DH Info

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today’s DH

Gates open at 3 pm. 

First game will be televised by WGN, the second on CSN+ (because of Bulls Game 5).  WSCR has both games as does WRTO radio (in Spanish).

I am pretty confident you would be able to find at least one TV on the Club Level tuned to the Bulls game tonight.


Sitting at my desk last night, hammering out makeup details, and the phone rings.  It’s Maria, who is leaving the ballpark and just wanted to thank me for twittering that the game was rained out.

So if you want breaking information, read this blog and also sign up for my tweets at twitter.com.  My new name is InsideTheSox …


Nice to know the first game will be on WGN. At least I’ll be able to see one of the two games tonight. Let’s go White Sox!

Still salty that I got soaked yesterday and can’t get to the DH today. Ah… such is life. It’ll be okay if the Sox win both games though.

I always check here first for all information-breaking or not!! Thanks Scott!

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