Entertaining Texas

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Getz 4, Fields 5, Quentin 7, Thome, JD 9, PK 3, AJ 2, Nix 6, Lillibridge 8.  Contreras pitching.

Buehrle Being Buehrle

2:30 this afternoon Mark was in the weight room riding an exercise bike.

Service Day

Tomorrow is White Sox Service Day with front office (including my family), staff (Ozzie, Coxsie) and players joining 500 members of the new White Sox Volunteer Corps for our first Service Day of the season. 

Teams of volunteers are heading to two Boys & Girls Clubs near the ballpark to paint, build and clean the facilities.

This will be the first of many Service Days during the summer, so if you are interested, join the almost 3,000 Sox fans who have signed up for the Corps at whitesox.com.



Nina, I propose that if Marg brings us home another winner, that we all chip in and make sure she goes to EVERY Sox game. We could have a monumental record!

Kris, Have fun, I’ll be here when you get back, hopefully to a big lead.

Scott, That’s a worthwhile cause. I’d be joining you if I wasn’t so far away.

Come on Jose, and Go Sox ’09…… j.k.

Scott, I was tooling around the internet earlier, and saw that you got your master’s at WIU. That’s really cool, because I’m a junior (almost senior) there right now. Go Leathernecks! Lol.

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