Finale in Baltimore

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Getz 4, Fields 5, Q 7, Thome dh, JD 9, PK 3, AJ 2, Alexei 6, BA 8.  Colon pitching.

Thanks, Elias Sports Bureau

John Danks, who beat the Orioles on Wednesday, is only the third pitcher in White Sox history to throw at least six innings in each of his first three starts of a season, while allowing four or fewer hits and no more than one earned run in each of those games.  The others were Joe Dobson (1952) and Jack Lamabe (1966).

Friday Night

Reminder, the team returns home tomorrow night and the first 20,000 fans entering the ballpark will receive a very cool poster celebrating JD and PK’s 300th home runs.

Saturday is the first fireworks show of the year and Sunday is a Kids Day (autographs for kids pregame and run the bases postgame). 



Congrats to JohnnyD. May he continue to add to his record…. Go Bartolo, Go Sox…. j.k.

So wish that I could go to the game tomorrow – I would love to have that poster! Darn school and 3 1/2 hour drive…

Keep up the great work Johnny D. We see it and we appreciate it. Those posters are very cool. I saw what it looks like on the White Sox wire I got earlier today. Sure would be nice if Scott could set some aside for a nice little giveaway on Blog Night. I can’t make it Friday either, my daughter has a softball game. It would look sweet framed in my family room with all my other Sox stuff.


Hi j.k., thanks for the email tips on how to run to my liking!!! So far so good, Hawk and Stone are much more soothing than other announcers!!!

I’m glad it’s working out for you. That inning was a bit nerve wracking. O.K. Boys, let’s start getting to this guy of theirs…. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

So far, I’m not fond of this game at all – – crap crap

Time to start going to work Boys…… Wake up and go get ’em… j.k.

Something needs to wake up soon! Let’s go White Sox!


Right now!

I-YI-YI……. Maybe some negative vibes will help. Let’s try this, we don’t stand a chance in this game, there’s no way we can win……… Uh hello Sox players can you hear me?….

Wow! three up three down for them…. Top of the order for us…. Please?…. j.k.

Wow! three up three down for us….. oh, never mind, i’m about to join everybody else and bail on this one……. Tomorrow? Go Sox…. j.k.

I’m still here, although I stepped away from the computer but it didn’t seem to help – – I usually don’t bail until the other team hits dbl digits – – then I’m outta here so, in saying that, I’ll be here until the end!

You’re a better fan than me, Kris………

nah, I wouldn’t say better, just well – – I don’t know – patience, optimistic, stupid – – call it whatever you want! 🙂

How about intense?

That didn’t look good at all!!!

little bit of that too – – hmmm – I know my feed is behind the rest of the world, at least it always seems that way – so I’m just gonna watch what appears to be a bit of a rally – runners in scoring positions –

At least we got a couple of runs to head back to Chicago with…… Go Sox’09….. Go Carlos, be well…..j.k.

Well that was a clunker of a game. End of a long road trip… I suppose it was to be expected. I was more upset with the offense not being able to touch Adam Eaton than I am at Colon getting lit up…. Here is hoping we can get to the Jays tomorrow. Go get em Gavin.

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