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Friday, March 20, 2009

Giants Visit Camelback

White Sox Lineup:

BA 8, ARam 6, Quentin 7, Dye 9, Thome DH, PK 3, Betemit 5, Stew 2, Lillibridge 4.  Contreras starts.


Juan-gone is expected to DH today against his former teammates.  Uribe was greeted yesterday with the chant of URIBE-URIBE-URIBE from the Sox dugout prior to his first at-bat.  During his final year in Chicago, Uribe would often wait in the on-deck circle before his at-bat until he could hear his teammates start the chant.  It became something of a team-wide joke.


The Cubs travel to Camelbeck to face the White Sox and expectations are for an all-time, Cactus-League record crowd.


The rest of the week or so …

Buehrle tomorrow vs. CHI

Richard Sunday at Oak

Poreda on Tuesday at Cle

Contreras Wednesday vs. Oak

Don & Charlie’s

A Scottsdale tradition, last night was “White Sox Night” at Don & Charlies as front office staff and members of the Chicago and national media grabbed a postgame meal.  If you come to spring training for baseball, a visit to Don & Charlie’s is a must.


I’ll miss my Juan!

Trying to get that video to play, no luck from the website or the link – anybody else have any suggestions??

17 days folks!


Can you tell me who Sergio Miranda was traded for? I know he was traded to the Brewers, but I don’t know who.

Maybe it’s just me but I’d sure appreciate the Sox actually going out and look like they are trying to win a game before the season opens.

This week has been flat out horrible with the pitching staff getting lit up like a Christmas tree.

Say ‘it’s only spring training’ and I appreciate that but it’s also about 2 1/2 weeks before the games actually start to matter.

“It’s time” to put the toys away, can the double A players and start getting ready to go mentally and physically.

It’s not March 3rd anymore folks.

Mark Liptak

Just watched the White Sox 2009 preview show on the MLB Network and I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised. It was in – depth, fair and balanced.

John Hart and Mitch Williams knew the big league roster and the minor league system. They did a number of interviews and broke down each area of the team.

Even their 3rd place predictions came with a caveat. Both said the division was wide open with each team having a weakness. They said if the back end of the rotation comes through and if the kids can actually produce, the Sox can win it, but they said with those questions they couldn’t just “anoint” the Sox to repeat.

The only major error in the show was when they spoke about Greg Luzinski wearing “shorts.” ‘Bull’ of course came along three years after the one game where they did that vs. Baltimore.

The only other subjective area where they make an judgmental error was on the Sox All Time Team… they left off Billy Pierce. Bad, bad mistake.

Recommend watching this show highly when it repeats.

Mark Liptak

More pitching follies on Sunday…Clayton Richard is seriously blowing his chance to make this team isn’t he? (Come to think of it, maybe that’s not such a bad thing!)

Mark Liptak

Latest Ozzie / team news.

According to Mark Gonzales of the Tribune, Ozzie is upset over the bad defense (but wait, I thought they were stressing the fundamentals this spring…..again…..) and has named Brian Anderson as the starting center fielder against left handed pitchers. He’ll also leadoff in those games.

Season hasn’t started yet and already Ozzie is going into the match up nonsense.

Just play Anderson full time, period. At least he can catch the ball.

Mark Liptak

Chris Getz wins the 2nd base job…. saw that one coming from a mile away….. Corky Miller wins the back up catcher job- I am happy about this since i have seen him throw out more runners in this spring training than i have seen aj throw out in 3 years…. Pitching is struggling but it is a dead arm phase (notice the 15 homers hit in the angel game).

I agree with you liptak. If Getz won the 2nd base job… let him lead off. He has shown a good ability to get on base in the minors…. So if Getz is leading off just play Anderson and bat him 9th.

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