Closing out Cactus League Play

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today’s Lineup at Milwaukee

Reminder:  Today’s game is being televised in Chicago by Comcast Sports Net.  First pitch is at 2 pm.

Wise 8, Getz 4, Fields 5, Betemit 3, BA 9, Miller 2, Lilli 6, Negron 7, Floyd 1.

I’ll try to post more later this afternoon.


Any word on who will be throwing out 1st pitch on Monday? If there is a 1st pitch on Monday.

Buehrle’s pitching on Opening Day.

I know that. Do I really have to say “Ceremonial First Pitch?”

Yes, Kris, It is always a good idea to be as explicit as possible to avoid any misunderstanding or heaven forbit, create a controversy. So from now on, please don’t simply refer to the Sox. You must pick a color; red, white, black. Take a swing could be confused as purloining the childrens playground equipment. So if you mean for the guy to swing the bat, say so. From now on there are no dog-days of summer without mentioning the breed; bassett, chihuahua, etc. A good example: “Wow it sure is hot! it feels like an English Wolfhound kind of day”.

Also, please show respect to each one of us, if it is necessary to refer to another person on this blog site, show some common decency. When referring to Lip for example, please call him Scribe from now on. Donna is now to be called Mrs. Shutterbug. Maria will henceforth be known as Ma’am and Jennifer will be Missy. I think it would be appropriate to call TQ “The Old One”, that makes me the VERY old one , but don’t go there. Kenwo of course can be called Kitty if you like or Prof if you prefer.

That about sums it up, so as I say to my Granddaughter before she heads of to school each day, Have fun and play nice with the other children. Now it’s time to “Play Ball!”: that’s Base, not foot or basket or bean or in any way refers to the wedding dance.

Got it? Good!…. Go Chicago WHITE Sox ’09…. j.k.

Who’s on First

That’s good stuff j.k. Nice!

JK, you never cease to crack me up!

But to answer Kris’ question, it looks like Billy Pierce will throw out the CEREMONIAL first pitch. The WHITE Sox issued a press release earlier today with all the opening day details.

Hmmm, didn’t get that release. Cool, at least I know now. Thanks Maria.

Sure hope this offense wakes up before Memorial Day! Through seven this afternoon, another brutal performance…3rd straight game.

Nothing like spring training to get ready for the regular season eh?

Mark Liptak

Quick – someone bump the needle that is “scribe” liptak – I think his record is skipping again…

Seriously dude – it’s spring training, don’t you think it’s a bit early for your shtick? Let’s give the boys a chance before we start ragging on them!

Go White Sox!

JK you crack me up! My kids call me the “stalkarazzi” so I’ll take your name!! Can’t wait for Monday!!

Dearly beloved,

We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of a legend. His (baseball) life was short, but the impact he made in the lives he encountered was tremendous. He was near and dear to many of our (read: my) hearts, and will be truely missed. We can only hope at this time that the (baseball) God(s) will be kind, and find an extra (bench) spot available in heaven (read: some team that I don’t hate).

Please, a moment of silence for Mr. Scottie Pods, who was reassigned yesterday to the AAA Sky Sox…


Nobody picked up Jerry Owens, do you think they will go after Pods? He will always have a special place in our hearts….may his career rest in peace.

channeling, manausa………

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN’ ME….. I JUST CHECKED THE FIVE DAY FORCAST AND IT CALLS FOR A HIGH!!!!! OF 37 MONDAY. ANYONE FOR AN OUTSIDE BLACKHAWKS GAME? After the Boys have gotten used to 80 degree weather they have to try to hit in that kind of conditions? I guess KC is in the same boat. But how about next year we start the home schedule later in the year to avoid all the bad early dates. Sometime around May 15th should work.

Shaking my head, I remain your obediant resident clown….. very old guy/ aka… j.k. go Sox’09….

I love the end of spring training. it means the season is about to start.

Hey, everybody, it’s almost *real baseball*!!!

Can’t wait. JK (oops, I mean very old guy) love the names, but felt sorta left out, since I didn’t get one.

Hope the weather warms up before Monday, but our guys can play in any kind of weather. As I recall it, Game 2 of the 05 Series wasn’t ideal weather, but it worked for the WHITE Sox.

Go Sox!!!


I wish Monday would get here sooner. I can’t take the waiting any longer. Let’s go White Sox!

Sorry Peggy, I didn’t mean to slight you. How about Battling Pegster? Palo Alto Peggy? White Sox Woman from Way out West? (you could shorten that to WS Woman from WOW, or perhaps WS WOW woman). Pale Hose Peggy? I’m kind of reaching here, let’s just keep it simple: Bay-Side Babe…. j.k.


I, too, hope for nothing but the best for Scottie Pods. Thanks to one swing of the bat he will always be one of my all-time favorite White Sox players.

Who would have thought that one of the most memorable home runs in White Sox history — and in my mind, the most memorable but maybe moreso because I was in the left field stands that night and had a great view of the ball leaving the park — would have been hit by Scott Podsednik???

Another reason why baseball is — sorry NFL fans — America’s Pastime and the best game on earth.

Billy Pierce being asked to throw out the first ball is an excellent choice since the first fan was occupied.

I don’t know if they’ll get the game in however, have been reading the Sox may decide to call it over the weekend and try for Tuesday.

Here in Idaho it’s been in the 30’s with snow / rain and wind and that’s headed Chicago way.

My attitude is if things are going to be that back, why risk a player injury and force fans to freeze. Hold off a day and see what happens Tuesday, maybe it’ll be a touch better.

Mark Liptak

I see the Scribe is in mid season form already. And it’s not even opening day.

I am so ready for the season to start. I’m going to Friday’s game (4/10) to welcome back Jen’s man…Joe Crede. Jen – are you going to be there??

And, jk aka the really old one, you forgot me too! But, I guess getting forgetful is ok if you are the really old one. That’s ok! 🙂


I can’t wait for monday…. However with this crappy weather I hope they decide Sunday if they are going to play monday or not. I am only able to take one day off of work this week- don’t want to take off monday and then find out they canceled it….. I don’t mind sitting in the 30 degrees- just make a decision by 7 AM so i know if i should be sick or not!

Many apologies, Marie. I thought I coined your name when I capped your “E” last year, but here goes….. How about mllE MariE? Or (with a hint of Billy Crystal accent) MaavelousE MariE? EveryonE is wildE about MariE? LittlE LadEE?…. Go WhitE SoxE… j.k.

Come on Klein!!!! You can’t leave me out of the name game!!! What’s the verdict for my name?

Yeah jk, whats up with leaving me out too!?!? geez… total jk (just kidding)

AAAArrrGGGGGhhhhhhh!!!!!! I know I’m leaving a lot of you out of this scintillating exercise: consider yourselves lucky, …… I will try to accommodate…. But, first a story. I have always given nick-names to family and friends, sometimes business associates. It’s just something I do…. One of my daughters in named Lisa. As I was working at a name for her (and mind you these things take time and once they stick, they are permanant). I was playing with her name in my head and I started with Lisa, then went to Lasi. I wasn’t pleased with that so i continued. Lasi became Lassoo, and then of course it was real easy to get to Lasso-Latutie. But I thought that was a bit awkward too, not to mention that my daughter wouldn’t say a word to me for several days. I pressed on. Lassoo became loosee, and the spelling easily morphed into Lucy. My lovely daughter has been Luc to me and other members of my family for decades now.

And now to your request, Imunoz…… Lassoo-Latutie is still available, but assuming you wouldn’t talk to me either, maybe something more dignified like Lilting Lisa. It just came to me…… From now on you will be known as (haha) as Lil, short for Little Lisa….. as for you scotties22, I am at a loss. I know that’s hard to believe, but for now I will have to beg off….

Can the Boys really play baseball when it’s below freezing? What was the average temp for Bears games, anyway?….. The season will start, hopefully Monday,,, Go Sox’09…j.k.

And henceforth, JK, I shall just call you “Sawyer”.

Anyone know what happened to Jim “Not Mike” Devereaux? He always used to add great insights to this blog, but I think we scared him away last year. Jim, if you’re out there, come back!

This and that:

You can’t ask for a better performance then Contreras and Colon gave this afternoon. Unbelievable.

IF they can stay healthy (and that’s still a major question) this rotation could be very good.

As far as the offense? Let’s just hope the “slump” they have had this past week (14 runs in final 6 games — with 6 coming in one game) was simply because they were bored and because Ozzie insisted on playing guys from the minor league camp who have no business getting at bats the final week.

Hopefully they bust out whenever the season starts — I’d be very surprised if it was Monday, they may not start until later in the week!

Mark Liptak

Ok JK – I’ll whine too – – take your time with mine, TQ calls me kiddo, very endearing –

Getting excited about baseball season period end of sentence! Doubtful if it’s too cold that they’ll play but I promise some game somewhere will be on tv and I’m off on Monday so I’ll be in front of it –


I sent a note to the ACTUAL Mike Devereaux on facebook. He responded to me that he loved his short time in Chicago and stated he would have liked to have remained a White Sox….minus of course the ring he won with Atlanta that year. I always liked him. Good player on the Orioles (who happen to be my second favorite team) for a lot of years.

Just call me No-Nickname-Nina, thanks. I was thrilled to hear that the back end of our pitching staff combined to throw a shut out against the “regular” Diamondbacks today. Would have liked to seen that one, but no such luck. But if Ozzie’s excited, then I’m excited.

And as far as the weather for Monday’s opener goes, anyone remember what the high was the night Buehrle tossed his no-hitter? We could see our breath all through the game as I recall. I’m thinking that unless they can’t get the snow to melt off the field (predicting 1-3 inches to fall over Sunday night), there will be baseball on the South Side on Monday. Just load up on the Irish Coffees and ya won’t feel a ting! But by Thursday (the second game I’ll be attending), the weather should be in the 50’s and sunny. So it’ll be plenty warm for baseball, right?

Can’t wait for baseball to start!! GO WHITE SOX!!

Hi JK!

Thank you for all the thought and effort – I’m perfectly happy with Bay-Side Babe. Nice work!

Now we need to get the weather gods to smile on Chicago. Wish I could pack up some of the sunshine and warmth we have out here and send it along. We’ve got perfect baseball days here, just no “real” games (that count) yet. Not too much longer to wait, though. I’m so excited!!!

Go, Go, SOX!!!


Ah, jk, thats ok. TC gave me Ames a while ago, and I’m perfectly content with it!

I would love if our game got in on Monday, esp for all you kids with tix. But I only have one class Tuesdays, and would appreciate actually being able to watch the game… 😀 We’ll see!

Its opening day…even if you do have class you aren’t supposed to go. what the hell amy aren’t I rubbing off on you at all?!?

Apparently a decision will be made on the game at 8AM or so Chicago time on Monday if case any of you have tickets and are wondering if you should take the chance:

Mark Liptak

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