Mariners Matinee

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Things First

Happy 75th birthday to Luis Aparicio.

Today’s Lineup

Lillibridge 4, Fields dh, Quentin 7, Dye 9, PK 3, AJ 2, Betemit 5, BA 8, Alexei 6.  Floyd pitching.


“Little Looie” is 75 today???
Good grief, Charlie Brown… Now I REALLY know I’m getting old… because # 11 will always be young in my eyes…especially when I can recall the DP combination of Apathey ricio and Nelson Fox during those marvelous days helping out Billy Pierce, Early Wynn, Dick Donavan, Bob Shaw and the other sterling Sox pitchers…

Speaking of sterling pitching… the good, seeing Colon wriggle off the hook caused by a missed play in the 7th inning in Game 1… the bad… the job turned in by Danks last night in Game 2…

A grand total of 3 runs and 8 hits in 17 innings… that is just not acceptable… they made those two Seattle pitchers look very, very good yesterday and last night…

I wish I had an answer… If I did, I’d call Ozzie, Walker and Cooper to pass it on… and perhaps make a lot of money as a consultant…

After today and an off day, who do the boys face when they get down DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS?(Hi, Kris)… their old buddy Brandon Mc Carthy…

Maybe the warmer weather, and the site of Mc Carthy’s rag arm, could be the cure all for what ails the bats…

By the way, Nina… feel free to use “Yank-mes” as often as you’d like… I’m glad that name has caught on with someone on this site…

I’m looking forward to listening to the game on the radio today at work. I love that! I will be so happy when we take this game and win the series. That will be my prediction for today so go get ’em Sox because you made my prediction last night look like a pile of crap. So, you know, you owe me one.


here we go again, boys and girls………. Gotta get this one somehow…. Go Sox’09….

I’m with ya here today, jk.

me too!

ok, two guys on and one out. we gotta get a run here.

wasted chances. I hate that.

Good morning Ladies. Lost opportunity…. Go Sox…..j.k.

Congrats AJ on #100……..

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSSS! Atta boy, AJ!

Thank you A.J.! Not only was it nice to get the run, AJ was my ‘beat the streak’ pick for today.

100 reasons we love AJ!! Congrats!!

Now we need to work on our base stealing acumen…… Come on Gavin……j.k.

Is anyone listening to DJ and Farmer on the radio? Sounds like lately DJ is calling the game for an inning, and boy does he sound awkward or what?

That would happen on TV too sometimes. I think its awkward in general when one has to call it. It’s much easier to bouce off your partner then come with everything yourself.

And good boy, JD!

First 1-2-3 inning for Gavin. Good job. Now let’s get another run or two…. j.k.

Please JD, please!!!

*hangs head* Noooo…

Another lost chance…… Hang in there Boys, you’re going to win this one……….Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Well that works. Pretty good job by Gavin today. Bad luck got them their runs in the fifth….. Come on Sox…..j.k.

Nice start to this inning Paulie and AJ. Now, let’s make something happen here.

New ballgame. Let’s keep it going here.

Back to square one….. Let’s win this game!!!! j.k.

Hunker it down for me, kids. Exam time.

Another AJ moment 100-1 ….. His 100 HR and his 1st runner thrown out….. Runs, we need runs, or at least one… j.k.

Do well Ames……. Go Sox’09


Double YESSSSSSS!!!!

Hi all! Love flippin on the tv to a winning score! Glad you had help holding down the fort JK –

And that’s a White Sox Winner! see you all on Friday!

We did it for you Amy, Peggy, Kris and all. White Sox win……. We all knew we would…… See you all in a couple of days…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

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