Matinee in Cleveland

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today’s Lineup

Nix 4, Pods 7, Dye 9, PK 3, AJ 2, Fields 5, Betemit dh, Alexei 6, Lilli 8.  Buehrle pitching.

As I’m sure you know by now, Carlos Quentin was a scratch last night with a sore heel.  While he might be available to pinch hit over the next two days, Ozzie indicated he likely won’t start again until Friday in Toronto.

Elias Note

Jim Thome hit two home runs in the White Sox win over the Indians last night, the 42nd time in his career he has gone deep at least twice in the same game.  Only three active players have more career multi-homer games than Thome: Ken Griffey, Jr. (55), Alex Rodriguez (52) and Carlos Delgado (49).




Good morning White Sox Blog faithful. It’s closing in on gametime, but it’s odd that it’s this early in the morning. If Mark and Lee pitch like they usually do this game will be over BEFORE lunch! Last night Kris said she was working today, “somebody has to do it”. So I will be holding down the Sox fort and watching the game. Someone has to do it, may as well be me. We need to jump on Lee early and hopefully often and come away with a win today. It won’t be very easy in Toronto, so a series win today is crucial….. Go Mark, Go Sox….. j.k.

Hi jk,

I’m here with ya! I am listening on the radio and following along on Gameday. Just wanted you to know I am pulling on the rope with you!

Go Sox!


Definitely glad that I was done with my final quick enough to see the game this morning, and that I’m done for the day. Hopefully, Buehrle and the Sox will help me de-stress with a WIN!!

Hi JK, MariE, and “Arwen” –

I’m working from home today, so I’ll drop in and out, and follow on Gameday as much as possible. At least, I’m pulling on the rope with you folks! Our Sox really need this win – and Mark is the guy to get it for us! Go SOX!!!


Just one, Mark will settle down, and we’ll get it back.

Ouch, we’re behind already? C’mon Sox, lots of runs!

OK, second time through the line up starting now. Now we will hit.

There won’t be lots of runs, but hopefully a couple off Lee and we could be good. We do need to get this win….. Hi everybody and Go Sox……j.k.

That’s at least the third time, isn’t it, that not turning the DP has hurt us.

You know it’s a weird day when Alexei has the only two hits so far for the Sox. Let’s get a rally going.

What a shame – bases loaded and can’t get one run in. Not sure, but that called third strike on JD didn’t look like a strike on Gameday.

Why is JD out of the game? Was he ejected for arguing the call?

Yes Peggy, he got tossed for arguing that third strike call.

Gamecast says both JD and Ozzie are ejected.

OK, just saw on Gameday now – both JD and Ozzie ejected – wow, what a game!

JD threw his helmut in frustration and unfortunately it hit the ump. He gone. Ozzie made some sort of remark and he gone too…..

Hopefully, the ejections light a fire in the guys. I think we needed something like this for a while.

Alexei’s sure doing his job today. Now let’s get some 2-out RBI’s!

Here we go again, bases loaded, two outs – Go Lillibridge!

Oops, I mean, GO CARLOS!

Sad – another wasted opportunity. Gotta get ’em next inning.

We may have held down the fort today, but the Indians still scalped us. The Indians have the worst record in the major leagues, but we can’t beat them. Maybe they’re not the worst team in baseball………..

Have an enjoyable couple of days off ( the rest of today and tomorrow) and I’ll see you in Toronto Friday…… Go Sox ’09….

The Indians aren’t that great jk, but you can’t argue Lee is a great pitcher.

Hang in there . . . . it’s a long and bumpy ride …. and it goes through Canada next.

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