Day Game in Detroit

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sox Lineup

Lillibridge 4, Fields 5, Quentin 7, Thome dh, Dye 9, PK 3, AJ 2, Ramirez 6, Wise 8.  Floyd pitching.

Ozzie said before the game that Chris Getz’ right arm was sore from being hit and that he thought it was likely that Getz would miss today and tomorrow but that they would see how Getz felt again on Tuesday morning.


Congrats on #300, JD!!!

And congrats to Paulie, too!!! #300!!! Back to back!!! Wow!!!

JD and Paulie back-to-back, YESSSSSSSSSS!

gotta love that speed!!!

ANd hate them walks, just throw strikes

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo not Carasco

Just please don’t bring in MacDougal. I’d rather see Carasco.

Just when Wise’s bat is heating up, he gets hurt – I hope he is ok!

Nice to see the offense working hard today!


This one appears to have 13-11 written all over it. I am only following it online and every time I check the score, it has changed.

Did this game get moved to Wrigley Field or something??????

Wow! I just checked again and apparently Q has gone deep again.

The ball sure is not “small” today.

Yeah, is TCQ amazing, or what? He’s on track for what? About 150 homeruns???????????????????????????

I hope Liptak isn’t disappointed about the lack of small ball today.

Two homers in one game! Q’s on fire!

This being said, the score is a little closer than I’d like it to be. Giving up walks can hurt, and Gavin’s given up 7 in this game. I’m wondering if he was pitching passively with the large run cushion we gave him. Still, we’re up by 4 (PK just doubled in JD as I type this!), so let’s close this one out.

Nice job by the ‘pen. Lots of hitting. All in all, a good day.

Why are all the games on at noon????? Irritating!!! Glad they won big though!

I forgot about the game being during the day till I got in the car to come home from work. I missed a good one! History making back to back 300’s and how about Amy’s boy CQ!! I take back what I said about it feeling like last year–for now anyway! Just as Wise starts getting it going tough injury. I’m curious to see who will come up–Jerry Owens??? Does this mean BA will get another shot?? Curious to see how this plays out.


As long as they win, I’m not “disappointed” about anything.

I’ve never been against the long ball, I’m just saying the “home run or nothing” approach goes into slumps…sometimes long and painful, and when that happens you damn well better have another way to score runs.

It’s the “other way” that has plagued the Sox this entire decade.


Regarding Wise, no one likes to see anyone get hurt but I never felt he was going to contribute a lot this season anyway. He’s a 31 year old career minor leaguer. Seems to be a very nice guy but there’s a reason he’s never been able to crack a starting lineup or roster for any period of time.

One ‘positive’ thing the injury does (and that’s probably not the best choice of words so I apologize in advance…) is that this forces the Sox to play Anderson pretty regularly and find out once and for all if he can play or not.

If he can’t, look for Kenny to be forced to make a move around the deadline. Ownes will probably be called up but his worth was revealed when the Sox cut him and he cleared waivers…no other team wanted him.


Latest interview is up, just FYI. With Joe Cowley of the Sun-Times. Has some interesting things to say about Kenny (and how he compares to Jim Hendry), the newspaper business and such varied topics as “dollgate” and fan web sites.

Mark Liptak

Okay, so what is the extent of Wise’s injury?

From the comments on this board, you would think he suffered a career-ending injury.

I just checked an online story and it said that Wise had a separated shoulder. Nothing too serious but a stint on the DL.

Anyway, this may give BA yet ANOTHER chance to win a job. He had over half the ’06 season and numerous shots in ’07 and ’08 to win the job and couldn’t do it.

I understand Ozzie’s hesitancy to give him the job. He has disappointed the skipper too many times.

I bet we still see Lillibridge playing some in center against righthanders until Wise comes back.

I really hope Kenny doesn’t make a trade and bring in another outfielder that nobody wants. With the other bats in the lineup, we can live with a weak-hitting CF.


In that case then you give the job to Anderson on a regular basis…at least he has pretty good defense in center field and anything he can contribute offensively is a bonus.

His defense is better than Wise’s or Owens’ or Lillibridge’s so you go with the strong suit.


Depending on the severity of the injury, (there are degrees of shoulder injuries in this case – I think four grades depending on how bad it is) Wise could be out anywhere from, I’d say, two to eight weeks, then you have to go back to the minor leagues for a rehab stint.

It could be a serious injury if he misses two to two and a half months.

Mark Liptak

Mark, Loved the interview!! Nicely done!

If BA can get on do as he did today and steal some bases that would be helpful. I’m a BA lover, but wouldn’t have wished this on Wise. I just hope Brian can take advantage of what potentially is a golden opportunity to prove himself.

I was sorry to see Wise getting hurt, but I agree with those of you who are willing to give BA a shot in center. I still contend that he never really got a shot from Ozzie at any time in the past. For whatever reason, it’s seemed as though he was in Ozzies dog house. If he can hit 220 as a regular, and factoring in his speed and glove, he should be allowed to be the starter in my opinion. His head is right from what I read. keep away from the K’s and he’ll be ok. Look at today: Rincon didn’t want any part of him! Two walks on 8 straight wide ones…..

Let’s parlay this win into another tomorrow…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

The trib already had something up about the possibility of Kroeger getting the call up to back up BA. I like this over Owens, but I really don’t like Owens.

Saying “I never felt he was going to contribute a lot this season anyways” and implying that he may as well be on the DL is kinda weird. What if he was going to be a great contribution? We don’t know. I’m not a big Wise supporter (I have fun with his name though… DeWeezy? D-Dub? So many possibilities!), but he was coming around. He couldn’t be any worse than our other CF options…

Wow, bad day for sport guys…first Kalas now “The Bird” dead. I remember watching him pitch as a kid. What entertainment! RIP guys.

Okay, so the shoulder injury could be a two-month thing but at least it’s early and Wise should get a chance to come back by June.

I still don’t get how some people think that BA has never been given a chance. Kenny traded the center fielder that everybody loved in or order to make room and give BA a chance to play every day. And he failed miserably. For a half of a season on a really good club. He played so poorly that Ozzie had to use a utility infielder (don’t worry Kenwo, I won’t mention his name but I’m sure Ames is smiling) in center field.

Now I have nothing against BA. And from what I hear he is a great clubhouse guy and a great guy to have around. He can run and his defense is exceptional. Like I said, I don’t mind seeing him in CF everyday for a while. But I believe Wise gives you more options with a better bat, a little more power and a left-handed presence.

But as far as I am concerned, they are all just keeping the CF grass green for the future when Jordan Danks makes it to the bigs. I have read glowing reports about him from numerous sources. In fact, it is really encouraging to have names like Danks, Beckham, Poreda, etc., in the system waiting for their chance and improving their games. I’d much rather promote form within then go out and deal for a player that someone else can’t use.

Yes, there will be a moment of silence in Detroit tomorrow. Fidrych was fun to watch but his career was way too brief.

😀 You know it, tc. (and if it makes Kenwo feel better, he isn’t playing anywhere currently, to my knowledge.)

UGH, forget my Kroeger comment. Owens was just called up, according to Chuck Garfein’s Sox Drawer.

Good Game today, I predict BA will be better then he has been, I would like to think his partying days are slowing down, and he doesn’t have McCarthy to party with. I believe that is what Ozzie’s main problem was.
Anyway I could have used some support from SOX fans Sat,, we had a busload of Cub Fans come into the Pub, and to be honest, they had been at it a while. Whats new, drunk Cub Fans. Anyway put up with as much as I could, and was thankful when they left.
Going to the game 27th, does anyone know if the skyline bar is still open to anyone on the 300 level, they are calling it the LG Skyline Club, We enjoyed the opportunity to go there in bad weather in the past.


Coming to you from the “ex-sox players that no one gives a **** about but Ames still checks up on them occasionally and gives you all a random report” department:

Nickie Swish (aside from already hitting 4 homers for the Yank-mes) PITCHED an inning of relief today, and STRUCK OUT a guy. His line: 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 1 SO, 0 HR, 0.00 ERA. Can we get him back and have him take MacDougal’s spot?


We’re carrying 12 pitchers already so why don’t we just send Mac packing and bring up a player that can actually help us? You know, someone who can hit, play the field, pinch-run. Something other than sitting in the bullpen and pitching a designated inning.

Yeah, my old age is showing through. I can’t stand this new trend of relievers being designated as “seventh-inning setup guys” or “eighth-inning only guys” (like Linebrink was last year). The pitching is so specialized and so structured into roles now that we have a team with four position players on the bench and one of them is a backup catcher. So much for being able to make a lot of moves in an extra-inning game.

I used to love the days of the four-man rotation (which went away with the mid-70s) and relievers who would earn two or three inning saves (like Goose did in his heyday). Players make astronomical money these days and actually play less. Pitchers aren’t allowed to throw over 100 pitches. They have to be “stretched out” before becoming a starter. C’mon!! They are babied and protected more than NFL quarterbacks!

When Jim Fregosi managed the club back in the late ’80s, the team was really weak in a lot of areas. But he had four decent starters in ’87 (Bannister, Dotson, DeLeon and LaPoint for the final two months) and went with a four-man rotation for about two weeks. Club played well for those two weeks but Larry Himes overruled “Fregos” and made him go back to a 5-man rotation.

“Fregos” was a great old-school manager. Baseball needs more guys like him. Ozzie has those tendencies but has bought into the modern strategies. But remember what he did in the ’05 ALCS. Hell, he never even looked to the bullpen.

Oh give the MacDougal hating some rest. The guy is a good pitcher who earned a spot on the team. At least wait until he blows a game to jump on him again.

Hey Scam,

MacDougal has a cavalier attitude, he acts like he could care less, and I do not think he can. I don’t like him never have never will. at 2.65 mil a year, The Sox could spend that money a little wiser than MacDougal. He’s out of options trade him.

How do you know he doesn’t care? You can’t make a generalization like that just by looking at a guy.

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