White Sox vs. Dodgers

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today’s Lineup vs. LAD

Anderson 8, Ramirez 6, Quentin 7, Thome dh, Dye 9, PK 3, AJ 2, Fields 5, Lillibridge 4.  Floyd pitching.

The Great Race

To everyone’s amusement, coaches Don Cooper and Jeff Cox squared off in a race for pride, physical fitness and endurance this morning and the duo dueled in a 50-meter dash down a clubhouse hallway.  A shirtless Cox (I’ll leave that to the imagination) beat Cooper.

“I’m feeling it,” Cooper admitted afterward.

Surprised the “dash” was captured on film, Cooper exclaimed, “I thought there were no cameras.”

Told the footage is likely already on YouTube, Cooper quipped, “I’m already all over YouTube,” referring to his now-famous, hamstring-pulling toss-and-fall move in the dugout last year in Los Angeles.


White Sox media relations staff, manager Ozzie Guillen and a few players spoke to White Sox minor leaguers today about the importance of being available to and working with the media to the benefit of fans, players, the organization and the game.  One session was in English, the second in Spanish. 


See you tomorrow, Scott,,,,, Go White Sox ’09…. j.k.

Nicely played game today. Good to see them going on all cylinders. And lucky Donna… she got to witness it firsthand!

Was a great game. I’ve got pictures of the Coop/Cox thing That was outdoors this morning! I’ll post with my Camelback report later. One of the funniest things I’ve seen!! I’ll post a link to pictures tonight

So I was lucky enough to be at a great ballgame today and see our boys come out on top. It is me and my husband’s 17th wedding anniversary and it was a great gift to see the victory. Gavin looked great and hey 2 bunts get 2 baserunners!! Hopefully that is a sign of things to come!!
I want to tell you all about Camelback and my Spring Training experience because I hope it will encourage you to make the trip next year. I will preface this with the fact that this is my first trip to the Cactus League and I have nothing to compare it to except my experience at HoHoKam the day before. Thought I had a good time there, I REALLY had a good time at Camelback. I know the place is new, but really I felt like I went from old icky Wrigley to the Cell. The place is huge and really pretty. Again, I know it is new, but really it is beautiful. We got to the ranch at 9am when the gates opened and went to the Sox practice Fields. The boys take their workouts seriously. No signing autographs and little talking to fans during workouts. There were a couple fans talking about the team when Harold Baines walked in and he overheard them “reviewing the team” and told them they shouldn’t believe everything they hear about the team. As the rest of the coaches strolled in, Ozzie was Ozzie and walked over to the guys who were stretching and warming up. There were only a handful of fans around and suddenly Ozzie yells out something and the next thing I know Cooper and Cox are racing. I tell these things cause that was the cool part about being at the workouts…hearing the banter, watching how hard they work, all the different ways they work out, and just being able to be that close to take it all in. Once workouts were done, most of the players came over and signed autographs. I will editorialize here about what jerks some fans can be and how I totally get now why some of the players may not sign. Little kids were being pushed away by grown men! My kids got balls signed by AJ, PK, JD, BA, Getz, Jose, Josh Fields, Quentin, Jerry Owens, and a few others, but you see what I mean. Players they would never get the chance to during regular season. Have to say Jerry Owens and Jose….NICEST GUYS!! Both spent ALOT of time signing.
The players were more generous with autographs even pre-game. All the big players came over if even for a little bit to sign things. PK came over alot. Thorton spent a long time signing. Baines, Cooper, Alexei, Wise, and BA all spent a good deal of time signing as well before the game.
After workouts we went to the stadium and let me tell you, If I closed my eyes, I would think I was at US Cellular. The smells, the music, and I even got Thunderstruck!! It is obvious alot went into making this feel like home. A MUCH better game experience than HoHoKam. I even had my traveling camera man with cute interviewing girl between innings!! Lots of bathroom space too!!The food selection was fantastic. There was even Vienna beef dogs and Connie’s pizza. The only warning I will give is there is not alot of shade there and the Arizona sun can get hot. Bring lots of sunscreen!
I was warned parking and leaving would be an issue, but I didn’t find that at all. No different than leaving the Cell. $5 to park and got out pretty easy.
JK I know you are sad they left Tuscon, but I can see why. If you are a baseball fan, half the teams are within short driving distance to see. We could have walked to the Seattle/Padres site from our hotel which was only about 20 minutes from Camelback.
If you are considering coming to spring training, I strongly encourage you to do so. My kids–ok me too–loved the experience and you see the players in a very different way than the season. Sorry for the ramble, but it really was a great experience!
Link to pictures including the Cox/Cooper race and one of our Scott…..


Donna, Thank you for the pics! It looked like you all had a wonderful time. And congrats on your anniversary too!

You are right. I am sad that the Sox left Tucson, but they’ll be here today, so all is forgiven (for a day at least). One more week and they’ll be far-far away in Chicago anyway, so it doesn’t matter too much.

One thing remains constant, Go Sox (’09 version)……..j.k.

They need to work that footage into the new pregame video montage. Checked youtube, no luck so far.

Night and day… not just a song by Cole Porter, but an accurate description of Clayton Richard’s abomination against the Flubs at Ho Ho Kam and Gavin Floyd’s excellent outing against the Dodgers at Camelback yesterday…

And, believe it or not, Ripley… AJ threw out TWO baserunners yesterday… because I guess that Dr Cooper has been working with Floyd on some sort of slide step to keep the runners closer to 1st… whatever it was, it worked… and should be mandatorily taught to all catchers and pitchers throughout the system…

As for “The Great Race” between Cox and Cooper… Jeff Cox without a shirt on? PUHLEEESE… There’s too much violence in the world to begin with… let’s not go THERE any more, shall we?

On the telecast, Kenny had the dubious distinction of following Ozzie talking to Hawk and Stone Pony… which is like following a prodigious home run hitter, when you’ve got a pop gun bat and not even warning track power…

I had fun today, except for the wind!!! The box said the wind was 8 mph. It may have fallen to that for a moment or two, but it was really blowing out to right-center at about 20 mph all day.

There were a lot of Sox fans sitting in my section, and I thought I saw Donna and her family, but I guess not. No Scott sighting either, and not our regular line-up, but the “subs” did their thing and brought us a White Sox Winner!.

One more week and we can get back to the season that all of us love…… Go Sox ’09… j.k.

Thank you, Donna, for the terrific photos! And I appreciated your full “report” on the experience at the new facility. Wish I could go there – it looks great. Maybe next year…

Go Sox!!!


Wish it was me JK, but I was on my way back to the SNOW in Chicago. Glad you had a good time though! PEGGY! I was just wondering where you were. Everyone is coming back!!! Only a week to go till it counts. Can’t wait!!

Scott, can we please get an update on Opening Day festivities? Who’s throwing first pitch, etc. Thanks!


Thanks for the great photos, Donna! And please don’t apologize for writing so much. It was great to hear about everything. Will definitely have to get out there next year, it sounds great!

5 days til the opener! GO SOX!!

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