Rain is Falling

The start of tonight’s game will be delayed by rain.  Forecasts have rain remaining in the vicinity of U.S. Cellular Field for another hour or so.  We remain optimistic that we will get tonight’s game against the Tigers in, so be patient with the Chicago weather.


Hey Scott, how come on the home page of the White Sox we are treated to that close up picture of the lady with the expression on her face and the advertisement for supplements to get a bigger *****? REally, is it necessary?

you can’t even spell out the anatomical word for the male organ on your blog, but it can be bigger than life (pun intended) on the Sox home page. That’s pretty funny!

Marie, I’m not seeing the ad, but I do get tired of the enhancement and ‘going’ commercials on tv, do they not realize women watch baseball just as much as men!!! lol

Hope they can get this game in, my bro, sis and mom are also there along with Kitty and Amy too!!!

Anybody out there?? What’s the projected start time now? Or is there one?

I’m still around Kris….I think the weather is moving out. I bet they start soon.

Crap, just got a call from my brother at the Cell, game has been called – – poo, not what am I gonna do?

BUMMER! See you all tomorrow!

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