Rained Out … Again

Tonight’s game with the Tigers has been postponed by rain.  A makeup day and time are yet to be determined (will not be tomorrow).  Keep your tickets and parking coupons until a makeup is announced.


If it weren’t for bad luck we wouldn’t have any at all. There goes our Ace’s turn in the rotation…….. Go Sox go…..j.k.

Great………………..Jose gets the start tomorrow………I hope he can get it and keep it together!

I am with you there, jk.

I know alexei’s at bats sucked… but come on. Benching him for Nix? I think this is a stupid move. Nix isn’t the answer and you are running the risk of ruining Alexei. This “going younger” crap is exploding in their faces. The only guys that are hitting are Dye and Konerko. You can’t go young if your young guys suck.

I’m hoping that Mark will be next on the bump anyway. Why skip him for another four days? Just push everyone back since they had so little sleep from the night before, right?

Alexei was benched because he wasn’t making the adjustments Ozzie and Walker were expecting. Nix is swinging the bat fairly well so he should be given a chance. I just don’t know how he’ll be at SS, but didn’t he do well at 2nd and 3rd?

As for the only guys hitting, AJ has been knocking the ball around pretty good lately and Pods actually went 2-3 off of the “Great Greinke” in KC. ;^)

As for White Sox traditions, when our guys aren’t doing so well, I always try to point out the positives in games. Otherwise, I try to keep my fingers silent . . .

I’m not going to even say how upset I am at Mother Nature for raining this game out. Seriously, I was amped for tonight all week. If anyone is going tomorrow, can you take 20,000,000 pictures for me? And scream extra loud? Thanks.

Sorry that the game was rained out – the Sox need to get a win soon, and so many fans (even besides Amy!!) wanted to welcome Scotty Pods home.

As for traditions, I wear my lucky (I hope!) baseball pendant to games, and sometimes when the game is on WGN and I can watch. And when I go to a game, I eat a Polish dog. Love them, never eat them except at baseball games. (There are certain foods for certain situations, ya know?)

Go SOX!!!


Konerko wasn’t hitting that well when JD was out of the lineup. When JD came back, Konerko started to hit better. As for Nix starting, something needed to be done with Alexei, and I am sure this move is only for a short period. Lillibridge has struggled at the plate, and his defense has been so-so. I don’t see him starting at SS when we really need contact hitters – especially in the clutch. It will be interesting to see what happens with Nix and Ramirez. My biggest concern is with Contreras. — http://bradcws.mlblogs.com

We talked about this about a month ago when the season started. Everyone listed the number of wins they thought the Sox would win this year. A month into the season and at this point we are a sub 500 team. Shades of ’07? Maybe/maybe not.

So far we resemble the ’07 team in as much as when the hitting is going good the pitching isn’t and vice versa. We all remember that frustration. We are different from that team with the younger members we have compared to then. Unfortunately those younger members of this squad have been erratic so far. Getz played very well early on but recently has slipped. Josh also started out great, but has struggled recently.

What worries me the most is something said awhile back: What if our young guys had their best years last year instead of average years? If that’s the case and it’s still too early to say it is then we could be in for a long season. So if Danks and Floyd continue to struggle this could be one of those years to forget. If Q can’t center the ball and Alexei keeps swinging wildly, we may be rooting for the ’10 Sox way before any of us wanted too.

It’s still too early to know for sure what will happen to this team. If we win 5 in a row all the concerns we feel right now will evaporate. The fact is that right now we aren’t playing very well and until we do this will feel like a downer year.

All I know for sure is that regardless of what happens, I will be tuned to MLB.tv nightly to watch my Team do their best. You can take the boy out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Sox out of the boy (or girl). So, let’s WIN tonight and get this stale taste out of our mouths. Go Sox go……. (wait, since that’s not working I’m going back to my)……Go Sox’09……(and that’s what I do as a tradition, hey, anything for the team)……j.k.

The “to-do” list for a soggy mid-week Wednesday…

1) Find a scapegoat to blame for cancelling a game that could have been played after 9 PM, when all the rain vanished for the night…

2) Send the radar system back to Radio Shack, or Best Buy, or whereever the hell we bought it from to get a rebate…then go back to Point 1…

3) Give the team yet ANOTHER night to ponder blowing TWO leads the night before in Kansas City… instead of playing a game, as mentioned in Point 1

4) Listen to Liptak, Chris DeLuca, Cowley and the rest of the “experts” who advise to put the entire team in a box left over from Disco Demolition Night and BLOW IT UP… then start from scratch for 2010… because this season is, in the famous words of Ken Harrelson … OVAH !!!

5) Have the mindset that 126 games have been played, instead of just 26… and that these players are ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY, TOTALLY INCAPABLE of righting this slump BY THEMSELVES… So, after less than FIVE WEEKS of the season… the ENTIRE YEAR is a LOST CAUSE…

6) Go back to Point 1

7) Lather, rinse and repeat…

tq, I’m still stuck on 1. When they called it, it was barely raining, and I’m confident they could have played in it. The field didn’t look bad at all. We walked back to the car, adnd IT WASN’T RAINING. Best thing is, I got back home and saw it was called around 7:20 on WSI, but we didn’t hear till at least 8:30. I even called ppl back home to find out if it was called, bc I knew they would know before we would, AND WE WERE THERE. 4 tickets, 3 Polish with onioins, 1 kosher, 1 funnel cake, 1 dippin dots, 1 bag of mini-churros, 1 diet pepsi, 1 bag of chips and $120 later, we got no baseball, no Scottie, my pant legs soaked to my knees (ok, a few puddles aided that one), no Scottie and a broken heart. They just wanted the concession money, and everyone knows it. Disgusting. I was so goddamn excited for this game, you have no idea. And it was my mom’s mother’s day gift. So what’ll happen tonight? The boys will play, Scottie gets his 22 back (officially), and… I’ll be at Rice waching my brother get an award for something (not sure what, but proud nonetheless). And I can’t go to any other game this homestand. Frickin sh!ttin hell. I’m not looking for pity, just venting.

But really, if anyone is going to the game tonight, take a buttload of pics for me. I’ll give you $5 (maybe). And scream super extra “catholic all-girl high school” loud his first time up, to make up for me. And enjoy your experience, bc my last two have been super sub-par.

Sounds like Quaid had a few lumps in his bed last night. Maybe he needs a new mattress. He obviously didn’t sleep well and is extra grumpy this morning.

Baseball is a game of “nexts”. The next pitch, the next batter, the next inning, the next game, and so on (and in the Cubs’ case, the next year). My point is, yes we’re in a bit of a down slump right now and I’m as frustrated as anyone. The team we have is good, and we just need to fire on all cylinders and get a winning streak going. So all I’m saying is, I hope the team can put these last few games behind them and instead look forward to the “next” opportunity to help the team get a W. Let’s get it all started tonight. Go White Sox!

‘Twern’t that, tc…

It is just that, every so often, I see RED when things don’t happen that should have…

“Erring on the side of caution” is a phrase that should be eliminated from the jargon of everyday speech… along with “It is what it is”…

As the great philosopher Lawrence Peter Berra said:

“It ain’t over… till it’s over…”

And this 2009 season is a DAMNED long ways from being (pardon me, Hawk) OVAH…

And if there IS a resurrection, I don’t want to hear a PEEP out of all the “experts” at the Some-Times, or on this site, about “all they had to do was this, that, and the other thing…”

It’s a helluva lot easier to criticize and first and second guess the farther away from the dugout/locker room/GM’s office you get… any DOPE can do that…

It takes a TEAM EFFORT to get the collective heads out of the collective arses and salvage the season…

I think this bunch can do just that…

Maybe I’m wrong… Perhaps…

Or maybe I’m “erring on the side of caution…”

And tc… I will bet that I slept a lot better than Ozzie and Kenny did… especially after that last sojourn to Arlington and Kansas City…

Amy, I am going tonight. I have a crappy camera, but I will do the best I can for you as far as pictures go. As a mom of two Catholic school kids, I can do my fair share of screaming, so I will cover that one for you too.

Sorry you had such a crappy night. That just ain’t right.


You are my new best friend. Thank you!!!!

They could of played in my back yard last night, it didn’t rain a drop!

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