Scene of the Crime

Thursday, April 17, 2009


OK, that headline might be a bit tough.  And not really sure it was a “crime” last October.  Just bad memories.

Today’s Lineup

Getz 4, Fields 5, Quentin 7, Thome dh, Dye 9, PK 3, AJ 2, Ramirez 6, BA 8.  Danks pitching.

Blog Night

Is scheduled for July 21, so save the date.

I was about to commission a new t-shirt design for Blog Night when I thought, “Hey, wait a minute.  Why not see if one of these creative readers wants to take a shot at it first.”

So, for those designers who happen to read this blog, take your best shot if you’d like.  If the panel likes it (right now, it is a panel of one … me), we’ll make shirts for everyone who attends.  If nothing seems to fit the bill, I’ll have my crack designers work their magic.


Noted. Anyone have any special requests?


Yes, I request a White Sox win tonight. Thank you for your attention……..j.k.

I’d like to request no more Mike MacDougal. Please, no more!

AMY, AMY!!! You were my first thought before i read any of the comments!

JK, Ask and you shall receive! I ordered a win for you tonight.

I will also take Scams advice and leave the Macdougal bashing train. You make a good point.

Here’s hoping the dome doom ends today.

Donna, Good alliteration, (if that’s the right word for dome doom). How about when we leave Tampa we refer to the Trop-trip being over? Then we can go play the Beltway Birdies….. Oh, brother, come on game, I’m bored already…. Go Sox’09…. j.k.

Sox are facing a pitcher this evening with a career record of 2-4, a career ERA of over eight and who has only thrown about 26 innings in the bigs.

Dare I say, “uh-oh?”

And the Sox were 4-18 including the post season on turf last year.

Maybe that will change this season, it need to.

Mark Liptak

I’d like to see the Blog Night Number on there, like “Blog Night 4” or whatever it is this year. Also, I’d like the date of the event on there in a small font or something.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Blog Night, very cool time for fans. The Moose is always a great treat, and Stone wasn’t so bad either. Oh yea almost forgot Rick Hahn.

OMG, best idea ever: There are traditions. And there are Sox Blog (or Blog Night) Traditions. What are some of our regular jokes, phraises, nicknames, topics, etc. Or, what are some Blog Night regular activites (I’ve never been, so I don’t know what they are exactly)? Send whatever you can think of to me in an email, so they can be a suprise on blog night for everyone else. shortstuff8812 at aol or fbook messages (not wall posts). This’ll be for the back. The front will be awesome as well. I’m not promising this is the official idea, but its one of a few I have brewing.

PS, this sucks. I don’t have CSN+ in the room…

Love the idea, Ames. I’ll FB you some of my ideas.

Can we end the love affair with Anderson yet? I am sick of him already and he has only started 2 games for god sake. We are going to lose this game because that guy can’t hit. How many years do i have to see this?

I don’t always agree with KenWo (I mean kitty42) but in this case I absolutely do. BA has played himself right out of a job, if not out of the majors entirely. Never seen a kid get so many 2nd chances only to see failure after failure. Enough is enough, put him on the same plane to palookaville as Macdougal.

I sure wish we could get another run or two…. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Come on Boys. Come on Bobby…..j.k.

Well, allright!!! And started by everybody’s favorite whipping boys….. Let’s get one more….. Go Sox…j.k.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!

Aren’t you glad he did?……

Great BIG WHEW!!!!! j.k.

I am in shock right now checking the box score of the win.

Maybe shock is to strong of a word, by my God, how in the world do you get 14 hits and only three runs?

How do you possibly leave a guy on third with less than two outs four times against a pitcher with 27 innings experience in the big leagues?

I’m just flabbergasted.

I was discussing this offense and this “philosophy” at another site this afternoon and I’m just tired of the same talk every off season from Kenny and Ozzie about fundamentals, situational hitting, team speed etc? when they know, as do I, as do 99 out of 100 Sox fans, that not a damn thing is going to change. (and in my opinion it?s costing them games?)

Now strictly speaking for myself, I wish Kenny and Ozzie would completely shut up about this in the off season for the reason I suggested above. A player is what they are and can?t change a lifetime of habits.

Should Konerko be able to lay down a bunt in a scoreless situation in the 8th inning to get a guy from second to third? Absolutely. Should Thome shorten up, choke up his swing and punch a ball to left field to beat the shift? For sure. Should Ramirez have some knowledge of the strike zone? Of course. But that?s not who these guys are, that?s not the way they play the game.

And there?s nothing wrong with this individually.

The problem is the Sox have so many of these type guys.

What the Sox desperately need are speed demons and slap hitters in the numbers 1,2, 8 and 9 spots in the order to get on base, do the little things, steal bases, disrupt the defense and set things up for the sluggers 3 through 7. Granted that?s easier said then done but I get the sense frankly, that is not the style Kenny wants and he creates the team, not Ozzie.

I find it very hard to believe for example that the Sox haven’t been able to get a legit lead off guy since 2006 or a competent center fielder since Roward was traded away in November 2006. That’s a long time ago. Things change from year to year I understand, but not getting guys like that in almost four seasons? I simply can’t accept the possibility unless it wasn’t considered a priority in the first place.

So again I?d just as soon as they keep quiet because I know nothing?s going to change in this regard and I?ve got a decade?s worth of evidence to prove it.

What would really help if you want guys who simply pound the ball, are the Frank Thomas, Magglio Ordonez types, who blast 25 home runs, drive in 100 RBI?s and hit between .280 and .320.

Guys like Konerko and Thome hitting 25 home runs but batting .240 help, but not as much as they could be. (And that?s not singling out those two by the way?) Maybe, eventually, Carlos Quentin may be that type of hitter in the middle of the lineup, we?ll see.

I agree with someone who posted earlier, I’m tired of the Wise’s, the Anderson’s, the Mackowiak’s trying to play center field. PLEASE go out and get a competent guy for the middle of the outfield, if he can jump start the offense in some way, that’s a bonus.

Mark Liptak

From the top, thank you Donna for tonights Win…..

Lip, you are right on about the hypocricy factor. Throw in the fact that this years payroll is a lot less ( how much less I don’t know, but I’m sure you do), than last years, and it still seems to me like a rebuilding year. I want to be wrong about that, and I will readily admit that the Sox braintrust is better at what they do than I ever could be. But when will the team concept that Ozzie cherrishes (ala Twins and Rays) come about?

Fields looks good, so I’m wrong about him and gladly so. But the OBP of 8,9 and 1 is terrible. Even with Wise at #9 it wasn’t much better. Maybe these guys will be able to have good at bats and help the cause, but until they do I can understand everybodies nervousness. I’m sitting right next to you.

But what can we do? These posts are about it. Vent our concerns and hope that the product on display improves. That’s it! With that said, I will take a deep breath after tonights W and get ready for another battle tomorrow. Again, that’s all we can do. Might as well smile while we watch. That’s a lot better than having a meltdown or worse……. All together now, Let’s go White Sox’09…..j.k.

I’m curious as to why all of the Rays stolen bases in the ninth inning weren’t credited as defense indifference. Bobby did throw over to first at least once, but mostly the base runners were ignored, yet three runners were credited with stolen bases in the 9th. Doesn’t seem fair to Bobby or AJ.

It indeed would be nice to get a legit CF that can leadoff but that is much easier said than done.

On April 16, I’m happy with a win over the defending champs any way I can get one.

Merle Harmon called a lot of those WFL games and I watched most of them. Remember the Shreveport Steamer????


It gets better. Ozzie told Mark Gonzales of the Tribune this evening that “there are no center fielders out there for the Sox to look at…”

With due respect Ozzie I can think of three: Willits, Pierre and Matthews Jr.

As a follow up I asked two beat writers this evening what they thought of those three guys and was told the same thing by both…the Angels apparently won’t trade Willits right now, the Sox don’t think Pierre can play in the A.L. (yet they think Wise and Anderson can?) and (get ready – here it comes) Matthews Jr. “costs” to much.

OK then….

And to answer your question according to a recent story at the Sox had the 2nd largest payroll deduction in MLB heading into this season, a drop of 22 million. San Diego was first with a drop of 30 million.

Now consider the Sox may drop ANOTHER 30 million, this off season, if they let go Dye, Thome and Contreras and you scratch your head and wonder what they intend to do with all these “savings…”

We’ll see.

Mark Liptak

So . . . . this blog night.

Anyone care to explain how it works, exactly? Because if I need to start a blog to get an invite, then I’m heading over to WordPress. I’ll just copy and paste the rants I usually reserve for my facebook friends. And Ozzie’s hotmail account.

~ Brittany

(You had me at ” . . . shirts for everyone who attends”)

So . . . . this blog night.

Anyone care to explain how it works, exactly? Because if I need to start a blog to get an invite, then I’m heading over to WordPress. I’ll just copy and paste the rants I usually reserve for my facebook friends. And Ozzie’s hotmail account.

~ Brittany

(You had me at ” . . . shirts for everyone who attends”)

Um, probably I should learn how to post comments before starting my own blog. Baby steps.

Sorry about the repeat.

Okay, I’ll say this.

I don’t know enough about Willits to have an opinion on him.

As far as Pierre goes . . . . . . Nobody knows him better than Ozzie from their days together in Florida. If Ozzie doesn’t want him, then I don’t want him.

Matthews is worth no where near the money he is being paid.

Keep looking, but it is WAY WAY WAY too early to panic and make a knee-jerk move just because our Opening Day CF is out for several weeks with a shoulder separation.

If the Sox were, indeed, cheap, then the payroll wouldn’t have been so high that the drop this season would be recognizable.

Pierre, Matthews and Wilits aren’t the answer either. These types of guys have to be drafted in the first round or signed as free agents. If Matthews Jr. was any good they wouldn’t have signed Hunter. I would not pay a ton of money for someone marginally better than Wise/Anderson/Owens/Podsednik. If they could trade for Granderson (good luck) I would do it!

Lip, Thanks for the info re: payroll savings. I knew it had to be a big savings over last year, but I didn’t realize it was that large.

You asked what the Sox will do with all that saved money and the $30 million to come next year. They will lower ticket and concession prices so more fans can enjoy our games…… and, and, and the moon really is made of cheese. All peoples of the earth will learn to live together in harmony regardless of race color, creed or in your and my case, age. And of course, the Cubs (cough,cough) will win the world series. Oh, look, there’s the White Rabbit with my pocket watch! Gotta run…. Ta,ta……

TC, there is no panic, at least by me. I get tired of the seeming duplicitness going on here, and appreciate that others feel the same way. We are after everything and all else is said, White Sox fans……. j.k…. Go White Sox’09!!!!!


Blog Night is for anyone who reads and/or posts on this blog site. It is a gracious invitation from Scott to purchase tickets and attend a pregame meeting to meet Scott and some of his coworkers as well as hear some invited guests. I went for the first time last year and was very impressed. I already had tickets to the game so I did not sit in the “Blog Section” but was able to attend the meeting with three “guests.” The meeting was in the press room where the after game interviews are given. Scott gave us all free programs and Media guides as well as a chance to win signed Sox memorabilia (anyone figure out who signed that baseball? I think it was Nick Swisher) Speakers were Moose Skowron, Steve Stone and Rick Hahn.


(It was all very cool but I think next time we need cupcakes or cookies or something. Anyone else feel that way?)

beer and bratz would be better. And for the adults we could have…. just kidding….. It was a very memorable time and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it……j.k.

This is an interesting comment from Joe Cowley today in the Sun-Times:

“Rumor has the Sox trying to acquire San Francisco Giants outfielder and former Sox hero Aaron Rowand, but the Giants would have to pay a big chunk of the $44million left on Rowand’s contract.”

Hmmmmm…..I can’t see this now (to early) but if the Giants keep tanking’ they may want to move him in another month.

And talk about a bizarre story:,CST-SPT-sside17.article


Mark Liptak

Great article, Lip. I knew Merkin was staying there, but didn’t realize he opted for the 5th floor. And AJ, too? Cool beans. Hopefully, he’ll get some material to embellish the stories when the team makes the trek again in ’10.

Are any of our out-of-towners planning to join us in July? JK, Mark, Peggy, Kris? Would love to see you all.

Makes sense for AJ to stay there. He loves to be boooooed any way!

Lay off “Maize and Blue” Merkin… He’s a good guy… a little misinformed… he thinks MEEECCCHHHHEEEGANNNN football will come back next season… but, otherwise, Cowley is just jealous of all the attention that Scott gets on his Facebook site, while Joe just seems to get “wall” posts from “the easily offended” Carol Slezak… and all she wants is dirt for her to write one of her rant columns on Sunday in the Some-Times…(have you forgotten “Commit to the Indian”, or the locker room escapades in Toronto last season?)

As to last night’s sterling (???) exhibition of “futility under glass”… BOTH sides, with runners in scoring position, stunk on ice… WS 0 for 11, TB 3 for 13…

And as for the quick exit of TB manager Maddon last night…Farmer and DJ (who, BTW, are meshing very nicely…)made the point that TB bench coach, and former WS outfielder Dave Martinez… provided the evidence of shoe polish on the ball that “hit” Dye… and he could have provided the umps any other ball that was near to the Rays dugout… So, thanks, Davey… and I’m sure your manager wanted to thank you, as well… personally, after the game…

We will see if Colon can equal his performance of last week versus the piranhas with another good effort tonight in St Petersdorf…

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