DH Game 1 Lineup

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Game 1 Lineup

Owens 7, Fields 5, Quentin dh, Dye 9, PK 3, BA 8, Alexei 6, Miller 2, Lillibridge 4.  Colon on the mound.

Reminder:  WGN TV, WSCR, WRTO radio


Good thing this games on WGN, because MLB.tv hasn’t picked it up, at least not yet….. Go Sox…j.k.

They are having issues at mlb, I just called about the gameday audio. This bites.

Lucky me, it’s on WGN, so I get to watch this one. It sure would be nice to see them win one on WGN🙂

Hi JK, good to see you here today!


It is up now.

Kind of wish it was still down. WTFF? This guy is at best a batting practice pitcher and he is perfect thru 3?

This is more like it – let’s score some runs!!!

OK, much better🙂

So far, I like what I see🙂

I’ve heard Hawk call him “the Corkeroo” a couple times now, but I can’t help but think of some type of wild animal from Australia every time he says it.

Glad to see PK pick up two 2-out RBI’s, and Colon is looking good so far. Let’s keep it going. Go Sox!

OK, I am officially *impressed* with Colon today! He did a great job pitching out of some tough breaks.

Let’s get more runs!!!

Great job Bartolo!!! Come on guys, let’s get another run or two…. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Colon sure pitched himself out of that jam in the 7th. Tough error by Lillibridge, but I’ll take the one run scored. It could have been a lot worse.

All Together now…. Let’s go Bullpen, let’s go bullpen…. Go Sox…..j.k.

Matt Thornton, three up, three down…. Check. Come on Bobby!!!!.Go Sox……j.k.

C’mon, Bobby Jenks!!!

Bobby is making me very, very nervous!!

Why does Bobby insist on making me a RAVING LUNATIC!!!!!

Hi Lisa! 🙂 Cause it’s what makes the ballgame ‘exciting’ I guess – – that’s why I got on here, couldn’t take just sitting and watching anymore!

Whew!!!! Bobby sure does like playing with our blood pressure………. j.k.

Hi Kris!!! Good job, Finally!!! Okay boys, one W down, one more to go!!!!!

Wow! Very exciting, very nerve-wracking, very nice win!!!

Hope the seond game goes well – I won’t be able to watch that one.

JK, you’re in charge of bringing in a win for the next game🙂


That’s 1! Next one need not be quite that close – I want a solid win!

Lisa and Kris, you can help JK bring in the next win!

I will do my best MLB tv feeds permitting…… See you all (sans Peggy) in about an hour…. Go Sox’09…..j..k.

Hey, I’ll be online right along with JK – we’re mlbtv pals!! 🙂

Yes we are Kris!…… I want more than two hits in the nightcap (for us), Less than two errors and several more than two runs……I’ll revisit my penpal in 45 mins. or so….. Go Sox……j.k.

Sorry guys, I’ll be out for the 2nd game, but I WILL be watching! Talk to you all tomaorrow. Go White Sox ’09 (Hi, jk!)

Yeah, I need spellcheck. I meant tomorrow…..

Hi guys – great win! Now let’s get game 2. Dinner tasted better on that W.

Hey, anyone watch That 70’s Show? Doesn’t Brent Lillibridge look like Eric Forman? My son pointed that out to me. Now that’s all I think of when I see him. I’m glad that error didn’t cost us!


I thought that was an example of your accent Lisa…… Go Sox, let’s take two….j.k.

Let’s start the merry-go-round……. Go Sox…..j.k.

ok, I’m a little late getting on here but frankly, it doesn’t seem worth it to even pull up this game on mlbtv – – what the heck happened?

ok, I’m a little late getting on here but frankly, it doesn’t seem worth it to even pull up this game on mlbtv – – what the heck happened?

oh swell, dbl posting – –

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