Sweet Home Chicago

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Getz 4, Fields 5, Quentin 7, Thome dh, Dye 9, Konerko 3, AJ 2, Alexei 6, BA 8.  Fields pitching.


WOW!!!!!! Fields is making his Major League debut as a starting pitcher tonight:)

Yeah, who knew he had it in him???

Hey, if Nickie Swish can do it…

Took the words out of my mouth Amy! I hope Josh has been warming up!🙂

Glad to see CQ in the lineup. Was a bit worried yesterday. Let’s end this gorgeous day on a good note!

Bring home a winner, kids. I’m at Realy for Life tonight!

Let’s leave Balitmore behind us and start the homestand on a high note. I hope Fields brings his A-plus stuff to the mound tonight. 🙂

How about that! Fields pitching. I have a question. If Fields is pitching and playing third base, is this some kind of new infield shift like they throw at Jimmy? Maybe this is to even the games odds: their 9 guys against our 8? Let’s start out this home stand with a W! Go Sox’09……j.k.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see some runs for us…. Come on Boys…. j.k.

So, we see what Egbert can bring to the table…. bad outing by Gavin, bad “D” behind him… Go Sox’09…. j.k.

And what is up with all the errors the past two games?
We need to start showing some life out there…. Go Sox’09….. j.k.

Mercy Rule is in effect…. G’nite all…. Go Mark go….. j.k.

Let’s recap: you know you’re in trouble when the loudest cheer for us was when Alexei threw out a runner at first. You know you’re in trouble when the highlight play of the game for us was Carlos catch in left field. Here’s a thought. The Jays are using up all their hits and runs for the series and after Mark wins tomorrow, we will have a chance against the good Dr on Sunday….. Now I’m really gone… Go Sox… j.k.

And finally and for all the rest of the night. You know you’re in trouble when some idiot from Tucson has about 30 posts in a row. Maybe it just seems like that many……… Good Night and Good luck…. ( that one for you TQ, tc and lip)….. j.k.

Well, everybody has 2 or 3 of those types of games over the course of the year and I am glad we got that one out of our system. Heck, the Yanks had two of those at home in one week already.

Just one of those nights when everything goes wrong for you and every bounce goes right for the other guy.

But, once again we had a split. I saw the final out in St. Louis and it was the good guys in red who made the put out.

16 down, 146 to go. The grind has begun.

I attend somewhere between 35-45 games a year… Have been doing so since 1983… I think the one I attended tonight may have been the worst game ever. At least it is in the last ten years. My god…they couldn’t pitch, catch, hit, run, coach…. Talk about an absolutely brutal game. Hey Scott you should give everyone that went to that game a refund. That was beyond terrible!

I sat through the 1970 season… 56 wins,106 losses…So I’ve seen worse…trust me…

Fields couldn’t have done any worse than the starter did last night…

In fact, I’m surprised that Ozzie didn’t give one of the position players a chance to pitch… following in the immortal footsteps of Wayne Nordhagen and John Cangelosi…

To jk… Ed Murrow would be proud that he was mentioned here…

Ah, yes! Right you are TQ….. j.k.

I’m a little worried about the bottom end of our rotation that we have 2 guys (old guys at that) coming off serious injuries the previous year.

I sure hope we have a plan B. (I’m looking at you Lance Broadway) The AL Central is winnable for the Wsox, but I think every team in the division can lay claim to that statement too.

I do like the make up of this team, the offense seems a little more versatille than last season’s “Southside Hitmen” team.

All in all I think it’s gonna be a fun year and an exciting Pennant Race. Good luck to the Wsox in 2009.

P.S. Longtime lurker here at Scott’s blog….first or 2nd time poster. Go Sox!!!

Ok… obviously Egbert stunk in his short stint, I am not disputing that….. However, I think it is ridiculous that you give the guy 2 chances (his ML debut and his home debut) and then send him out. To me, you just ruined this guy mentally. Also, anyone that comes up is going to think they have to do great in their first outing or else they will be sent out too…adding more pressure to an already awfully pressure packed situation. Pretty ridiculous in my opinion. You gotta give the guy at least 5 chances. It isn’t like we have any better options.

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