Second Try

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Getz 4, Fields 5, Quentin 7, Thome dh, Dye 9, Konerko 3, Pierzynski 2, Nix 6, Pods 8.  Buehrle pitching.


Since I am batting .000 after last night, I don’t have a clue on tonight …


Scott Podsednik is moving to uniform No. 22, while Josh Fields moves again, this time to No. 7.

Make Up

No word yet on when we are going to make up last night’s rain out.  Hang onto your tickets/parking coupons until it is re-scheduled.



I’m happy that we’re going with Mark tonight. Will there be a game tonight? I look forward all day to our games and when they get rained out it’s a major bummer for me. That’s true for the rest of you too I suppose……

Confidential note to Kris:….. Oh, Kris, I found the e-mail you sent me fairly humorous, but I have a question pertaining to it. Was I on your list of recipients because I strike you as the type person who would ponder the issue or the kind of guy who would participate in the practice? j.k.(just kidding).

We need a win tonight! There’s really nothing else to be said…. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

JK, Ken said it wasn’t raining out there and the game should start on time! I hope so!!

Go White Sox!!

That’s good news, thanks Jen…. Go Sox ’09…..j.k.

HAHA!! oh j.k., I’m not sure really, perhaps a bit of both, probably more the pondering type nowdays but not sure back ‘in the day’! 🙂

Let’s go Sox! Does Scottie getting his number back mean he’s staying up for a good long while?

Kris, I can’t remember that far back…… Play Ball!…. Go Sox ’09…..j.k.

Three up, three down, now it’s our turn. Go Sox ’09…….

Well, and WOW! Maybe we should be rained out MORE often…….. Good start Guys……j..k.

Good job by Mark too….. Go Sox ’09……..j.k.

I’m here – – looks what I’ve missed!!! Wow!! Someone’s butt chewing must’ve worked!

Awesome moon shot! That was neat – –

Do you mean la luna or Nix’s HR ?…… Nice to have someone with me….Go Sox ’09…..j.k.

OMG, Buehrle is AWESOME!!! Following on Gameday, and it looks impressive!


Hmmm…… Go Sox ’09….j.k.

Hi, Peggy and welcome…. j.k.

la luna! 🙂 I’m here, despite the ****** feed I’m currently getting – – due to circumstances and a sore rearend from that 4 hr game the other night, I’m wandering a bit from the screen

My feed is the best it’s been for a week or so. I wonder why the difference? We only live two states apart…. Go Sox ’09….j.k.

Oh, well, I guess Mark didn’t want to make history tonight. Still an awesome pitching performance, and a great game so far.


Now we can talk about how great Mark is. What a performance! Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Hi JK and Kris,

This is a win we really need – let’s get it🙂

Go SOX!!


Well, at least now I can talk about Mark’s pitching performance with no repercussions. Hell of a performance #56!

Hey Miss Peg – – JK, I was gonna ask what’s in betwee us but then I ‘membered! 🙂

Ashame about this inning, starting to make me anxious, think I’ll go wander some more . . . is Magglio dh’ing, I noticed he wasn’t in right.

I’m extremely glad that we can always count on Mark to get us out of a slump. That’s why I love him so much.
We’ve also had some awesome hitting tonight, and in the first inning! It really looks like we’re gonna pull it off!

C’mon, Bobby – no drama, 3 up, 3 down, please!!!

Uh New Mexico… You remember New Mexico. That’s where one of my daughter in laws is from…… Go Sox ’09…j.k.

Sorry, make that DaughterS in law….. j.k.

WOW what a game! Nice pitching by Mark and our offense is back!! Can’t wait to see the highlights and sorry I’ve missed the excitement—Scott’s tweet has kept me updated! Anyone think that Alexei is squirming watching nix?

Bobby is making me crazy!!! I can’t stand it – please, outs.


why o why can’t this just be simple?

Well, a little drama isn’t soooo bad, and Bobby got the job done.

Congrats to the team on a nice win!!!

Go SOX!!!


YESSSSSSS! Way to GO……. Nice win… Go Sox ’09…..j.k.

Why do they boo Mags, he’s a good guy – – good game by all, please and pie – quickie too!! Thanks Mark!!!

Anyone know whether there was any special “welcome home” for Scotty Pods tonight? I’m sure he got a warm welcome from the crowd.


Hey jk, the Hawk must of read your comment on here! He said the same phrase you did, the luck thing!

Hey Peg, It didn’t seem like it! I wasn’t there, but did watch it, there was cheering, but I don’t know, maybe there was something on the big screen!

Hi Jen, I heard Hawk’s comment about Q. That’s a common phrase so I don’t think he got any inspiration from me. maybe he noticed TQ’s (favorite phrase though), “it is what it is”. Hawk said that one too.

It was good to see the Boys end their misfortunes tonight. Hopefully this will be the start of a WIN streak. We sure could use one.

Crazy game isn’t it? The other day in a loss we scored 7 runs on something like 15 hits, today we win with 6 runs on only 6 hits. Crazy game. As long as the wins are coming our way I don’t care if we get no hit and win like we did against the Yankees so many years ago….Crazy game….. Go Sox ’09…….

Hi all….I was at tonight’s game. I don’t have much to say except tonight was simply magical. I love nights like tonight. Perfect weather, perfect (almost Mark) low expectations. You go and you leave almost breathless. That’s what keeps me going back and keeps me watching. The nights that are just magical.

Ames, I am trying to email you the pics. I did put them on facebook but I am also trying to send to your address.


Great game. Beautiful night to be at the ballpark, full moon and all. Buehrles was terrific. Nice to see us finally light up Gallaraga.
Hey krisv, if you want to know why the fans boo mags, here’s a reason. Few years ago I and the wife went to Grandstand after a game for an autograpgh signing. Carlos Lee, Esteban L. Robbie Alomar, Jose Valentine and Ordonez. All were great to talk too and get autographs from except mags. He was too busy talking on his cell to give any autographs or talk to any fans. What a scumbag! I for one am very happy to see the bum at Detroit.

Have to add my congrats to Mark on another spectacular pitching performance (I was lucky enough to be at the no-hitter in ’07) even though I had to watch it at home. AJ still hitting the tar out of the ball! ;o) Congrats to Jayson Nix on his first big league homer. Nice bat work by JD and Paulie, not to forget Jimmy’s rep which earned him a walk to keep the inning going.

On another note, my friend, Marg, has only seen winners everytime she has gone to the Cell and she is going to tonight’s game. Here’s hoping she brings Jose some luck!! Go White Sox!

Wow buster07, I had no idea he was like that! I miss Valentin – Carlos was always a favorite of mine too – – if Mags is that way, it’s no wonder he doesn’t get booed worse!

Jk – might be late joining you tonight – being ‘dragged’ to a boys baseball game with a g-friend!!

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