Opener in Texas

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Getz 4, Fields 5, Quentin 7, Thome dh, Dye 9, Konerko 3, Pierzynski 2, Ramirez 6, Podsednik 8. Buehrle pitching.
Getz and Thome return …
Roster Moves

Joining the Sox in time for tonight’s game are Jayson Nix and Scott Podsednik, while Jerry Owens is outrighted and Brian Anderson goes on the DL with a strained right oblique.


It’ll be good to see Podsednik back, and it’s hard to go wrong with Buehrle on the mound!

There it is! Now it’s official! Scotty Pods is back in pale hose! (can Pablo Ozuna be far behind?) JUST KIDDING!!

Too bad the rain-out pushed back the Rangers rotation. Won’t get to face their ace on Sunday night (don’t cry for me Arling–tina?) but Johnny Danks will still get the spot light for our side.

One hour till game time!!! Let’s Go White Sox!!!

(Can you tell I’m excited, too? Not as much as someone else on this site, but pretty close.)

Call me a dingdong but it just dawned on me, I get to watch the boys all weekend on TV here in Tex-***!! Yea!!! I know jk bowls on Friday’s so I dont feel like Im deserting him, at least not tonight!

So excited to see Scottie back in black, or white or whatever color they wear tonight!!! (I’m a poet!)


O.K. all, get ready for the return of Scottie Pods this inning. Good luck. That is my only post tonight due to prior commitments. (my bowling is over for the season). Bring me home a winner…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

What the hell is that fluke tag crap – – UGH!!! Leave it to AJ to get caught up in something like that!

And a White Sox Winner! Pods goes 2 for 4 with a run, a nice welcome back to the team. But the stat I really like about the game……all 4 of our runs came on 2 outs. Very clutch hitting late in the game. Great to start the series with a W!

I just saw the highlights on Baseball Tonight (I was keeping up with the game on GameCast), and it’s a little weird seeing Pods wearing #1, but if we keep winning, I’ll get used to it.

Congrats to Jimmy passing 1500 RBI’s and to Pods for scoring the winning run in his return to the White Sox. (Can we call him the Pod-igal Son?) Also, congrats to Chris Getz on his first triple. Was that his first game-winning RBI as well? Good work from Buehrle and great work by the bullpen. Who’s got the best baseball team in Chicago now?

Whoops! Forgot to send kudos to JD and Alexei for their fine defensive work as well. And Josh. Oh what the heck, everyone did great!!!

I totally agree; that game was just awesome. Too bad Thome’s couldn’t have been a liiiittle bit higher; oh well, he still did an amazing job, and everyone definitely brought the A-game tonight.
BTW, I love that nickname for Scottie.

Ditto here, too. Good game. Fun to watch (except for the little bit of Bobby-Drama at the end). I like having Scottie back. Feels like old times.

Arwen (LOTR fan, are you?): I have an extra JD/Paulie 300 poster! If you’re interested, let me know!

I’m not even going to tell you all how excited and rediculous my mom and I were during that game. Let’s just say I’m glad the cops didn’t stop by because of all the screaming! 😀 but in all seriousness, didn’t that game just feel “right”? Very clutch, all around. I can get used to this!

PS, I have new respect for Fields, per the Trib: Josh Fields said he would be glad to give No. 22 to Scott Podsednik. “When we picked him up [on April 14 as a free agent], I told [equipment manager] Vinny Fresso, ‘Take [the number],’ ” Fields said, adding that Podsednik hadn’t asked for the number. “I really don’t want to wear it now. Why do you want to wear a number that a guy won a World Series with? We’ll see what happens when we get home.”

Oh, and yes, the Pod-i-gal son is approved. I know you were waiting for the a-ok by me ;D (totally just kidding!)

I just got home from the play and you guys did it (You brought me home a winner). As soon as the archived game is available i’ll be watching. Good job everybody. Special kudos to you Amy for keeping the faith and then being able to feel the love……. Keep it going Sox’09…..j.k.

Just got a chance to check in, and thrilled to see the win, and see that Scottie Pods (aka, the Pod-igal son – love that name) scored the winning run!!

Looking forward to watching the game Sunday night!

Go Sox!!!


Maria – Yeah, how did you guess, lol. Really? That would be totally awesome!

Hi Everyone! My first chance to check in after the game. We had out of town family in to visit. They didn’t know it was the return of the Pod-igal son (LOVE love love it). SO, I will forgive them for their unknowingness. But, I got to see most of it. And Ames, you are so right, it just felt RIGHT. Felt good. Even when we were down three I knew we’d win it. Another game where contributions were made top to bottom. Looking forward to tomorrow’s game….

Until then, nighty night and who’s gonna have the sweetest dreams ever tonight? Yep, Ames will! Not often do we see our dreams come true and tonight you did! How cool is that?


Did any of you see that special piece they put together before tonight’s (Saturday’s) game? THat was so cool – it showed the highlights of the last 3 games of last season interspersed with interviews with Ozzie, Paulie, Kenny, Thome. It was really good! 25 minutes till game time. Come on Jose, we really need you tonight!



MariE: Yes, I saw it, too! Pretty neat stuff. As was the Scottie Pods montage they just aired. So much better than 99% of the rain-delay theater we normally see. Almost gametime. Let’s go Sox!!! (And go Bulls, too!!!)

Loved the Scottie montage and the 2nd game of the World Series highlights, am I the only one that wells up with tears!!!

I was hoping to see an inning or two before I leave, but the rain is interfering with that.

I’m off to a ceili (Irish music and dancing), but I have the DVR set up to record the game off WGN.

I’ll check in with you all when I get home (late!)

Bring home a winner – I’m counting on you, Kris🙂

Go SOX!!!


Hawk says we win when we score first – hope that holds up!


No Kris, you are not alone. I am home alone tonight and I asked myself, why are you all choked up watching, you know what happends? I’m glad I’m not the only one!

OK, time to start praying for a rain out.

Hi Marie – – this game is making my eyes well up again – – what the heck is this crap – – I say bring on the rain!!!

OK, what happened, I went to change the laundry and now the news is on. Did they call the game? And, if so, what happens – do they start over tomorrow? Or pick up where we left off?

Well, lookin at the map, 85-90% chance of rain for the rest of the night thruout the night – – good news for us, if it hangs around long enough.

just delayed for now – but looks like the rain plans on hangin on and if I’m thinkin right, not enough game has been played to pick up where we left off, Hawk said we’d start all over again playing a dbl header tomorrow. At least that’s what I think I heard

OK then….KEEP ON RAINING! I am all for a do over tomorrow.

Damn game is back on and Ian Kinsler – – dude, you’re killin me!

Where the heck is everybody? JK? Peg, you should be home by now no???

Wow, a fourth rain delay – quite an accomplishment. Hopefully they don’t call the game when we finally actually have a chance of winning this!

Well that was less than thrilling. At least they kept battling, which is all we can ask for when down by 8. 4 rain delays was a bit much, no? lol! Kinsler helped my fantasy team, at least. Would have much rather had the win though! Hope JD’s hand and PK’s leg feel better quickly – you know both of them will be smarting tonight!

Hey, where are all the boys? tc, tq, lip, kenwo? Has all my Scottie ranting driven you away? You know you can say negative stuff about him too – when he deserves it. I’m a tough cookie.

But I would like to point out, he’s a father-to-be. Baby Scottie’s due date is approx 9 days from today! How adorable will this child be?!!?! (idk if its a boy or a girl, but either way, wowsers!)

Hi Guys and Gals!
It sucks the boys are on Espn tonight, I have a softball game at 7pm so I will be a little late! Wanted to show everyone my new tattoo!

So Jen,

Where the heck have you been???? I thought that maybe you were spending some time on the Twins’ board following your boy Jo-Jo.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when Jen said she wanted to show us all her new tattoo, I got very nervous about what part of the anatomy on which it was going to appear. LOL

So, let’s kick some Texans’ butts tonight. But don’t lay a hand on Kris. She’s our Texan “special agent.”

Let’s win the finale tonight. I’m glad the game’s on ESPN so I can actually see them on tv for once. I even broke out my Pods jersey for the occasion. I hope it brings some good luck. Go White Sox!

So we have the Sunday lineup actually playing on Sunday! Let’s hope they stay undefeated playing primetime!!

I’ll add my two cents worth of encouragement for a Big W in the lone star state tonight…… Go Sox, go…..j.k.

Special Agent ‘not a Texan but forced to live here’ reporting for duty! Hi gang – – hatin espn announcers already and the dang game hasn’t even started but I suppose I’ll deal huh??

I’m ready for this rubber match, been looking forward to it all day, Ian Kinsler better be shut down, offense and defense and their friggin bats well, lets just suffice it to say, none, nada, no hits – – come on lil Johnny do your thang!!

Johnny Danks. Period. He’s gonna make us proud tonight!

Right on Marie!!

I’m really gettin tired of our boys gettin cranked every flippin night – – it’s a conspiracy and damn it we’d best start peggin some lil basterds back!

Hi everybody!

Go Johnny Danks! Let’s have a better game tonight!

(By the way, the ceili last night was *big* fun, much more fun than it looks like that game turned out to be.)

Go SOX!!!!


I can’t stand that sob!

Hi Peggy, can you believe I sat and watched that whole thing, just when I was fixin to turn it off, it would start again, couldn’t walk away, I think I have an illness! 🙂

Come on Mr. Danks – – let’s do this!!!

Let’s hope Dans settles down some, and is the sharp pitcher we need him to be!

Oops, of course, I mean Danks

10 minutes on Ricky Henderson? wtf?? Is there or is there NOT a game going on in front of these idiots!

Everyone of Josh Field’s pitches were down or outside of that little box thingie – –

I HATE having to listen to Joe Morgan. At best he was a decent ballplayer………..but he is a TERRIBLE announcer. Danks doesn’t have it tonight. Josh Fields needs to get it together. He looks absolutely lost at the plate, and although krisv is right about the location of the pitches in his last at bat (and his hand being sore from getting hit earlier), he can not get a base hit when we really need it.
Nix looks like the real deal.
Come on SOX!


You say you are not a Texan, but you used the word “fixin.”

If that ain’t Texan, nothing is!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been away from the tv and the computer all night until just now. To think that we have Nix, Lillibridge, Podsednik and Miller starting — four guys who we never really expected to be on the big league club when camp opened. Plus we have Betemit starting. Injuries already taking their toll.

Need another late rally like Friday’s.

I have found out tc, that fixin is quicker than ‘im going to’ but truly, I’ve only picked up a bit of lingo – – I honestly can say that Texas is bad bad bad!!!

This game, is bad too – – thinking about bailing early – what’s a girl to do!

OK, I’m back. Went to dinner with my daughter and granddaughter at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Cool to see Kinsler hit into a double play!!

Get some runs!!!

Bo SOX!!!


Over and out – piss poor game!

Bye, Kris, wish it was better!


Bye, Kris, wish it was better!


Owens signed a minor league deal with the Mariners, and Mac signed a minor league deal with the Nats. Just to keep us all informed… 🙂

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