Finale in Detroit

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sox Lineup at Detroit

Lillibridge 4, Fields 5, Quentin 7, Thome dh, Dye 9, Konerko 3, AJ 2, Ramirez 6, Brian Anderson 8.  Jose Contreras pitching.


Nice to see Contreras pitch out of that bad spot in the bottom of the 3rd (runners on 2nd and 3rd and nobody out). Now, let’s put some runs on the board.

tc, you’d have to ask my parents, but I think I was pretty good growing up, and still am. I’m not the type of person to cause ripples.

I’m also not the type of person to pass up that golden opportunity to get a rise out of you. 😀

Really, I don’t care either way about the boys in SB. However, one of the kids from ND that I went on spring break with is coming up for the game. So, go Fightin’ Irish tonight!

And GO SOX NOW!!! I spy MacDougal up… and… Oh no! Our least favorite monkey child is in! Gaaaahh!! (Doesn’t he look like the kid in Jumanji who turned into a monkey?! The resemblance is unnatural…) omg, i just came up with something crafty: MacDon’tgal. Except he did in that inning… better not be in next inning too…

Well, we all knew this was guaranteed loss day, for several reasons. We were facing a pitcher we hadn’t seen before, we were going after scoring 10 runs the previous game and we were on WGN. Not a good omen for success.

So, let’s start another win streak tomorrow inside…. Go Sox’09….. j.k.

Ouch – that was painful to listen to and then to “watch” online. 4 hits… Here’s to hoping Getz gets back in the lineup soon because Little Bridge just isn’t cutting it. Disappointed to see BA miss a chance to bring in some runs and gain some good favor. The rest of the day is gonna stink now… At least with night game losses I can go to bed – now I have to spend the rest of the day ticked off….



Just FYI, the White Sox were 14-13 on WGN-TV in 2008.

Also the Sox have faced Galarraga before, albeit briefly, he came in the final week to take the place of Garcia in the ‘must win’ game to set up the 163rd game vs. Minnesota.

The Sox got him out very quickly….although I see your point.

What’s most disheartening is that already they’ve been shutout twice in only eight games…keep swingin’ for those fences boys!

About as poor a performance by the team as I’ve seen in the past season or so, they looked completely lethargic.

Mark Liptak

Joe Cowley in his blog has some interesting comments. I don’t know for sure if he knows something or is speculating purely on his part.

He mentions that San Francisco really wants to unload Aaron Rowand and the 44 million still owed him. He wonders if the Giants pick up the bulk of the deal, would Kenny be interested?

Also speculates on the Nationals who badly need pitching, if they’d be interested in a Broadway for Harris (when he gets off the DL) swap.

And he has some strongly worded comments about Ol’ MacDougal (e-i-e-i-oh no!)

Mark Liptak

UGH! Let’s just go to Tampa. I like the way the rotation has worked out anyway. Hopefully a better effort.

Are we on Macdougal White Sox Career death watch yet?? Should we start the pool?? The guy teases us with his glimpses of brilliance and nauseates with his horribleness (is that I word? If not I made it up for him) How much more will Ozzie be able to stomach of him? Just asking.

Eventually even the remainder of the money the Sox owe him, won’t be enough to keep him around.

They are going to have to pay him off and let him go or ship him back to Charlotte if he clears waivers (since I think he is out of options…) Ozzie won’t be able to use him in Chicago, Sox fans will let Ol’ MacDougal know how much they are ‘displeased’ with the way he has performed starting in 2007 (and rightfully so…)

Best to cut your losses now in my opinion.

And while we’re on the subject Clayton Richard needs to be on the first flight to Charlotte as well. He may have a future if his confidence isn’t completely destroyed. He’s been rushed to the bigs without a lot of experience and it shows. The Sox don’t need another ‘head case’ aka Boone Logan. They need to do the right thing and send him back where he belongs before it’s to late.

Mark Liptak

Oh, Mark. Aaron in a Sox uniform again? Don’t tease me! If this comes to fruition, I’ll be even happier than Ames was yesterday!

Mike MacDougal. I believe in you if you can only keep your head on the plate at delivery. GO MIKE

Mac-don’t-gal(thanks Amy) has GOT to be history as far as the Sox are concerned. Not that it mattered much today. Whether we lose 9-0 or 2-0, it’s still a loss. and not very pretty either.

Lip, thanks for the WGN stats, but it sure seems like we did worse than that last year, and so far THIS year we don’t even have a run in yet, but I think that will change this Sat at Tropicana Field.

OK, I’m in for one more chance for Mac and then he’s a gonner. The really great thing about him though, is you know what to expect: Two or three hits, maybe a walk or two, maybe even he gets a couple of outs, at least you know what to expect…… (did I say UGH?).

I was watching the D-backs game today and Jon Garland sure looks funny in Rattlesnake red. His stats looked pretty funny today too: 7 runs, 7 hits, 5 walks, carrying a 8.44 ERA. There’s another UGH for you.

See you all tomorrow. Go Sox…. j.k.

tc, tq, just so you know: the boys from the Bend lost to those Wildcats 5-1. Three homers in the game, 1 ND and 2 NW (I think the same kid, but I’m not sure). Lots of Cubs fans there, which was disappointing. Wasn’t so much about the game as meeting up with friends, though.

Fun quote: kid hit a homer, and some guy 4 rows back or so said “You can put it on the board!” So I shout, without even thinking or knowing the guy, “YES!” Then some other dude a few rows up and over said, “Go Cubs!” I turned around and was like, “what the hell?” but never figured out who it was…

How many times do we have to watch MacDougal make a fool of himself AND the Sox by allowing him to pitch! He IS NOT MLB material. All by himself or in a cage he might be specticular, but he can’t cut it in a real game. Yes, Sox, I KNOW he is making $2.65M this year, but bite the bullet! Please, no more Mac………..

How about no more MacDougal hating until he loses a game for us? Why not put him in for these mop up situations and see if maybe he can start getting some consistency? It’s a no lose situation. The guy can be lights out when he has control of his pitches. Our bullpen doesn’t need any extra help right now, so I say it’s worth the risk.

Catching up…

Not only have we lost Harry Kalas… but yesterday we lost another fine broadcaster, and a fine gentleman as well…

Merle Harmon, the former Voice of the Brewers, A’s(KC A’s), Twins and Rangers… as well as the first studio host of the original SportsVision, passed away Wednesday at age 82…

Damn it, it is unfair to lose these people… but I guess we can’t do anything but mourn their passing… and remember their contributions…

Yesterday… well, the least said about that game, the better… Getaway day losses like that, you just hope no one gets hurt…

tc… I heard a report that our BFF, Charlie the Bartender in South Bend, thought about quitting last year…
Promises, promises…

I have the feeling that, unless this team gets on a roll, good or bad, that the “teeter-totter” will be in use again this season… Two steps backwards for every two steps forward… the whole schmeer… (pardon my Yiddish…)

They have not done well at the Trop… recently… but they have won 25 of 40 down there in the history of the match up with TB…

Any chance of seeing Mr Obama on the day off Monday, before the series in Balmere?

The reason that “Space Mountain” (Mac Dougal) and “Ay, Caramba” (Carrasco) are still on the team, and brought in to pitch?…

Just to aggravate us…

Harmon was also the television voice of the ill fated World Football League on the TVS/Hughes television network.

And yes the ‘Hughes’ belonged to eccentric, reclusive multi-billionaire Howard Hughes.

Those games were produced by (drum roll please…) Eddie Einhorn.

In my library I actually have a few minutes of the original broadcast from Jacksonville.

Mark Liptak

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