Rainy Monday

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Lillibridge 4, Fields 5, Quentin dh, Dye 9, Konerko 3, AJ 2, BA 8, Alexei 6, Owens 7.  Danks pitching.

Fun Facts

John Danks is 14-9 with a 3.11 ERA and 175 strikeouts in 36 starts since the start of the 2008 season.  He leads the AL in 2009 with a .138 opponents batting average and ranks second with a 0.95 ERA.

Alexei Ramirez hit his fifth career grand slam on Saturday in his 152nd career game.  According to our friends at Elias Sports Bureau, Ramirez is the second-fastest player in major league history to hit five grand slams, behind only Detroit’s Rudy York (139 games).


Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.  He celebrated a birthday and his 20th anniversary of becoming Mayor of Chicago on Friday by taking in a Sox game.  He visited with Sox players, manager Ozzie Guillen and Jerry Reinsdorf around the batting cage prior to the game.

Bragging Rights

Who’s taller?  Chris Getz or Ozzie Guillen.

“He is,” Guillen said.  “I know you don’t think so, but we had a bet, and he’s taller.  It’s just that he always has Dye, Konerko, Quentin and Thome around him, so he looks small.  But I look more elegant.”

Getz plans to test his fractured finger tomorrow by swinging the bat.

Thome Slowed

A bruised left heel is limiting Jim Thome to pinch-hitting duty for the next day or so, according to Guillen.

Captain America

Brian Anderson is 7-11 (.636) in his last three games and 12-26 (.462) with two doubles and four RBI in his last seven games.

Wizard of Oz

Ozzie, Josh Fields and Matt Thornton visited the Easter Seals of Metropolitan Chicago Therapeutic School & Center for Autism Research at Damen and 13th Street this morning in honor of Autism Awareness Month.  Joined by students at the school, the three Sox released balloons into the windy Chicago sky.

Guillen, who was named to Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago Board of Directors, toured the school with his two players, posed for photos, signed autographs and visited classrooms.  The school is one of a kind and the kids are always so happy to see Ozzie.

“This all started with a hat,” Guillen explained.  “I wore the hat because a clubhouse guy in Oakland has a kid with autism.  From there it was emails, letters and voicemails from parents thanking me.

“All these kids deserve is a chance to grow up and live their dreams,” Guillen said.

Chicago White Sox Charities has offered support to ESMC over the years, including a $1 million grant in 2008 to build a recreation ball field for the school’s students.


So thanks for the BA love Scott. I brought it up yesterday but no love from the peanut gallery!🙂

I’m hoping we get to squeeze in a game to day but it’s pretty dark here in the south suburbs. Hope to catch baseball AND hockey tonight!!

This member of the “gallery” is also rooting for BA and has been since ’06. Maybe it’s his time to shine. I sure hope so. Is that facial hair he has going on now? It’s hard to tell on tv, maybe he needs to wash his face?…. I hope there’s a game tonight. I wait around every day for a game and this time of year seems to always be iffy so far as a game goes. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and root for BA and the Sox ’09…… j.k.

I just heard that this game is canceled….. See you all tomorrow… Go Sox….j.k.

yup, its off. straight double tomorrow. that usually means tix good for both games, right? here’s the kicker: my brother has tix for todays AND tomorrows. so is he forced to bite one set? or are today’s good to exchange for another game?

I look forward to these games too – – raining like a mad dog here in Tex-*** – – toodles for tonight – – TQ just texted me, said it’s a dh for tomorrow starting 4:05

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