Hey Guys, We Won

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Getz 4, Fields 5, Q 7, Thome dh, Dye 9, PK 3, AJ 2, Ramirez 6, BA 8.  Colon pitching.

A Few Random Thoughts

I read a few of the fan posts from yesterday and just wanted to remind everyone that we actually WON that game.  We’ll lose our fair share over 162 games, so please, let’s save the “all is lost” criticisms until we lose one that we should have won, not when we win one that we could have lost.  Games like last night lead to division titles in September.

Some other thoughts …

Where would we be without Josh Fields so far this April?
How about John Danks?
Anyone notice the game-winning run last night came as the result of two execution plays, both with runners in motion?
Let’s enjoy a dome victory when we get it …
A higher payroll doesn’t mean better players, just older (or with more service time), ergo younger (less service time) players generally mean a lower payroll
Payrolls do not determine World Series champions (in my opinion that’s pitching, defense and timely hitting no matter what the guy’s being paid)
While it is a small sample size, check out BA’s fielding stats.  According to the Fielding Bible, his numbers are similar to other names tossed around as center fielders (and BA’s tend to be above MLB average for his position).  If what you want from the position is defense and a pretty good outfield arm …

Just a few thoughts for a Friday afternoon.



Leave it to Scott to bring us (at least me) back to reality. Thanks for addressing some of the concerns we voiced yesterday and earlier today. Now there’s only one more thing to accomplish today and that’s a White Sox winner….. jk.

Thanks for helping reign in the naysayers Scott. Some of ’em (hi Lip) just won’t ever be happy no matter what.

I almost commented last night that I wasn’t home to see the game since I had a meeting to go to. When I got home and saw the W, it didn’t matter much to me how we got it. A W is a W is a W.

How about another W tonight? Let’s go get ’em!


Thanks for the cooler head, I hope it prevails…

Also remember Tampa was 0-8 with RISP last night, the White Sox, 3-13.

I am still trying to figure out how Fields beat out that grounder to Bartlett.

I am curious if BA would have been booed if that game was played at the Cell.

I think it is time to enact some “Chicago way” down there. Just like a Floridian, he brings a cowbell to a gunfight…

MariE, Donna guaranteed last nights win. She had to pull in all the mystic energies to get it but as you say, a win is a win.

Hey, Donna, what say you for tonight? Is there any magic left in your soothesaying ways? If you pull out another one I will be forced to start calling you Sybil…….

Lastly, at least the “cowbell” toll for us last night….

You all will have to win without me too….. bowling night…. Go Sox’09……j.k.

Maybe Donna needs to come up with another great alliteration?? It worked yesterday! Donna predicted Dome Doom for the Rays!

Scott is absolutely correct…

A higher payroll doesn’t “guarantee” anything…however from the guy who runs baseball, comes this quote that I have always found interesting, this is Bud Selig to Peter Gammons August 2002, the context it came from was MLB’s rationality for another possible work stoppage:

(Direct quote)”The record is clear. From 1995 through 2001, a total of 224 MLB postseason games were played. Only five were won by clubs whose payrolls were in the lower half of the industry. None advanced past the division series, and no team, other then those whose payrolls are in the top fourth of payroll, has won a World Series game during this period. The seven year postseason record is 219-5 in favor of the high payroll teams.”–Bud Selig.

Now bringing this up to date, an individual at White Sox Interactive (not yours truly) looked up the record from 2002 through the 2008 season and found there was some movement for the lower payroll teams having modest post season success. However the numbers are still overwhelmingly in favor of the high payroll teams, something on the order of (if memory serves) 315-25 since 1995.

What does this say? In my opinion a larger payroll team is able to acquire MORE TALENT which over the course of a 162 game season generally “wins out.” No guarantees BUT it seems to dramatically INCREASE your chances of getting to October baseball.

A larger payroll team have fewer question marks because (again) they have the talent and the DEPTH to overcome injuries, slumps and guys simply having a bad season. (It happens…)

I have never regarded “rookies” with much fondness (quoting Casey Stengel “the only thing rookies are good for is getting managers fired…”) and I have been consistent in those views.

I’m willing to change my mind, if or when, the White Sox, who by almost all accounts have not had a productive farm system over the past fifteen years, especially when it comes to pitchers, begins producing talent in quality and quantity.

Kenny gutted the system so perhaps this will change in another two or three drafts, we’ll see.

Scott and I will simply have to disagree on this philosophical point in constructing a team.

Regarding the other issue, rookies or veterans, the Sox have been awful at doing the “little things” this past decade. I don’t think anyone can debate that point, certainly not Ozzie nor Kenny since they are quoted extensively and directly in the off season numerous times, talking about “changing things.”

The issue is, they never do.

That why I suggested simply dropping the matter in the off season until “real” change actually comes about.

Yes the Sox won the game last night and they also lost the game versus Detroit because they couldn’t get guys home in scoring position in the early innings. Score some runs and the entire complexion of that game changes. Maybe
they could have won both games if they could do these things.

Nothing personal against the players, like I said I can’t expect guys to change who have made a living and had success doing things they way they do at the big league level.

What I CAN expect is the organization to not have so many of the SAME TYPE players on the roster year after year after year after talking about change, year after year after year.

BALANCE is the key…the same type of offensive balance that helped win a World Series in 2005. The balance that enables you to win games with a bunt, a bloop or a three run blast. Again EXACTLY like the Sox did in 2005. (Look up the statistics yourself, home runs – infield hits – sacrifice bunts – stolen bases- sacrifice flys and see where the Sox ranked in comparison to the league.)

Scott and I do agree on one thing, pitching is the single most important component in baseball today, you can never have enough of it. (oh yes it’s terribly expensive, which means if you can’t develop it in the minor leagues and aren’t willing to spend for it, how are you supposed to get it in quantity? Another reason, maybe, that higher payroll teams have a better chance of making it to October? I don’t know…perhaps so.)

I appreciate Scott letting me offer my views. We’re both Sox fans to the core, we simply have different thoughts on how to go about getting back to the World Series.

Mark Liptak

Oh Mark, how can I even post after you??

I have put another request in for another win tonight for both Marie and JK, but I fear I may have used up all my karma on the Hawks last night. What a game!! After Bobby nailed it down last night (c’mon guys haven’t you seen Bobby do that a million times–add some drama before shutting the door?) I turned on the Hawks and got my OT victory so I’ll predict some Trop trippin’, but can’t promise anything today. Will be cheering anyway!!


Seems we won with the flippin cowbell – finally getting out of this inning – UGH!!!!!

Always tough to lose a one-run game on the road, especially after leading by three over the defending league champs. Would have been nice to assure ourselves of at least the series split before the weekend even started.

Gotta bounce back tomorrow. Let’s keep CQ and JD hot.

Another one that slipped away.

Interesting stat (again) this evening… Sox were 2 of 9 with runners in scoring position and got three of their five runs off the home run.

I don’t know, maybe it’s become a mental issue after last season, (with guys on base in scoring position) maybe they tense up and lose focus…I’m just guessing here.

I simply don’t know what’s happened to things like plate discipline, taking pitches, trying to hit the other way with these guys.

Is it the players?, is it the hitting coach?…I have no answers on this.

Mark Liptak

You forgot one possibility Mark. Good pitching by the other team. Add that to the other things you mentioned and you have a few good possibilities for the drought with runners in scoring position.

We can still win this series or at least split it. I’m glad to have Buehrle on the bump tomorrow.

Until then, I leave the answers up to Ozzie and his team. Does us know good to analyze every single game. They are gonna lose some, they aren’t going to win them all. And, it is still April.

Good Night everyone!

Awwww. Darn it. I was hoping that I’d see a win when I got home from bowling, but no…..You can’t expect Matt to be perfect the whole season, so I guess we simply move on and get them tomorrow with Mark on the hill….. Go Sox’09…… j.k.

Greg Walker had some honest comments about the team’s hitting to Joe Cowley of the Sun-Times this evening. He’s always defended the hitters but, at least in this case, that has changed:


Mark Liptak

Well that game irked me. Not the fact that Thornton gave up the grand slam- he isn’t going to be perfect every time out…. I just think that Bartolo Colon should have been allowed to finish that inning off himself. It was only the 6th. Longoria’s double was weakly hit in just the right spot… the next guy got an infield hit that Getz should have attempted to throw him out at first… the next guy walked on borderline calls. Colon is a former Cy Young winner and you take him out to face Gabe Gross? Come on! He only had 92 pitches. If Gross lines a single there then take him out. The guy has earned the right to get out of his own jams for crying out loud.

On another note… congratulations are in order for Gary Sheffield who hit his 500th homer last night. I always have been a pretty big fan of Sheff- since he came up as a shortstop with the Brew Crew a long long time ago. He has one of my favorite stances/swings in the league. Now that he is off of the Tigers I hope he hits 30 more this year. Congrats Sheff!

I know we’re on WGN, but I’m watching on the computer, because it’s in HD and tv isn’t… so far so good….. Go Mark, Go Sox…. j.k.

Is anyone else out there?…….. j.k.

More runs Boys… j.k.

I’m here j.k., just hopped on here thinking you’d have nobody to talk to, I’m serious. I’m watching WGN tonight – we’re catching a lot of breaks tonight but still a lot of game to go, after watching the Cubs pull another one out of their butt, I’m not gonna take a good breath until this ball game is ova or – – we crank up a score like the Indians did this afternoon!

Let’s get one more inning from Mark and save the pen a bit…. You gotta like Lillibridge scoring on that short pop up. Go Sox’09….. j.k.

Yeah, that would work for me too. We need a couple more touchdowns for that though….. j.k.

That was absolutely nuts!! And I’m lovin lil Lillibridge – he’s quite the hustler huh?

Everyone loves speed…. And Paulie got robbed too….. Three more innings to go, go White Sox…. j.k.

And now it’s Go Oh-Do-Tell…. j.k.

Nice job by Mark. Get him the W gang…..

Now! Make them pay for all the walks…. Go Josh, Go Sox….

I wouldn’t mind a few more assurance runs!!!!

I have a question, as I am watching the ball game right now, I notices that the Rays have their “home” dugouts along the 3rd baseline, but most have their “home” dugouts along the 1st baseline. My questions is how many teams have their “home” dugouts along the 3rd baseline?

Yeah! Wilson!!!!!! Go Sox….. j.k.

Game ova!!! Nice win tonight!!! GO SOX!

OK, Now! We won and once again have attained our highwater mark on the season….. ONE game over 500…… Tomorrow, let’s go for TWO…. and that’s one for WGN…. YES!! Go Sox’09…..j.k.

No better birthday present for my dad than a Buehrle win. Two years ago when Beuhrle had the no-hitter, he had thought about going to the game since he had the day off of work. Man, was he sorry that he didn’t go, but was still extremely happy with the outcome of the game!

Hooray! I got to watch the last few innings of a WIN on WGN after I got home from San Francisco.

Nice to see the Sox beat the Rays in their house. Let’s win the series tomorrow.

JJK, are you going to blog night again this year? I’m trying to make plans, and hope to see many of my “blog buddies” there!

Go SOX!!!


Oops, JK, didn’t mean to add an extra letter to your name!

Peggy, I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t mention it. At this time, I’m not planning on making the trip, but if things change, I will let everybody know. It was a wonderful time last year……. See you all tomorrow morning (10:30 Peggy and my time)……jjjk….I guess I’ll be jittery-juggler-john from now on…..Go Sox…

Great win for the boys tonight!! Now we have at least a split and a chance to win the series. Yessss!! Great throw by BA to get Pena at third. They said bad base running, but BA has done that before and surely will again. I’ll take him in my centerfield any day. Just needs a few more games to get comfortable behind the plate and he’ll start getting those hits. Hope Gavin has a good day on the mound tomorrow.

Let’s go White Sox!!!!!

That was a good win. Nice job by the staff- good job by the offense… complete team win. Outstanding. I kind of like Lillibridge too….. but lets not get crazy he is hitting .067 for crying out loud. I could hit that. Same with Anderson’s throw… easy throw to make and doesn’t make up for his lackluster hitting. Tomorrow we got Gavin on the bump… how bout 3 of 4!?

Great win last night. Good hustle all around (especially Lillibridge) and patient hitting. One thing to note, when Hawk or Stone mentioned that PK was a triple short of the cycle, I had to laugh out loud. Though, I know he’s hit a couple before, PK hitting a triple is as rare as a 14-run inning in Yankee Stadium.

Let’s win the series today and turn our Dome Doom into Dome Domination.

Fan Boy: Not sure what you’re seeing, but the Rays’ dugout is actually on the first base line, as are the following home dugouts for teams: NYY, BOS, BAL, KC, SEA, TEX, NYM, FLA, WAS, ATL, PHI, MIL, CIN, HOU, STL, COL, and SD. So including TB, that would be 18 teams. (I think I have these right, but if anyone catches errors, please correct.)

Wild line up today. (Did Ozzie get spooked at the hotel last night?) Let’s just hope it works out well!

Wild is working so far!!!!!

Yeah, wild is good. Hi Kris. I guess it’s you and me again today?… Finally got Lil’ going too… go Sox…. j.k.

Love Betemit’s glasses – he looks very studious! Love this score – the Rays announcers don’t have much perk today! 🙂

Hi j.k. – you know I’m here 90% of the time, guess that means I have no life huh???

I do believe I can safely say – Dome Doom is done!!!

I agree with you. Unfortunately I’ve been reduced to listening to the game. The video in awful on both feeds and after the Tampa feed froze up for the third time it was the radio. But I’ll listen with you…. j.k.

Hmm, mine hasn’t been bad today, that’s weird. Wonder if the weather has something to do with how the feed unfolds – beings that I know absolutely zero about how all the feed crap works – I’m happy – although there it just went! 🙂

And I know we’re doing well but seriously, has TB just lost all their mojo – they have no spunk, nothing – nada – and I’m totally ok with knocking the wind out of them but it doesn’t even seem like they’re making any effort out there.

You are right Kris. It starts with the crowd, and they have been very quiet. The players look like they’re just going through the motions. That’s OK with me. Maybe last year was simply a fluke? It’s still VERY early though. What we need to do now is concentrate on the O’s and enjoy our day off…… Go Sox’09…. j.k.

And it’s official… Sox win. Good job everybody! I’ll see you all Tuesday…. j.k.

And that would be a winner!!! 🙂

WHat a great game today. Gavin was really good and everyone got a chance to contribute. Good to see Betemit, Lillibridge and BA getting hits. And Thome and TCQ’s homers. HOw many HR’s do you thing TCQ will hit this year?

I got to say, just about every lineup that Ozzie puts together is playing to win. I am impressed a lot. And what is up with Toronto. Hope we (and toronto for that matter) can keep this up. These young guys and Miller are something else. All the best for all these guys in the coming weeks….

12 runs on 17 hits is very impressive. Well done this weekend. The average with runners in scoring position went up a notch…hopefully it will keep climbing up in Baltimore.

Mark Liptak

Which is more surprising: the three wins at the trumped Trop? or the positive tone of Lip’s last post?

I’m going to go with the positive tone😉

Ladies and gentlemen… those of you who have been around White Sox Universe and White Sox fans for more than a minute and a half know fully well that some out there would find the minutest pimple on Cindy Crawford…

They are just not happy unless they have something to b**ch, moan and whine about…

So, the solution is simple… Let them… just consider the source, and go on with life as it is…

One bad pitch away from a four game sweep in St Petersdorf… still with a road trip of 4 and 2, with three to go in Balmere… I’ll take it…

I just hope that AJ doesn’t take anything that isn’t nailed down at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today… and I hope that Sox Fan # 1 can come in during the tour just to say “Hi”…

If last October, someone would have said;
Our starting rotation would contain Conteras and Colon,
You would have bet a paycheck.

If you were told that Carlos Quinten would pick right up where he let off, you would have said,
“We could only hope so”

And if they told you, you would be happy to see Josh Fields on third, you probably would have laughed.

If you saw a prediction that The Sox would take 3 out 4 in their first dome trip, you might have fallen out of your chair.

Let’s say someone said they wolud have a backup catcher that could actually hit, you would have just shook your head.

Or a Lillibridge or Getz or a Betemit would really be contributing, you would have said “no such luck”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am excited about our White Sox, realistic but excited.

Go Sox

Go sox!!

Not to sound calous or anything, but RIP Mike MacDougall. I wish him well anywhere else but with the Sox…. Later all… j.k.

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