Ozzie Postgame

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Postgame comments from Ozzie Guillen after the White Sox beat the Mariners, 6-3, to win the series, 2-1.

On Gavin Floyd:

“He was not sharp enough, but he was good enough to let us compete.  He mad big pitches when he had to … huge.  Gavin did a tremendous job when he had to.

“Everytime he goes out there, we feel we are going to win the game.”

On the Offense:

“Our offense got a little bit better in the second half of the game.  I thought Quentin’s two-out base hit in the eighth was the most important hit.  He gave us a little more cushion.”

On the upcoming series with Texas:

“We’ll face a pretty good hitting ballclub, but I have my ace going against them.”

On injuries potentially piling up with Brian Anderson leaving today’s game and Jim Thome’s status for Friday still uncertain:

“We have good enough talent here to cover the holes.  I don’t want my players making excuses.  We’ve done a good job here of not crying about it.”


Looks like MacDON’Tgal is gone, for reals this time: http://scottmerkin.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/04/end_of_an_era.html#comments

Great game yesterday thanks to AJ, Q and JD. Betemit also came through with a fortuitous hit and nice sac fly from Alexei. Gavin kept us in the game and the bullpen closed it out nicely, especially great to have Bobby give us no drama!

Hope the guys have a nice day off before heading to the deep southside. I am especially looking forward to Sunday night’s ESPN game of the week. Hope our boys do us proud in front of the nation . . .

*prepares for scotties22’s screams of joy*

Podsednik looks to be called up on Friday.


Wow, when I heard about BA’s injury, first thought that came to mind was here comes Pods. My son and Ames will be so happy. Ames, I’m waiting here for your post of joy!

To the members in good standing of the “home run or nothing” club…

They win by whatever means necessary…just recall, those of you who can, the days of the “pop gun” offense…when pitching, speed and defense won games 2-1, 3-2, etc… because there were NO HR hitters available… at least, not like now…

Now, here is how I read the possibilities of Ames’s dream coming true…

Thome is hurt with the heel problem… BA strained the oblique yesterday on the swing… if either or both have to go on the DL… Ozzie moves TCQ to DH, puts “good glove, no bat” Owens in LF… and… get ready, Ames… brings up Scotty Pods to patrol CF…

Problem solved (?)

DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’!!!! DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!!! MY BOY IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granted, it isn’t COMPLETELY official yet, but, c’mon, we all know it. Last night I was already checking out the tix for wednesday on Stub Hub for left center (Scottie AND TCQ!? This is the stuff dreams are made of!). I WILL be there when he comes HOME!!!!!

*tear* This is a glorious day, indeed!!

Feeling all kinds of joy for you Ames!!🙂

AWWWWWW!!!!! Ames, you are just tooo cute! It makes me smile because your exuberance pops off the screen. I know you hit me up on facebook but i can’t access it at work, it is a “forbidden” website for me and my coworkers. But, please feel free to hit me up thru email. I answer right away on there.


Here’s hoping your dream for next Wednesday comes true.

scotty22 send me your email. i know someone that isn’t using her tix on wednesday you can get them close to face

she’s right in between left and center row 8


Amy~ IT’S OFFICIAL! I checked this morning and they hadn’t updated the roster on the WS website yet. BUT, not it lists Scotty Pods on the roster! He is #1. But you already knew that, right?



Marie, I did know already, haha!! 😀 So, tq, that would really make him #1 in your programs AND in my heart!! hahah! I’m not gunna lie, 1 is really really weird (I don’t think ppl should really wear it, it feels stuck up), and he’s so much more a 20s kinda guy though, at least according to my number theory (completely biased and non-scientific). But if someone’s gotta do it…. 😀 I’ll have you all know now, I won’t be online tonight, as it would mean moving more than an inch from the TV! Hey, did you all year, SCOTTIE is BACK!?! (just tell me when I get too annoying, k?)

Amy, try to control yourself. It’s not too healthy to be as high as you are.(just in case there is a fall). Hopefully, Pods will be able to contribute somewhat and make all of us happy.

I will also be away from the computer tonight. I will be attending the performance of my 11 year old granddaughter in her schools production of Mulan. So you all will have to bring home a winner for me….. Go Kris, Go Peggy, Go MariE, Go Maria, Go Nina and all the rest of you. With all your support the Sox will prevail….. Go Sox’09…j.k.


Don’t you have a final to study for tonight??? Surely a project or two that is due on Monday needs a little more work tonight. Maybe a study group to get together with?

I can’t believe that a bright, hard-working, intellectual college student such as yourself would spend a Friday evening in early May in front of a television set to watch a baseball game!!!!!

Just think of all the hours your parents worked, the sweat they produced, the struggles they went through, the sacrifices they made to send you to an institution of higher learning in order for you to earn a baccalaureate degree. And you go and blow it off because of some silly young MARRIED man wearing No. 1 and playing left field.

Ames, what will we ever do with you?????

tc, I’m home now. Day 1 of summer ’09!! And I’d like to think a young lady with a 3.7 cumulative GPA that has been on the Dean’s List for 3 semesters with straight A’s deserves a night plopped in front of the TV in early May to watch a guy try his hardest playing CF to impress all the naysayers (not you, just in general).

Yes, I’m happy he’s back bc he’s attractive (but let’s not go into the moral stuff with him being married – if this were real life, I would never go there), but I’m more excited that the “little guy underdog” has prevailed in this situation. You all know from the guys I like (Mackowiak, Eckstein etc.) that I root for the small ball, underappreciated kind of players. This is victory!


I am certainly not a naysayer. I love Scotty Pods. Hated to see him go.

School done by May 1???? What is this world coming to???????

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