playing center this year for the Sox. I have not seen Wise play as well so I don’t know what it is that Ozzie is seeing. I sure wish today’s game was televised in some capacity. We will have to rely on the eyes and mouth of the radio guys to tell us how Contreras is looking, but I for one am excited as heck to hear how he’s pitching! GO JOSE!! GO WHITE SOX!!

I’m looking at paying a visit to Glendale. Can anyone tell me where the White Sox are staying? I’d like to stay in or near to there hotel if able.

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