Homestand Start

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Getz 4, Fields 5, Quentin 7, Thome dh, Dye 9, Konerko 3, Pierzynski 2, Nix 6, Pods 8.  Buehrle pitching.

Going for 5-0

Mark Buehrle is looking to start 5-0 for the first time in his career.  The lefty won his first four starts in 2002 before dropping a decision.  Jose Contreras (9-0 in 2006), Jon Garland (8-0 in 2005), Esteban Loiaza (5-0 in 2003) and James Baldwin (7-0 in 2000) are the most recent Sox pitchers to start a season at least 5-0.  Wilson Alvarez (8-0 in 1994) is the last Sox left-hander to accomplish the feat.

Random Notes

Chicago has won three straight games vs. Detroit at U.S. Cellular Field, seven of the last eight and 12 of 16.

JD has a 10-game hitting streak vs. the Tigers, going 14-41 (.341) with four doubles, four home runs, nine RBI and 10 runs scored during that span.

Jim Thome needs three home runs to tie Mike Schmidt for 13th all-time (548).


Ozzie mentioned that Zach Greincke’s stuff the other night reminded him of Bret Saberhagen’s gem against us on August 26, 1991.  It goes without saying that I hate to lose, but I was at that contest in KC, just over one month into a job that has now lasted 19 seasons.  (How about the fact that I saw two no-hitters within five weeks of starting work … first by Wilson Alvarez and then Saberhagen’s).

Once or twice a season, a pitcher starts a game with explosive stuff, magical stuff.  Invariably, something happens, he has to pitch out of the stretch and gives up a hit.  Something fluky happens to spoil the night, etc.

That night with Saberhagen was special.  His stuff sizzled.  I remember knee-high pitch and knee-high pitch with the ball darting downward.  You knew within an inning or so that we had almost no chance.  It was a matter of if his dominance could overcome the baseball gods.

He did, striking out five and walking only two.

The Sox lineup that night: Raines, LF; Cora, 2B; Thome 1B; Ventura 3B; Fisk DH; Pasqua RF; Johnson CF; Karkovice C and Guillen SS.  Charlie Hough started and lost. Pasqua and Karko were the two Sox who walked in the 7-0 loss.

The lineup for KC:  McRae CF; Gibson LF; Brett DH; Eisenreich RF; Benzinger 1B; Pecota 2B; Mayne C; Howard SS; Shumpert 2B.

It was one of the most dominating pitching performances I’ve ever had the honor to watch, even though we lost.


I’m sure you’ve all seen our advertising campaign this year.  It’s all about the unique traditions our players, staff and fans have related to the game.

What are your traditions?  I’d love to hear about superstitiions or “must-do’s” that you, your friends or your family have surrounding a White Sox game, whether watching/listening at home or here at the ballpark.


We’re back in town, so you know there is a threat of rain.  Should be fine, though.

Welcome Back

It will be nice to see Scotty Pods tonight and say hello.  What do you think fan reaction will be to one of the 2005 World Series heroes?


Remember, if you are into Twitter at all, I can be found at InsideTheSox.  I try to post news and updates as often as I can.


Let’s win one tonight.  Go Sox!



I’m guessing that was the Big Hurt at 1B on 8/26/91, not the Gentleman Masher?

Dont know if these are more traditions or abuse…

With Jenks in with a lead in the 9th I always ask my wife after the 1st out, “what is the most important out of the ballgame?” She answers “the first out in the 9th”. She was horsing around one time and wouldn’t answer – you guessed it, blown save and the loss. She does not horse around anymore.

I also torment her by making her say “lotta duces on the board” for the 2-2 counts with 2 outs.

At the park I always get my bottom of the 3rd rally hamburger value meal. It works 90% of the time. Of course I know the 3rd is generally the 2nd time they see a pitcher and hit him better but I still think it is me.

I’m going to the game. I expect a win. If my expectations arent met be prepared for a KenWo rant.

I know Amy will be out there to cheer on Pods. I’m sure he gets a nice reception!

Mark is going to pull us out of the skid, I feel it.

Traditions….in going to the game the kids have to put the I pods on and listen the the “pump up music” the oldest has to make a sign to try and get on TV (still hasn’t) MUST attend batting practice and MUST get a ball to win. When watching the game, if we’ve been watching the whole game and they are winning, we keep watching, but if they are winning and we haven’t been able to watch, can’t watch once opposition scores. Stupid I know, but baseball is about superstitions!!

Let’s win one for Kenwo, Amy, and anyone else braving potential storms tonight!!

I’m sure the reception for Pods is going to be an awesome one. Maybe they’ll have special music picked out frst his first at-bat! Lol.

Hopefully coming back home and playing in front of the fans will kickstart the offense and give Buehrle an early lead to work with. Nothing better than your staff ace coming in with a big win to stop a long losing streak. The Sox need to brush off last night’s loss and come out looking for blood. –

Traditions… hmmmm… We always stand up and start clapping as soon as the first notes of “Thunderstruck” are blasted over the sound system. No need for us to be told “White Sox fans: On your feet!”. We’re already there!

Good luck on the hill tonight, Mark.

I have a pair of White Sox earrings that I wear every day the Sox play, and I have a small White Sox pin that I wear somewhere on me, whether the boys are playing or not. I always feel better having these things on when forced to ride the El home amid a crowd of blue-clad Cubs fans.

Let’s go get ’em tonight, Buehrle!

Me and my friend have this tradition, we don’t do it EVERY game, but when we watch tons of games over the summer we have “game winning popcorn.” I make it on the stove, not microwave popcorn, and we have to make it before the game. If we don’t make it before we can only make it when they’re losing, or tied. if we make it when they’re winning, it doesn’t work! I’ve even made popcorn early in the morning to take to school to eat during lunch during day games!

Sadly i tried it for the Blackhawks, and it’s game losing popcorn for them😦 I’ll never make that mistake again!

It’s time to stop the losing streak. Four is enough! And Mark is the right man for the job too. Go Sox go….j.k.

I guess I’ll check back in an hour or so……. Go Sox go….j.k.

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