Monday Postgame

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ozzie Postgame Comments

On Bartolo Colon’s outing:

“The most important thing is he’s healthy.  The ball was up at times.  His velocity was good enough for me.  I think he did what I expected.  It’s hard to get feedback from him because he’s a pretty quiet kid.  I’m happy with what I saw today.”


Personally speaking, I was much happier with what I saw from Jeff Marquez against the flubs in Vegas. Also Aaron Poreda and even Lucas Harell . . .

I agree with Nancy…

If the season started tomorrow… my rotation would be
Danks, Floyd, Buehrle, Contreras and Marquez…

Colon? More re-hab… lose the gut, or find another team willing to take him… Cut your losses, quickly…

Ozzie is just being a politician about Colon’s outing…

I didn’t read the same thing between the lines that he expressed…

And I really don’t think he was all that happy…but he’s putting on the front that he was…

Good lord Quaid.. the guy just came back from arm surgery and couldn’t throw all of his pitches. Yet you are ready to dismiss him because of one spring start? that is ridiculous. The guy had the same gut that he has now when he was throwing 99 for Cleveland.

Give him a few starts at least for crying out loud. Contreras did a great job..but would everyone want him released if he gave up 4 runs in two innings?

Bartolo hasn’t pitched in 6 months. Expecting him to pitch well in his first game back is far worse than his outing was.

Sorry Kitty, I’m with Tom on this one. I was less than thrilled upon hearing about his comeback as it was. I know he was hurt and is recuperating but he didn’t even have it last year before the injury. I said it before, I’ll say it again. Since when have the White Sox become the place for has beens to come and die?

He was 4-2 with a 3.92 ERA last year. That is pretty decent. I can’t wait til Big Bart pitches well so I can prove you all wrong like I did to Liptak about Contreras coming back.


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