Ozzie Postgame

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ozzie Guillen’s Postgame Comments:

On Jose Contreras …

“We are going to start somebody elese against Cleveland.  We’ve got give days to figure that out (who).

“Jose feels bad, disappointed like everybody else.  It’s not fair to the club — or to him — to keep sending him out there,” Guillen said, indicating the team will make a decision in the coming days once everyone has had a chance to discuss what’s best for Contreras.  “He’s not happy with himself.  He feels like he let the team down.

“We need to figure out how to get him back on track.”

On the offense:

“Our offense has been on and off.  We’ve got a lot of guys struggling right now.  We’re not swinging the bats like we are capable of swinging the bats.”


Contreras was set up to fail. The rangers rip every sox pitcher. To put him out there against Texas for the 2nd time in a week was a death sentence! He should have been allowed to face the Tigers yesterday. I guarantee the results would have been different! What is going to happen when Texas hits Danks all over the field tomorrow? Is he going to get replaced too? Let Contreras face the Tribe and see what he can do. Who are you going to go with…Clayton? DJ? Contreras has a better chance at finding it again than these guys do at ever becoming legit starters. Sure- he is very cold now. Contreras is streaky and just may turn it around.


The way I see it, all we can do at this point is hold on tight and (hopefully) enjoy the rest of this roller coaster ride.

Kenwo… Teacher, you are exactly correct… There are just some teams, in some venues, that some pitchers just cannot handle… Just ask Buehrle what he thinks of Progressive(formerly Jacobs) Field in Cleveland… If you ever have the opportunity, ask HOF Don Sutton (Braves Radio) how he felt in his Dodger career about Jurassic Park at Neverland at Clark and Addison…

Contreras needs SOMETHING, all right… whether it’s an extended stay in the bullpen, or a counseling, or an exorcism, I don’t know what…but he defeats his own purpose right now by being wild with his deliveries… He needs to go and look at tapes of himself prior to the All-Star break a couple of years ago, when it all fell in on him…when he was a most dominant pitcher…

Lisa… You are also correct… It IS a roller coaster ride for most every team in MLB…even the dominant teams have their bumps in the road… We cannot do anything but sit in the car and keep our hands inside at all times…

It would be nice to get BOTH the hitting and pitching TOGETHER for a few games… so that the team, and the FANS, could relax…

Right now,though… it is rough sledding… and the opponents don’t feel the least bit sorry for the White Sox… because they well know that, were the shoe on the other foot… it would be the exact same scenario…

I really did not like the boo-ing of Jose last night @ the park. Granted, I don’t like the booing of any of our 2005 team (I know, I know…) but the main issue for me is that this guy clearly busted his ba**s to get ready for the season…he came back from an injury that arguably he shouldn’t have at his age and it just really bugged me that he is clearly having a hard time out there and all we can do is boo him? Believe me, last night’s game was AWFUL to watch but not just because of the pitching…..the guy has a lot of heart and it just pained me to think that we would be that low-class. I’d be the first one to boo a Manny Ramirez, a Jason Giambi, a Sammy Sosa, or someone else that cheated the game. Or someone that doesn’t run out a ground ball…These things are WAY more offensive to me than what Jose has going on…I love that White Sox fans have a critical eye on and voice about our team (unlike other franchises that I am familiar with…ahem) but I think the fans that booed Jose last night were out of line. I feel better now. Tracy

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