Game 2 Lineup

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Game 2 Lineup
BA 8, Fields 5, Quentin 7, JD 9, PK 3, AJ 2, Betemit 3, Alexei 6, Lillibridge 4.  Danks pitching.


Konerko-DH or 1b?

It looks like Betemit is playing 1st base tonight, while Paulie is the DH


ok – jk, I just posted on the other thingie – – I’m here, late and wondering what imploded so quickly?

The umpire squeezed JohnnyD in the second and they hit a three run homer off him. Ichiro scored in the first. JohnnyD doesn’t have his real good stuff, but it won’t matter if we don’t get any hits….. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Should I bother turning this on??? 🙂

I think somebody needs to feed Alexei more – – imagine what he could do if he had some more weight on him!

As of now, I’d truthfully have to say, do your homework, or read a good book……… Their guy is dealing and is already ahead by four…… BUT…….. Go Sox….j.k.

We’ll get them second time through the rotation….just my prediction….

Marie – that’s a pretty good prediction too – – but they’ll have to get him hardcore and not measly little ****!

And JK, I’m 40ish I don’t do homework! 🙂 Might watch my soap though if this gets worse!

I thought the other day you said you had schoolwork that you were postponing to watch the game? I guess I need to pay better attention…….. I’ll go with MariE’s scenario and stick around for a little while longer….Go Sox’09….j.k.

Not me – – Amy maybe, she procrastinates her homework a lot for baseball! 🙂 I just procrastinate laundry and housework!

Stupid umpire!

Yeah, it seems like the ump is from the Seattle area……

Something – – crapola!

Good luck to you all…… I’ll see you tomorrow. We need to Win the rubber game against Bedard…….. Sorry gang, I’m outa here……j.k.

Oh No! I missed our run……….. Tomorrow will be better…. Go Sox…j.k.

Buh-lieve it, I do procrastinate a lot for baseball. Went to the game tonight instead of studying for my two final exams tomorrow. Bad mistake: poor game and poor form on my part – I lost my phone. The boys couldnt do anything tonight; most of the time they couldn’t hit it out of the infield! Gah! Talk to ya all tomorrow, one day closer to summer vacation…

At least the White Sox are not the only ones that had a bad night: Tigers bullpen got shelled by the Yank-mes (after a scoreless outing from their starter) and the Royals lost big time as well to the Blue Jays. Nice to see the Tribe ending the other sox 11 game winning streak as well.

Get ’em tomorrow! GO WHITE SOX!!

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