End of the Trip

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Getz 4, Fields 5, Quentin 7, Thome dh, Dye 9, PK 3, AJ 2, Alexei 6, Pods 8.  Floyd pitching.

Dye Returns

Good to see JD back in the lineup, along with Josh.


Ozzie mentioned Saberhagen’s no-hitter against us in 1991.  I was there — just two weeks onto the job.  I’ll tell you some of my memories later tonight when I have time to write.



jk – loved your ‘ship’ post – I’m here, with the life jacket on or off, depending on the seas and the waves!!!

I like the bullseye, catches your attention but that’s not to say I’m opposed to the other strike out features of Hawk, he just needs to alternate it up a bit!

As always, I don’t do stats, so really can’t comment on all you smarties in stat land but I do know that we’re bruised and banged up a bit and things look a little dark but they have before and we’ve come out on top so – let’s take this one, head north and go for broke!

I remember Saberhagen’s no-hitter too. Was listening to Rooney call it in the radio.

Saberhagen gave us fits. And he did the same to many other teams. Greinke is a little older than Saberhagen was when he broke onto the scene but they are similar pitchers.

Keep hanging around .500 until we get all our injured pieces put together again and then start a nice little run, kinda like we did last year in late May/early June.

Sounds simple enough, right? Nothin’ to this game. Always easy to figure out, huh?

Kris, I’ll hang on to my buffalo nickel if you don’t mind. That way I won’t be completely broke, and we can still start to click. I will be away from my computer for the beginning of the game, so all you “Maties” will have to stay afloat for a bit without me….. O.K. enough is enough, Arrgghhh…. Go Sox go…. j.k.

Hi all…jk, liked your parallel to a ship on a 6 month cruise. You are right on! Remember last year? Everyone wanted to fire Greg Walker. Same complaints as a year ago. Alexei’s average is the same as it was this time last year (though last night I saw it was above 200 – wow! hey he’s at least hitting about 100 over his weight). And, if I remember correctly, we ended up pretty darn good. In the words of REO, I’m ridin’ the storm out. 🙂 Here’s to a win tonight on Cinco de Mayo! I will have a Corona for you all!

Viva Los Calcetines Blancos! Let’s finish the road trip with a win!

Hola! It’s been a while since I chimed in but I, too, am hanging on the hope that all will be well come Sept. Marie, I’ll join you in that Corona! So far, Floyd is looking pretty good…..and Dye is still catchin’ um!

Sweeettt!! Welcome Back Mr. Dye!

Hi, ya’ll. I just got back in time to see JD go deep. So I’m with you all now. Go Sox go….j.k.

Uh-oh…… 5-4….. More runs Gentlemen….. Go Sox go….j.k.

i’m about to jump this ship tonight – – why why why!

Hell yea!!! That’s more like my boys! I love how AJ comes up calling himself safe!

Buckle up your water wings Kris and keep holding on…..Way to go AJ…. Go Gavin, Go Sox go…j.k.

Very nicely done Mr. Floyd….. How about one or two more just for the heck of it?…. Go Sox go…..j.k.

I’m still hanging on even though the feed is freezing up periodically!

Yeah, mine too. Pitch well Matt………… j.k.

Still got the lead, but a couple more runs please…… j.k.

Come on Guys….. Defense……. Go Sox go….j.k.

If you want to “bail” now, Kris, I understand…. Come on Guys……..j.k.

j.k., I’m about to get seasick and hurl right off this little ship! But I’m still hangin

Do we have our sea legs yet? Good job getting out of trouble by Oh-do-Tell, but a terrible job getting INTO trouble….. Now we need some runs. Need this win Boys…. Go Sox go…. j.k.

new game – more stress – – awesome peg by Carlos though!

I don’t know, people, (tc) maybe it’s a good thing they have all those pitchers tonight!!

I was thinking the same MissJen…. Could we please get a, A, “A” run????? Thank you…. and Go Sox go…..j.k

Although, if the ones we have pitched as well as they usually do, this game would be ova already…..

Lets see if we can get the job done this time, AJ did his job, now bring him home, boys!!

I cannot BELIEVE the crap Alexei is swinging at!!!!

So many chances, so much futility……. Hold ’em down DJ….. Go Sox go….j.k.

Finally a pitcher who did his job… Thank you D.J. Now is the time Boys…. Go Sox go…… j.k.

This game sure is long tonight for still only being in the 9th inning – I’m not sure I’m gonna make it.

Bah, humbug…… Go Sox go…….

wow, i must be tired, I think I missed the whole 9th inning! 🙂

Time warp Kris…… Maybe in the 11th?……. Come on Guys….. Go Sox go….j.k.

Are you still with us Kris? I just took off the bra AND panties!

Thought it was supposed to rain or some crap, what happened to that – – seems to have missed them, why couldn’t it rain when we were wining 7-4 and they had monsoon rains and had to call the game and we win and we’d all be in bed by now! (she sighs) Mama’s getting sleepier

Last time we did that Jen it didn’t work so well – – but jammie time is calling which consists of – – oh it’s late, but not that late! 🙂

It was raining! I guess not hard enough!

This is getting a little out of hand!

I am thinking Ozzie’s not a happy camper………he won’t even be able to enjoy 10 min of Cinco De Mayo!

It rained briefly in the 6th, there were supposed to be storms, apparently they didnt really happen – – weathermen are weasels!

O.K. MissJen…. now you have MY attention (dirty old man)…… Don’t mess with our Boys in Texas though…. Go Sox go…j.k.

Sorry to be a deserter but I’m done – my *** is sore from sittin in this computer chair for 4 1/2 hrs and counting – good night all, I’ll read about in the morning!

Bring em home a winner jk.!

Sorrrrrrry about that Kris…….. Not Good…. Night all….j.k.



So wouldn’t it just figure that on the very day I rant about carrying too many pitchers, we go 11, play for over 4 1/2 hours and use all but two relievers. You’re right Jen, I guess Ozzie and Coop know more than I gave them credit for.

Disappointing loss but KC is going to do that to a lot of teams this year. I have this feeling that the Royals are the 2009 version of the 2008 Rays. Still, we let leads of 5-1 and 7-4 get away and had the lead run on third with one out very late and couldn’t move him up.

Nice to see Fields and Dye come back strong. Carrasco pitched very well, too.

Forget about this trip and come home and beat Detroit. Not much else to say.

jk, I only got to reading your ship analogy today, and it made me feel better after lat night too. Every season is up and down, and that’s what brings us all together and coming back for more. It was never designed to be easy.

Sorry I’ve been negative lately, kiddies. I blame that last game I went to, what a bummer. Time to right the ship tonight! All the screaming you hear will be from section 159, row 12. My mom and I will be rediculous enough for everyone, just so you aren’t alarmed. 😀 (Lets try NOT to lose the game or my phone tonight!)

Scott, is Pods going to wear #22 tonight?

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