Brief One In KC

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup vs. Greincke

Getz 4, Nix 5, Quentin 7, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Alexei 6, Pods 9, Lilli 8.  Colon pitching.

No truth to the rumor that I hurt my hand over the weekend.  All the other Sox fans out there in better shape than our team right now?


Based on the law of averages, Greinke is due to lose tonight, right???????

right tc! he’s due for a good beating, and we’re due for a good offensive spark. kiiiiinda concerned about scottie playing right again, shouldn’t your best arm be there? cannon for an arm, scottie has not. and I’d rather play center than lillibridge, and i have no athletic prowess at all. worried about tonight…

whoa, just read that again. Nix at 3rd? ai-carumba!

I’m afraid this might get ugly – – hoping I’m wrong!

Hi Tc! I am here, just I forget that all of you aren’t on Facebook, I talk to everyone on there instead of here, so no one ******* about my stories!😉

I got beat up pretty bad last night at my softball game, I was playing first and the Cub fan on my team threw it to me and drilled me right between the eyes. When I got home the Sox were in the 5th and not doing to well, so I ended up falling asleep and woke up for the last out. Not too impressed by our boys the last couple of days and not too impressed by our guys getting hammered by their pitchers! Lets see if we can turn it around tonight!
Go White Sox!!

Hey gang. Think back to yesterday. About the only good that came out of that game was seeing how fluid Nix was at second base. If he has the same kind of range and demeanor on third we will be o.k. tonight. Can he replace Josh? Who knows. Nobody thought Alexei was the answer at second last year and look how that went. I agree, Greinke will have to lose sometime this season. Might as well be tonight……. Go Sox, go…. j.k.

Wow! We can throw a 1-2-3 inning too! How about that!….. j.k.

Anybody else lovin the new BULLSEYE!! Gets my attention clear across the room!!!!

Awesome catch by our sweet left fielder – – looks like he got his haircut too!!! Hope nobody else gets beaned tonight!

hi jk!


Hi Kris. What can you say. Bartolo is getting ahead of most of their hitters but isn’t putting them away, and his defense hasn’t been very stellar either…… Still plenty of time… Go Sox go….j.k.

So, Greinke will win 31 games this year and the Cy Young award. There, that ought to take care of him!….. Go Sox go….j.k.

Hi jk, disappeared for a bit, had to pay some bills, this game is draining after this last weekend – – I wish somebody would light a dagum fire up under these boys and quickly!

Still waiting – –

and waiting…………….maybe tomorrow?

I won’t be holding my breath!!!!

I was gone for awhile too with internet problems. Doesn’t look like I missed too much, and maybe Greinke WILL win 30 games……… Bartolo looked very good. Todays loss wasn’t his fault. Let’s try this again tomorrow…. Go Sox go….j.k.

Oi, kinda glad I missed that one (went out briefly instead). Saw the last 3 outs, and it just felt like there was no life whatsoever. Sounds like Bart was good enough, but the offense took ANOTHER day off. *sigh* this will get old quickly, again. TCQ haircut? please tell me he didn’t buzz it, I just may lose it if he did…

When is Ozzie finally going to realize that carrying 12 pitchers on a 25-man roster is killing his team?????

We have a roster that leaves us with four position players, and one of them is our backup catcher. With Fields and Dye currently out day-to-day, we now have two available position players and, again, one of them is limited to catching.

Last night he had to put Jayson Nix in right field after making a late-innings move.

We have seven pitchers in our bullpen. That’s seven guys who can only play one position. Meanwhile, we have two guys on our bench trying to back up eight positions plus the DH. What good is DJ Carrasco or Lance Broadway???

Imagine if the Bears had five quarterbacks active for a game and only one reserve defensive lineman. Putting Nix into right field in the late innings is like putting Devin Hester at defensive tackle!!!!

There is absolutely NO reason for carrying 12 pitchers. None whatsoever. Quit babying these arms and put some players on the bench that can do more than pitch to one batter or pitch only the seventh inning, or pitch only in blowout wins or losses, or pitch only on every other Wednesday in day games only. This is ridiculous.

Last night, if the Sox had somehow tied the game in the ninth, and one more player had “bruised a hand” the bench would have been depleted. Thome would have had to go the the field. Konerko would have had to play somewhere other than first. Hell, we would have been better off giving Joey, Walk and Harold a glove and bringing them out of retirement.

Ozzie, for the love of God, please come to your senses and go back to 10 pitchers. Put some guys on the bench who can give you a chance to manage and make some moves.

We sure don’t have to worry about running out of pitchers in an extra-inning game. But can you imagine a 14 inning game and Thome leads off with a hit and there is no one on the bench to even pinch-run??????

C’mon Oz. You’re a better manager than this. Just because other teams are carrying 12 pitchers doesn’t mean that you have to.

Hey Kris,

Something must have gone way over my head…what were you talking about when you mentioned the BULLSEYE gets your attention from across the room? I must have missed something along the way.


Marie, Hawk has been throwing BULLSEYE in when we strike a guy out. Same context as HE GONE and GAAAS! Personally, I wish he would stick with the other two, but its not bad at all.

tc, you have an excellent point, and it sounds like a good idea. But with the pitching sucking lately, 12 guys may be necessary to relieve Contreras, and recently, Gavin and Danks. I also think our bench pretty much just sucks at this point too – I personally never want to see Betemit wear a glove ever again. So, the argument I suppose would be, who else do we have to replace/ aid the bench? I haven’t looked, but I think Charlotte’s been sucking recently. And don’t use Beckham, thats just cliche and prob shouldnt be considered an option at this point.

Wow, that paragraph contained a lot of “fail” for the Sox. I need a win to start feeling better…

We just need a full, healthy lineup top to bottom. The wins will come soon afterward. Let’s forget yesterday, beat KC today, and come back to Chicago to start a winning homestand.

All I know is that they could play a pickup basketball game in the bullpen with all the bodies they have out there while the dugout is full of coaches, equipment guys and Hermie. And I love Hermio, but he can’t pinch run. Now he could probably get the bunt down, but he can’t pinch run!!!!!!!!

We have lost our third game in a row. That has happened before this season. And it will probably happen again before the year is out. What does that mean? Are we losers? Only if we think we are. I don’t think we’re losers. The trying times are just that; trying. What we make of this adversity is what will define us as a team and what will help to hold we “blog fans” together for the long haul.

We have put out to sea for a six month cruise and find ourselves in the trough of a wave. We will climb to the top of the wave and then the next wave and the next until we reach safe harbor. There will be other troughs. There always have been and always will, but our ship will find haven when all is said and done. Trust in the skipper, no mutiny here…… Go Sox go…. j.k.

JK, always the voice of reason! Greinke isn’t only killing us gang! You are so right that there are going to be ups and downs. Last I looked the season wasn’t over. Let’s start a win streak tonight!


I am far from giving up. I am not in a state of panic. And my rant above had nothing to do with a little three-game road losing streak.

And I love Ozzie as a manager. Would want no one else managing this club. I’m just continually mystified by the 12 pitchers trend. But, I’m not making millions to make the roster decisions on the club.

I still like the makeup of this team. We need to get healthy. Thank goodness none of the injuries have been real serious. The worst was Wise’s shoulder but even that should amount to no more than two months off.

Kyle Davies is another good young pitcher and the Royals have a lot of momentum right now. If they weren’t in our division, I’d be cheering for them because I like their club.

tc, I know you’re not giving up. I understand your concerns, we all share them. I just wanted to hopefully throw a little ray of sunshine on our average start. Maybe cheer up a few fellow “shipmates”….. Go Sox go….. j.k.

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