New Rotation Order

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rain out

With today’s rainout in Detroit, the White Sox have switched up their starting rotation.  Jose Contreras will still go tomorrow, but John Danks will now start the opener in Tampa Bay, followed by Bartolo Colon, Mark Buehrle and then Gavin Floyd on Sunday.


I like Danks taking the bump against the Rays that first game. Stick it to ’em quick.

Great win on Monday- Congratulations to Dye and Konerko on 300. I have had issues with Konerko in the past but 300 homers is a great accomplishment. Great diving catch by Wise. He was starting to hit- I don’t think that either Anderson, Owens or Podsednik are the answer. Neither are Matthews Jr or Juan Pierre though. I think we are pretty much stuck with the Bri-guy. Hopefully he has some success.

Amy- if they ever bring Mackowiak back I will become an Orioles fan and never look back. That guy is tied with Phil Bradley as my least favorite White Sox ever….. and the only reason Bradley is tied with Mackowiak is because they traded Ron Kittle for him.

So Kenwo, I guess that puts Ron Hassey and Carlos Martinez on your list of all-time hated White Sox players. Those were the two Yankees that came to Chicago in the first Kitty trade, which also sent Joel Skinner and Wayne Tolleson to the Bronx.

At least Hassey would be a more “hateable” player. Bradley was a good guy and Carlos — well he spoke such little English that it was hard to tell what kind of guy he really was. Hassey always looked like he was miserable.

Another reason to like Phil Bradley — at least for TQ and I. I think that while he was a quarterback at Missouri, he led the Tigers to a win over the hated football team from South Bend. Am I right TQ???

IMO, if the remainder of the lineup hits to its potential, we can afford to hide a big glove, no stick, player in center, i.e. Brian Anderson.

Hey tc, tq… I’m going to the Notre Dame vs. Northwestern game tomorrow at the cell, and I’ll be rooting for ND!! 😀

Amy, you are a brave, brave woman for that last comment. 🙂

Well Ames,

About all I can say is this. My disgust and hatred for football at that college in SB does not manifest itself in a similar feeling for the school’s baseball program.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still will root against them. But the passion is just not quite the same.

And I would pull for Northwestern because I’ve known NU coach Paul Stevens for a long time and will always pull for him against the South Benders.

You really are a rebel, aren’t you??? I feel sympathy for your parents. Thank God I never had a daughter. lol

I didn’t mind Ron Hassey…probably because I didn’t care for Fisk. I also liked Mark Salas, Joel Skinner, Matt Meurullo and especially Officer Karkovice. I also kinda liked Carlos Martinez- don’t know why…. However, Kittle was having a good year- 16 HR and 43 RBI in 83 games in 1990… and Bradley came in and stunk like garbage- .226 0 HR 5 RBI. How dare they trade Kittle for such a bum! It irks me til this day!

I’m also liking the pitching lineup as planned by Ozzie, Coop, and Mother Nature. Hopefully she will cooperate and let the boys play today.

Anyone else watch the clip of Swish pitching against the Rays? He looked like he was having a hell of a time up on that mound. Said he hadn’t pitched since high school but he actually got a swinging strikeout of Gabe Kapler! Got Carlos Pena to pop up and Pat Burrell to fly out. I mean, that was the MEAT of the order!! But apparently Matt-the-bad-mouth-punk-Garza took exception to that because the next day, he nearly beaned Swish with an up around the head fastball in his second at bat (couldn’t do it in his first at bat because the bases were loaded). Did Swish react? Only by getting a homerun . . .

Don’t you just love baseball?

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