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Thanks for the pics, Scott.

I’ll be watching on the tube today so I’ll check out the posts later on…..Go Sox ’09….. j.k.

Sox win!!!! That’s the type game that can spur us on to bigger and better things….. Good job by everyone……. j.k.

What is that ******** warning us when everyone of our guys have bruises from being hit!!!

But at least that’s it a W in the win column!!!

Oh my gosh, that game was AWESOME (even though I didn’t see most of it)!! We squeaked through with the win – thank you Paulie!! But what was with the ump in the 9th?

Such an imrsispeve answer! You’ve beaten us all with that!

Huge regret not going this morning. I’ll be there next time, fer sure. Sign me up now!

Wasn’t sure we’d pull that one off. Especially after seeing the picture of AJ painting with his RIGHT hand earlier in the day. :o)

In all seriousness, the event today makes me even more proud to be a fan of this club. They are truly a first-class organization.

Nice win tonight. Danks was outstanding. No need to worry about him, guys. He’s a stud and I hope he’s with us a long, long time.

Now my gripe of the night. Overall, I have enjoyed listening to Hawk during his 25-plus years on the Sox telecasts. I like his enthusiasm and his love of the Sox. I like the fact that he’s a homer. That is what local broadcasters are supposed to be.

But do Robby Alomar and Omar Vizquel have pictures of him in compromising positions or what??? Geez, you listen to Hawk and you’d think he was talking about Robers Hornsby and Honus Wagner.

Now Vizquel is a great player and a great defensive shortstop, but Hall of Fame??? Not in my book.

And Alomar produced Hall of Fame numbers but he did one thing that I will never forget and showed what type of person he really is. He spit in the face of an umpire. That cowardly act is not one that belongs in the Hall.

Oh well, enough of my preaching. But Hawk, do me a favor. Stop talking about Vizquel and Alomar every other inning.

Let’s get another one tomorrow and take at least 2 of 3 in Cleveland because four games in Toronto is not fun to look forward to.

I agree with you tc about Alomar. I found his spitting act reprehensible too. Visquel SB in the hall though. And Hawk will stop talking about him when Texas leaves town. Then we can hear about Cito Gaston for four days…… That’s Hawk though and as always he is entertaining, especially now with Stone in the booth.

Let’s win tomorrow and get back to 500…….Go Sox ’09…..j.k.


To all you lovely ladies out there: May your day be overflowing with laughter, hugs and a White Sox winner. j.k.

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