Sox vs. Angels on a Sunny Wednesday

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

White Sox vs. Angels

Wise 7, Getz 4, PK 3, Thome DH, Fields 5, Kroger 9, Beckham 6, Lucy 2, Lillibridge 8.  Floyd pitching.

Early Morning

As a pounded away at the Stairmaster this morning, Joey Cora slinked into the room, head down, scurrying past.  So much for Team Puerto Rico.

“Did you see that slider to Youkilis?” Juan Nieves asked.  “When he called that a ball, I turned the TV off.  I knew it was over.”

The mood is much different than last Sunday after Team USA lost to Puerto Rico.

“Watch out when you drive over to Peoria today,” Cora chidded.  “Beltran’s ball is due to land near her sometime soon.”

Jim Thome prepared for his return to the lineup today by working out early. 

“I’m excited to play,” he said.  “Spring Training game, any game, doesn’t matter.  I just love to play ball.”

It’s amazing to see that type of passion out of a guy who has played as long and as hard has Jim has.  On March 18.



Players, and human beings, for that matter, like Jim Thome do not come along every day…

He is one player who would have been a star in any decade in which he would have played…

He has had back issues hold him out of a lot of games so far this spring, but he is determined to make the most out of whatever opportunities he is given… even if it’s in B games, or in workouts, or any other way…

He should be cloned, and then studied… so that there could be some sort of gene developed that could be given to other athletes in other sports, not just baseball…

And what would that gene produce?

Hopefully, caring, dedicated, human beings… not just “I FOR ME, TO HELL WITH YOU” bums…


I agree with your post about Thome. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the man, but from what I have heard on radio, seen on TV, read about in the paper and been told by friends who know him, he is the goods.

Everytime I get disgusted with the behavior of a pro athlete, I remember about the good guys like Thome and know that not all millionaire athletes are jerks.

I’m so pleased that he has spent the late years of his Hall of Fame career with the Sox.

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