Tripping to Goodyear

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sox vs. Indians

We are heading just down the road to Goodyear for our first look at the Indians (and next year, the Reds) new complex.

Our lineup against the Tribe:

Wise 8, Getz 4, PK 3, Thome DH, AJ 2, Fields 5, BA 9, Lillibridge 6, Owens 7.  Poreda starts on the mound.

John Danks and Scott Linebrink are scheduled to pitch at our complex in minor league games.

Thornton Returns

Good to see a Matt Thornton back in our clubhouse this morning.  Matt still was pumped talking to other players and staff about his experience in the WBC.  Congrats to Japan on that country’s victory.


As I stood in the clubhouse in front of today’s lineup (I was twittering it into my phone … for daily notes from camp, sign up at, my name is nelliefox2), I felt a player behind me.

“I’m just looking for clues,” he said, as he studied the various notes and schedules on the board.  “I know they usually cut guys on Tuesdays, so I’m trying to read the board for signs to see if I’ll be around for another week.”

It reminded me of why we are really in spring training and how real the competition for jobs is for these players.


We still have 11 games remaining in the spring training that will not end.


I snuck away on Sunday and Monday to visit Sedona with my family.  Beautiful rock formations.  Great hiking.  Super restaurants.

We were pleasantly surprised by how many people we saw sporting White Sox hats, t-shirts, jackets, car flags, etc.  Either there is a reasonably sized pocket of Sox fans who reside in Sedona in March or many Sox fans down for spring training took advantage of the day off to visit the resort.

Either way, lots of Sox Pride in the Arizona mountains. 


One last blast at the idea of the WBC, as designed by the Commish…

Bud was quoted in a column in the NY Times yesterday by
William C Rhoden (“Selig Looks to Classic to Cement His Legacy”) concerning players who decided not to play and the GM’s who encouraged them not to…

And I quote:
“… I’m going to be as kind here as I can. Look, the clubs hear this all the time, but I’m going to say this to you as directly as I can: This is a time in life where I know how important your individual club is—this is a time to put the best interests of the game ahead of your own provincial self-interest. … ”

In other words, screw the chances of your team getting your abilities all season in order to possibly win a World’s Championship… It’s MORE IMPORTANT TO GO ALONG WITH MY MASTER PLAN TO MAKE MLB AS POPULAR ALL AROUBND THE WORLD AS THE NBA ALREADY IS !!!

Yes, it will, Bud… as an idiot who looked the other way when steroids came on the scene, because the seats were filled… who couldn’t even finish an All-Star Game in his OWN hometown because the managers ran out of pitchers… who allowed Don Fehr and the players union to run, and ruin, the game of baseball…

Yeah, Bud… your legacy is complete, allrighty…

Scott, any word on who will be throwing out First Pitch for Opening Day? I know there was talk about the president, but never a confirmation for the fans. I will be there and was just curious. Can you help out a fellow Leatherneck? <<I think you mentioned in the past that you attended WIU. Either way, thanks in advance.

Go Go Sox!

Macomb, IL

Nice to see some Sox Love in AZ. Can’t wait till Opening Day!



My feelings on this farce are well known so I won’t repeat them save to say this is the worst idea since the All-Popularity Contest (i.e. All-Star Game) was turned into home field advantage in the World Series.

At least Proud To Be Your Bud is consistent with his bad ideas.

Mark Liptak

I, too, will not repeat my feelings on the idea of the WBC because readers of this board are well aware of them.

I just wish that my schedule would have permitted me to watch more of this tournament. It was the only good thing (minus a couple of NCAA games last week) worth watching on television since the Super Bowl on Feb. 1.

The players who participated in it seemed to have loved it. It made a dull spring a little less dull.

And tq, be careful, your blood pressure will go up! Save those rants for the season when we hit a losing streak!!!!

I am currently at the Grand Canyon before we make our way back down to catch the boys in Mesa against the Cubs and Saturday at the Ranch and can confirm the Sox love here as well. We had our jackets on and saw more than a few hats, sweatshirts and jackets. It’s a little chilly up here so can’t wait to get to the heat of the Phoenix area. Looking forward to watching the boys play!!

I just hope everybody comes back to the blog once the season starts. Everybody has gravitated toward Facebook which I don’t have the time or inclination to wade through. But I do think that yesterday was Jen’s Birthday, so Happy Birthday Jen! And I know Mark Buerhle has just celebrated a Birthday as well so Happy Birthday to Mark!!!

Seems Proud To Be Your Bud put his foot in his mouth again and the U.S. players who did participate in the World Baseball Farce aren’t happy about it:,0,5481193.story,0,2867525.story

Mark Liptak

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