Sunday, March 16

Sunday, March 16, 2009

White Sox at Seattle

We travel up the road just a bit today to take on the Mariners in Peoria.  Biggest news of the day will be the first spring appearance of Jose Contreras, who is scheduled to start and go one inning today.  Contreras will be followed by Jeff Marquez, Franklyn German, Kelvin Jimenez, Jon Link and Mike MacDougal.

Our lineup:

Owens 8, AJ 2, Q 7, Dye 9, Kroeger 3, A Ramirez 6, Betemit DH, Fields 5, Beckham 4. 

More On Marines

Apparently the story about our fan reaction to the group of recovering Marines who attended our game last weekend started to make the internet rounds.  This from the military website Blackfive:

Here are some pics from Ron Vesely:




Beautiful story in that link. And pretty impressive to hear about Zito’s funding for the group. Thanks for sharing, Scott.

OMG! Scott! I had tears rolling down my face at will while I was reading that story. Very touching! I am impressed with Barry Zito for paying their way. Helluva guy! Thanks for sharing!

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