Cooler By The Lake

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Getz 4, Lillibridge 8, Quentin 7, Dye 9, Thome dh, Konerko 3, Pierzynski 2, Fields 5, Ramirez 6.  Floyd pitching.


The four worst words in Chicago weather … cooler by the lake.  I wonder if Lake Erie is any better.  Will find out at  6 p.m.


Jose Contreras was optioned to Class AAA Charlotte earlier today and Jimmy Gobble was brought up to join the Sox in Cleveland.  With Conteras’ departure, Clayton Richard will now start tomorrow’s ballgame and Mark Buehrle will pitch Wednesday.


Tonight’s starter, Gavin Floyd, was one of the guys who stuck around to work for several hours Saturday as our Volunteer Corps rehabbed two Boys & Girls Clubs.

At one point he came up to a staffer and admitted that he had painted outside the lines.

Re-assured that any messy paint job could be fixed, he went back to work.

Conscientious, isn’t he?


Gavin is painting outside the lines? OMG! So that’s where his control went. Gavin, you can touch the lines but you must not go outside of them……. Good advice for a pitcher. Time to get back on track Mr. Floyd. We need to win two against a struggling Cleveland team, before heading north of the border. Go Sox ’09……j.k.

Gather round Boys and Girls, White Sox Baseball is on the air. Go Sox ’09…..j.k.

Yeah!!!! It’s only 2-0…. We still have a chance (he said with tongue in cheek). Come on Sox’09….. Let’s go……j.k.

I guess I’ll entertain myself for a bit. Now let’s see, if Paulie could bunt (hysterical laughter) and all else being equal, we would have scored a run on AJ’s fly ball. No more runs Gavin. Go Sox go ….j.k.

That’s better, now let’s put four hits together and get a run…… More laughter, hopefully….. Go Sox ’09……j.k.

Bottom of the third and it’s still 2-0 Indians in this nail biter. The tension is so thick it hangs like my old Army coat on my 11 year old granddaughter…. whatever that means. But hey, I’m entertaining myself….. Go Gavin, go Sox’09….j.k.

Wow, no runs for them. Gavin looked pretty crisp (the hanger aside) and the defense played well. Who are these guys? Now would be a good time for a run or two of our own….. Go Sox’09……

Now for another j.k. between innings rambling session. What can I talk about now? How about a bit of controversy? Who out there thinks that Pete Rose should be allowed back into baseball and become eligible for the hall of Fame? I am in the affirmative, especially with all the cheating going on now adays with little accountability…. See you all soon…..Go Sox Go…j.k.

j.k – you are no longer alone, I have arrived!!! Rough day today sitting thru a jury selection, all day, didn’t get picked, this time, but have to go back next Monday! UGH!

Seems as though I haven’t missed much, I’m not happy.

Hi Kris. I was beginning to think that I was alone because of apathy. Now that you’re here, I will be leaving to attend my Granddaughter’s Honor Roll ceremony. Go Sox’ he said with another laugh……………….j.k.

Enjoy the ceremony!!! How proud you must be!

Has anyone heard from Lip??

Nope, not a word on here, wonder what’s happened to him?

I’m back and was hoping for something to be happy about, but no. I apologize for my earlier sarcasm. Thank you for your comment Kris. National Junior Honor Society. Yes, I’m proud of her.

As far as Lip is concerned, he posts occasionally to the articles from Merkin and others. I’m sure we pushed him away, or maybe he just became apothetic to the Boys this year. Who could blame him? Whoops, there goes some more sarcasm. Maybe tomorrow….. Go Sox’09…..jk.

I’d love to sit here and say that I won’t be watching the rest of the week, but I think we all know that’s not even remotely possible for me to do. This is miserable, no way of saying that nicely.

Actually Klein I’m still around sort of. Some things are coming up involving the Tribune that I’ve been asked to work on.

But in all seriousness I don’t have anything to add that won’t upset a certain group of fans here. I’m tired of one lined insults from some, of some individuals thinking they are so much smarter then others and in general a lack of baseball discussion. I’m more then willing to talk Sox baseball, I have no desire to see who can fire off the smartest remark anymore.

But I’ll give you my take and then let it go. So here’s what I’ve got for ya’

Basically the Sox rolled the dice that a bunch of kids and mediocre ‘veterans’ with no history of sustained success were going to suddenly “get it” and show the way to glory…LOL.

They are paying for that foolishness.

In a buyers market, they actually thought Jerry Owens and
Dewayne Wise were a better option then Willy Tavaras and Coco Crisp. They thought Orlando Hudson, who signed a low base deal with the Dodgers wasn’t worth it, they never attempted to try to get Chone Figgins, they actually thought Mike MacDougal and Jose Contreras could still pitch for God’s sake (although remember the original plan was for stiffs like Clayton Richard and Jeff Marquez to be in the rotation!) and they expected that the four kids from last year Quentin, Danks, Floyd and Ramirez would continue on an upward curve. Unfortunately Floyd (nice contract there Kenny!) and Ramirez have regressed and no one knows if they’ll be able to adjust again and be effective.

I hope they can, but history shows hundreds of names of players with one good season and then…nothing.

And have I mentioned this garbage ‘home run or nothing’ offense that makes stiffs like Matt Harrison, R.A. Dickey and Brian Tallet look like Hall of Famers? (You knew that was coming right? LOL)

They had NO insurance policy for any of this. It’s shocking that Kenny let this happen, he’s a lot smarter then that.

When Ozzie says “there are no legit center fielders we can get” and “we have no options for Contreras” every Sox fan should stand up and say… “what?”

Right now how can you not feel that it’s going to be 2007 all over again.

Kenny has always said if the Sox have a bad season, he takes the blame. That’s fair to me… he gambled, he put this club together with all the issues that many Sox fans were worried about back in February.

Mark Liptak

Interesting Baseball tonight on ESPN. Winfield and Kruk were asked if Bobby should be suspended for admitting having thrown at Kinsler the other day. Both said he should not be suspended, but they wouldn’t be surprised if he were. Both said all Bobby had to say was the pitch got away from him and that would have been the end of story. Since he didn’t do that, Kruk said “Baseball doesn’t want to hear the truth.” Amazing!

Good to hear from you Lip. If this turns out to be another ’07 at least there won’t be any cause for angst or animosity towards anyone. That’s all folks. Have a good night. See you tomorrow…..j.k.

“But in all seriousness I don’t have anything to add that won’t upset a certain group of fans here. I’m tired of one lined insults from some, of some individuals thinking they are so much smarter then others and in general a lack of baseball discussion. I’m more then willing to talk Sox baseball, I have no desire to see who can fire off the smartest remark anymore.”

Jeez, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Damn. I knew it was too good to last. Liptak is back.

Boy, he sure does have all the answers, doesn’t he? I’m amazed that ESPN’s Baseball Tonight hasn’t hired him. Or, better yet, why hasn’t some club hired him as GM. There is no doubt he knows what he is talking about.

Just ask him.

Congratulations to the Blackhawks. Hope Detroit wins its series so that the modern Madhouse on Madison is rocking extra hard in the coming week or two.

Today, I’m wearing a shirt I didn’t even remember I had. I have on my brand new (practically) Albert Belle shirt. That ought to work, especially is Cleveland, right? Have a great day everybody…… Good luck to Clayton tonight……. Come on Sox ’09…….j.k.

Glad to see you’re still around, Lip. Even though we don’t always see eye-to-eye and I have more optimism flowing through my veins (although not so much lately), I appreciated hearing your points of view. Now if we could only get Jim (not Mike) Devereaux to come back. Jim, where are you?

Sure is hard for me to talk baseball when it comes to this team. That old Golden Rule always comes into play: If you can’t say something nice… yada, yada, yada. Wish they could do something to spark some excitement, but it’s just not happening for me.

And why did Bobby come out and confess that he threw around Kinsler? What’s the point in admitting that?

Mark, don’t be scared off from coming around. We might not agree, but your opinion is respected around here. Plus I always enjoy the links and inside stuff you offer. My other love and obsession, the Blackhawks, have kept me distracted from how bad things seem to be going, but I don’t think we are record wise that far off from last year. There is still alot of season left. I’m no Pollyanna, ok maybe I am a little, but I’m kinda hopin that we are just in a rough patch and things will come together.

Maria maybe Bobby is trying to light a fire by confessing? Seems we need a little something!

Oh and congrats to Scotty Pods on the birth of his little girl!

The reason why Jenks did what he did is to make a statement that the White Sox are not going to take any more crap from opposing teams who feel free to hit Sox batters because they know that the Sox pitchers will not retaliate… Those days, folks, are (in the words of Hawk) OVAHHH!!!

Just remember what Sean Connery said, paranthetically(sic), in “The Untouchables”…


Back in the day, players knew they were going to get hit…just ask Moose Skowron or Minoso… and they accepted it as part of the game…

What Jenks did was throw BEHIND Kinsler… NOT to TRY and plunk him, but just to put a little question into his thinking process… Such as “He wouldn’t do that, would he?”

What the White Sox need right now, by far, is not a confessional… They need warmer weather, and some hits to fall at the right time… Then the pitchers need to locate better, get the opposing hitters to fail on a more consistent basis… Right now, everybody in the American League…and the Crown Point Little League (hi, Jen…)know what’s wrong, and they are pouncing on it…

Finally, leave Liptak alone… He is free, as are the rest of us, to inject his opinion… whether it hurts or not…

All it takes is a little old winning streak to get everyone’s sphincters unbound…then it will be fun around here, once again…

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